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Dr. Matthew A. Kubasik

Associate Professor of Chemistry
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 308
p: x2122
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  • "MRI: Acquisition of a MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer at Fairfield University ", J. Smith-Carpenter, PI;  M.A. Kubasik, C. Anderson, A. Van Dyke and J.R. Miecznikowski, NSF/MRI:  CHE-1624774, 2016-2018.  $271,407. 
  • “Fairfield University Clare Boothe Luce (CBL) Professorship in Engineering,” Beal, J” Kubasik, M.A.; Harper-Leatherman, A.S. and Phelan, S.  Henry Luce Foundation.  Awarded to the Fairfield University School of Engineering, September 2011-2016.
  • Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange for the Determination of Helical Peptide Structure. CBIA/Pfizer Summer Research Fellowship (for Michael Shinall, ’07). 2005.
  • Studies of Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchange Kinetics in Conformationally Labile Peptides. Research Corporation. 2002.
  • Sigma Xi National Lecturer Supplement. Sigma Xi. 2002.
  • Sigma Xi National Lecturer Support. Sigma Xi. 1998.
  • NMR Measurement of Backbone Dynamics in Short Helical Peptides. M.A. American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund. 1998.
  • Modeling Helical Peptides as Kinetic Zippers. NSF/KY EPSCoR. 1998.
  • Preparation of a Helical Peptide for NMR Studies. WKU Graduate Research Committee Summer Fellowship. 1997.
  • Modernization of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer for Undergraduate Education. National Science Foundation- Instrumentation for Laboratory Improvement (NSF-ILI). 1997.
  • Peptide Investigations of Helix Capping Residues. KY/NSF EPSCoR. 1996.
  • Acquisition of Computer-based Molecular Modeling Capabilities. WKU Instructional Computing Fund. 1996.
  • Acquisition of a Pentium PC for Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory. WKU President’s Special Grant Fund. 1996.
  • NMR Investigations of Helical Peptide Dynamics. Junior Faculty Research Program, Western Kentucky University. 1995.
  • Acquisition of Silicon Graphics Computer Workstation for Education and Research. President’s Unrestricted Development Fund. 1995.

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