Financing Your Studies

Financial Aid

Various forms of financial aid are available to candidates. All financial aid considerations require candidates to complete a FAFSA form.

Anne E. Fowler Fellowship

The Anne E. Fowler Fellowship is awarded to approximately 15 candidates annually. This Fellowship provides extensive financial support in the form of tuition, stipends, and book allowances. Eligible candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. Candidates are assigned to Fellowship appointments on a rolling basis.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships are available to support part-time candidates for up to two courses, or six credits, per semester.


Internships provide graduate candidates enrolled in a GSEAP program with $15,000 per academic year in exchange for serving as a full-time intern in one of our partner urban districts. Certified educators who are returning for a second degree or endorsement may be eligible for an increased stipend.

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