102 Remedial Reading Certification

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The Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts (#102) certification is a state issued credential. To be eligible for this credential, individuals must:

  1. hold an active CT certification
  2. have taught for a minimum of 30 months 
  3. complete a planned program of study consisting of a minimum of 21 credits in specific competency areas 
  4. learn a passing score on the Connecticut Reading Specialist Exam 
  5. be recommended for certification by their preparing institution


Individuals wishing to pursue the 102: Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts certification do so for a variety of reasons. Most often, individuals pursue this certification because they want the option of seeking employment as a remedial reading teacher, Board of Education reading teacher, or school/district literacy coach.

Important To Know

Certified candidates without 30 months of teaching experience CAN enroll in the #102 program.

Candidates holding an active CT certification who do not have 30 months of teaching experience may enroll in the #102: Remedial Reading program, or degree options including the #102 Remedial Reading certification option.   However, they will not be eligible to earn the #102 certification until they have accumulated 30 months of teaching experience. 


Candidates earning the #102 Certification are eligible for a Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist Certification with the Center for Effective Reading Instruction, a subsidiary of the International Dyslexia Association   

Individuals holding a CERI, Wilson or AOGPE certification may be eligible for a waiver of clinical practicum coursework, with approval by the RLD Program Director.  Please inquire.

Paths Of Study: #102 Certification

Reading and Language Development
Fairfield University

  Programs of Study Leading to the  #102 Remedial Reading/Remedial LA Certification 
  Minimum Degree Required T Certification Required Credits Credits Eligible to Transfer In  Average Time to Complete  Eligible for Optional SL/Dyslexia Interventionist Certification with CERI? 
#102 Certification in in Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts  BA/BS  Yes  21  6   1 Year  Yes
MA in Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts w/  #102 Certification  BA/BS  Yes  30  6   1.5 Years  Yes
SYC in Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts w/  #102 Certification  MA/MS  Yes  36  6   2 Years  Yes


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