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In order to promote and support a Bring Your Own Device environment for student learning, Academic Computing has, since the summer of 2014, subscribed to a cloud-based service called Cloud My Office.  The service allows students and faculty on any type of device - Mac or Windows laptop, iPad or Android tablet, or even a smartphone - to access a complete Windows desktop environment and run standard applications as if they were sitting at a Windows-based computer.  


The service allows faculty to make available Windows-based applications to students enrolled in specific classes. Some recent software delivered through Cloud My Office includes Microsoft Access (a program that only exists for Windows and therefore can’t be run by the nearly 75% of our students who own Macs) and SPSS (a statistical-analysis tool that is too expensive for students to buy and install on their own computers, but which via Cloud My Office they can still access from anywhere, on their own devices).  

Cloud My Office is simple to use, as it runs within a standard web browser, and once students log in they will only see those applications that have been assigned for their specific classes. Faculty who wish to find out more about using Cloud My Office should contact Academic Computing at  

If your class has already been provided with access to CloudMyOffice, see these instructions to connect to the service from Google Chrome or the Microsoft Remote Desktop application for Windows and Mac computers.  To use CloudMyOffice on an iPad, see these instructions.

Please note that the use of Cloud My Office is restricted to officially listed courses.  Access is provided via CRNs and the student and faculty enrollments associated with them.   In addition, any software faculty wish to use in Cloud My Office must be fully licensed by the University and be technically capable of running in what’s known as a “virtual environment.”  Academic Computing staff can assist faculty with all licensing and technical issues.



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