Image of faculty member, Michelle Farrell

Dr. Michelle Leigh Farrell

Associate Professor of Modern Languages
o: Canisius Hall Rm 217
p: x3058


Current Research Interests

In her research Dr. Farrell focuses on Cuban and Venezuelan film and the contemporary changing audiovisual landscapes in both countries through emerging voices with access to digital production and alternative distribution opporutunities. Her current publications are on the young generation of Cuban audivisiual artists, nuevos realizadores, as they challenge the centralized role of the Cuban state in representing contemporary life on  and beyond the island. She has also researched extensively on government cultural initiatives such as the national and community works of the contemporary Venezuelan Film Platform, Cuba's ICAIC and Brazil's Cinema Novo. She considers these national initiatives as large-scale education programs to reshape national identity in times of political change.

Dr. Farrell is also active in her research and reflections on language and cultural pedagogy in teaching both Spanish and Portuguese-languages.

Courses Taught

  1. PG 110: Elem Brazilian Portuguese I
  2. PG 111: Elem Brazilian Portuguese II
  3. PG 210: Interm Brazilian Portuguese I
  4. PG 211: Interm Brazilian Portuguese II
  5. SP 110: Elementary Spanish I
  6. SP 111: Elementary Spanish II
  7. SP 220: Topics in Language and Culture
  8. SP 231: Career Spanish for Nrsing & HS
  9. SP 231N: Career Spanish for Nrsing & HS
  10. SP 306: Cuban Film: A Close Look
  11. SP 359: Cult Civ Lit/SpanAmCaribRegion
  12. SP 0360: Dictator
  13. SP 360: Dictator RevMvts/ContempLatAmr
  14. SP 381: Coordinating Seminar

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