Image of faculty member, John Slotemaker

Dr. John Slotemaker

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 319
p: x3127


Current Research Interests

Professor Slotemaker’s research considers the development of Christian theology in the medieval and early-modern Latin West (c. 1000-1600).  Chronologically his research is focused on Christian theology in the twelfth, fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, with a particular interest in the development of (what can be called) systematic theology in the early sentential traditions (11th-12th centuries) and in the subsequent commentaries on Peter Lombard’s Sentences (13th-16th centuries).  The thematic focus of his research is the development of medieval trinitarian theology. 

Alongside his research on trinitarian theology, he is co-writing a monograph (with Jeffery C. Witt) on the thought of Robert Holcot († 1349) and continuing to edit several medieval manuscripts, including the Sentences commentaries of Richard Fischacre O.P., († 1248), Adam Wodeham O.F.M. († 1358) and Pierre d’Ailly († 1420).

Courses Taught

  1. HR 202: Honors Seminar
  2. RS 101: ER:CommonQuestionsTradResponse
  3. RS 101C: ER:CommonQuestionsTradResponse
  4. RS 228: Early Christianity
  5. RS 240: The Medieval Church
  6. RS 241: God in Medieval Christian Tht
  7. RS 245: The Reformation Era
  8. RS 398: Independent Study

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