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Dr. Jennifer L. Klug

Associate Professor of Biology
o: Bannow Science Center Rm 209
p: x2543
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Most recent Publications (*denote Fairfield University students):

Read, J.S., C. Gries, E. K. Read, J. Klug, P. Hanson, M. Hipsey, E. Jennings, C. O’Reilly, L. A. Winslow, D. Pierson, C. McBride, D. Hamilton.  2016. A synergistic opportunity for environmental networks: Pairing open data with community-built tools. Inland Waters: in press

Smyth, R.L., A. Caruso, M.A. Borre, G. Zhu, M. Zhu, A. L. Hetherington, E. Jennings, J.L. Klug, M.C. Piccolo, J.A. Rusak, K.C. Weathers, C. Wigdahl-Perry. 2016. High-frequency lake data benefits society through broader engagement with citizens, stakeholders, and decision makers: a synthesis of GLEON data use survey and member experiences. Inland Waters: in press.

Klug, J.L. and *K. Whitney.  2015. Long-term Trends in Water Quality in a New England Hydroelectric Impoundment. Northeastern Naturalist 22(2):273-286.

C.C. Carey, R. Darner Gougis, J.L. Klug, C.M. O'Reilly and D.C. Richardson. 2015. A Model for using Environmental Data-Driven Inquiry and Exploration to Teach Limnology to Undergraduates.Bulletin of the Association for the Study of Limnology and Oceanography 24(2):32-35.

Klug, J.L., D.C. Richardson, H.A. Ewing, B.R.Hargreaves, N. R. Samal, D. Vachon, D.C. Pierson, A. E. Lindsey, D. O'Donnell, S.W. Effler and K.C. Weathers. 2012. Ecosystem effects of a tropical cyclone on a network of lakes in northeastern North America. Environmental Science and Technology 46(21): 11693–11701.

Klug, J.L. 2006. Nutrient limitation in the lower Housatonic River estuary. Estuaries and Coasts 29(5):831-840

Frost, T.M., J.M. Fischer, J.L. Klug, S.A. Arnott, and P.M Montz.  2006. Trajectories of zooplankton recovery in the Little Rock Lake, WI whole-lake acidification experiment.  Ecological Applications 16(1):353-367.

McAvoy, K.M.*, and J.L. Klug. 2005. Positive and negative effects of riverine input on the estuarine green alga Ulva intestinalis (syn. Enteromorpha intestinalis) (Linneaus). Hydrobiologia 545:1-9.

Klug, J.L. 2005.Bacterial response to dissolved organic matter affects resource availability for algae. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 62: 472-481.


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