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Enterprise Computing

Enterprise Computing focuses on the need for administrative and academic technology solutions for higher education. Our goal is to provide administrators and faculty with the information they need when they need it. Some of the applications used to supply information are; Self-Service for Employees and Self-Service for Students.

Administrative, Faculty & Staff Services
Enterprise Computing provides management, staff and faculty with both administrative and academic technology solutions. It offers each person access to innovative online services with an array of products.

Going to the sites listed in this category will provide the user access to features, new account procedures and tips on the use of Banner.

Employee Self-Service a self-service system of information for employees available with online access to the following topics:

  • Benefits and Deductions including Health Insurance, Flexible Spending
  • Pay Information including Direct Deposit Breakdown, Earnings History, Pay Stubs, Deductions History (United Way and Credit Union)
  • Current and past University jobs
  • Time off (for non-exempt employees only)
  • Tax forms including W2 and W4 (Federal only)

To access Employee Self-Service:

  1. Log on to my.Fairfield.edu
  2. Select the Employee Tab
  3. Select Human Resources
  4. Quick links to services on left

Student Online Resources
Enterprise Computing provides students with academic technology solutions. It offers each student access to innovative online services with an array of products.

Self-Service for Student

A self-service system for students to register for courses, review grades, check student account and financial aid information, and run degree evaluations.

For more details: Log on to my.Fairfield

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