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New Advanced Data Science Business Analytics Framework, NVIDIA Deep Learning

Some of the most recognizable global companies regularly harness the power of big data to not only gather valuable consumer and marketing data, but to also provide a solid foundation from which to make important business decisions.

Similarly, students today have to stay ahead of the information curve to be able to compete in the workplace. Thanks to a new distinction, secured by one Dolan School professor, Fairfield students can learn valuable business analytics frameworks to stand at the forefront of big data analysis.

Recently identified as a university ambassador for the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI), Jie Tao, PhD, assistant professor of information systems and operations management, has been certified through the technology company to teach DLI workshops at Fairfield to faculty, students, and researchers. As an ambassador, Tao will have access to NVIDIA software and materials to train students who will be eligible to earn a professional certification in deep learning.

Rooted in machine learning, Dr. Tao says deep learning is one of the main foundational approaches used in business analytics.

“NVIDIA Deep Learning allows students to develop algorithms to let machines look at large amounts of data to solve similar problems in different contexts,” said Tao. “One of the biggest challenges of machine learning is feature extraction, where we inform the machine where to look when learning from examples to solve problems. Deep learning models, which are complex neural network models, allow machines to focus on the most important features of data, with little human intervention.”

In addition to offering NVIDIA Deep Learning instruction, the Dolan School has recently modified the Master’s in Business Analytics (MSBA) curriculum to meet the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.

“Just three years after launching the MSBA program, the faculty in the Dolan School of Business have adopted new curriculum that not only increases students’ focus on both data mining and business intelligence, but also provides them with a project-based capstone experience,” said Dawn Massey, PhD, interim associate dean and director of graduate programs. “These changes are intended to enable students to better meet the business community’s ever-evolving need for data analysis and insight.”

Providing students with the tools they need for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information, the MSBA program prepares students to become strong business leaders capable of making sound, strategic business decisions to drive successful business planning.


Last modified: Tue, 05 Jun 2018 13:17:21 EDT