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Wireless Projection

As of Spring 2017, Fairfield University has equipped every general-use classroom on campus with wireless projection to allow faculty a greater degree of mobility in their teaching.   Using the Apple TV devices in these rooms, instructors can easily send the screen images and audio from their Mac laptop, Windows laptop, iPad, or iPhone to the projector or TV display without connecting any cables.

To use wireless projection, you first must set the room's projector or HDMI display to the proper HDMI connection, just as you would with your TV's remote control at home.  In most rooms, this involves slowly press the Source or Video button on the controller to cycle through the connections until you see the AirPlay screen. 

Once the projector or TV monitor is connected to the Apple TV, simply follow the easy instructions below to display your Mac laptop, Windows laptop, or iPad/iPhone.

Mirror Your iPad or iPhone to an Apple TV with AirPlay

Mirror Your Mac to an Apple TV with AirPlay

Mirror Your Windows PC to an Apple TV with AirParrot

(Please note: In order to connect to an Apple TV from a Windows laptop, you will need to have an application called AirParrots 2 installed on your computer.  Simply call the ITS4U Help Desk at x4069 to arrange for the installation.)

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