Young Alumni Giving

Young Alumni Giving

You have a lot to offer Fairfield’s future!

Whether you can give $5, $25, or $105, your gift will increase our alumni giving participation rate–impacting the University's national ranking, reputation, and the value of your Fairfield degree. Join other young alumni, and be a part of Fairfield’s future!‌ Fairfield Fund gifts can be designated to area of greatest need, financial aid, or student life and career services.


Fairfield Fund Gifts May Now Be Designated

  • Greatest Need
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Life and Career Services

Gold Circle (Graduates of the Last Decade)

GOLD Circle (Graduates Of the Last Decade)

Be a part of the "Inner Circle"!

Fairfield University Gold Seal

The GOLD Circle (Graduates of the Last Decade) is a special leadership association of young alumni committed to Fairfield for the long term. You can join The GOLD Circle by making gifts that increase by $100 for each year after graduation.

The GOLD Circle giving levels by class year:

2008 – $1,000 (10th Reunion)
2009 - $900
2010 - $800
2011 - $700
2012 - $600
2013 - $500 (5th Reunion)
2014 - $400
2015 - $300
2016 - $200
2017 - $100

Benefits of GOLD Circle membership include:

  • Receptions with the President
  • Invitations to special events, rewards, recognition in University publications, and more!

Fairfield Forever

This Young Alumni program is about consecutive giving each year and develping the "habit" of philanthropy. To show appreciation to our most loyal donors, those young alumni who make a gift each year from graduation through their 5th Reunion become members of Fairfield Forever and receive:

  • Free admission to your class’s Friday Night Reception during your 5th Reunion Weekend
  • A free “Fairfield swag” gift from Fairfield University

Get involved–Stay involved!

Meet the Young Alumni Class Agents

The Fairfield University Young Alumni Class Agents Committee is made of up alumni from the 10 most recently graduated classes, including two Reunion committees from the 5th and 10th Reunion years. The goal of this committee, with the support of The Fairfield Fund Office, is to promote programs for young alumni and encourage them to stay connected and give back to the University

Interested in becoming a Class Agent? Please contact for more information.

Why I Give: Testimonials

Many young alumni have discovered the value in giving back to their alma mater. They want current and future students to have the same opportunities and experiences they did.

Hear it in their own words...

“For us, it’s simple; we give back to Fairfield because Fairfield has given so much to us.”
 Kimberly Maher LoPiano ’04 and Michael LoPiano ’04

“From family and friends to a life-long community, I give because I want to stay connected with a University that has already given me so much.”
Chris Orth ’07 and Alexandra Dziuma Orth ’07

“It is important to support Fairfield University in order to ensure that current and future classes are able to enjoy the same incredible opportunities that I experienced in college, which helped shape the person I am today.”
Kara Winsch ’07

“I support Fairfield to show my appreciation for those who donated before me and made all of my wonderful college experiences possible, and to provide resources to propel the University to even higher stages of academic and extracurricular excellence.”
Kara Dooley ’08

“I support Fairfield because it's where I made so many of my friends and began my career—I want the same great experience for future Stags!”
Elizabeth Masterson ’09

“Giving back to Fairfield is keeping the life-changing experiences, events, and academic excursions that we once had as students.”  
 Darryl Brackeen Jr '10

“It is important to support Fairfield to ensure the University can sustain its mission of excellence in education, athletics, and service.”  
Samuel Sica ’09

“The reason I give back to Fairfield is because when I see my life today, so much of what I have and who I am is thanks to Fairfield. I want others to have the same opportunities.”
Kelly Young Falcone ’10

“I think it is important to support Fairfield University because through it I have had so many great opportunities and amazing memories and I would want the same for others.”
Cheril Perez ’12

“I hope to help out current students the same way I was helped out by financial aid—so that they get the opportunity to enjoy the academics, extracurriculars, facilities, and connections that Fairfield has to offer.” 
Sasha Campbell Houlihan ’11

“Supporting Fairfield helps support future leaders and thinkers who are committed to serving others and their communities.”
– John Tiene ’11

“It is important for me to support Fairfield University because I truly appreciate the excellent education I received and the many doors it has opened and will continue to open for me in my future. Fairfield is a top notch institution and I want to help ensure it can continue as such.”
– Sarah Dent ’08

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For more information about Young Alumni giving, please contact:

Young Alumni & Student Giving
(203) 254-4000, ext. 2464

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