Image of faculty member, Hyun Uk Kim

Dr. Hyun Uk Kim

Assistant Professor of Special Education
o: Canisius Hall Rm 113
p: x3024


Kim, H. U. & Roberti, M. (2011). Language characteristics of a   bilingual child with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A case study. Manuscript submitted to Bilingual Research Journal.


Kim, H. U. (2011). Autism across cultures: Rethinking autism. Manuscript submitted to Disability & Society.


Goldberg, J., Kim, H. U., Santos, S., & Bavido, G. (2011). Experiencing early childhood education in rural Nicaragua through narrative. Manuscript submitted toThe Sophist’s Bane.


Kim, H. U. (2008). Development of early language and motor skills in preschool children with autism. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 207, 403-406.


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