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Faculty Highlights

Evelyn Bilias Lolis, PhD, assistant professor of psychology and special education, presented a paper at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) with graduate student Emily Winters on student-initiated research study. Later this month Dr. Lolis will present a paper titled, "Using Gratitude Journaling to Increase Cultural Competent Teaching Practices" at the Learner Conference in Athens, Greece. Dr. Bilias-Lolis was also interviewed by Mashable with colleague Michael Andreychik, PhD, associate professor of psychology, about the influence of social media on relationships and social decision-making. She also authored a chapter entitled "Practicing Mindful Gratitude Across the Tiers of School Service Delivery,” which is currently in press. The article will be published in the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Division 16 Handbook of Mind-Body Health: School Based Interventions.

Stephanie Burrell Storms, EdD, associate dean and associate professor of educational studies and teacher preparation, delivered two presentations at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) annual meeting on the topics of assessing teacher candidates’ readiness to teach for social justice at Jesuit institutions and how women of color scholars navigate the tenure process at predominantly white colleges and schools of education. Dr. Storms is also under contract for two edited books focusing on equity, diversity, and inclusion in the college classroom.

Ryan Colwell, PhD, assistant professor and director of childhood education, presented two papers at the National Conference for the Teachers of English (NCTE).

Dr. Colwell, in collaboration with Patricia Calderwood, PhD, professor emerita of educational studies and teacher preparation, and Emily Smith, PhD, associate professor of curriculum and instruction, co-presented a session at the 2018 Academic Chairpersons Conference entitled, “Supporting Department Chair Development: Learnings from the Leadership Cohort.”

Josh Elliott, EdD, assistant professor of the practice and director of educational technology, hosted the second Educational Technology Collaboration Day on campus for about 100 local educators in March.

Paula Gill Lopez, PhD, associate professor and chair of the department of psychological and educational consultation, and director of the school psychology program, was appointed as co-chair of the newly formed School Safety and Crisis Response Committee by the Connecticut Association of School Psychologists (CASP). She also earned the Presidential Citation Award by CASP for her dedication to the field of school psychology.

This spring, Dr. Gill Lopez presented three full-day workshops on PREPaRE, a national crisis prevention, preparation, intervention, and recovery program, to school psychology students and alumni. She also authored a chapter entitled, "Self-Care: Mind, Body, Best Practice” that will be published in the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Division 16 Handbook of Mind-Body Health: School Based Interventions. Additionally, Dr. Gill Lopez is a contributing author for the revised “Guidelines for the Practice of School Psychology in Connecticut.”

Dean Bob Hannafin, PhD, was appointed to the board of directors for the Bridgeport Public Education Fund.

Erica Hartwell, PhD, assistant professor of marriage and family therapy, presented at the Critical Encounters Series at Fairfield University on the topic of “The (In)visibility of Queer and Trans People of Color.”

Diana Hulse, EdD, professor and chair of counselor education, published a monograph in the Fairfield University thought-leadership blog, Thinkspace, titled “Five Principles of the Group Work Technique to Unlock Barriers and Enhance Success.” 

Paul Maloney, EdD, assistant professor of the practice in applied psychology, conducted four leadership-style training programs with lieutenants of the Town of Fairfield Fire Department.

Co-directors of the Special Education Program Alyson Martin, EdD, assistant professor and Emily Shamash, EdD, visiting assistant professor, published an article titled “Working With Families of Students With Disabilities: A Practicum for Pre-Service Special Educators” in Quality Approaches in Higher Education. Drs. Martin and Shamash also secured a grant to support the Transition Opportunities for Postsecondary Success (TOPS) program, a first-of-its-kind transition preparedness program for young adults with autism spectrum disorder that is a collaboration between the Kennedy Center in Trumbull, CT and the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions. The Kennedy Center honored Fairfield University for this innovative partnership with the Corporate Very Important Partner (VIP) Award. Additionally, Drs. Martin and Shamash were recipients of the Fairfield University Partnership for Social Change Grant to support the TOPS program.

Stephaney Morrison, PhD, assistant professor of counselor education, was elected as the vice president for the Connecticut School Counselor Association.

Pierre Orelus, PhD, chair and associate professor of educational studies, and Stephanie Burrell Storms, EdD, associate dean and associate professor of educational studies and teacher preparation, co-organized a diversity lecture series. Scholar-activist Sonia Nieto, PhD, was the inaugural speaker for the series in March and delivered a keynote entitled, “Culturally Responsive Teaching: What Educators Need to Know.”

Bryan Ripley Crandall, PhD, assistant professor and director of the Connecticut Writing Project-Fairfield, won the prestigious Divergent Award for his commitment and engagement with Connecticut schools. He also received grants from the National Writing Project, the CT Department of Education, the National Parks Services, and from Fairfield University to support his writing camps. Dr. Ripley Crandall delivered keynotes at Oklahoma State University, the National Council of Teachers of English Research Assembly (NCTE) conference, and Joel Barlow High School Writer’s Conference.

Emily Shamash, EdD, co-director of the special education program and visiting assistant professor, will present “Utilizing Universal Design to Teach Hebrew and Trope” at the Conference of American Jewish Education (CAJE) next month.

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