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Blackboard Instructor Resources: Pedagogy of Online and Hybrid Teaching

Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I get a Blackboard course set up?
    • How do I log into Blackboard?
    • How are students added to my class list in Bb?
    • How do I change the name of my course?
    • How do I remove courses from the My Courses module on my Blackboard homepage?
    • How do I copy content over from an existing course into a new course?

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Blackboard Course Templates

  • We currently use two basic templates, one for face-to-face courses and one for online courses.  These templates are automatically applied to your course based on their designation in Banner.  Of course, all faculty are free to modify the default template to suit their individual needs.

Mobile devices

  • Blackboard now offers three free Mobile Apps, available on the iTunes Store for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and on Google Play for Android phones and tablets. There is one student app is simply called Blackboard, while Instructor app have the more Blackboard Instructor app as well as Bb Grader, which allows faculty to comment on and grade papers on their iPads.

Getting Started with Blackboard's "Original Experience"

Publisher content

  • Blackboard supports digital content from a wide range of textbook publishers and digital content providers. This material is referred to as Course Cartridges in Blackboard 9.1, and it is made available to you via the publisher. To upload a cartridge into a course, you must obtain an Instructor Download Key from the publisher; this key is then used to automatically upload the content from the publisher's server to Fairfield's Blackboard site. You may also need to provide your students with Access Keys to provide a one-time authorization to use the publishers' material.

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