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0000_alumni-friends_support-fairfield_giving_student-prog_senior-gift_circle_05312017.jpgThe Senior Class Gift Committee was created as a way for the Senior Class at Fairfield University to say "thanks" for anything and everything they experienced during their time here.

We need YOUR help on the Senior Class Gift Committee! To help plan grad week events, help during events, and help us reach our goal, apply now! 




Why I Give


Current students are paying it forward and developing the "habit of philanthropy."

"The Fairfield University as we know it has been a collective effort of thousands of people giving back in hopes of continuing and expanding upon the community that we know and cherish. These opportunities that we have been blessed to experience are because of these thousands of Stags who have chosen to support us. I give back in order to ensure that all future Stags have these opportunities and the amazing traditions at Fairfield can continue!”

Christine Russell '16

"I was motivated to donate to the Senior Class Gift because I wanted to give back to a university that has given me so much. The Senior Class Gift program was a great way for me to begin my own philanthropy by giving back to an area on campus. By doing so, I hope to help current Fairfield University students experience the amazing time I had here on campus.

Taylor Pawson '16

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