Image of faculty member, Lucrecia Garcia Iommi

Dr. Lucrecia Garcia Iommi

Assistant Professor of Politics
o: Donnarumma Hall Rm 302
p: x2301


Current Research Interests

Global governance, specifically the role of norms, public international law and international institutions in global governance. My research also focuses on comparative politics of Latin America and Western Europe. 

Courses Taught

  1. IL 51: Intl Rels: Theories&Challenges
  2. IL 051: Intl Rels: Theories&Challenges
  3. PO 12: Intro to Comparative Politics
  4. PO 130: Intl Rels: Theories&Challenges
  5. PO 133: United States Foreign Policy
  6. PO 135: Global Govrn:Int'l Law & Organ
  7. PO 137: Threats to Globl Sec in 21st C
  8. PO 142: Latin American Politics

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