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University Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Jon Carroll CIO Portrait Jonathan Carroll ’91 is the Chief Information Officer for Fairfield University. Mr. Carroll was appointed in December 2016, bringing more than 25 years of information technology industry experience. Mr. Carroll oversees academic computing, enterprise applications systems and services, networking and telecommunications, information security, data center operations and user support training and outreach.

Mr. Carroll is a 1991 graduate of Fairfield University and has served in a number of IT leadership roles at University of Connecticut Health involving IT operations, security (ISO), academic technology and infrastructure and systems development. His background also includes other industries and companies such as IBM and United Technologies. Most recently, Mr. Carroll served as the Chief Information Officer for UCONN Health.

Mr. Carroll holds a bachelor’s degree in information systems from Fairfield University and an MBA from Quinnipiac University.

Chief Information Security Officer

The Chief Information Security Officer is Justin Hickey. Mr. Hickey leads the Office of Information Security (OIS) which manages Fairfield University's information security program. The program encompasses all aspects of a constantly evolving information security landscape including threat management, security architecture, data protection, policy management, access control, security awareness training, and incident response.

Director of Enterprise Computing

The Director of Enterprise Computing is Tom Armstrong.Enterprise Computing provides management, staff and faculty with both administrative and academic technology solutions. It offers access to innovative services with an array of solutions including web applications, reporting, and document imaging. In addition, Enterprise Computing supports the university’s system of record, Ellucian Banner and plays a critical role in the implementation of Workday. The Enterprise Computing staff includes the programming team, technical/functional analysts, and database administrators and the Academic Computing team who seek to provide innovative, cost effective and stable systems in support of Fairfield’s mission.

Infrastructure Services

The Director of Infrastructure Services is Steven Mann. Infrastructure Services manages all Data Networking, Voice Networking and Phone support, along with Campus IT Infrastructure efforts at Fairfield University. Our service catalog includes Account/Identity Management, Outlook Email support, Data Center Services, and the support of many core Infrastructure Systems.

Program Management Office

Brigitte Rouleau - As the Director of the Program Management Office. Brigitte is responsible for developing a consultative partnership with our customers across campus, identification and tracking of the IT portfolio of activities, and implementation of project governance to monitor schedules and financials for our strategic projects. Brigitte’s background includes time at The Hartford, Cigna, Yale. Brigitte has an MS in Management and Finance from Rensselaer.

Support Services

The Director of Support Services is Marie Ernye. Support Services manages the Technology Help Desk and the Desktop Support Group. The Help Desk is the recommended first step for students, faculty and staff upon hitting any technology-related issue at Fairfield University. Whether a password reset, computer/printer error, or general technical inquiry, initiating help is one phone call, email and/or web form away (your choice!). The Desktop Support group focuses on second-tier support for technology issues introduced by the Technology Help Desk, and manages PC/Mac device setup, delivery and deployment in addition to troubleshooting campus hardware and software issues. Support Services staff also manages the Technology Classroooms and Public Computer labs on campus.




Telephone number

Anka, Jennifer

Operational Coordinator

ext. 4049

Armstrong, Tom

Director, Enterprise Computing

ext. 4039

Arribas, Sue

Identity/Directory Services Administrator

ext. 3360

Bastien, Bruce

Senior Programmer/Analyst

ext. 3162

Benedetti, JP

Workday Administrator

ext. 2084

Carroll, Jonathan

Chief Information Officer

ext. 4059

Chop, Robert

Computer Technician

ext. 2055

Dontula, Padma

Programmer Analyst

ext. 3252

Droniak, Kim

Project Manager

ext. 2692

Ernye, Marie

Director, Support Services

ext. 2048

Flinn, Heather

Instructional Support Specialist

ext. 3190

Freddino, Jan

Solution Architect

ext. 2071

Ganley, Sean

Infrastructure Technician

ext. 4177

Garcia, Macro

Linux Systems Administrator

ext. 2857

Good, Daniel

Junior Computer Technician

ext. 2296

Hickey, Justin

Chief Information Security Officer

ext. 4058

Joseph, Greg

Faculty Support Technician

ext. 3308

Kirk, Clare

Office Manager

ext. 4255

Kharaz, Eli

Senior Systems Administrator

ext. 2403

Kleps, Mary

Instructional Support Manager

ext. 3207

Kovacs, Laszlo

Project Coordinator

ext. 2055

Kramer, Jeffrey

Enterprise Architect

ext. 2776

Langlais, Jennifer

Workday Operations Manager

ext. 2075

Lockwood, Melissa

Project Coordinator

ext. 3208

Mamillapalli, Sheela

Programmer Analyst

ext. 2334

Mann, Steve

Director, Infrastructure Services

ext. 4038

Manolis, Laurie

Senior System Administrator

ext. 2580

Mason, Lee

SOE Support

ext. 2562

Mesquita, Carlos

Security Engineer

ext. 2483

Mingrone, Frank

Computer Technician

ext. 2056

Salafia, Sherry

Project Coordinator

ext. 2059

Sepkowski, Bryan

Technical Coordinator Help Desk

ext. 2853

Strain, Mike

Senior Systems Administrator

ext. 2054

Swartzlander, Curt

Database Administrator

ext. 2053

Sweatman, Jason

Infrastructure Technician

ext. 3265

Terebesi, Jason

Junior System Administrator

ext. 2058

Victor, Jason

Technical Analyst

ext. 2070

Wagner, Don

Telecommunications Technician

ext. 4012

Whalley, Debbie

Manager, Academic Computing

ext. 2442


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