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The SYC (Sixth Year Certificate) in Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts degree is a 36-credit program. Eligible candidates have the option of pursuing the #102: Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts certification as part of this degree. All candidates have the option to earn a Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist Certification through the Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) upon earning a passing score on the Knowledge and Practice Examination for Effective Reading Instruction (KPEERI).


Individuals pursue the SYC in Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts for a variety of reasons. Some do so in order to earn a salary increase, some to meet employment requirements, others because they can earn a degree and two certifications for the same amount of coursework: Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist Certification and the #102: Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts certification. Still others pursue the SYC because they would like to have the option to teach in higher education, either as a full-time faculty member in the Community College system, as full-time Professor of the Practice in University settings, or as part-time University adjunct faculty.

Important To Know

Eligible candidates can earn a SYC plus TWO certifications with this program: 

    1. #102: Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts Certification 
    2. 2. Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist Certification 
  Programs of Study Leading to an MA Degree 
  Minimum Degree Required T Certification Required Credits Credits Eligible to Transfer In  Average Time to Complete  Eligible for Optional SL/Dyslexia Interventionist Certification with CERI? 
SYC in Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts w/ 102 Certification Option  MA/MS  Yes  36  6   2 Years  Yes
MA in Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts NO #102 Certification Option  MA/MS  Yes  30  6   2 Years  Yes


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