Security Awareness

Security Awareness

What is security Awareness - Security Awareness is the result of knowledge and an attitude that members of an organization possess concerning the protection of the organization's physical and electronic information assets.

Security Awareness means that you realize there is a potential for people to deliberately or accidentally steal, damage, misuse, or abuse the protected data that is stored on our computer systems and throughout our organization.  It is therefore prudent to support the information assets of our institution - physical, electronic, and personal - by working to prevent these threats.

What are My Responsibilities as an Employee of the University?

Fairfield employees have access to, and are responsible for protecting, a wide variety of sensitive information. Unauthorized exposure of information such as student academic records, medical information, credit card information, and social security numbers can have a harmful effect on the University and people's lives. Failure to take care of this information could places faculty, staff or students  at risk of identity theft, misuse of personal funds, or unauthorized modification of information. We therefore all have a responsibility to educate ourselves on how best to protect the information we store electronically.

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