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Welcome to Fairfield University Graduate Student Life

In Graduate Student Life, we look forward to welcoming you into our community and supporting our graduate students beyond the classroom and department setting. We have put together this checklist to support you as you prepare to start at Fairfield and hope that you can take important steps before even arriving on campus. Please, contact us if you have any questions as you get started at or (203) 254-4053.

Documentation & Paperwork

STEP 1: Claim your NetID to access the My.Fairfield student portal

A Fairfield University NetID is a username/password combination providing access to on/offline resources (e.g. my.Fairfield, Email, Desktop Computers).  Your NetID is obtained by going through the claim process as instructed below.  
Instructions can be found online at

Sign-up for StagAlert Information System

All students must add their cell phone number to StagAlert, which is the University's emergency notification system used to call student cell phones and/or send text messages in the event of an emergency.

To add or change a cell phone number click here and follow the on-screen instructions.

Personal Information Check

Students must check personal information that is on file (phone number, address, and personal email) for accuracy.

To view your information click here

Student Demographics

The Divisions of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, in collaboration with Institutional Research, are working to ensure that Fairfield University has accurate demographic/social identity information about our students. Provided voluntarily, this information is used for the purposes of federal reporting, internal planning and programming to support the engagement of our diverse student body. All information will be treated confidentially.

Please, visit this link and update your student information.

Grad Stag Day Registration

Fairfield University will hold it's annual Grad Stag Day on Saturday, August 26, 2017 . The day is both a celebration and orientation for graduate students. There will be informational sessions, opportunities to get your parking pass, student ID, and plenty of giveaways and resources. Please register here.

Most departments are holding meetings for their new and returning graduate students to acclimate and introduce them to important information in their graduate programs.

Financing and Paying at Fairfield

There are several resources established to help students explore financial aid options including loans, grants, and scholarships. The Financial Aid Office has a multitude of resources to help students prepare for the financial side of their graduate student experience. 

For information on paying for your education, please visit

For students transferring money, Incoming wire transfers must be limited to the cost of tuition and fees charged to the student account for the current semester.  Any excess funds from wire transfers will be held on the student account toward the following semester charges.

StagCard (Student ID Card)

All students of Fairfield University are required to obtain and carry a StagCard, which is the University's official identification card. Students must be registered for classes before obtaining a card. Hours of operation and more information is available on the StagCard website.


Living & Transportation

Finding Housing

We have designed a web resource to support graduate students in your search for housing in the greater Fairfield area. Visit the Fairfield University HousingHub to learn more about available housing in the area. You will be able to find some listings, roommate searches, FAQ's, and realtors to help you find rentals.

Parking on Campus

If you plan to commute to campus by car, you must visit the Parking and Traffic Office on the ground floor of Loyola Hall to register your car. It is free for graduate students to register one car.

StagBus (Off-Campus Shuttle)

The StagBus is a free service offered to Fairfield University students to travel into the downtown Fairfield area and other nearby locations. Checkout the route and other information on the Stagbus. See info under Off-Campus Shuttle.


Membership in the RecPlex includes use of the facility and its basic functions* during normal hours of operation, except for special occasions when facility usage is restricted due to University events, programs, and maintenance, etc. Fitness classes or other special programs through Fairfield Fit are limited on the basis of availability. The University reserves the right to modify the hours of operation at any time.

Membership for all graduate students is included in the tuition and membership registration is not necessary for grad students.

Campus Map

It is important to familiarize yourself with the entire Fairfield University campus. This is a simple map to help you navigate.

Academic Requirements

Connect with your Department/Program

You should contact your advisor or department coordinator before you arrive to discuss program specific expectations and requirements. Be sure to discuss which classes you’ll be taking and the long-term requirements for your program.

Sign University Honor Code

Fairfield University’s primary purpose is the pursuit of academic excellence. This is possible only in an atmosphere where discovery and communication of knowledge are marked by scrupulous, unqualified honesty. Therefore, it is expected that all students taking classes at the University adhere to the following Honor Code: ""I understand that any violation of academic integrity wounds the entire community and undermines the trust upon which the discovery and communication of knowledge depends. Therefore, as a member of the Fairfield University community, I hereby pledge to uphold and maintain these standards of academic honesty and integrity."

All students must sign the University Honor Code.

To sign the Honor Code click here

Students with Disabilities or Temporary Impairments:  Complete a Student Intake Form and Provide Documentation to Accessibility (Optional)

Fairfield University is committed to providing qualified students with disabilities an equal opportunity to access the benefits, rights and privileges of its services, programs and activities in an accessible setting.  In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and Connecticut state laws, we provide accommodations to qualified students with disabilities to reduce the impact of disabilities on academic functioning or upon other major life activities.  Fairfield University also recognizes the need for accommodations when a student is suffering from a temporary impairment and will work to provide accommodations to the student should the temporary impairment impact academics or other major life activities.

A student with a disability or temporary impairment who wishes to be considered for academic or campus life accommodations at Fairfield University must identify him/herself to Accessibility in the Academic and Career Development Center and complete the registration process for accommodations. After May 1st, please visit (select Prospective Students & Parents) for detailed information on how to register for reasonable accommodations. 

Health & Immunization Records

Student Medical Report & Immunizations

All matriculated graduate students are required to provide proof of immunity or screening against measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chickenpox), meningitis and tuberculosis.  Certain exemptions based on age and housing status apply.  Matriculated student are defined as those in a degree seeking program.  Connecticut State  mandatory immunization requirements are strictly enforced. International students are required to complete these immunizations and should try to do so before coming to the United States. Immunizations will likely be less expensive in most home countries.

Students may not register for classes until all immunization requirements are met.  

How to complete:
1. Follow this link.
2. Carefully review the list of required immunizations (Connecticut requirements may be different than requirements in your home state/country)
3. Download and print the “Graduate Student Medical Report Form”
4. Students should complete page one and the tuberculosis risk assessment questions (Part I; page two)
5. Present the form to your physician. Ask your physician to document your immunization history on this form.
Additionally, your physician needs to review your TB screening questions. Students at high risk for tuberculosis will need to be tested (as outlined in the form).
6. Upload, mail or fax your completed form to the Student Health Center (Go to for more information on returning your form).

Technology & Online Communications

Register your Computer

To successfully connect a computer to the student network, Fairfield requires that all Apple and Windows based computers have the latest operating system/security updates and an antivirus application installed. Students will not be allowed on the network if their computer is not properly protected and updated. Detailed instructions can be found here.
All commercially available antivirus applications (e.g. McAfee, Norton) are acceptable however, Fairfield ITS4U Help Desk suggests using free antivirus applications like Windows Security Essentials/Windows Defender (Win8 only) and ClamXAV for Apple computers, at
Once students have installed their antivirus software, they should make sure to update the virus definitions. This will be checked when attempting to connect to register their computer on the Fairfield University Student network. Visit the Information Technology Services Help Desk here for all your technology needs.
Register your computer/laptop/

Register & Explore OrgSync

Access OrgSync via OrgSync is your one stop shop to learn about or join clubs and organizations, manage your involvement, and know whats happening on campus.

Login Here!

Connect through Social Media

Be sure to 'like' our Facebook page. This is one of the best ways to stay connected and current with graduate student life activities and other campus events.

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