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Fairfield University provides a daily off-campus shuttle service that departs from the Campus Center. The shuttle service goes to numerous locations along the Post Road, including the Fairfield University Bookstore, Super Stop & Shop, and CVS, as well as to the Fairfield train station.

In addition, on weekends the shuttle runs service to the Trumbull Shopping Mall and movie theatres. The shuttles are accessible. Schedules are posted in the Campus Center and at

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Additional transportation includes:

Airport Limo

Bridgeport to Port Jefferson Ferry

Campus busExpanded Bus Schedule Runs 

Off-Campus Shuttle

See all the exciting places the shuttle takes students!

See and print the weekly schedule (PDF).

Shuttle Locator
Track where the shuttle is at any time!

Shuttle Locator Mobile Access
There are several ways to get access to the real-time information while on the go!

Connect by Hertz (Choose Fairfield from the pull-down menu)

Fairfield Cab Company

Fairfield Parks and Recreation

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GO Airport Shuttle

Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority

Metro-North Train Schedule

Through the efforts of FUSA and the Office of Conference & Event Management, End of Year transportation service is available for students, including FREE shuttle service to the New York City airports. This year, a free shuttle will be offered on Wednesday, May 9th at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. and Thursday, May 10th at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Please note that the deadline for reserving a seat on the free shuttle to JFK or LaGuardia airports is Friday, May 4th. To reserve a seat on this shuttle, please fill out the form in the link below.

Reserve a Seat

In addition, an extra Stagbus will be added on Wednesday May 9th and Thursday May 10th running on the hour from the BCC Traffic Circle to the Bridgeport Transportation Center.  There, you can pick up the Port Jefferson Ferry or Amtrak train service. The bus will leave the traffic circle at noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m., 4 p.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m. No reservation is required for this service.

Other transportation options:

Go Shuttle Service

Red Dot Shuttle Service

  • $60 each way for shared van service for one passenger
  • Leaves from BCC Traffic Circle
  • Call (800) 673-3368 and mention you are a Fairfield University student to receive the discount

Public Transportation to/from JFK or LaGuardia

Allow at least four (4) hours from start to finish.

  • Take Metro North train to/from Fairfield station/Grand Central Station ($22 - $28 price range)
  • Take train or shuttle bus to/from JFK or LaGuardia from Grand Central Station ($12 - $27 price range)
  • Tickets available online:


Bus & Van Reservations

The Office of Conference and Events Management assists in coordinating transportation for a variety of university sponsored trips. A fleet of 11 University vans and two sedans are available for use by the Fairfield University community, as well as several bus options.

To reserve a bus or a van you must complete the Bus/Vehicle request form.

This page is only accessible using a faculty or staff computer. If you are having difficulty completing the form, you should contact the Office of Conference and Events Management at (203) 254-4000 ext. 3288.

General Policies

  • All charges will be billed directly to the organization number supplied at the time of request. No other form of payment will be accepted.
  • When you request a vehicle, you will be notified of the vehicle availability within two business days. No reservations are final until you receive a confirmation.


The University's fleet consists of:

  • 11 Toyota Siena minivans (eight passengers)
  • 1 Toyota Camry (5 passengers)
  • 1 Toyota Corolla (5 passengers)


- $30 per day for in-state use
- $50 per day for out-of-state use

  • Anyone wishing to drive a car or van must be registered as an approved driver with University Activities. Contact Suzanne Neubauer at ext. 3288 to register at least one week prior to your trip.
  • Car and van keys must be obtained in the Department of Public Safety. You will be required to leave a copy of your StagCard when signing out vehicle keys.
  • Cars and vans can be picked up in the Jogues parking lot. Vehicles must be returned to the Jogues parking lot upon completion of the reservation. Failure to do so will result in additional charges.
  • Cars and vans must be returned with the same amount of gas as when they were taken. Failure to do so will result in additional charges. Gas fees will be assessed at $8 per gallon.
  • Vehicles will be inspected daily. In the event that a vehicle is returned in a different condition than it was taken out, the department that made the reservation will be charged for the repair or cleaning. Any additional charges will be itemized and included on your billing statement. All charges, except gas, will be billed at cost.
  • All drivers must be members of the University faculty, staff, or student body. No one unaffiliated with the University (including alumni) may operate the University vehicles.

Cancellation Policy

Vehicle cancellations can be made at any point prior to key sign-out. Once the vehicle keys have been signed out from The Office of Public Safety, the daily rate applies. This also includes weather-related cancellations.


  • When reserving a bus, you must designate a campus pick-up location. Generally, buses pick up outside of Alumni Hall, but other pick-up locations may be arranged.
  • Please provide a specific destination when requesting a bus with a complete address. (ex. "Mamma Mia, The Winter Garden Theater, 1634 Broadway, NYC" not "Broadway show").
  • DOT regulations allow a bus driver to be on duty for a total of 15 hours, but drive only 10 of those hours. Additional drivers for excessive hours will be charged $300 per day plus the cost of the driver's hotel room.
  • Wheelchair lifts are only available for 54-passenger coach buses and 46-passenger activity buses.
  54-Passenger Coach 38-Passenger Coach 46-Passenger Activity
School Bus

Equipment Lavatory, DVD player, luggage compartment, WIFI Lavatory, DVD player, luggage compartment, WIFI Air conditioning, overhead storage, public address system Limited hours*

Four Hours of Service $655 $575 $557 $375

Each Additional Hour $107 $98 $86.75 $78

Maximum Daily Rate $1,340 $1,215    

(over the road)
$1,165 $1,070    

* School buses are not available for service: Monday-Friday 10 p.m.-9:30 a.m. and then again between 2 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Cancellation Policy: Bus cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Depending on the bus provider, a $50-$200 fee will be applied to same day cancellations. 50% of the charter rate will be charged if canceling a coach bus within four (4) hours of pickup time.


  • DOT regulations allow a driver to be on duty for a total of 15 hours, but drive only 10 of those hours. A driver requires 8 hours off between each shift.
  • Additional driver for excessive hours will be charged $300 per day plus the cost of the driver's hotel room.
  • Daily rate applies for traveling up to 265 mile per day. Trips exceeding 265 miles per day will be based on mileage of $4/mile. Unique trips may include North Carolina or Buffalo in two (2) days. ($3/mile for the 15-passenger, $3.50/mile for the
  • All overnight trips require the chartering party to provide one single room per driver.
  • Rates do not include driver's gratuity. Academy suggests a driver's gratuity in the amount of $35 per day per driver.
  • Please provide name and mobile number for contact on the day of your trip.

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