2018 Donors

From new friends, to memorable lectures, to weekend retreats, Fairfield has made an indelible impact on your life. Now, as you become alumni, it's your turn to give back—pay it forward—and ensure a positive impact on future Fairfield students for generations to come. The Senior Class Gift perpetuates this important tradition of giving back. 

We thank those who have already given in support of the Class of 2018 gift.

Please note that this list reflects senior gifts received between July 1, 2017 through December 13, 2017.

Alyssa Abbott
Nadra Al-Hamwy
Emily Alberts
Fernando Arabia
John Barasso
William Begg
Hunter Boesch
Sophia Bolanos
Erin Buckley
Ryan Carlucci
Yiu Tong Chung
Danielle Cristiano
Caroline Curtis
Patricia Dalton
Allison Devaney
Heather DiLorenzo
Haleigh Doherty
Ryanne Doherty
Sarah Donnelly
Emily Eichorn
William Foxx
Adelyn Marie Galang
Jillian Gelmetti
Katherine Harrison
Kathryn Higgins
Jenna Jonke
Matthew Keller
Aleksei Korobow
Gabrielle Korwan
Daniel Lehman
Rock Magnotta
Beth McDonough
Grace McNulty
Alison Murphy
Christy Parmenter
Keleigh Power
Trevor Shelley
Madison Snow
Julia St. Germain
Lauren Steele
Molly Strang
Cristina Tangredi
Chase Temple
Elizabeth Van Flandern
John Vengalli
Gabriela Vida
Maura Wandling
Carly Williams

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