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We are most grateful for the alumni, parents, and friends who made Stags for Stags gifts to ensure students continue to have access to a modern, Jesuit education. These gifts provided critical student financial aid, supported student health and wellness, strengthened the University’s academic response, and sustained programs for spiritual guidance.

+ Deceased
Please note that this list reflects gifts received between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.
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Stags for Stags Gifts

Anonymous (9)
Jennifer Abate '94 and Douglas Kentfield
Kate E. Abromovitch '93, MA'01
Thomas and Cindy Ackerman P'10
Kristen M. Edwards Adalio '11
Joseph and Suzanne Adams P'22
Valeria Aguillon '16
Todd and Rachel Akerley P'22
Luci Albertson '21
Norman A. Aldrich '74 and Barbara J. Kish Aldrich
John and Debra Alexander P'23
Susan Freel Alexander '78 and Robert J. Alexander
Maria C. Alfonso '85 and Richard T. Biggar
Barbara Allen
Beth A. Allen P'24
Emily Allen
John R. Allen
Katherine E. Allen '24
Lisa Allen
Salvador and Zoila Aloma P'07
Jeffrey and Lisa Alter P'23, '23
Nancy A. Clegg Altobello '80 and Joel M. Altobello
Anthony M. Amarante '80 and Carolen Fette Amarante '80
Josephine M. Amendola '11
Mark and Stefanie Amone P'20
Mark Amoroso '07, MS'08 and Erica Novak Amoroso
Alexander R. Ananian '94
Danielle L. Anderson
Eileen Koneck Anderson '85 and Chris R. Anderson P'13
Kaila E. Anderson '13
Scott J. Andreasen '03 and Frances L. Newman Andreasen '03
Michael R. Andreychik
Juliana Anduckia '14
Gaetano J. Annunziata '19
Alexandra Aponte-Garcia P'21
Renee D. Appelle '03 and Joshua Monroe
Frank J. Aquino Jr. '13
Michael G. Archbold '82 and Laura P. Archbold
John and Robin Ardito P'21, '18
Christopher P. Arena '93 and Susan D. George Arena P'24
Gordon and Anne Armour P'15
Thomas E. Armstrong
Scott P. Arnold '90 and Evamarie Sabbath-Arnold
Marlon and Colleen Artigas P'24
Krystelle S. Asaker '19
Steven and Hilda Assarian P'21
Christopher L. Atwell '08 and Kelly Grgich Atwell '09
Fred and Renee Autorino P'23
Renee L. Babin '21
Richard J. Badolato '62 and Elizabeth H. M. Hannihan Badolato
Jeffery and Kimberly Baer P'20, '16
James M. Bagarazzi '73
Christopher Baggini '86 and Jennifer R. Baggini
John D. Bailey '89 and Melissa Pedegana Bailey
Robert and Danielle Bailey P'24
Kenneth and Alicia Baker P'24, '20
Uma Balaji
Laura E. Sandonato Baldino '04 and Larry Baldino
John F. Baldovin S.J.
Corrine E. Baliga '18
Laura Davey Banmiller '93 and Paetrus F. Banmiller III
Norman and Janet Banville P'23
James J. Baranello Jr. '86 and Tara K. Sittner Baranello P'22
Brittany N. Bare '11
Dana and Colleen Barisano P'24
Brian A. Barlaam C'83, MA'83
Eileen M. Barone P'13
Richard J. Barone Sr. '60, MA'70 and Judith A. Barone P'99
David J. Barrett
Michael K. Barry '98
Patrick and Grace Barry P'24
Paul O. Barry '83 and Susan Ganczewski Barry '84
Thomas P. Barry '70 and Carol Barry
Riley J. Barsamian '19
Christina M. Cappitella Bartels '90 and Joseph R. Bartels
Sebastian R. Bascetta '85 and Andrea Renzoni Bascetta '85
Franklin and Marie Bassett P'20
Curtis E. Battles P'23
Tina Battles P'23
Anne T. Baudinet '15
Cynthia A. Bautista
Kimberly A. Thomas Baxter '00 and David Baxter
Peter and Tracy Bayers P'23, '20, '17
Derrick Beasley
Natalie R. Beauparlant '16
John E. Beauvais '91 and Audrey M. Gabler Beauvais '90 P'23
Dennis W. Beck '92 and Melissa Bradbury Beck
Alexander R. Beckwith '23
Dylan T. Beckwith '20
Jason and Alexis Beckwith P'23
Mark J. Beckwith '80 and Patti Beckwith
Stephen and Deana Beckwith P'20
Philip Beere
Jonathan L. Begley MBA'20
Randall and Susan Beil P'24
David M. Belcher '94 and Deirdre A. Little Belcher '94
Djedjiga Belfadel
Deirdre A. O'Connor Bennett '83 and Steven C. Bennett P'17
Charles and Christina Benoit P'21
James F. Benoit '97 and Allison Benoit
Daniel and Jamie Benson P'22
John F. Berardino '85 and Regina Crowe Berardino '82
Joseph F. Berardino '72 and Gail T. Hamilton Berardino
Kyla M. Berg '24
Allison F. Berger
Timothy and Kirsten Bergstrom P'24
John and Lori Berisford P'21, '20
Lane K. Berisford '20
Liza C. Berisford '21
Christopher J. Bermingham '89 and Rosemarie F. Dykeman '89
Christopher L. Bernard '10, MPA'16
Jeffrey Bernstein
Thomas and Donna Berta P'24
Philip and Carolann Bertolotti P'23
Tara M. Rupp Berwick MBA'13 and Dana Berwick
Amanda E. Best '13
Gregory J. Betchkal '86 and Susan Flynn Betchkal
Jessica E. Dillon Bieligk '04 and Wes Bieligk
Paul E. Bimmler '13, MA'15
Alexandra E. Biolsi '19
Sandra V. Bispo P'23
Juliet B. Bissell '92
Davies and Megan Bisset P'24
Peter and Judith Black P'14
Ignazio Blanco and Deborah Olive P'23
Peter M. Blasucci '89 and Ana Blasucci
Cassidy N. Boegel '17
Christina N. Bogacz '20
Frederick L. Bogan '77
Gregory Bohnsack '73 and Patricia W. Bohnsack P'08, '07
Robert W. Bohny III '16
Lawrence F. Boland '71
Kevin and Kerry Bonaiuto P'17
Richard and Wendy Bongo P'21, '18
Joseph and Denise Bonifazio P'22
James and Sharon Book P'21
Adrian P. Boone '68 and Janet M. Boone
Brian M. Boornazian '82 and Deborah Boornazian P'19, '11
Cathleen M. Borgman '80
Joseph and Catherine Bossolina P'21
David J. Boudo '92 and Cristina Gonzalez Boudo '94
Elizabeth L. Bourque '78 and Donald Scranton
Cameron F. Bowen '15, MS'16 and Sarah B. Barnabei '15
Andre and Lorraine Boyd P'23
Charles C. Boyle
Edward Boyle
John and Deidre Boyle P'22
Mackenzie C. Boyle '22
Matthew and Lisa Boyle P'22
Jack R. Boynton
Timothy P. Braatz '93 and Barbara V. Dominakus Braatz '93
Lindsay M. Bradley '10
William and Maria Bradley P'22
Sandra J. Braychak-Metcalfe MA'73
Stephen and Lynn Breitfeller P'22
Donald G. Brelsford '82 and Deborah Mollica Brelsford '82 P'11
Dorothea E. Brennan MA'81
John and Eleanore Brennan P'22
Joseph P. Brennan '91 and Lauren I. Gubicza Brennan
Maureen Noonan Brennan '85 and Michael T. Brennan
Michelle McCahill Brennan '86 and Brian J. Brennan P'22, '17
Scott M. Brenner MBA'20
Nelson and Jennifer Breton P'21
Jeffrey M. Bricker
Allison M. Bridgman '24
Robert and Deana Bridgman P'24
Ben Bringardner and Jennifer Curry
David S. Briones '98 and Kristine S. Briones
John P. Brisson
Jessica L. Broadbent '15, MBA'19
Danielle L. Brown '03
David and Mikala Brown P'23
Jimmy Brown P'22
MaryBeth May Brown '85 P'23, '21
Michael N. Brown '03, MBA'04 and Elizabeth Minihane Brown
Thomas W. Brown '69 and Kathleen Brown
Robert W. Bruderman '73 and Mary Ellen Simmons Bruderman
Walter J. Brunner Jr. '83 and Hilary Schmitt Brunner '83 P'24
Anthony and Jennifer Bruton P'22
Julie S. Brzezinski
Jill Buban
Michael J. Buckenmeyer '11 and Cara M. Galterio Buckenmeyer '12
Daniel and Kristine Buckley P'21, '18
Erin Buckley '18
Timothy J. Buckley '80 and Patricia O'Neil Buckley P'16, '12
Maureen P. Errity Bujno '90 and Stephen Bujno
David P. Bukowski '69 and Laura Bukowski
Gary A. Bundy '79 and Cathy Nolan Bundy P'11
William and Cheryl Bundy
Kathleen Villa Bunger '82 and Thomas C. Bunger
Charles F. Burke Jr. '01 and Jonathan R. Stark MA'03
Ralph M. Burke '60, MA'62, CAS'67 and Eleanor M. Connelly Burke P'01
Tara M. Hansen Burke '06 and P. J. Burke III
Casey N. Burnett '05
Denise M. Burns '93 and Matthew Golden
Jaclyn A. Burns '21
James E. Burns '07 and Anna F. Stabile Burns '07, MBA'10
Kerrie Burns
Lauren M. PIzzi Burns '05
Marie Collins Burri '75 and Christopher Burri
Jack Burridge '11, MBA'14 and Michele Noviello Burridge '12, MA'13
Karen H. Burrows
Stephen C. Burrows MA'19
Joseph and Michaela Burschinger P'23
Lee Ann Bruno Bush '91 and Bill Kabai
Bridget Bushnell
Janice M. Buswell
John A. Butter '68 and Gail B. Kinney Butter
Kaylie J. Butts '21
Valerie B. Buurma '15
Kathleen Mebus Byrne '86 and John P. Byrne
Sean B. Byrne '84 and Eileen McAuliffe Byrne '86
Thomas P. Byrne '83 and Julie Manning Byrne '83
Molly D. Byrnes '09, MBA'11
Samantha M. Byrnes '22
Catherine Auriana Cadigan '04, MBA'10 and David Cadigan
Christopher Caement
Molly M. Caffrey '13
Mary K. Calabro '17, MS'18
James H. Callaghan '76
John E. Callaghan '75 and Catherine Sicbaldi Callaghan '76
Brigid K. Callahan '16
David P. Callahan '68 and Laura O. Callahan P'94
John and Christy Callinan P'20
James P. Callow '91 and Mary E. O'Shea Callow '92 P'22
Elizabeth Avery Campbell '04 and Brian Campbell
Eric and Stacie Campbell P'24
Gabriella G. Campos '19
Janet A. Canepa '82
Grace M. Cannon '20
Mary P. Cantow MA'80 and Robert Cantow
Anthony and Nancy Capone P'23
Vivian S. Carballo '10
Steven A. Carlotto '83 and Linda M. Spatafore Carlotto P'23
James and Lisa Carlton P'22
Mary E. Carmody '75
Erica W. Connolly Carney '04 and James C. Carney
Shannon M. Carney '19
Patrick J. Carolan '59 and Betty J. McIntyre Carolan '87 P'89, '85
Alden and Marie Carolo P'19
Amanda M. Carroll '22
Brian C. Carroll '94 and Amy E. Stevens Carroll '97
Jonathan M. Carroll '91 and Lorri Padula Carroll '91, MA'99 P'22, '20
Kenneth J. Carroll II '11 and Alicia J. Esposito Carroll '10
Sean M. Carroll '90 and Margaret E. McDonagh Carroll
Kelsey J. Carthew '19
Louis and Anna Caruso P'23
Michael and Sharon Caruso P'21
John J. Carway Jr. '64 and Jacqueline Carway
Robert R. Casey '88 and Maura E. Byrnes-Casey P'20
Jennifer M. Cooper Castaldi '01, MSN'07 and Anthony Castaldi
Laurie A. McClure Castellano '92 and John Castellano P'24
Alan M. Catalano '61
William D. Catalano and Rosita DiBernardo Catalano P'21
Peter A. Cataldo '92 and Aimee Nethercott Cataldo
Anthony T. Catino '04
Thomas J. Catino '08
Donna M. Cavaliere '92
Kevin J. Cavanagh '61 and Deirdre Cavanagh
Brendan T. Cavanaugh '07
Eileen M. Ingram Cavanaugh '89 and Peter F. Cavanaugh
Kathleen Cavanaugh P'21
David and Rebecca Cavazuti P'20, '18
Charles J. Celauro '75 and Eileen Celauro
Lauren E. Cellucci '16
Ramon Cernuda
Richard F. Cerrone MA'76 and Lynn Cerrone
Maureen A. Cuddy Cesario '00 and Frank Cesario
Suzanne T. Chaplik
James and Shauna Chen P'20, '20
Gerald and Greig Chi P'20
Justin M. Chi '20
Kenneth and Gloria Chin P'13, '02
William B. Chin '02 and Kristin Chin
Juliana Killip Chiodo '16
Eugene and Tracey Ann Chiulli P'22
Kaylee P. Christie '23
Ashleigh B. Egan Churchward '05 and Ryan Churchward
Douglas J. Ciallella '09 and Caitlin Scully Ciallella '10
Donald J. Ciampi Jr. '86 and Ellen Cavanaugh Ciampi P'21
Kenneth M. Ciesielski '91 and Judith L. Zappa Ciesielski '92
John A. Cietanno '64 and Kathleen E. Cietanno
Paul J. Cincotta Jr. '04
Kathleen Lucas Cira '98 and John Cira
Jeffrey Clairmont '64
Anne Englehart Clark '85 and John L. Jr. Clark
Michael D. Clarkson '19
Brian W. Cleary '14
Timothy G. Cobau '17
Elizabeth A. Croney Coetzee '03 and Johannes Coetzee
Grace E. Colalillo '22
Joseph and Jeannie Colalillo P'22
Jonathan Colby
Jennifer R. Luongo Cole '94 and Daniel D. Cole
Nicholas A. Colello '05
Mark and Margaret Coleman P'24
Matthew J. Colford '04 and Nyla Saoud
Jocelyn E. Collen '06
Jessica L. Colligan '03
Tyler J. Colligan '06 and Jacalyn K. Dziados Colligan '06
Daniel and Joann Collins P'23
Kevin F. Collins '79 and Rosemary Collins
Michael G. Collins '77 and Mary C. Collins
Spencer Colpitts Jr. '14
Richard J. Comings '66
Richard A. Conetta MA'82
Charles A. Conley '70 and Mary Conley P'99, '96
Ann S. Conlon MA'88
Hugh D. Conlon '79 and Nora J. Nolan Conlon P'23
Michael and Kimberly Connell P'21
Sean Connelly '80 and Susan Lynch Connelly '81
James A. Conner '03, MBA'04 and Carissa L. Gagne Conner '04, MBA'05
Audra E. Connolly '20
Kelley Whittam Conte '86 and Marc Conte
Barbara A. Cook
Jeffrey R. Cook '93
Matthew D. Cook
Alexander R. Cooke '00 and Bianca Cooke
Charles C. Cooper '19, MS'20
Gregory C. Coppola Jr. '18
Ralph P. Corasaniti '80 and Laurie Ward Corasaniti '79
John and Jennifer Corbett P'24
Justin S. Corbitt '19
Alexandra Cordero-Villafuerte '19
Mary Ann Durkin Cordiano '91 and Edward Cordiano
Carmen Cornacchia '82
Jay and Jennifer Cornforth P'23
John R. Cornforth '23
Thomas S. Corona Jr. '13
Francis A. Corr '60, MA'64, CAS'67 and Barbara J. Corr
Emily J. Corwin '16, MA'18
Peter F. Costello '84 and Ellen Hartnagel Costello '84
Janet Cote
Robert P. Cottle
James P. Coxen '84 and Donna A. Coxen
Hugh F. Coyle III '88 and Jill C. Sutton-Coyle
Michael P. Coyne '84 and Clare M. Donohue Coyne
Eileen M. Bergin Crabill '80 and Steven C. Crabill
Lawrence L. Crane Jr. '60 and Kathe McConville Crane
Martin F. Crean '68 and Susan B. Crean
William J. Crean Jr. '91 and Amy S. Crean
Hugh and Ellen Creegan P'20
Kevin J. Crepeau '80 and Heather Filteau
Briana F. Cronk '12
Sean R. Crosby '21
Chaffee M. Crowley '19
Thomas A. Crowley Jr. '69 and Diane Sharkey Crowley
Jesus A. Cruz '21
Mark R. Cryan '92 and Suzanne K. Daly Cryan
Stephen J. Csontos '62 and Juanita Csontos
Michael C. Csorba '09 and Ashley Januszewski Csorba
Kathryn A. Kelleher Culbreth '02, MA'09 and Matthew D. Culbreth
Joan P. Cullinan
Kevin F. Cunningham '76 and Mary Ryan Cunningham '76
Victor T. Cunningham '89 and Sherry Cunningham
William H. Curley Jr. '83 and Amy Searles Curley '83
Thomas R. Curtin '65
Christopher D. Cusson '98 and Lindsey B. McNerney Cusson
Christopher W. Dacey '93 and Maribeth Baldassare Dacey
Dean and Linda Daghita P'24
Vernon C. Dailey '86
Vincent R. D'Alessandro Jr. '65, MA'69 and Brenda D'Alessandro P'90
Vincent R. D'Alessandro III '90 and Amy Russ D'Alessandro P'22
Kevin M. Dalton '01
Erin M. Daly '06
Frederick and Nancy Daly P'09, '06
Patricia Melia Damon '78
Robert J. DaPra '84 and Susan M. Tita DaPra MS'93
James R. D'Arcy '01
John and Jean Darts P'07, '02, '01
Joseph and Helen D'Avanzo
Ronald M. Davidson and Katherine A. Schwab
Bernard S. Davis Sr. '67 and Eileen B. Davis P'95
Brian J. Davis '89 and Jenna Davis
Gretchen S. Davis MA'88 and Jerry Davis
Hugh O. Davis '95
Patricia E. Dawson Ph.D '94
Travis Day '16
Zachary J. Dayton
Pamela J. Deberghes '92
Javier E. Decima
Donald T. Decker III '94 and Amanda M. Osbourne Decker
Robert F. Deerin '73
Joseph D. DeFelice '65 and Penny J. Pooler DeFelice
Megan M. Defeo '19
Peter DeFilippo '94 and Elizabeth DeFilippo
Edward and Jessica Degasperis P'22
Kevin T. Del Mauro '08 and Kimberly R. Murphy '09
Gabriella M. Del Tufo '19
Kevin and Cheryl Delaney P'24
Margaret M. Affeldt Delaney '90 and Gary Delaney
Ernest A. Delia MA'67 and Ilene Delia
Gerald and Patricia Della Torre P'21
Michael B. Della Torre '21
Mario Dell'Olio '82, MA'88 and Jim Alexander
Frederick C. DeMarco '66 and Kathy M. Drewen DeMarco
Stephen P. DeMatteo '89 and Anissa Lian DeMatteo '90
Elizabeth Denby-Callahan MSN'17
Stephen Dennis
Richard and Kris d'Entremont P'21
Geri R. Derbyshire
Lauren E. Desiderio '04, MA'07
Christopher C. Desmarais '93 and Catherine A. Bassi Desmarais '93, MBA'07
Harold J. Devanney '69
Jennifer L. Mazzo DeVenuti '00 and Ted DeVenuti
Matteo and Luci DeVincenzo P'23
Paul V. DeVito '78 and Vincenza M. DeVito
Kaitlyn M. Devlin '12
John and Carol DiAndrea P'23
Alexa B. Dicomitis '20
Kathleen A. Bannan Didio '92, MA'05 and Douglas N. Didio
Cristina Dieguez-Kuo '99, MBA'06 and Frederick J. Kuo
George and Maureen Diffley P'97, '96
Kara S. Diffley '97, '06
Makenna B. Diguilio '18
Christopher Dill '03 and Aimee Glassick Dill
Michael R. Dillon '65 and Meredith Hyde Dillon
Mary Cronin DiMaiti '82 and Carl DiMaiti
Michael A. Dimirco and Jacqueline Padilla-Dimirco P'20
Mary T. Gallagher Dineen '92 and Thomas A. Dineen
Timothy J. Dineen MS'22
Michael and Linda DiPietro P'22
Gary F. Dittrich '74 and Kathy S. Dittrich P'07
Alexis F. Dizenzo '19
Jeff and Sharon Dobbs P'22
Jill T. Dobricki P'23
Jessica C. Doggett '15
Katherine J. Dolan '19
Elesa R. Doll P'23
Eugene T. Doll P'23
Jeanne M. Doll '78 and William G. Charcalis
Morgan F. Doll '23
Suzanne Machler Dombrowski '85 and Robert Dombrowski
Trent L. Domingos '15
Liliana Donadio '92 and James Daigle
Robert M. Donahoe '64 and Joyce Sugerak Donahoe
Colleen M. Donahue '18
Gregory F. Donahue '63
Sophia M. Dondero '20
Christopher M. Donnellan '82 and Maryellen Curley Donnellan
Elizabeth A. Lawton Donovan '96 and Shawn R. Donovan P'23
John M. Donovan '02
Ellen M. Dooley Beyer '85 and Christopher Beyer P'23
Jean Bartolucci Doran MA'79 and James E. Doran
Eugene P. Doris
Charles and Charleen Dortenzio P'23, '21
Bryan Dougher
Joshua B. Dougherty '19
Kevin and Daria Dougherty P'22
Michael V. Dougherty and Judy S. Barros P'21, '19
Adelaide Douglas '23
Barclay and Diana Douglas P'23
David L. Downie
Alexander G. Draffan Jr. '67 and Merry R. Apstein Draffan
Elizabeth N. Henry Drew '04 and Josh Drew
Donna M. Duncan Driscoll '89
John C. Driscoll Jr. '07 and Meghan E. Kelly Driscoll '07
John F. Driscoll '89
Matthew F. Drury '95 and Nicole E. Fortin Drury '94
George R. Dubay '72 and Lynne I. Dubay
Elizabeth C. Duffy '17
Kathleen J. Duffy '83
Thomas and Ellen Duffy P'17
J. Duke
Robert F. Dunaj '74 and Lisa Sherman Dunaj P'02
Kevin G. Duncan '19
David J. Dunn '91, MA'06 and Sharon E. Hughes Dunn
Derek S. Dunn '86 and Kimberley Anderson Dunn P'20
James W. Dunn IV '09, MA'12
Sean P. Dunphy '14 and Hannah K. Tanguay Dunphy '14
David and Deborah Durgin P'14
Jonathan M. Durgin '14
Ronald J. Durie '68 and Linda Durie
Dominic P. Durrant and Roisin M. Keenan P'23
Donna Perillo Durvasula '87 and Tesh Durvasula
Ian T. Dybick '05 and Jennifer Brown Dybick
Michael J. Dziuba Jr. '21
John A. Early Jr. '58 and Josephine Early
Kathleen A. Early '15, MA'19
Rachel C. Easley '21
Margaret A. Eckenroad '90
Jane Milnarik Eckert '91 and Stephen J. Eckert P'22
Douglas L. Egan '70 and Linda S. Bohn Egan P'05
Stephen K. Elliott Jr. '62 and Audrey Elliott P'95, '92
Sandra Engel
Thomas A. English
Thomas and Peggy English P'11
Cristina Esmiol '16
Christa P. Esposito DNP'18
Joseph C. Esposito '57 and Susan Amatruda Esposito P'03
Scott D. Esposito '82 and Mercedes Esposito
Brian T. Estaphan '97 and Laura Virzi Estaphan
Ronald Eva
Sarah C. Evangelista '06
Frederick and Denise Evanko
Marie Evanko
Lauren M. Doyle Exnicios '01 and Andrew S. Exnicios
Anthony J. Fable III '88 and Genevieve Veltre Fable
John J. Fagan '72 and Rebecca L. Fagan
Jose E. Fajardo Jr. '91 and Nancy P. Barrett-Fajardo '91 P'23, '20
Eric R. Falcone '08 and Kelly L. Young Falcone '10
Jacqueline A. Falino '19
Andrea C. Bazos Fallon '04
Grace K. Fallon '22
John D. Fallon '90 and Jennifer L. Stephens Fallon
Timothy and Pamela Fallon P'22
Frank Fanella Jr. '89 and Noreen A. McPartland Fanella '89
Matthew and Sharon Fanelli P'12
David Fardon
Rita Creagan Farnham MA'60 and Arthur C. Farnham
Randy R. Farrell '85 and Diane Maloney Farrell '78 P'14
John T. Fassl '75 and Theresa Spencer '75
Peter T. Fay '87 and Lisa N. Fay
Nicole A. Fede '16
John A. Fee '22
Brian and Julia Feeley P'22
Robert L. Feigenson
Michael P. Feighan '71
Kiera C. Feldner '20
David and Jessica Fenner P'24
Kate E. Fenner '24
Francis and Joann Ference P'15, '15, '08
John P. Ferencz Jr. '73
Zoe T. Ferranti '17
Michelle L. Ferrara '14
Vincent I. Ferrer '12
Richard A. Ferrieri '75 and Marylou Peterson Ferrieri '75, MA'78
William and Bonnie Ferris P'03
Annabelle Field
Harrison Field
Laura J. Field
Searle and Lauralee Field
Carlos A. Figueroa '70 and Amelia Jordan Figueroa
Cosmo V. Filiberto '70 and Mary Anne Ferraro Filiberto
Marc S. Filipkowski and Diana Zapata P'24, '22
Michael S. Filosa P'24
Christopher R. Finelli '15, MS'16 and Lindsey M. Hanley '15
John G. Finnegan '23
Susan A. Klausman Finnegan MA'71
Catherine G. Finneran '90 and Thomas Bejgrowicz
Amanda L. Goldstein Finnerty '10 and Timothy Finnerty
Frank A. Fiore Jr. '63 and Maureen J. Fiore P'90, '88
Sebastian L. Fiore '67
Richard J. Fitol '74 and Mark Prisloe
Hillary C. Fitts '14, MBA'19
Brian J. Fitzgerald P'23
Mark R. Fitzgerald '79 and Carol Stanton Fitzgerald '79
Mark W. Fitzgerald MBA'03 and Christine Fitzgerald
Paul F. Fitzgerald '66 and Anne C. Fitzgerald
Sarah J. Fitzgerald '92
William and Christina Fitzgerald P'23
Caitlin M. Fitzpatrick '12
James D. Fitzpatrick '70, MA'72 and Phyllis A. Fitzpatrick P'08
Carrie Flammia '01
Paul E. Flanagan '71 and Patricia Flanagan
Erin M. Fraulo Fleming '00 and Kevin A. Fleming
Edward J. Fletcher '93 and Deirdre R. Pollack Fletcher '93 P'23
Michael I. Flores and Sarah A. Turano-Flores P'23
Robert E. Flynn '80 and Sally Flynn
Ellen Sheridan Fobare '80 and David Fobare
Alfred L. Foglio II '92 and Anita Foglio
Casey E. Foley '19
Jack and Susan Foley P'21
Paul and Kristin Foley P'23
Timothy and Mary Foley P'16
Amy E. Folkman
Lina Foncello '19
David and Christina Forbes P'23
Allison D. Ford '13
Kristin Kane Ford '04 and Michael Ford
Todd and Tracy Ford P'22, '20
Annalee T. Forline '17
John and Katharine Forline P'17
Keith Fortmiller '04
Veronica Marco Foster MA'82 and Gary D. Foster
John N. Fountain Jr. '70
Lisa Mateos Francomano '91 and Joseph Francomano
Bart Franey '67 and Eleanor S. Franey
Denise M. Fraser '77 and Richard Crisona
Victor G. Fraulo '73 and Jeanette Condon Fraulo P'00, '99
Wendy E. Fraulo '99
Brian and Lisa Frawley P'22
Janice M. Freddino '85, MS'96 and Edward Nicolas Jr. P'23
Scott W. Fredrickson '82 and Susan Martin Fredrickson '82
Karen N. Freitag '01 and Ronald Freitag
Christopher and Carol French P'20
Christopher Frulla
Mary Ellen Smircich Frustaci '93 and Gary Frustaci
Ethan L. Fry '04
Wendy A. Fuller MA'03, CAS'05 and Arthur B. Fuller Jr. P'18
Leah E. Furey '12
Melyssa A. Gagliardi '22
Ralph F. Gaiss Jr. '03 and Brooke Mifflin Gaiss
Robert and Beth Gale P'23
Vincent M. Galgano '92 and Tracey S. Galgano
Alison Black Gallagher '08 and Bernard Gallagher
Bridget M. Gallagher '06
John P. Gallagher '92 and Tricia Bares Gallagher '93
Bertha L. Gallant '74
Elena C. Galligan '22
Kevin and Sandra Galloway P'24
Jack Gallucci '21
Christopher Galvin '72 and Mary Jane Dorrian Galvin '75
David and Loretta Gangi P'20, '20
Nick and Susan Ganio P'22
Corrine N. Carlson Gann '01
Mario and Mireya Garcia P'20
Ella S. Gardiner '24
John and Carolyn Garibaldi P'23
Patricia A. Garry '81
Paul R. Garstka '67 and Joan Garstka
Tracy A. Garthwaite
John Gartland
Michael A. Garvey '89 and Bernadette M. Byrne Garvey P'23
Elizabeth Gaynor P'20, '17
Kathleen A. O'Connell Geiling '82 and J. Douglass Geiling
Richard D. Geloso '81
Frank and Deborah Genna
Danielle M. Abramczyk Genovese '12 and Paul Genovese
Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick Genovese '81 and Tom Genovese
Victor T. Geraldi Jr. '88 and Beth-Ann Scholpino Geraldi
Philip C. Gerety '80
Vincent M. Gerosa '94
Richard and Charlene Giacin P'24
Julia F. Giampietro '19
Henry F. Giannini '56
Catherine C. Giapponi
Colleen M. Gibson '09
Craig and Nancy Gibson P'13
William F. Gildersleeve III '19
Beth A. Terreri Gillespie '90 and James P. Gillespie
Katherine E. Gillette '15
Caitlin Gilligan '19
Daniel P. Gilligan '94 and Susan B. Taylor Gilligan
John and Deborah Gillis P'22
Caitlin Russell Gilmore '02 and Phil Gilmore
Jennifer Ginelli
David Z. Giordano '09
Samantha Giordano '19
Daniel J. Giroux '04 and Jaclyn A. Gagliardi Giroux '05
Elizabeth A. Giugliano '89
Laura M. Gleason '96
Edward J. Gniadek '61 and Karla Gniadek
Roger S. Gocking '68
James and Tonya Godwin P'24
Valy T. Goepfrich '84
Ricci E. Gold '19
Joel D. Goldfield and Iris Bork-Goldfield
Celeste Goldstein P'10
Francis H. Golen '80 and Andrea Sturtevant Golen '80 P'12
Christian G. Gonser '16
Brian and Melinda Good P'21, '20, '14
Barbara Goerts Gorham MA'82, CAS'90 and Howard W. Gorham P'82
Peter Gori '22
Mikayla R. Goria '20
Stanley J. Gorzelany Jr. '67 and Constance V. Gorzelany
Gregory and Rita Gosselin P'20
Julie K. Gottlieb
Myron V. Gould '63 and Rita Ann D'Apice Gould
Chelsea M. Gover '11
Brian and Amy Grabek P'21
Christopher J. Gradel '06
Richard A. Graf '87 and Jeannine Carolan Graf '87
John V. Gramins '95 and Ashley Gramins
Mary M. Graney Suite '85 and William P. Suite
Amanda M. Grant
Eileen Quirk Grant '85 and Wayne Grant
Michael B. Gray '19
Daniel D. Greeley '86 and Lisa Kripsin Greeley
Michael D. Greene '23
Richard and Debra Greenwald
Ardith M. Greeny
Ellen B. Greer P'22
Nathan Gregoire
Alexander R. Griffin '19
John W. Griffin '04
Tess K. Griffin '20
Traci Tropasso Griffin '88 and Brendan Griffin P'20
George F. Grillo Jr. C'76, MA'76 and Maureen F. Grillo
Michael F. Grindlay '94
David and Sharon Grindle P'22
Colleen M. Paull Grinnell '00 and Eric S. Grinnell
Jeffrey J. Gromos '87 and Tsugumi Gromos
Charles and Debra Groneman
Robert F. Grosso '97 and Lauren N. Snayd Grosso
Daniel S. Grubb '85
Jake Grube
Isabella M. Guanciale '17
Karen M. Guckert-Kaiser '88 and William Kaiser
Christine G. Guidera '89
Kristen Haggis Gunn '92 and Brian M. Gunn
Donald B. Gustavson '98 and Ann Crothers Gustavson
Craig M. Haba '91 and LeAnne Myers Haba P'21
Nancy A. Maye Habetz MA'84, C'03 P'94, '87, '87, '86
James and Kristin Hagan P'22
Daniel H. Hage '19
Daniel and Jody Hakes P'21
Walter and Patrice Halas
Cheryl Halderson
Emily L. Halderson '20
Karen McCormick Hallberg '91 and Christopher J. Hallberg
Joseph P. Halloran '92 and Kimberly Halloran
Kyle P. Halloran '09
Michael and Madeline Hamilton P'24
Douglas W. Hammond '86 and Patricia McShea Hammond
Michael and Anita Hamor P'23
Kaitlyn N. Hanley '21
Richard and Keri Hanley P'21
Joseph M. Hannon '96 and Colleen F. Walsh Hannon
Quinn R. Harker '19
Timothy J. Harper '03 and Caitlin E. Sowa Harper '03
Michaela Harrington '22
Anne Harris P'18
Susan Healy Harrison '88 and Timothy Harrison
Adam A. Hastings '18, MS'20
Justine Neff Hawley MA'80 and James Hawley
William J. Hayes P'86 +
Christopher M. Haynes '87 and Janine Haynes
Kathleen C. Healy '88
Margaret M. Healy '87
Kara M. Burmaster Heckler '96 and Brian M. Heckler
Kimberly Carini Heim '92 and Thomas G. Heim Jr. P'22
Gretchen E. Heisler '21
Joel R. Heller '90 and Billie Joe Reppard Heller
Charles G. Hemenway Jr. '65 and Carol Hemenway
Alexander R. Hemmat '23
Chad P. Hemmat and Julie E. Anderson P'23
Brian A. Henry '88 and Suzanne Stewart Henry P'22
Daniel and Christie Henry P'23
Walter J. Henry '91 and Ilze Henry
Christopher Henschel '10 and Jacqueline E. Ciaccia Henschel '10
Ryan M. Herlihy '01 and Erin Herlihy
Kristin Kelley Herman '96 and Gary C. Herman
Matthew and Theresa Hernon P'22
James W. Heslin Jr. '66 and Mary R. Serksnas Heslin
Theresa Hetzler '83
Joseph Heverin
Collin J. Hicks '24
James P. Higgins '70 and Jill T. Weissman Higgins P'15
Alison K. Hildenbrand '05
Christina M. Hill '11
Donald J. Hill Jr. ’94
Donna J. Hill C'96 and David Hill
Stephanie Hill
Stephanie A. Hill '13
Kevin P. Hilliard '69 and Catherine Hilliard
David and Debra Hines P'24
Garrett M. Hines '24
John and Suzanne Hingher P'20
David M. Hirx '03 and Sarah Stansel Hirx '06, MSN'16
Sarah L. Hoefner '19
Francis and Molly Hoegen P'12
Katherine Voight Hoey '06 and Patrick Hoey
John C. Hoffman '68 and Paula J. Yocum Hoffman P'96
Michael J. Hoffman '92 and Michelle Bove Hoffman '93 P'23, '21
Susan E. Daly Hoffman '93 and Brent L. Hoffman
Scott D. Hogan '92 and Marybeth A. Williamson Hogan P'24
Michael A. Holbrook '70, MA'75 and Linda Q. Holbrook
Lynn M. Holforty
Stephanie A. Holland '02
William and Mary Catherine Holmes P'21, '19
Kelly C. Holt '18
Douglas D. Holub
Paul Holub
Kurt P. Holweger '82 and Nancy Holweger
Christopher and Elizabeth Homan P'23
Michael and Claire Honig P'23
Marie K. Hopkins C'85 and Michael Hopkins
Daniel and Gretchen Horan P'20
Blair and Jeannine Horne P'22
Charles and Marybeth Horning P'21, '18
Rich and Tracy Horosky P'23
Charles and Roberta Horton P'24
Amy L. Hosking '09
Richard and Cathy Hoskins P'23
Bryan J. Houlihan '11 and Sasha Campbell Houlihan '11
Diane E. Howarth-Forrest '78 P'23
Robert Howes '75
Walter J. Hrycenko '77 and Loretto Smith Hrycenko '77
LaQueta K. Hudson '07
Susan Flannery Huffman '89 and Minor S. Huffman III
Cassandra J. Hughes '19
Elaine Hughes
Siebe Huisman and Suzanne Veraa P'22
Ymke Huisman '22
Robert N. Hunziker II '83 and Jenne Foo
Karen Hutchinson P'10, '08
Victoria L. Hynes '02
Shelby L. Iapoce '16 and Caleb Lintz
Thomas P. Iezin '20
Hernan Iglesias P'22
Malen Iglesias '22
Laura A. Incerto ’81
John S. Imor '19
Louis and Denise Iorio P'17
Vincent A. Iosso '63
Jennifer Pinto Irwin '92 and Mark Irwin
Kathleen Whelan Ivey '93 and Fred Ivey III
Joseph J. Jaeger '75 and Laraine P. Collier Jaeger
Mark and Susan Jamieson P'22
Theresa A. Jancar '75
Emily K. Janis '09
Patricia J. Jantzen P'24, '22
Emily S. Jedinak '12
Erika L. Jensen '18
Jeffery and Elizabeth Jerdonek P'23
Madeleine E. Jerdonek '23
Barbara A. Jobo
Iris M. Johnson '21
Stephen P. Johnson P'07
William and Jenny Johnson
William J. Johnston '69 and Mary Kay Becker
Frank A. Jones and Donna C. Glyn-Williams P'23
John Jones MA'01, MA'20 and Donna K. Jones
Nya L. Jones '23
Rosemary Roche Joralemon '83 and Robert W. Joralemon
Robert A. Jorlett '62 and Sylvia Del Valle Jorlett
Blythe Josovitz
Michael B. Jude '10
Anne P. Kahl '06
Kathryn E. Kalaigian '21
Allyson C. Kalamaras '01 and Leonedas Kalamaras
Julia Kallen '22
Ross and Wendy Kallen P'22
Jacqueline S. Kane '87
Julie A. Kane '20
George and Vicky Karalis P'24
Christopher P. Karch '04
Joseph M. Karczewski '12 and Jessica M. Karanian '12
Stephen E. Karman and Maria Grace Ambrosio-Karman P'23
Rosemary Federico Kasper '86 and Jeff Kasper
Ashley R. Kasperavich '20
Levon and Aline Kassabian P'22
Todd C. Kauffmann P'24
Marc and Rachel Kavanagh
Kendall J. Keahey '20
Mary K. Keane '23
Micaela O. Keane '10
Robert and Mary Keane P'23
Lauren E. Kearney '19
Eileen M. Keenan '19, MS'20
Lauren E. Keith '08
Alyssa M. Kelleher '19
Audrey C. Kelleher '19
Lane E. Kelleher '15
William J. Kelleher III '92 and Margaret Mary Cassidy Kelleher '92 P'24
Amanda L. Keller '13
Connor B. Kelley '15
Edward and Dorothy Kelley P'96
John and Denise Kelley P'22
Patrick W. Kelley Ph.D '76 and Michele Reilly Kelley '76 P'12
Lynn Kelliher
Christopher O. Kelly '18
Christopher and Kelly Kelly P'24
James F. Kelly Jr. '72 and Mary Cecelia Kelly P'00
Joseph M. Kelly '71 and Donna Mastriani Kelly
Kevin and Laura Kelly P'22
Mary K. Kelly '02
Michael and Jennifer Kelly P'22
Kevin P. Kenny '97 and JoAnne B. Constance Kenny
Allan H. Kensel '69 and Jennifer Coleman Kensel '75
Andrew C. Kerfut MA'66 and Georgianna Kerfut
Meaghan S. Kerins '19
Matthew M. Kerwood '90 and Jennifer Robertson Kerwood
Aisha Khan '20
Christopher Kielt '78 and Patricia Kielt
Edward F. Kiernan III '92 and Elizabeth Ramirez Kiernan
Kevin T. Kiernan '67 and Aidine Kiernan
Barbara Patton Kiggins '85 and John D. Kiggins
Colin B. Kiley '71 and Elizabeth Kiley
Robert and Debra Kilroy P'24
Joan Swanson Kimball '79 and Robert Kimball
Charles P. King and Jamie S. Villella P'23
Isabella S. King '23
Edward D. Kingsley '82 and Jeanne M. Kingsley
Brian A. Kinney '94 and Amanda H. Peters Kinney
John J. Kinney '93 and Shea K. Szydlowski Kinney
Steven and Danielle Kinney P'22
Timothy and Jill Kirby P'24
Mark D. Kirsch '93 and Gretchen M. Kirsch
John J. Klein '92 and Marianne Teresa Hillerman Klein
Brianna R. Klenkel '18
William and Tara Knapp
John and Kathleen Knecht P'22
Elizabeth Pagano Kneebone '89 and John Kneebone
Robert G. Knight Jr. P'22
James M. Knopf '16
Erka Kodra '20
Edward D. Koenig '77
Edward J. Kohlhepp Jr. '93 and Jennifer Kohlhepp
Lynn M. Kohrn
Carole M. Kokoszka '86
Kathryn King Kopacz '86 and Richard Kopacz
Steven E. Kozlowski
Karin B. Kracht
Joseph R. Krajci Jr. '70 and Roberta Daniello Krajci MA'78
Matthew C. Kramer '96 and Emily M. Powell Kramer '95
Tara Kramer P'24, '20
David and Joanna Kratz P'23
Laura Laudonio Kraus '87 and William R. Kraus
Steven and Kelliann Krechel P'20
Mark R. Kremheller '11, MS'12 and Kimberly B. Czarnecki Kremheller '06, MBA'16
Todd J. Kress
Andrea Krill '05 and Brian Krill
Keith M. Krom '86 and Ines Luengo de Krom
Curt and Susan Krushinsky P'21
Douglas and Michelle Kryscio P'24
Matthew A. Kubasik
Kevin M. Kumke '84
Kevin O. Kuryla '88 and Jennifer J. Kehoe Kuryla
Wayne A. LaBore '64 and Rosemary LaBore P'99
Darien LaBoy '75
Steven M. Lackner '93 and Kelly Fitzgerald Lackner '97
Kara E. LaFleur '06
Kelly A. Doran Lafnitzegger '89 and Peter T. Lafnitzegger P'23
Dorothea M. LaGinestra P'00, '95, '93
Marcelo C. Laiz '82 and Cynthia Pallon-Laiz P'21
Matthew and Stacey Lamotta P'23
Shannon LaMotta
William E. Lamotta '23
Brian A. Lamoureux '93 and Christine Thomas Lamoureux
Roderick and Constance Lancaster P'24
John H. Landino P'23
Michael H. Lanigan '13
Nicholas J. Lanni '19
Robert J. Lapierre '62 and Noella Lapierre
Lester J. Larsen
Robert H. Laska '69 and Marianne Euser Laska
Sara LaTerza
Zane P. Latham MS'12 and Stephanie Smeriglio Latham
Russell C. Laub '07
Richard J. Lauria '10
Richard E. Lautenbach '80 and Susan Lynch Lautenbach
Claire R. Lavelle '20
Marlene M. Lawler MA'95
Robert J. Lawler III '16, MS'18
Allison A. Lawless '22
Kevin P. Lawlor '79 and Marianne Russell Lawlor P'21, '19, '17
Loan D. Le '14, MFA'17
Michael and Alison Leary P'23
Betsey L. Lebow MA'10 and David A. Lebow P'12
John A. Lechus '64 and Linda F. Lechus
Shelly A. Leclair P'24
Taylor L. Leclair '19
Joan L. Lee P'19
John and Michele Lehan P'22
Keith J. Lennon '06
Russell B. Lennon III '90 and Megan McGovern Lennon '90 P'23
John Leonard
Marielle Leonard
Andrew S. Leone '17
Angela Chiodo Leonzi '98 and Raymond J. Leonzi Jr.
Lawrence A. Lessing III '59 and Peggy Lessing P'05
John F. Letizia and Kristin Krase P'20
Arnold L. Lettieri Jr. '68
Jon and Maureen Levangie P'23, '22
Glen and Glenis Levine P'23
Alexander D. Levy '19
David and Elizabeth Lewis P'20
Taylor Lewis '22
McCormick J. Leys '20
Renee N. L'Heureux '10, MS'11
Trey S. Liburd '19
Haley P. Liddy '22
Steven R. Liguori '78 and Elizabeth M. Bermel Liguori P'16, '11, '09
Steven R. Liguori II '09
Louise M. Linck '84
Megan L. Stauffer Lindley '06 and Matthew Lindley
Charles and Jennifer Lindsay P'23
Joseph A. Linnehan '75 and Linda Stewart Linnehan
Marissa Lischinsky '12
Danielle M. Liubicich '00
Virginia Charnosky Loch MA'64, CAS'67
James B. Lohrs '84 and Anita Lohrs
Anthony M. Lombardino '96 and Denise M. Oliver Lombardino
Susan Maransky Lomker '99 and Jim Lomker
Dominick M. Lonardo '52, MA'54, C'58 and Marie M. Lonardo P'82
James R. Lonardo '82, MS'90
Christine M. Looby '92
Lou Lopez Senechal '22
Marie Lorenz '86 and James O. Mateos Lorenz P'21
Mark J. LoStocco '81 and Lynn A. LoStocco
Michael J. Loughlin '92 and Tara N. Cirillo Loughlin '92
Brendan P. Loughran '17
Virginia Holloway Lovas MA'77 and Joseph Lovas
John G. Loverro '93
Carla M. D. Angelone Lown '86 and William D. Lown
Thomas and Catherine Lowry P'23
Thomas and Cheryl Lozowski P'23, '20
Sarah E. Lucin '19
Allison N. Maguire Lyman '12 and Matthew Lyman
Michelle Lynch P'22
Michael W. Lyons '77 and Elizabeth Avery Lyons
Peter S. Lyons '13
Lori Ann Lytle P'22
Todd and Heather Maccallum P'22
Gregory and Kathy MacCune P'15
Lisa M. Tracy MacDougall '96 and James E. MacDougall
Katie L. Mackay '11
James and Mary Mackenzie P'21
Keith A. Maczkiewicz S.J. '04
Briana M. Maddaluna '19
Elizabeth M. Madzula '95
Kathleen Gleason Madzula MA'71 and John S. Madzula P'99, '95
Katherine H. Magee MA'18
Frank C. Maggiorotto '83 and Wendy Gill Maggiorotto '84
Gregory J. Magner '81
Julie A. Maguire P'21
Meghann K. Maguire '21
Peter F. X. Maher '68 and Katherine Maher
Usama and Diana Makhlouf P'21
Timothy M. Malay '94 and Megan Malay
John Malkiewicz '21
Marianne Femc Malliet '76 and William H. Malliet
Gerald J. Malloy '24
Gerald and Susan Malloy P'24
Charles J. Malone Jr. '92 and Kelly Farrell Malone P'23
Shannon E. Malone '23
David J. Mancini '01
John J. Manganiello '97 and Kristina M. Theiss Manganiello
Stephen A. Mango '64 and Sandra Rascati Mango
Arthur J. Mannion Jr. '61
James Maravelis '22
Veronica A. Gilmartin March '85 and Edward K. March
Julie E. Hudecek Marcott '13
Olivia P. Marcou '20
Frank F. Marcucio Jr. '61 and Annette R. Marcucio
Leonardo and Julie Marella P'23
Tana L. Markel P'23
Brandon M. Marlowe '07 and Chrystie A. Cruz '07, MA'09, MA'14
Thomas and Michelle Maroney P'22
Catherine Marrero-Grabowski P'19, '18
Donald J. Marshall '71 and Allison White Marshall '74, MA'76
Gregory H. Marshall MA'84, CAS'90 and Amy J. Marshall MA'87, CAS'92 P'12
Matthew A. Marshall '19
Clark and Maureen Martin P'23
Gregory J. Martin '80
Mackenzie M. Martin '23
William H. Martineau '65 and Elizabeth Snyder Martineau
Raymond A. Martinelli '86 and Catherine Gorski Martinelli
Cynthia J. Herbst Martinez '85 and Luis Martinez
Raquel Martinez
Richard and Margret Martino P'23, '09
Thomas H. Martocci '70 +
Michael A. Marziani '89 and Rula S. Marziani
Gary A. Marzolla '71 and Marie E. Quinlan Marzolla
James and Janice Mas
Joseph and Donna Mascia P'22
Emily A. Mason '19
Hugh and Carolyn Mason P'20
Laura J. Mason '20
Joseph A. Massaro Jr. '68 and Jo Ann Massaro P'96
Patrick S. Mathews '92 and Kathleen Coyle Mathews '92
Emma M. Matlach '21
Paige E. Matteo '12
Dominique S. Matteson
Joseph J. Matthews Jr. '88 and Deborah A. Potok Matthews P'19, '19, '16
Robert T. Matthews '73 and Kathleen A. Comiskey
Christopher D. Matthiessen '17
Michael J. Mazurczak P'22
Katherine A. Mazzarese MA'06
Samantha A. Mazzeo '14
John J. Mazzucco '84 and Carol E. Adamack Mazzucco P'16
Thomas J. McAdam '78 and Jill Schwartz McAdam
Brenna C. McAllister '21
Kathryn C. Farrell McAllister '99 and Marc McAllister
Michael J. McAteer '87, MA'96 and Kathleen Markey McAteer P'23
William H. McBain Jr. '75 P'07, '04
Patrick E. McCabe '80 and Carol Chamberlin McCabe '81 P'16
John A. McCall '62
Jeannine L. McCann P'92
Caroline A. McCarthy '95
Edward H. McCarthy '74
Kathleen Callahan McCarthy '84 and Patrick E. McCarthy
Michael J. McCarthy '06 and Kerry McCarthy
Michael P. McCarthy '02 and Lynn Marie Farrell McCarthy
William J. McCarthy '92 and Margaret A. Sweeney McCarthy '92
Terri McCarthy-Scully '83
Emily A. McCauley '16
Michael and Sheilah McCauley P'23
Madison L. McClenathan '23
Michael and Stacey McClenathan P'23
Brian T. McCloskey '95 and Maridel Mauleon McCloskey '95
Sandra McClowry
Patrick J. McCormack Jr. '69 and Patricia J. McCormack
Eileen Devenny McCormick '88 and J Matthew McCormick
Connor A. McCourt '19, MS'20
Daniel J. McCoy Jr. '63
Mary I. McCullough
Kristen M. Coleman McDaniel '11
John and Jean McDermott P'20
John McDonald
Daniel and Staci McDonnell P'21
Danielle L. McDonnell MBA'04
Robert J. McDonnell '08
Ellen McDonoough
Patrick and Carrie McDonough P'22
James McEvoy
Holly I. McGarrigle '21
George J. McGauley Jr. '59 and Joan W. McGauley
Gregory M. McGauley '93 and Patricia Morales McGauley '94
Margaret A. McGetrick '19
Susan E. Rueter McGinley '95 and Patrick McGinley
Colleen M. McGinn
Thomas A. McGoldrick '65
Frederick and Rosalind McGrail P'09
Brian J. McGrath '87 and Monica Egan McGrath '87
Gregory A. McGrath '72
Joseph B. McGrath '70, MA'79 and Carol McGrath
Christian McGreevy '97
George K. McGregor '89 and Susan Roth McGregor
Michael E. McGuinness '82 and Mary Kelly McGuinness '83 P'09
Danielle J. McGuire P'21, '16
Julia R. McGuire '20
Maximiliano McGuire '21
William A. McIntosh P'92, '86
Glenn M. McIntyre '88 and Jennifer Kappy McIntyre '89
Edward and Michele McKearney P'22
Amanda C. McKenna '17
Danielle M. McKenna '17
Peter and Beth McKeon P'20
Michael F. McKernan '80 and Tracy Maus '90
Eric S. McLaughlin '88 and Kimberly Sullivan McLaughlin
Matthew C. McLaughlin '89 and Amy Andariese McLauglin
Jody Kunkel McLean '91 and Shawn C. McLean
John J. McLean '55, MA'62 and Angela T. McLean
Robert M. McMahon '87 and Kristin Dodge McMahon '87 P'21, '20
William F. McMahon III '93 and Katie McMahon
Tracy A. McManimon '86
Peter A. McMullin '92 and Patricia B. Curran McMullin '91
Joseph J. McNamara '60 and Eleanore Bossert McNamara
Michael J. McNamara '89 and Ashley Sartor McNamara P'23
Noelle M. Cooney McRae '94 and Eddie McRae
Brian and Jessica McVeigh P'24
Michael J. McVerry '70 and Melodie McVerry
John C. Meditz '70
Paul and Sharon Medrick
Claire M. Meehan '06 and Brett Cyrgalis
Sean Meehan '63, MA'68
Rick and Dayna Meissner P'20
Kelly Melia '19
Patrice Tracy Melley '74 and William J. Melley III
Rita F. Dlugas Mencel '94 and Robert A. Mencel P'91, '86
Lindsay M. Carothers Menking '05 and Bradley J. Menking
Albert Mento Jr. '71
Salvatore J. Menzo '61 and Judith Menzo P'88
Mark and Catherine Mercurio P'23
Gordon and Denise Merten
Shpetim and Meleke Mete P'21
Thomas M. Metzner '83 and Vera Metzner
John T. Meyer '05, MBA'06 and Meagan Leduc-Meyer '05
Eileen B. Michaud '20
Robert and Susan Michaud P'20
Matthew M. Midey '07
John R. Miecznikowski
Robert F. Mihalcik Jr. '79
George S. Mihalik '62
Jay T. Mikula P'23
Karin R. Mikula P'23
Keith and Christine Mikule P'22
Suzanne L. Milauskas P'21
Bridget H. Miles '18
Ryan J. Millen '19
Frederick E. Miller Jr. '60 and Louise E. Wood Miller '95
James L. Miller '86 and Anne Marie Miller
John P. Miller and Beatrice S. Body-Miller P'23
Matthew and Mary Jeanne Miller P'23
Steven H. Minnick '94
Martin P. Misiaszek '14
Brian E. Mitchell '96 and Kelly Mitchell
Anthony G. Mixcus '75 and Mary C. Ziess Mixcus P'16, '07
Eugene F. Mockler '87 and Rita E. Mockler MA'07
Michael Modena '92 and Katherine Modena
Michael H. Mohrman '65 and Kathleen M. Mohrman
Aileen M. Monahan '14
Brian P. Monahan '82 and Mary McLeskey Monahan P'20, '18, '14
Matthew S. Monahan '90 and Veronica Monahan
Lisa A. Mondani '05
Michael F. Money '82
Joseph P. Monks '94 and Megan C. Monks
Anthony and Denise Montaruli P'07
Megan I. Montemarano '14
Angela N. Moore '12
Thomas F. Moore '75 and Patricia Hoar Moore '74
Anthony and Donna Moreno P'12
Cindy Stewart Morgan '84 and Dan Morgan
Hugh J. Morgan '69 and Emily P. Morgan P'94
Madison C. Morgan '23
Madison and Barbara Morgan P'23
Stephen and Michelle Morgan P'24
Elner L. Morrell '81, MFA'19 and Randy E. Morrell P'03
Francis E. Morris '76 and Barbara Wintrode Morris '76, MA'90, MA'96 P'22
Peggy M. Morris '81
Zachary M. Morrison '07
James K. Morrow Sr. '72 and Kathleen Smith Morrow P'04
James W. Morrow '80
Tara E. Brady Morstatt '84 and Christopher J. Morstatt P'14
Richard and Diane Moschella P'23
Julie L. Moser '19
Stephen F. Motta '79 and Helen Motta
Konrad and Carol Motyka P'23
Pedro A. Moura '00
Joseph A. Moussalli '17, MS'18
Julia G. Moynihan '21
Ryan M. Moynihan '17, MA'20
Lindsay E. Martin Muldoon '04 and Brian Muldoon
Dorothy T. Mulford CAS'80
Wendy L. Mullally P'21
John H. Mullen '06
Mark J. Mullen '99
Michael F. Mullen '59 and Ann Marie Casey Mullen P'99, '92, '89, '88, '86
Nancy Protomastro Mullen '83 and Leonard C. Mullen
Werner Muller '71 and Barbara Helmes Muller P'20
Dorothy E. Mulroy '16 and Thomas Mulroy
Thomas G. Muoio '85 and Courtney A. McCorkle Muoio
Christopher M. Murphy '19
Martin and Cathleen Murphy P'23, '17
Paul and Alice Murphy P'23
Paul V. Murphy '79 and Marcia A. Leous Murphy
Sheila E. Murphy '94
Daniella N. Musacchio '19
Aytana Muschajew '22
Dordschi and Eugenia Muschajew P'22
Paul A. Musico '74 and Joanmarie Musico
Renato J. Muzii and Barbara A. Lerman P'21
John and Mary Myers P'23
Brady A. Myles '23
Anil S. Nair MS'14
Raymond F. Nalewajk '61, C'64
Jacqueline Ribbe Nani '89 and Steven Nani
Jeremy J. Nappi '00 and Christina C. Rice Nappi '00
Melissa A. Natale '95
Sean M. Naughton '95 and Christine M. Williams '95
Julia M. Neal '23
Robert W. Nedswick '74 and Anita Nedswick
Joanne Baranick Needham '75 and Andrew Johnson
Jeffrey and Anne Nelson P'18
Shannon Fullen Nelson '91 and Frederick D. Nelson
Tyler Nelson '18
Sally O'Neill Nemchek '89 and Christopher Nemchek
Mark and Suzanne Nemec
James N. Neri '19
Mark G. Nessing '84
Demi M. Nestopoulos '22
Alexander R. Nestor '70 and Sally A. Nestor '91
Joseph and Sue Ellen Nethercott P'24
Kevin M. Neubauer '05 and Andrea M. Vanacore Neubauer '05
Donald E. Neuberger '57
Katherine A. Neugebauer '08
Brian C. Newhall '74 and Phyllis Newhall
Manuela Nicolini '20
William J. Nimke '76 and Melissa Nimke
Maria E. Nitti '21
Victor A. Noce '02
Margaret J. Nolan '93 and Donald Pinkowsky
John E. Nori '54 and Nancy Nori
Cathleen M. Norton '89
Collin J. Norton '14, MS'15
Dale F. Norton '83
Edmund and Sheila Novak P'21
Anthony and Carrie Noviello P'22
Diane Oakley '75
Alexia N. O'Brien '21
Andrew J. O'Brien III '80 and Maura O'Brien
Edward T. O'Brien '74 and Bernice O'Brien
James and Karen O'Brien P'20
John F. O'Brien '88 and Sandra Metzler O'Brien
Mei E. O'Brien '19
Patrick J. O'Brien and Elena F. Cortez P'23
Seamus P. O'Brien III '20
Charles and Rose O'Connor P'12
David W. O'Connor '72 and Alice K. O'Connor P'11
Francis D. O'Connor Jr. '83 and Teresa M. O'Connor
Gavin G. O'Connor '88 and Marybeth Calianese O'Connor '88
Kelley K. O'Connor '12
Robert and Beth O'Connor P'04
John P. O'Donnell '75, MA'80 and Catherine Sullivan O'Donnell '79, MA'84
John and Catherine O'Donnell P'22, '21
Michael F. O'Donovan '02
Barry J. O'Driscoll '00
Alexander N. Ogden '16
John L. O'Halloran '65
Grace C. O'Hara '19
James J. O'Hara '78 and Lisa Faulkner O'Hara
Kara L. Dooley O'Hare '08 and Brian O'Hare
Brian C. O'Keefe '14
Kevin P. O'Keefe '95 and Jenna L. Cardone '97
Gerald R. O'Keeffe '61 P'93
David and Suzanne Olczak P'22
James and Ann O'Leary P'22, '22, '20
Patrick J. O'Leary Jr. '73
Eli Olken-Dann
Jonathan C. Ollwerther '10 and Erica Smith Ollwerther
Lauren R. O'Malley '19
Savannah L. O'Malley '11
Maxwell O'Meara '52 and Dorothy Dodd O'Meara
Joseph S. O'Neill '77
Michelle J. Onofrio '12
Cullen Onstott '09
Larissa Stanley Opramolla '90 and John Opramolla
Bradley Orban '19
Biff J. O'Reilly '80 and Jeanne Arrigoni O'Reilly '82 P'11
Christopher G. Orth '07 and Alexandra Dziuma Orth '07
Margaret M. Osora '84 and Daniel Pentek
Paul and Lucille Ostensen P'24, '21
Christine A. Ostrowski MBA'99
Megan A. O'Sullivan '17
Christopher D. Owens '77 and Carol Farabee Owens
Adrienne Williamson Oziemblewski '99 and Eric Oziemblewski
John F. Packhem and Donna Lafontaine P'18
John V. Packhem '18
John R. Pagliarini '83 and Lyn A. Ostrander Pagliarini
Philip and Sabrina Pagliarulo P'24, '22
Edward P. Paige
Luis and Ana Palas P'20
Gloria J. Palmer MA'71
Michael R. Palumbo '09
Steven G. Panagiotes '19
Leonard S. Paoletta '56 P'88, '86
Dominic J. Paolino '14
Patricia Dunn Paolucci '76 and J Dean Paolucci
George B. Papanicolaou '03
Martina A. Parauda '81
Courtney M. Parker '07
Laura Taylor Pasternak '97 and Steve Pasternak
Thomas R. Paterno C'01, MS'01, MS'08
Emily Patro
Richard and Colleen Patro P'24
David J. Patterson
Norman W. Patterson '74
Erin P. Patton '94 P'23
Stephen and Lorraine Paulino P'13, '09
Kenneth J. Pavolonis '67 and Gail A. Pavolonis
Lindsay M. Dewan Pazdan '06 and Max Pazdan
John M. Pearson '84 and Chandra Pearson
Eric W. Peel '97 and Melissa Mantore Peel
Jake M. Pelletier '08
Emily L. Pepe '21
Salvatore and Dianna Pepe P'22
Frank and Patricia Perazzini
Joseph M. Perkowski '12
John-Moritz and Antje Persiehl P'22
Thomas J. Peters '12
Elizabeth A. Petrino
Thomas A. Petrone '76 and Linda J. Slotnick Petrone
Leonard J. Petrucelli '69, MA'75 and Christine M. Petrucelli
James P. Pezzullo '64
Francis Pfeiffer '66, MA'77 and Christine Pfeiffer
Christopher Phelan
Thomas H. Phelan Jr. '62
John and Deborah Picarazzi P'13, '10, '10
Olivia R. Piccoli '20
Elena M. Pienkowski '97
Hannah G. Pike MPA'18
Jenna A. Pike '18
Sharon Pike P'18
Apollo and Lynette Pil P'20
Jessica Pil '20
Linda Leonard Piliero '78 and Joseph A. Piliero
Pamela S. Pilla '78
Ronald and Lisa Pilla P'21
Aura L. Pineda '19
Donna J. Schaefer Pintek '85 and Andrew Pinnow P'13, '11
Troy J. Pinto '94
Christina Piola Rouse '03 and Devin Rouse
Gerard J. Pisano P'22, '22
Frank J. Pistoia '80 and Cynthia A. Pistoia
Eddie Pizarro '23
Kelly C. Pizzirani '19
Kevin D. Pleines '09 and Kathryn B. Asarnow Pleines '09
Alexandra R. Plithides '16
Alison C. Poe
Kevin and Alison Poe P'23
Frank C. Poerio '00
Donald A. Pogoda '73 and Jane Bujanauskas Pogoda '74
Joanna M. Polcari '13
Amy E. Polewaczyk '19
John Pollicino '82 P'22
Theodore and Jill Pompei
Mariano Portocarrero '15
Kimberly A. Conboy Poulopoulos '02 and Christopher Poulopoulos
Sheridan A. Povemba P'22
Robert and Jane Powers P'20
Hugo and Rocio Prado P'22, '20
James P. Prendergast '77 and Peggy Prendergast
Courtney A. Price '08, MSN'12
Erin M. Price '19
Debra A. Prior
Danielle L. Profita '21
Nicole Profita
Russell and Michelle Profita P'21
Paul H. Pronovost '86 and Mary T. Johnston Pronovost
Andrew J. Provencher '87 and Dawn Williams Provencher '87
Lindsey J. R. Pulito-Moore '04
Christopher J. Pultz '97 and Nicole Pultz
Scott and Lisa Pumper P'23
Maureen Miller Putnam '87 and Christopher A. Putnam
Ash Puttaswamy MBA'05
Melissa M. Reardon Quan MA'05 and Michael Quan
Thomas J. Quigley '79 and Norma Filippi Quigley '81
Susanne M. Quinlivan
Caitlin M. Quinn '07
James and Ann Marie Quinn P'24, '22
Nora O. Quinn '19
Paul D. Quinn '91 and Simone C. Quinn
Vanessa G. Quinn '22
John W. Rachel '86
Ali R. Rad '12
Sonja Radulovic '20
John and Suzanne Raffalli P'22
Peter and Audrey Raifstanger P'23
Lynn M. Raimondo '03 and Jason Pitz
Nicola and Joanna Raimondo P'23
Jessica DeLaura Ramy '02 and Brian Ramy
Annemarie Randazzo-Matsel '91 and Thomas S. Matsel
Joseph A. Rapier '66 and Joanna Sanzo-Rapier P'90
Stanley K. Rashid '62 and Mai Gebara Rashid P'95
Sarah A. Ratchford
Iony Razakamanantsoa and Misserra March P'22
Thomas M. Reardon III '86
Jonathan P. Reddy '96 and Megan Diffley Reddy '96, MA'02
Carl T. Rees
Mark Regan '72 and Mary Jo Cowles Regan '74 P'98
Cristopher and Heidi Regent P'24
Adeline M. Reilly '14
Brian R. Reilly '66 and Jaclyn L. Reilly
Timothy P. Reilly '77 and Deborah C. Reilly
Maryellen Renz-McMillan '86 and Robert K. McMillan
Kathy Renzulli
Stephen Rescsanski '67, '68 and Peggy Mcgill Rescsanski
Maureen B. Reynolds
Clint and Sandy Rhinehart P'21
Lauryn N. Rhinehart '21
Diane E. Rice P'19
Alexis Rich '22
Barry and Suzannah Rich P'22
Kevin J. Richards '85
Michael A. Richards '60 and Sue Richards
Laurie G. Richardson MS'02 and John P. Richardson Jr.
Markus and Juliette Richter P'22
Gary and Mary Ricker P'22
John N. Riddle '63 and Carolyn J. Riddle
David and Paula Ridge
Ronald A. Riescher Sr. '63 and Kathleen Sprague Riescher
Michael J. Riley '83 and Martha R. Cullum Riley
Joseph and Catherine Rimassa P'05, '02
Donald J. Rinaldi '60 and Diana Mazaika Rinaldi P'89
Adam J. Riobo '20
Parker A. Riordan '19
Kathryn M. Ripp '12
Daniel L. Ritz '85 and Dana E. Coonan Ritz
Eric and Susan Rivera P'23
Miguel A. Rivera-Villamil and Maria C. Llorens P'19
Jonathan R. Rivers '12
John and Carole Rizzo P'17
John R. Robbins MA'99 and Barbara M. Ortiz Robbins '97
Michael and Marie Robicheau P'22
Benjamin D. Robinson '04
John P. Robinson '18
Kip and Jill Robinson P'23
Michael T. Robinson '75 and Nancy Nead Robinson
Michael E. Roche '19
Joseph G. Rodrigues '18
Carren M. Dolan Rogan '90, MA'94 and Patrick J. Rogan P'24
Paul and Helena Rogers P'23, '20
Eric S. Roland '97 and Colleen A. Griffin-Roland '98
Frank J. Romano '84 and Virginia Drew Romano '85, C'03
Stephen M. Rosch CAS'90 and Sarah Rosch
Marice E. Rose '92 and Mark A. Bonasera
Marc and Marisa Rosen P'21
Zoe Rosen '21
Edmund C. Ross '86, MA'89
Heather Rotnofsky '00
William M. Roy '84 and Elizabeth Roy
David and Cynthia Royal P'21
David M. Royston '61 and Eunice Morganroth Royston
Matthew V. Rubertone '13 and Caitlin E. Townsend Rubertone '13, MS'14
James M. Rubino '78 and Lori Rubino
Joel M. Rubino '12, MS'13
John and Nina Ruckes P'20
Susan L. Rudolph '89
Aileen P. Rueter '03
Cynthia Ruggerio '84 and John S. Anooshian
James Rule C'99, MS'01 and Pamela A. Rule MSN'11
William and Holly Ruoff
Kyle M. Russell '98
Olivia Russell '18
Danielle S. Russo '13
Christine M. Ryan '86
Conor P. Ryan MS'07
P. Ryan '07
Mark and Karen Ryan P'21
Marytherese Ryan '22
Steven M. Ryan '60 and Adriana Ryan
Thomas J. Ryan '92 and Janice A. Ryan
Sarah R. Rybacki '17
Deborah O'Neil Rzucidlo '90 and Matthew L. Rzucidlo P'23, '21, '18
Leonard and Lisa Sabia P'24, '21
Christopher F. Sacchi '77 and Virginia W. Sacchi
Kristen L. McManus Sachs '09 and Eli Sachs
Marianne Walsh Saladino '88 and Jerome J. Saladino Jr.
Daniel and Carol Salameno P'22
Marcie Varesio Salamone '86 and Salvatore F. Salamone
Charles Salem and Sarah P. Dahl P'22
Olivia G. Salem '22
Marc E. Salerno '94 and Kathleen Salerno
Scott and Kristin Salisbury P'23
Timothy M. Salit '19
Ronald M. Salvatore '64 and Joanne Rubino Salvatore
Adam D. Samuelian '97 and Christine Papenbrock Samuelian '97
John P. Sansone '54 and Shirley A. Sansone
Salvatore M. Santella '53 and Flo Courtright
Lisa M. Babaian Sargavakian '89 and Edward Sargavakian
Brendan F. Sarpu '12
Elizabeth A. Sauvigne '14
Gerald J. Sauvigne '09 and Elizabeth A. Molino Sauvigne
Kristen D. Sauvigne '10 and Paul Schindler
Jordyn P. Saxe '21
Thomas and Robin Saxe P'21
Thomas B. Scallon '07 and Heidi Scallon
Chris G. Scandalios '92 and Kathryn Appel Scandalios
Monica E. Scanlon '93
John Schaefer
Brian J. Schappert '07 and Cate Schappert
Anne Scharetg
Stephen Scharetg
Steve Schefcik
Meghan C. Schelzi '10
Chloe L. Scherpa '17
Andy and Amy Schillinger P'22
Emily Schillinger '22
Paul and Kristin Schlickmann
Paul C. Schlickmann '62 and Ann Schlickmann
Kristin K. Bokus Schmeelk '95 and George Schmeelk
Donna L. Schmidt MA'83
Marlene R. Schneider P'16
Megan E. Noonan Schneider '03 and Kevin Schneider
Martin and Isabelle Schnider P'20, '17, '12
James J. Scholl '07
Peter G. Schuebler '90
Shawn J. Schuerlein '04, MS'07 and Malula Gonzalez-Schuerlein '04
Robert J. Schumm '80 and Gigi B. Schumm '80
Louis Sciarretta Jr. '87 and Annette Manghisi Sciarretta '87
Diane Scott
Jack and Annica Scott P'24
Mary E. Halas Scott '72, MA'78, C'82 and Tucker M. Scott, III
David R. Scrivines
John F. Scully '79 and Carol Fitzgerald Scully '78
Stephen and Christine Secora P'23, '21
Stephen and Nancy Sedensky P'22
Laura Seeger '22
Richard and Catherine Seeger P'22
Nicholas A. Segretario '99
Richard and Bridget Sekula P'24
Beth Ann Semeraro '02
Robert B. Sensale '81
Peter Sentowski and Karen Franklin P'24, '22
Isabelle M. Seppa '20
Melody M. Serafino '05 and Jason Perlroth
Alison Sexton
Liam R. Seymour '20
John G. Shalhoub '90 and Maureen Heanue Shalhoub
Amy R. Shanle '97
Jodie A. Kuczarski Shannon '99, MA'05 and John Shannon
Wayne R. Sharnick '82 and Mary Donnarumma Sharnick '73
Patrick and Kristine Shashaty P'21
John J. Shaw '65 and Mary Carr Shaw
Daniel and Colleen Shea P'22
Joyce M. Oliphant Shea '79 and Joseph Shea P'14, '11, '09
Bartholomew A. Sheehan Jr. '64 and Mary Kathryn Dempsey Sheehan P'94
Robert P. Sheils Jr. '67 and M. Constance Daily Sheils MA'72 P'00
Jake D. Shemtob '15
Allison E. Sheridan '14
Timothy P. Sheridan '83 and Brenda Digmann Sheridan
Lora R. Wallace Sherman '92 and J. R. Sherman P'24
Theresa E. Shields '20
Edward J. Shine '65, MA'67, C'71 and Madeline H. Shine P'08
Nestor W. Shust '58 and Anisa Weresiuk Shust
Samuel M. Sica III '09
Thomas M. Siddall '15
Michelle M. Sidhom '19
Alexandria Hein Sillo '11 and Anthony Sillo
Keith and Cheryl Simmons P'24, '22
Malcolm D. Simpson and Louise J. Williams P'23
Emma C. Singer '17
Valerie A. Sisko '94, MA'96 and Anthony Spatarella Jr.
Patricia A. McGevna Sisney '84 and Steven L. Sisney
Steven J. Siwinski '92 and Shannon Barry Siwinski '92 P'16
Paul J. Skibniewski '93 and Julie Skibniewski
Tony Skoczylas
Patrick D. Skuret '01 and Megan Skuret
Michael J. Slimak C'00
Allison K. Sloan '19
Jenna C. Slowey '14
Helen Smaldone P'20, '17
Benjamin P. Smith '92 and Sandra Smith
Edward and Christine Smith P'22
Frances Millar Smith '01 and Shawn Smith
James P. Smith '67 and Melitta Cutright
Margaret R. Smith '12
Megan P. Giese Smith '98 and Billy Smith Jr.
Meredith A. Smith
Michael and Mary Ann Smith P'22
Michael J. Smith '79 and Marie A. Imondo Smith '79
Riley B. Smith '17
Robin J. Smith '73 and Teresa Smith
Steven and Lynn Smith P'23
Theresa M. Smith '88 and Mark Perry
Gerard A. Smyth '67 and Janice Anderson Smyth
Haley M. Snedeker Sofiane '00 and Abdelghani Sofiane
Joseph C. Solimine '89 and Anne C. Shepherd Solimine
Luigi Solla Jr. '00
Mario R. Somoza '89 and Blanqui M. Fernandez Somoza P'19
Tere Somoza P'21
Gene J. Sorcinelli '64 and Mary Sorcinelli P'95, '93
Louis M. Spadaro '06
Michael and Laurie Spaziano P'22
William and Michele Spence P'23
Todd L. Spillane '81 and Maureen A. O'Donnell Spillane '82
Charles and Maria Spinelli P'23
Thomas J. Spisak MBA'98 and Kristine M. Spisak '10
Madeleine R. Sposito '14
Eddie Sprangle Jr. '00
James D. St. Clair '69, MA'71 and Ruth Ellen St. Clair
Matthew C. Stanwood '81 and Leslie Bowdring Stanwood
James F. Stapleton Sr. '54 P'91, '85, '80
Christina M. Starsinic '14
Donald R. Starski '73 and Marie-Louise Starski
Michael J. Steed '87 and Jacqueline Mead Steed '88
Margaret Hudson Stenberg C'77, MA'77 and Richard Stenberg
Christopher and Irelsa Stephens
Brady C. Stergion '23
Christopher and Tamara Stergion P'23
William and Pamela Stevens P'22
Robert C. Stewart '68 and Judith C. Stewart
William H. Stewart '64 and Patricia Stewart
Tim and Patti Stickley
Ellen J. Stipo '91, MA'06
John W. Strauch '70 and Marian Budreau
Matthew B. Straw '19
Scott and Marlo Strough P'24, '21
Laurel Struzziero
John and Ann Stryjek P'21
Daniel J. Sullivan Jr. '73 and Kathleen M. Sullivan
Dermot J. Sullivan '93 and Jennifer M. Formica Sullivan '94
James and Rita Sullivan P'96
Meghan E. Sullivan '13
Michael J. Sullivan '99 and Samantha Sullivan
Tracy Sullivan '86
William V. Sullivan Jr. '66 and Eileen Mark Sullivan
James A. Sulzer '95 and Eileen Sulzer
Warren and Maureen Sumner P'22
Michael A. Superata '67 and Jeanine Patchan Superata
Andrea M. Suriano '04
John L. Sutherland '66 and April Sutherland
Donald E. Svoboda Jr. '89 and Catherine P. Svoboda
Curtis E. Swartzlander
John M. Sweeney '94 and Kristina M. Conroy Sweeney '96
Paul and Susan Sweeney P'18
Patrick A. Sweeny '83 and Michele Black Sweeny
David E. Symmonds and Mayra Vinals P'09
Robert Szewczyk '73 and Jo Ann Cusano Szewczyk
Brian J. Szymanski and Lisa M. Acee-Szymanski P'23
Amy Tabachnick
Heather J. Thompson Taggert '96 and John B. Taggert P'23
Melissa S. Taggert '23
William and Marianne Takacs P'10, '07, '05
Kathryn M. Talamelli '17, MS'18
Brianna L. Tancredi '17, MS'18
James and Angela Tarabocchia P'24
Robert J. Tarantino II '00
Kimberly A. Simon Tarascio '94 and Paul Tarascio
Bradley B. Tarr '99 and Jennifer Roche Tarr '98
Kathleen King Tatulli '91 and Vito Tatulli
Kevin J. Tellie '12
Madison R. Terrill '21
Emily L. Testa '23
Lynette Accardo Testa '88 and David A. Testa P'23
Shealyn L. Testa '14
Stephen J. Teti '07 and Amanda LeClair Teti '07
Owen G. Tharrington '96 and Kristen A. Polcari Tharrington
Megan A. Theiller '18
Phil and Kathy Theiller P'18
John and Monica Thompson P'23
Lissa Thompson
Micaela E. Thompson '21
Sarah Thompson
Thomas J. Tiernan '62 and Rose Tiernan
Alan and Tracey Timchak P'23
Joseph G. Timpone Jr. '80 and Karen A. Timpone
John R. Tinker '70 and Elizabeth A. Tinker
John K. Toal '80 and Christine M. Walsh '82
Thomas and Amy Toman P'23
Sean A. Tompkins '03 and Diana C. Webb Tompkins '05, MA'08
Laura M. Toolan '12
John J. Topping '89 and Genevieve Topping
Colin W. Torrance '04 and Monica E. Coords Torrance MA'08
Michael G. Tortora '01, MBA'07
William and Susan Totten P'15, '12
Jennie M. Toutoulis '20
Peter M. Toutoulis '22
William A. Townsend and Carmen I. Font P'21
Kaitlin Tracy '22
Frank J. Travisano '71 and Marie Travisano
Douglas P. Traynor '87 and Deirdre O'Brien Traynor '88
Vincent F. Tremaglio '60 and Cynthia A. Stowell Tremaglio
Gregory and Amy Tremoglie P'22
Denice M. Errico Trocolar '97 and Stephen N. Trocolar
Roman D. Trojanowski
George and Jody Tsangaris P'22
Stephanie L. Tsangaris '22
John and Clare Tsigas P'21
Sean and Patricia Tully P'18
Todd D. Tuozzoli '85 and Julie M. Hoffman Tuozzoli '85, MPA'18 P'19, '16, '15
Jennifer Lehane Turieo '93 and Louis J. Turieo Jr.
Dana R. Turnbull '00
Greg G. Turner '05 and Stephanie L. Wallace Turner '05
Alejandro D. Ulloa '14
Richard J. Umbdenstock '72 and Barbara J. Umbdenstock
Fairfield University Student Assoc
Keith S. Updegraff P'23
Daniel J. Urbanovich '10
Carmine and Mary Frances Urciuoli P'19
Thomas C. Urciuoli '19
Jonathan T. Uy '18, MS'20
Adriane E. Hall Vail '95 and Richard B. Vail Jr.
William F. Valieant '63
Antonius and Irene Van Dijk P'24
Aaron R. Van Dyke
Kristen D. Van Vleck '10
Gregory and Tara Varga P'21
David J. Vegliante '83 and Kim Vegliante
Robert and Tracey Venero P'24, '21
Jennifer Lauria Verdura '06 and Stephen Verdura
Carolyn Vermont '82, MA'84
Daniel and Fong Via P'24
Georgia B. Via '24
Ronald T. Vigliotta '95 and Maryann Vigliotta
Miguel and Tania Villalba P'22
Joseph P. Vincenzi MA'82
Donna Violante '74
Olivia M. Vita '16
Emily A. Vlass '19
Kenneth and Julie Vlass P'19
Arthur and Susan Vogt P'23
Jeffrey P. von Arx S.J.
George and Lynn Vos P'15
Christopher L. Voytek '94, MBA'01 and Christine Botarelli Voytek '94
Michael T. Voytek '87
Gary S. Wade '75 and Delores M. Wade
Ross and Diane Wade P'23
Donald M. Wagner
Emma M. Wagner '19
Patrick J. Waide Jr. '59
David I. Wakefield '98 and Suzanne E. Persson Wakefield '96
Susan Meyer Wales '84 and Donald B. Wales Jr.
Kevin and Karen Walker P'22
Kevin P. Walsh '82 and Sandra R. Walsh
Margaret A. Walsh '19
Matthew J. Walsh '19
Thomas J. Walsh III '78 and Mary Walsh
Joseph F. Walton '75
Linda Palazzolo Walton '81 and Michael Walton
Eileen A. Ward '80, MA'88
Joseph J. Ward '80 and Deirdre A. Flanagan Ward P'18
Martin T. Warten '85 and Catherine Hunt Warten '85
Susanne Washburn
Colleen McNamara Waterbury MA'01 and Michael H. Waterbury P'23
Russell and Christine Watson
Ryan Wauters
Sonja Weaver
William J. Webb '88 and Jenny Webb
Joseph Weber '17
James D. Wehr '79 and Teresa M. Wehr
John M. Weiss '58 and Sarah Rudis Weiss
Marshall and Joan Weiss
John P. Welch '87 and Monica Welch
Kevin G. Welch '93 and Frances Tranchese Welch '93
Mark F. Welcome '89 and Rose T. Place '89 P'23, '20
Jamison M. Wellman '18
Stephen and Elizabeth Wellman P'18
Robert J. Wels '69
Tisha A. Caruso Werner '95 and Matthew Werner
Bo and Teri Westford P'21
John R. Wetzel MA'63, C'70 and Alice W. Wetzel
Dana M. Whealn '88 P'21
Michael and Jennifer Wheat P'23
Ann Whelehan Smego '78 and Michael J. Smego
Donald Whittaker Jr. MA'74 and Carol H. Whittaker
Donald J. Whittam Jr. '84 and Elizabeth Hannigan Whittam
Tina M. Cerbone Whyte '98 and Brian Whyte
Katrina A. Wiesler '19
Allison E. Wigand '12
Shonine M. Chitty Wijayanayake '92 and Shehan Wijayanayake
Matthew D. Wilcox '00 and Sarah Smith Wilcox
Randall M. Wilhelm '07
Taylor R. Wilkes '13, MBA'19
William T. Wilkes P'13
Robert B. Williams '61, MA'66 and Diane Williams
Shari L. Francis Williams '93, MBA'00 and Brian Williams
Vincent J. Williams and Clare E. Manzi P'20
Brad L. Wilson '00
Michael and Wendy Wilson P'23
Kaitlin M. Wilusz '09 and Christopher Long
Valerie Vicedomini Wimley '82 and Carl Wimley
John and Joella Wind P'22
Susan P. Scandale Winkler '85 and Ronald Winkler
Kara M. Winsch '07 and James Pagliaro
Kevin J. Winsch '75 and Michele L. Vion Winsch P'10, '07
Christine Kassab Winters '96 and Mark Bogel
Richard and Jeanie Winwood P'21
Danielle R. Witty '21
Richard L. A. Wolf '12
Christina L. Wood '94
David L. Woodford '76, MA'86
Nicholas and Michelle Wormley
Claudia T. E. Worotikan '21
Patricia Melone Wright '75 and Rick Wright
Robert and Laura Wright P'24
Ryan J. Wuestman '12 and Kristen C. Golen Wuestman '12
Jennifer Picard Yakupcin '93 and Mark A. Yakupcin
Edgar J. Yergeau '69 and Gloria Yergeau
Freddie R. Young MA'76
Roger and Amy Young P'16
John K. Zadnik '68 and Sharon E. Zadnik
Edward J. Zadravec '59 and Nancy A. Reisel Zadravec P'87
Stephen J. Zales '81 and Grace Carter Zales
Mary Tribit Zampino MA'72 and John P. Zampino
Norman and Carey Zapusek P'23
Maureen A. McGrath Ziemba '85 and James J. Ziemba
Jennifer Y. Zocco '10
Catherine A. Zonsky '96
Enzo and Kathryn Zucconi P'23

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