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iPads for Teaching

In the fall of 2015, the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Information Technology Services, and Academic Computing initiated a program to give iPad mobile devices to all full-time faculty for use in their teaching.  Designed to promote and support ongoing innovation in teaching and student learning, the program will follow up the initial full-time faculty rollout with a smaller project to put semester-long loaner iPads in the hands of some adjuncts as well.

The distribution of the iPads was part of a larger initiative on the part of ITS's Academic Computing department to put next-generation computing devices into the hands of instructors and to make classroom technology easier to use and more accessible to all.  The tablets followed a year of upgrades that simplified the technology installed in the classrooms and made it less intimidating and more reliable.  In addition, Academic Computing added wireless projection capabilities to all classrooms as they were (and continue to be) updated, setting the stage for this move to mobile teaching and learning. 

Aacademic Computing and the Center for Academic Excellence offer regular workshops on teaching with iPads throughout the fall and spring semesters, and current listings can always be found on the CAE's website at fairfield.edu/cae.  Any questions about the iPad program or about obtaining individual assistance with the devices can be addressed to the staff of Academic Computing by sending an email to academiccomputing@fairfield.edu.

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