Image of faculty member, Aaron Van Dyke

Dr. Aaron Van Dyke

Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 315
p: x2123
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Current Research Interests

As a Chemical Biology group, my research is situated at the interface of chemistry and biology. Projects in my group revolve around small molecules that modify protein structure and/or function. Areas of active reserach involve 1) investigating new bioorthogonal strategies for covalently labeling native proteins and 2) designing small molecules to control transcriptionally important protein-protein interactions.

Courses Taught

  1. BI 324: Biochemistry I
  2. BI 324L: Biochemistry I Lab
  3. BI 324: Biochemistry I
  4. CH 211: Organic Chemistry I
  5. CH 212L: Organic Chemistry II Lab
  6. CH 212: Organic Chemistry II
  7. CH 324: Biochemistry I
  8. CH 324L: Biochemistry I Lab
  9. CH 324: Biochemistry I
  10. CH 324L: Biochemistry Lab
  11. CH 398: Research and Seminar
  12. HR 202: Honors Seminar

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