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General Information: Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist Certification With CERI

Fairfield University’s Reading and Language Development Program is Accredited by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), an affiliate of the Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI). As such, our program graduates are eligible apply for their Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist Certification with CERI upon passing the KPEERI (see below).

Candidates interested in becoming a Certified Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Interventionist are encouraged to visit the CERI website for the latest information about applying for this credential.

How Does CERI Certification Differ From Other Certifications That Prepare Educators To Meet The Need

CERI certifications are…

    Although programs that prepare teachers, clinicians, and specialists to teach reading may differ in their methodologies, teaching approaches, and organizational purposes, they should ascribe to a common set of professional standards for the benefit of the students they serve.

    The Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading (KPS) serve as the foundation for al CERI certificates and certifications. The KPS explicitly set forth the knowledge and skill that all teachers of reading are expected to possess in order to advance students' reading profiles from a Structured Literacy approach in general education, intervention, special education, and clinicaI settings. These standards reflect the current state of the scientific research base and are the result of a rigorous development and vetting process that included the input of a wide range of stakeholders, including researchers, educators, higher education faculty, clinical specialists, parents, and advocates.
    Currently, there is not an empirical basis to identify one particular Structured Literary program or method as more effective than all others, as more effective for all students with a specific type of difficulty such as poor decoding, specific comprehension difficulties, Dyslexia, or language disabilities.

    CERI does not promote a singular approach to educator preparation; rather; certificates and certifications are available to professionals from a wide-range of preparation backgrounds, provided they have met specific Structured Literacy knowledge and competency performance thresholds.

    Additionally, CERI does not Accredit educational or training programs or courses of study leading to certification.

    CERI certificates and certifications acknowledge the diverse roles that educational professionals play in preventing reading failure and in remediating off-track readers. For this reason, CERI offers credentials that serve professionals across the service delivery continuum , including para educators, general educators, special educators, and related service professionals.

    Professionals holding a CERI certificate or certification are required to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to professional growth and development by documenting their having completed a minimum of ten (10) hours of KPS-aligned professional development annually in order to renew their certificate or certification. ln doing so, educators remain current with research-based best practices in the areas of developmental reading, diverse reading profiles, reading assessment, Structured Literacy, and ethical conduct

The Knowledge And Practice Examination For Effective Reading Instruction (KPEERI)

Candidates applying for CERI certification must document having successfully passed the KPEERI. Information, resources, and registration links for this examination can be found on the CERI website.

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