#102 Remedial Reading Certification

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General Information About Cross-Endorsements

Candidates seeking the #102: Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts Certification are encouraged to visit the Connecticut State Department of Education’s cross-endorsement website for the latest information about applying for this credential.

Applying For The #102 Certification

Documentation Of Successful Teaching Experience

Candidates are advised that while they may complete the cross-endorsement requirements at any time, they must have accumulated at least 30 months of successful half-time (.5) teaching experience in a role that requires teacher certification (or 60 months of successful teaching experience less than half time (<.5)) in a public or private school setting before being eligible to apply for the #102: Remedial Reading/Remedial Language Arts Certification.

Higher education teaching experience in remedial reading/remedial language arts may also be applied toward the successful teaching experience requirement, provided the institution was/is regionally accredited. A letter on institutional letterhead signed by the Department Chair or Dean of Education should be submitted with the candidate’s application.

Successful teaching experience is verified via the completion of the Statement of Professional Experience form.

Statement Of Preparing Higher Education Institution

Once a candidate has completed all necessary coursework for certification, they will request that Fairfield University’s Certification Officer complete Form 125: Statement of Preparing Higher Education Institution.

The Pearson Reading Specialist Examination

Candidates applying for certification must document having successfully passed the Pearson Reading Specialist Examination. Information, resources, and registration links for this examination can be found on the Connecticut Teacher website.

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