Image of faculty member, Virginia Kelly

Dr. Virginia Kelly

Professor of Counselor Education
o: Canisius Hall Rm 118
p: x3228


Current Research Interests

Currently, Dr. Kelly is conducting research in the areas of program-level assessment and addicitons in families.  She has a research agenda that includes work in the area of addictions, psychological abuse and spirituality.

Courses Taught

  1. CN 403A: Spec Topics: DV in Nicaragua
  2. CN 447: Lifespan Human Development
  3. CN 467: Assessment in Counseling
  4. CN 500: Theor/Cnslng & Psychotherapy
  5. CN 524: Domestic Violence in Nicaragua
  6. CN 565: Substance Abuse & the Family
  7. CN 566: Research Methodology
  8. CN 590C: Internship: ClinicalMentlHlth
  9. CN 595: Independent Study
  10. FT 447: Lifespan Human Development
  11. FT 556: Research in Marriage & Fam Thr
  12. FT 566: Substance Abuse & the Family

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