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Policies & Procedures

Fairfield University offers a wide array of technology services to members of the university community. These services are in place to provide our integrative thinkers with competitive, reliable, innovative, and sustainable technology to support teaching, learning, research, collaboration, and service. It is your responsibility as a Fairfield University member to know and abide by ITS policies. All policies/procedures are in .pdf format.

  • Acceptable Use Policy for Electronic University Resources
    This policy is designed to guide students, faculty, staff, and other authorized users in the acceptable use of computer and information systems and networks provided by Fairfield University according to the mission of the University.
  • Canon Copiers/Printers Procedure
    This procedure addresses how service and billing is managed for Canon copiers and/or printers.
  • Downtime Policy
    Information Technology Services (ITS) works hard to minimize downtime for the campus. But only through regular maintenance, which sometimes requires downtime, can we ensure maximum uptime for the network and all systems.
  • User Accounts Procedure
    Details faculty, staff and student computer accounts, including creation, disablement, deletion.
  • Wireless Access Policy
    The goal of this policy is to protect Fairfield University technology-based resources from unauthorized use that could result in loss of information, damage to critical applications, and/or unauthorized access to secure resources.
  • Disablement of Enterprise Technological Security Controls
    This policy describes cirumstances in which enterprise-wide technological security controls may be disabled.
  • Remote Control of Devices from Off-Campus
    This policy describes permitted mechanisms used to remotely control devices from off-campus.

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