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5 Rules for Dating Your Coworker

Dolan School of Business Professor Dr. Lisa Mainiero, author of “Office Romance: Love, Power & Sex in the Workplace,” shared her advice on balancing work life and romance.

Published in U.S. News & World Report; Yahoo! Finance site on 2/6/15

Great expectations: Millennials, motherhood and money

Lisa Mainiero, professor of management at the Dolan School of Business, shares her research in this intriguing article: Lisa Mainiero, professor of management at Fairfield University in Connecticut and co-author of "The Opt-Out Revolt: Why People Are Leaving Companies to Create Kaleidoscope Careers," says she's noticed that millennials are often eager to build a more balanced life even at the very beginning of their careers. "I hear from my students that they don't want to go work for a big financial firm in New York City," she says. Instead, they want to build their own business or pursue a more nontraditional career path. They value balance and authenticity even as recent college graduates, she says.

Published in Yahoo! Finance; U.S. News & World Report on 8/15/14

Do you have a workplace spouse?

Fairfield University's Lisa Mainiero, writing with co-author Kevin Jones, of Indiana University and Purdue University writes in two separate articles (2013a and 2013b) about the perhaps precipitous downside to the "Workplace Romance 2.0." In the Workplace Romance 2.0, the innocent sharing between coworkers who admire and support each other descends down the slippery slope into sexual harassment.

Published in Psychology Today on 6/24/14

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