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A Message From the Dean

Dear Friends of GSEAP,

Another great year is in the books for Fairfield as Mark R. Nemec, PhD, completes his first year as president, and Christine Siegel, PhD, lifts the adjective “interim” from her title beginning her tenure as provost and senior vice president for academic affairs. In GSEAP, we embark on an exciting period of growth in graduate programs. We are already in the process of developing several new programs and are planning others, which we will announce in the fall. Stay tuned!

In January, we welcomed a new faculty colleague, Terri Germain-Williams, PhD, to our Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation Department. Terri will also serve as director of teacher education and field placements where she has already made a big impact. Her innovative approaches to school partnerships are helping us create richer experiences for our students. Terri has a PhD in Mathematics Education, served recently on the faculty of Mercy College in NY, and is a former NYC teacher, assistant principal, and district administrator. Terri is married to Ed Williams and is the proud mom of three boys, EJ, Zeke, and Eli, ages 6, 4, and 3. Terri is a busy woman!

As you will read in this newsletter, our students, faculty, and staff have had another remarkable year. We are so grateful for and proud of the significant contributions they make in their professional and local communities. Enjoy reading about their highlights and accomplishments. Congratulations to all!

On behalf of our faculty, staff, students, and Advisory Board, have a great summer!

Bob Hannafin

Dean of the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions

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