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Founded in 1971, The President’s Circle is Fairfield University’s most honored giving society. With members contributing $1,000 or more each year, President’s Circle contributions lay the foundation for our students’ success and sustain the University’s proud tradition of academic excellence. Our students, our faculty – indeed everyone on our campus – is indebted to every member of The President’s Circle.

§ President’s Circle Member for 10 or more consecutive years
+ Deceased

Please note that this list reflects gifts received between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

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Cornerstone Club ($25,000+)

Anonymous (9)
Thomas and Cindy Ackerman P'10
Jeffrey and Lisa Alter P'23, '23
William and Peggy Atwell P'08 §
Britt S. Martino Bardinelli '92 and James Bardinelli §
Mark J. Beckwith '80 and Patti Beckwith
Carl Bennett P'96 §
John and Lori Berisford P'21, '20
M. Gregory Bohnsack '73 and Patricia W. Bohnsack P'08, '07 §
Joseph R. Bronson '70 and Linda Bowllan Bronson
Brian S. Bruman and Julie K. Green
Frank J. Carroll III '89 §
Kevin P. Cannon '80 and Elaine Kovac Cannon P'20
Roberto A. Cascella '80 and Julia Cascella
Jorge A. Chiluisa '89, MBA'06 and Victoria L. Havourd Chiluisa P'21, '20, '19
Mitchell D. Clarfield '82 and Christine Bolin Clarfield §
Ismael Colon '72 §
Thomas and Mary Ann Conine P'07, '05 §
Kevin M. Conlisk '66 and Mary Beth E. McLaughlin Conlisk P'91 §
Timothy J. Conway '76 and Kathryn McCann Conway
James M. Cotter '64 and Melinda Tighe Cotter §
William C. Crager '86 and Kathryn Crager P'19
William H. Curley Jr. '83 and Amy Searles Curley '83
Thomas and Kimberly Dail P'16
Sheila Kearney Davidson '83 and Anthony H. Davidson §
Hugh O. Davis '95 §
Christopher C. Desmarais '93 and Catherine A. Bassi Desmarais '93, MBA'07 §
Joseph A. DiMenna '80 and Diana Roesch DiMenna §
William P. Egan '67 and Jacalyn A. Conklin Egan P'99 §
Thomas J. Fanning Sr. '78 and Michele J. Markowski Fanning P'10, '06
Michael J. Ferrante '90 and Claudine Gibbons Ferrante '90 §
Searle and Lauralee Field
Daniel and Bridget Finnegan P'21
Scott W. Fredrickson '82 and Susan Martin Fredrickson '82 §
Barbara Goerts Gorham MA'82, CAS'90 and Howard W. Gorham P'82
Douglas W. Hammond '86 and Patricia McShea Hammond
John L. Hardiman '79 and Donna Landau Hardiman §
Eleanor Hawthorne '85, MA'88 P'91 §
Kathleen M. Rafferty Hay '03 and Brad Hay
Chad P. Hemmat and Julie E. Anderson P'23
Paul J. Horton '90 and Joy E. Grossman '89 §
Brian P. Hull '80 and Laura R. Romeo Hull P'13 §
Harold M. Hyra '60, MA'70 and Lucille N. MacKenzie Hyra
Louis and Denise Iorio P'17
Robert and Kathleen Ix
Timothy and Susan Jensen P'18
Robin Bennett Kanarek '96 and Joseph Kanarek §

Dagan T. Kasavana '99 and Lori H. Cooper Kasavana
Susan Robinson King MA'73 and Michael C. King §
Dorothy B. Larson §
Stephen M. Lessing '76 and Sandra Melton Lessing §
Shelagh E. Mahoney-McNamee '87 and Joseph E. McNamee P'22, '18 §
The Estate of Marcelle T. Bernard Marinucci MA'82 +
Michael J. Mazurczak P'22
Brian M. McGarvey '02 and Kathryn B. Rafferty McGarvey '02
William A. McIntosh P'92, '86 §
Andrew J. McMahon '89 and Jennifer Janczewski McMahon '89 P'19, '13 §
Robert M. McMahon '87 and Kristin Dodge McMahon '87 P'21, '20 §
John C. Meditz '70 §
Matthew and Mary Jeanne Miller P'23
Michael Modena '92 and Katherine Modena §
Robert J. Murphy Jr. '71 §
Phillip J. Neugebauer '91 and Elizabeth Koch Neugebauer '91 §
Gavin G. O'Connor '88 and Marybeth Calianese O'Connor '88 §
Biff J. O'Reilly '80 and Jeanne Arrigoni O'Reilly '82 P'11 §
Stephen J. Pilch '83 and Hope Mortimer Pilch
Rudolph V. Pino Jr. '73 and Mary Ann Inzinga Pino P'05, '01
Patricia E. Comey Preston '80 and John T. Preston
Christopher C. Quick '79 and Ann Bosso Quick §
Eileen Manning Quick '77 and Leslie C. Quick III §
Thomas C. Quick '77 §
Barbara Rafferty P'03
Michael and Kathryn Rafferty
Laurie G. Richardson MS'02 and John P. Richardson Jr.
Christopher W. Ritchie '88 and Jean Cerasuolo Ritchie MA'90
Andrew and Margie Rooke P'10
Taylor A. Rooke '10 and Allison Scalpato Rooke
Ronald M. Salvatore '64 and Joanne Rubino Salvatore §
James and Gerry Sangiacomo P'19, '13
Salvatore M. Santella '53 and Flo Courtright
Maive F. Scully '76, C'13 §
Richard and Catherine Seeger P'22
Bartholomew A. Sheehan Jr. '64 and Mary Kathryn Dempsey Sheehan P'94 §
Robert Sobolewski '70 and Kathleen Sobolewski CAS'87 §
Cynthia L. Stack '80 and Bernard Haan §
Daniel J. Sullivan Jr. '73 and Kathleen M. Sullivan
Lynn Bossidy Tidgwell '79 §
Joan M. Trefz
Grace Tully
Fairfield University Student Association
Carmine and Mary Frances Urciuoli P'19
Robert and Tracey Venero P'24, '21
Margaret M. Joyce Wade '86 and James F. Wade
Patrick J. Waide Jr. '59 §

Chairman's Club ($10,000-$24,999)

Anonymous (2)
Nancy A. Clegg Altobello '80 and Joel M. Altobello §
John and Debra Auriemma P'22, '12
Robert D. Batch '65 and Donna Silvia Batch §
Jason and Alexis Beckwith P'23
Michael P. Bentivegna '82 and Wendy Vanderlyn Bell Bentivegna §
Joseph F. Berardino '72 and Gail T. Hamilton Berardino §
Cynthia R. Bigelow
Pamela O. Bohnsack
Lawrence A. Bossidy Jr. '80 and Sharon Sabey Bossidy
Joseph and Catherine Bossolina P'21
Stephen L. Braga '78 and Kathleen M. Crahay Braga '78
David and Susan Buchanan P'15
Maureen P. Errity Bujno '90 and Stephen Bujno §
Timothy A. Burke '83 and Nancy Inguagiato Burke '83 P'13 §
Thomas and Lisa Butts P'21
Carlos M. Cardoso '81
Sheila J. Clancy MS'91 §
Thomas J. Colucci '69 and Michele Heisman Colucci §
Robert F. Conti '51 and Jane M. Leone Conti P'90 §
Michael A. Corasaniti and Valerie A. Zondorak P'22
John and Jacqueline Corrado P'20
David M. Cowen '84 and Lori Cowen §
Jason D. Crosby P'21
Paul D'Ambrosio '93 and Kristen Killian D'Ambrosio '93 §
Susan M. Davis-Gillis MBA'03 and Paul Gillis
Douglass and Patricia DeFauw
Robert and Kathryn Delhome P'21
Anthony J. DeLuca '83 and Elaine DeLuca
Eugene T. Doll P'23
Matthew F. Drury '95 and Nicole E. Fortin Drury '94 §
John D. Fallon '90 and Jennifer L. Stephens Fallon
Daniel R. Finn Jr. '66 and Phyllis Redgate Finn §
John L. Flannery Jr. '83 and Tracy E. Benjamin Flannery
Edward J. Fletcher '93 and Deirdre R. Pollack Fletcher '93 P'23
Alfred L. Foglio II '92 and Anita Foglio
Wendy A. Fuller MA'03, CAS'05 and Arthur B. Fuller Jr. P'18
John P. Gallagher '92 and Tricia Bares Gallagher '93 §
Craig and Nancy Gibson P'13
David M. Glass §
Paul V. Greco '86 §
Edward and Megan Grefenstette P'22
Michael S. Guarnieri '84 §
Craig M. Haba '91 and LeAnne Myers Haba P'21
John L. Hammond III '01 and Maggie Hammond §
Peter and Jennifer Harding
Michael J. Haviland Sr. '82 and Susan C. Koppel Haviland P'15, '13
Marsel Huribal '84 and Mary C. O'Donnel Huribal P'19, '18
Brendan J. Joyce '18
Christopher S. Joyce '15
Mark and Trish Joyce P'18, '15
Elizabeth A. Washington Keenoy '82 and Peter C. Keenoy §
David and Patricia Kelley P'15
Brian A. Kinney '94 and Amanda H. Peters Kinney
John J. Kinney '93 and Shea K. Szydlowski Kinney
Adrienne Teschemacher Kirby '81 and S. Dillard Kirby §
The Estate of Jordan A. Konov +
Robert and Clare Kretzman
William J. Kuhn '75 and Mary J. Cleaveland Kuhn §

George Landegger
John and Maria LaViola
Joseph A. Linnehan '75 and Linda Stewart Linnehan
Virginia Charnosky Loch MA'64, CAS'67 §
Thomas A. Luglio '86 P'18
Roger M. Lynch '63 and Nancy Winkel Lynch P'95 §
Charles F. MacCormack
Joan Bender Makara '74 and Michael Makara §
Craig M. Maloney '88 and Patricia S. Molineaux Maloney P'23
A. John P. Mancini '86 and Katherine B. Marshall Mancini
Theodore F. Martens '72 and Marianne Kelly Martens '73 §
Juliet J. Mazurczak P'22
Stuart M. McGuigan '82 and Pamela B. McGuigan
Martin and JoAnn Minnicino P'15
Brian E. Mitchell '96 and Kelly Mitchell
James C. Morrison '93 and Jennifer L. Lipari Morrison '97
Katherine Morrison '90
Douglas C. Mueller '91 and Aimee McLaughlin Mueller '93, '98 P'22
Sandra D. Mullen §
Richard J. Murphy '73 and Mary E. Murphy P'96
Timothy and Marion Murphy
Mark and Suzanne Nemec
Alexander R. Nestor '70 and Sally A. Nestor '91
Diane Oakley '75
Paul J. Okarma '80 and Nan Okarma
Sean and Winifred O'Keefe P'23
Shaun T. O'Leary '86 and Patricia Hann O'Leary
John R. O'Neill '71 and Kathleen Greber O'Neill P'08 §
Margaret O'Reilly Smith '74 and Stephen M. Smith P'06
Christopher D. Owens '77 and Carol Farabee Owens §
Michael D. Paradise '94 and Sonja Tietjen Paradise '95
John G. Phelan Sr. P'89
Andrew J. Provencher '87 and Dawn Williams Provencher '87
Mary E. Quick '82 and Jim Daras P'18
David P. Renehan '65 and Elizabeth Renehan §
Ronan G. Ryan '96 and Kara M. D'Ambrosio Ryan '97
Scott and Kristin Salisbury P'23
Claudia Schechter
Robert C. Schnurr '74 and Rosellen Walsh Schnurr '74
Edward and Nancy Schwartz P'20
Gregory J. Schwartz Jr. '86 and Christa Schwartz
Joseph and Mary Schwartz P'21
Peter F. Schwartz '97 and Stephanie Logue Schwartz
Walter G. Schwartz '87 and Chris Meloro Schwartz '88 P'17
Thomas J. Sciametta '96 and Laura M. Brattesani Sciametta §
Amy R. Shanle '97
Paul A. Sheehy '85 and Nicole E. Sheehy
Joseph C. Solimine '89 and Anne C. Shepherd Solimine §
Scott and Robie Spector
Christopher and Irelsa Stephens §
Patrick A. Sweeny '83 and Michele Black Sweeny
Edmund J. Sybertz Jr. '72 and Sharon I. Purdie §
George and Ginny Szondy §
Patrick and Lynn Toole
Douglas P. Traynor '87 and Deirdre O'Brien Traynor '88 §
David I. Wakefield '98 and Suzanne E. Persson Wakefield '96 §
Thomas J. Walsh III '78 and Mary Walsh §
Joseph F. Walton '75
John P. Welch '87 and Monica Welch §
David and Deborah Zieff

Founder's Club ($5,000-$9,999)

Anonymous (2)
Louis F. Albanese '76 and Linda Nykaza Albanese MA'79
Michael G. Archbold '82 and Laura P. Archbold
Michael J. Arundel '91 and Patricia Robinson Arundel
Christopher L. Atwell '08 and Kelly Grgich Atwell '09
Lawrence and Mary Lou Axiak P'23, '20
Carl F. Bailey Jr. '75 and Lauren Dalton Bailey P'08
Jon and Hillary Baker P'22
Ronald and Megan Banas P'20
Arthur and Ann Barrett P'22
John N. Bauman III '92 and Jennifer H. Bauman
Stephen C. Beck '92 and Michelle Beck
Denise Dzurec Bell '80 and Edward J. Bell
Jerri Bell MFA'22
Andrew Bentley and Fiona Garland
Robert L. Berchem '62 and Lee Contrucci Berchem P'92 §
Mark W. Beyerly '95 and Sandra L. Stock Beyerly '02, MA'07 §
James J. Bigham '59 and MaryEllen Jeffries Bigham §
Robert A. Biolsi '81 and Joyce Tiangco Biolsi '81
Charles and Laurie Briggs P'16, '14, '11
Ben Bringardner and Jennifer Curry §
MaryBeth Brown '96
Michael N. Brown '03, MBA'04 and Elizabeth Minihane Brown
Paul Bujanauskas '86
Chad J. Burhance '91 and Shannon M. Reynolds-Burhance '91
Michael A. Cagnassola '85 and Susan E. O'Brien Cagnassola
Christopher and Eileen Cahill P'18, '14
James P. Callow '91 and Mary E. O'Shea Callow '92 P'22
William D. Catalano and Rosita DiBernardo Catalano P'21
Steven A. Certilman
David and Edith Chaifetz
Charles and Michele Chupein P'21
Donald J. Ciampi Jr. '86 and Ellen Cavanaugh Ciampi P'21
Joseph and Jeannie Colalillo P'22
Nicholas A. Colello '05
Michael and Maureen Considine
Christine B. Cook MS'95 and James D. Cook
Robert J. Cooney '57 and Margaret M. Cooney '91 §
William and Marie Cooper P'22
Jason and Courtney Courter P'22
Michael and Jacqueline Cyran P'20
James and Denise Daly P'93, '92, '85
Michael D. Daly '85 and Robin Daly
Scott C. DePetris '99 and Kateri R. Lamb DePetris '01
Roland and Rebecca Dib P'22
Jeff and Sharon Dobbs P'22
Gregory F. Donahue '63
Thomas F. Donino '83 and Loren Nolletti Donino '83
Michael and M. Cecelia Donoghue
Jeffrey and Colleen Duchemin P'23, '20
James T. Egan '01 and Kristin Kiely Elliott '01
Sandra Engel
Deborah A. Mlodynia Englert '92 and Christopher J. Englert P'21
Pablo and Christina Esteve P'19
Cheryl Eustace
Kelly MacMahon Ewing '95 and Paul Ewing
Ronald and Susan Ferrari
Jorge L. Figueredo '82 and Carrie Rooney Figueredo
Orest J. Fiume '64 and Claire deLesseps-Fiume §
Jack and Susan Foley P'21
Marc and Kristen Friezo P'21
Robert J. Gallo II '95 and Claire E. Wills Gallo '96
Neil B. Gardiner '88 and Diane Froehlich Gardiner P'21
Michael A. Garvey '89 and Bernadette M. Byrne Garvey P'23
Peter J. Gavey '89 and Carla Sendra Gavey '88
Kathleen A. O'Connell Geiling '82 and J. Douglass Geiling
Raymond and Cynthia George P'23, '23, '19
Marybeth Bettencourt Gillespie '81 and David L. Gillespie P'09, '07
Frank and Johanna Golden P'18
David F. Grady '60 and Elizabeth Heale Grady
Jill M. Grenier '94 §
Marc A. Guillet '89 and Dana L. Guillet
Sean K. Hannan '96 and Elizabeth Caledonia Hannan '96
Michael and Nancy Hansen P'04 §
Anne Harris P'18
Brian T. Holland '02 and Kerri Holland §
Peter M. Holland '88 and Kristine A. Potensky Holland '88 P'19 §
Elaine Hughes
Thomas J. Hulseman '87 and Esteban Diaz
Ursula L. Hurley '04
Adrienne A. Johnson '91 and Lee Dowling
Showky M. Kaldawy '94 and Nicole Kaldawy
Douglas and Sharon Karp
Traugott and Constance Keller
Edward D. Kingsley '82 and Jeanne M. Kingsley §

Matthew C. Kramer '96 and Emily M. Powell Kramer '95 §
Kevin O. Kuryla '88 and Jennifer J. Kehoe Kuryla
Thomas N. Kushner '86 and Stephanie Friedman Kushner §
Kelly A. Doran Lafnitzegger '89 and Peter T. Lafnitzegger P'23
Ned and Cynthia Lautenbach
Colleen M. Leavitt '92
Lawrence A. Lessing III '59 and Peggy Lessing P'05 §
Louise S. Sniederman Levin MA'00
Charles and Susan Longfield P'22
Raphael and Laura Longobardi P'19
Timothy J. Lynes '81 and Joan C. Morningstar §
Thomas F. Mannino '86 and Melinda M. Bruno Mannino P'22
Deb A. Marcou P’20
David and Kirsten Martin P'23
James J. McAuliffe '88 and Donna McAuliffe P'19 §
Patrick E. McCabe '80 and Carol Chamberlin McCabe '81 P'16 §
Kelly Gaffney McClure '81 and Wade L. McClure
James J. McCullagh '03 and Trisha M. Tolerico McCullagh '03
John E. McDermott Jr. '54 and C. Jane Blakeman McDermott '94
Brian J. McGrath '87 and Monica Egan McGrath '87
Michael E. McGuinness '82 and Mary Kelly McGuinness '83 P'09
Kevin and Doris McHenry P'22
Robert and Susan Michaud P'20
Robert and Nancy Mitchell P'21
Elner L. Morrell '81, MFA'19 and Randy E. Morrell P'03
Robert T. Morton Jr. '08, MS'09 and Shelby F. Mayor Morton '09, MS'10
Lindsay E. Martin Muldoon '04 and Brian Muldoon
Erin E. Mulloy '02 and Eyal Seinfeld
Daniel and Jane Murphy §
John L. O'Connor '85 and Geraldine Swift O'Connor '86 P'24 §
B. Maxwell O'Meara '52 and Dorothy Dodd O'Meara §
Ann Owens §
The Estate of Howard T. Owens Jr. +
Edward P. Paige
Anna Marie Palumbo
Marguerite Downing Peck '83 and Ernest J. Peck P'15, '10
William and Katherine Pepe P'23
Ronald and Lisa Pilla P'21
Joel F. Pleban
Lisa A. Pleban
Sandra Pleban P'86
Colleen McAndrew Quinn '93 and Brendan Quinn
Cristopher and Heidi Regent P'24
Gerald and Rosemary Reidy §
Edward S. Reisman P'23
Ellen K. Reisman P'23
Justin M. Rindos '05 and Nicole A. Panza
Michael T. Robinson '75 and Nancy Nead Robinson
Joseph P. Russoniello '63 and Moira Ward Russoniello §
Michael and Bonnie Ryan P'22
Karen A. McManus Salerno '92 P'23
Christopher J. Samele '72, MA'74 §
Thomas and Robin Saxe P'21
John M. Schellpfeffer '87 and Angela Schellpfeffer
Justin and Tanja Sendak P'21
Kevin Shannon
Virginia M. Shepard
Lora R. Wallace Sherman '92 and J. R. Sherman P'24
Denise Courcy Sisk '88 and Geoffrey D. Sisk P'20
Steven J. Siwinski '92 and Shannon Barry Siwinski '92 P'16 §
Charles F. Smith '88
Michael J. Spicer '75 and Kathleen Spicer
Michael S. Stamer
John M. Sweeney '94 and Kristina M. Conroy Sweeney '96
Terrence F. Tangney '87 and Patricia Doran Tangney '86
Owen G. Tharrington '96 and Kristen A. Polcari Tharrington
John and Monica Thompson P'23
Robert Thorburn '97 and Colleen R. O'Donnell Thorburn '97
Adam Thorne '90 and Jessica Whitacre Thorne
John J. Topping '89 and Genevieve Topping
William A. Townsend and Carmen I. Font P'21
Philip and Ina Trager
Christopher and Christen Turner P'23
Colleen E. McGuire Tycz '04, MBA'11 and Timothy Tycz
Donald and Stacey Tynion P'22
Charles and Susan Vallone P'21
Paul C. Vegliante '87 and Carolyn Barba Vegliante '88
Christopher and Karen Vowells P'23
Kevin Walsh '77
Thomas C. Walsh Jr. '84 and Nancy H. Ulreich Walsh P'24 §
Joseph A. Wilkinson '75 and Eileen Mommsen Wilkinson '76 P'10 §
Patrick T. Wolff '87 and Marita C. Failla Wolff §
Nicholas and Michelle Wormley
Thomas J. Wynn III '91 and Patricia Hanley Wynn '90
John Young

1942 Society ($2,500-$4,999)

Anonymous (2)
Robert P. Aiello '63 and Gail Aiello §
Gavin R. Baiera '98 and Melissa G. Caruso Baiera '98
Brian R. Bellows '81 and Brenda Molleur Bellows '82 §
Wendy Berkowitz
Gregory and Anne Bernhart P'22
R. Kerry Besnia '86
Gregory J. Betchkal '86 and Susan Flynn Betchkal
Peter and Judith Black P'14
Joseph and Denise Bonifazio P'22
Joseph P. Brennan '91 and Lauren I. Gubicza Brennan
Shawn M. Brennan '92 and Erica Ricci Brennan §
The Estate of Helen Breznicky +
David S. Briones '98 and Kristine S. Briones
William J. Britt '70 §
William R. Bruce '63
John and Mary Butala P'20
Lawrence M. Byrne '69 and Lynda C. Byrne
Robert B. Cagnassola '62 and Elizabeth Cagnassola P'92 §
Michael and Ligia Capasso P'23
Patrick J. Carolan '59 and Betty J. McIntyre Carolan '87 P'89, '85 §
Paul Caster §
Louis J. Catalano Jr. '70 and Debbie Iadanza Catalano §
Scott S. Centrella '80 and Carlie Quasnosky Centrella MA'88, MSN'88 P'16 §
Patricia Sullivan Chory '83 and John Chory
Kenneth M. Ciesielski '91 and Judith L. Zappa Ciesielski '92
Grace E. Colalillo '22
Christopher P. Comey '95 and Tristen Muller Comey
J. Martin Comey P'95
Jeffrey R. Cook '93
Thomas J. Corra '90 and Dara Concagh Corra §
Gary Cosgrave
Peter F. Costello '84 and Ellen Hartnagel Costello '84
Hugh F. Coyle III '88 and Jill C. Sutton-Coyle
John J. Curtis '84 and Christina Dickerson Curtis P'18
Vincent R. D'Alessandro III '90 and Amy Russ D'Alessandro P'22
Kelly McCormack DeGulis '91 and John P. DeGulis §
Gerald and Patricia Della Torre P'21
Michael B. Della Torre '21
Edward M. Dew III and Anke Van Dijk Dew
Pamela L. Brackett DiCola '89 and John P. DiCola
Timothy and Shelley Dolan P'20
John and Lauri Doleva P'22
Kenneth Donovan '80 and Kristine Kingree Donovan '81
Mark C. Dorigan '78 and Amy Fredenburg Dorigan
Peter Doyle
Patrick J. Dwyer '90 and Jeannie M. Tedeschi Dwyer P'24 §
Bradley A. Edgar '01 and Lauren Edgar
James F. English '86 and Jane Dwyer English '86
Thomas and Peggy English P'11
John F. Fallon '71 and Jane Cook Fallon
Stephen F. Fallon '78 and Joan Fallon
Kathryn M. Fenton '75 and William E. Kovacic §
Cosmo V. Filiberto '70 and Mary Anne Ferraro Filiberto
Mark R. Fitzgerald '79 and Carol Stanton Fitzgerald '79 §
Paul F. Fitzgerald '66 and Anne C. Fitzgerald §
William and Christina Fitzgerald P'23
Steven R. Flanagan '84
Richard F. Flynn '80 and Andrea Buckley Flynn P'11 §
Maura P. Foley '90 §
Thomas T. Forman '79
Keith Fortmiller '04
Casey C. Fuller '18
Robert W. Gabler Jr. '63 and Jean M. Gabler P'90, '87 §
Michael F. Gallagher '72 §
Robert J. Gallois '88 and Jennifer Vaccaro Gallois '88 §
Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick Genovese '81 and Tom Genovese
Joseph P. Germain Jr. '56 and Lillian Adley Germain MA'60 P'88 §
Daniel P. Gilligan '94 and Susan B. Taylor Gilligan
Christopher J. Gradel '06
Joseph A. Graziano Jr. '91, MA'14 and Jessica Trocchi Graziano MBA'08
Patricia M. Hammalian MA'86 and Donald S. Hammalian
Patrick D. Hanley '66 and Susan C. Hanley
Arthur and Julie Hedge P'91
John C. Hoffman '68 and Paula J. Yocum Hoffman P'96 §
Cory and Dara Hubbard P'23
Anthony R. Iorio '17, MBA'18
Jerry Johnson Jr. '84
Alan P. Karbousky '70 and Maureen McNiece Karbousky
Allan E. Kaulbach '70 and Linda E. Kaulbach §
Timothy J. Keenan '81 and Valerie Gradel Keenan '80 P'23, '18, '12, '11, '06 §
Nancy R. Keet '85 and Ernest E. Keet

Kevin J. Kelleher '76 and Mary Pat Hicks Kelleher '77 P'05, '02
Joseph T. Kennedy '89 and Nicole Dammen Kennedy '89, MA'93
Linda Lavin-Muldoon '83 and Joseph B. Muldoon §
Kevin P. Lawlor '79 and Marianne Russell Lawlor P'21, '19, '17
Eric F. Lemieux '83 and Suzanne Burke Lemieux '83 P'22, '18
Andrew C. Liggio '91 and Kerrie M. Shaheen Liggio
Megan L. Stauffer Lindley '06 and Matthew Lindley
Michael Loeb and Adria Belport
James R. Lonardo '82, MS'90
John G. Loverro '93
Lance Lundberg and Terry McGuinness
Debra B. Lynch
Alan D. MacDonald '61 and Jill Nickerson MacDonald
Matthew W. MacDonald '96 and Marissa Melia MacDonald
Paul and Laura Mackin P'13
Stephen A. Mango '64 and Sandra Rascati Mango §
Erin McNulty Mannion '92 and Robert O. Mannion
Veronica A. Gilmartin March '85 and Edward K. March §
Rafael F. Martinez '69 and Ana Garcia Martinez
Frank and Judy Mastrocola P'23
Katherine Donohue McCabe '81 and William J. McCabe §
Timothy M. McConnell '92 and Merritt C. Villone McConnell
W. David McGarry '74 §
Gregory M. McGauley '93 and Patricia Morales McGauley '94 §
Rosemarie McLaughlin '89 §
Robert and Barbara Mehmel P'18
Albert Mento Jr. '71
Robert F. Mihalcik Jr. '79
George S. Mihalik '62 §
Michael S. Miller '87
The Estate of Elizabeth Murray P'85 +
Deborah Murtaugh
Richard J. Nastasi '72 and Nancy Beauregard Nastasi §
Gregory and Sandra Niccolai P'20
Dermod F. Norton '65 and Christine Norton §
James and Karen O'Brien P'20
Robert and Caroline O'Connell P'23
Francis D. O'Connor Jr. '83 and Teresa M. O'Connor §
Francis D. O'Connor Sr. '52 P'83 §
Matthew J. O'Connor '92 and Suzette R. O'Connor
Kathleen McInerney O'Hare '77 and Bernard F. O'Hare §
Kevin P. O'Keefe '95 and Jenna L. Cardone '97 §
Anthony and Lisa Palmeri P'20
Barry and Linda Peters P'18
Thomas A. Petrone '76 and Linda J. Slotnick Petrone
Christopher K. Pfirrman '81 and Barbara Wegener Pfirrman §
Jennifer A. O'Connor Piepszak '92 and Richard C. Piepszak
Brian Pierne MS'95 and Deborah A. Jamroz Pierne
James R. Poole '63 and Kathleen Kidd Poole §
Michael and Margaret Poppo P'20
Christine Lengel Quistberg '85 and Paul T. Quistberg §
Joseph A. Rapier '66 and Joanna Sanzo-Rapier P'90
Francis C. Reed Jr. '86 and Terese M. Nicolosi Reed P'23
Todd B. Richter
Harry A. Rissetto '65 and Grace R. Rissetto P'00 §
Carren M. Dolan Rogan '90, MA'94 and Patrick J. Rogan P'24
Paul and Helena Rogers P'23, '20
David C. Romans '91 and Kristyn E. Romans
Thomas M. Rooney '88 and Carrie B. Cuomo Rooney P'19, '16
Maura Shine Rudolph '90 and James Rudolph
Susan L. Rudolph '89
Thomas and Stephanie Ryan
Peter J. Sabat '87 and Elizabeth D. Giuffre-Sabat §
Yogesh C. Sadarangani MBA'00 and Christal L. T. Rodenhiser §
Alexander Schillaci Jr. '80 and Susan Walker Schillaci '81 §
Robert and Barbara Scinto
Gerald H. Serena '67 and Frances M. Patnesky Serena
Michael and Mary Sheehan P'21, '17
Keith and Claudia Stinton P'22
Scott and Marlo Strough P'24, '21
Patrick J. Sullivan '72 and Paddi LeShane Sullivan
William V. Sullivan Jr. '66 and Eileen Mark Sullivan §
Stephen G. Sykes '95
Heather J. Thompson Taggert '96 and John B. Taggert P'23
John J. Walker '75 and Susan Tomasulo Walker '74 §
Kevin P. Walsh '82 and Sandra R. Walsh
William W. Ward '78 and Nancy Risher Ward
Michael C. White '93 and Linda M. Loscalzo White
Hannah Sexton Young '78 and Melville J. Young
Francis J. Zaino '66 and Dale-Beth Fahey Zaino P'11, '96 §
Stephen J. Zales '81 and Grace Carter Zales

Circle Member ($1,000-$2,499)

Anonymous (4)
Jennifer Abate '94 and Douglas Kentfield
Joseph and Michele Abate P'23
Maureen E. Dunlavey Abernathy '83 and George A. Abernathy
Georgia S. Adams
Marie-Therese Afif
Susan Freel Alexander '78 and Robert J. Alexander
Jacqueline R. Carelli Alfieri '93 and Scott Alfieri
Donald and Carmela Altieri §
Michael T. Amalfitano Sr. '82 and Andrea E. Amalfitano §
Anthony M. Amarante '80 and Carolen Fette Amarante '80
Mark and Stefanie Amone P'20
Peter and Laura Anderson P'21
Steven A. Anderson '80 and Lynn Anderson
Scott J. Andreasen '03 and Frances L. Newman Andreasen '03
Renee D. Appelle '03 and Joshua Monroe
Frank J. Aquino Jr. '13
Gordon and Anne Armour P'15
Ian and Nancy Ashken
Geoffrey P. Astle '06 and Monica A. Kleszczynski Astle '08
James M. Bagarazzi '73
Nicholas L. Baglio '11 and Christina E. DeStefano Baglio '11
Liam T. Baker '92 and Kathryn A. Walheim Baker '94 §
Diane Baldelli P'22
John and Terri Bannon P'11
Norman and Janet Banville P'23
James J. Baranello Jr. '86 and Tara K. Sittner Baranello P'22
Steven and Tina Bardsley P'21
Dana and Colleen Barisano P'24
Terrill and Dawn Barnard P'21
Richard J. Barone Sr. '60, MA'70 and Judith A. Barone P'99 §
Leonard A. Battiston '70 and Bonnie Battiston P'00 §
Curtis E. Battles P'23
Tina Battles P'23
Kathleen Licitra Baum '78 and Jeffrey H. Baum §
Kimberly A. Thomas Baxter '00 and David Baxter
Katherine Walsh Bazinet '83 and Christopher G. Bazinet
Stephen F. Beaudin '74 and Elizabeth Beaudin §
Frank S. Beckerer Jr. MA'68
Stephen and Catherine Beckman P'22
Adam G. Belardino '06 and Michelle Geller Belardino '07
Andrew C. Benko '66
Marc M. Bennett
Katherine M. Dunleavy Benthien
Marc and Theo Bergschneider
Timothy and Kirsten Bergstrom P'24
Christopher J. Bermingham '89 and Rosemarie F. Dykeman '89
Susan Black P'22
Alan R. Blanchette '65 and Susan Blanchette P'93
James J. Bolger Jr. '69 and Patricia Bolger
Kelly M. Bommer '18, MBA'19
Joseph L. Bonavita III '95 and Meaghan Ryan Bonavita
Philip M. Bonee '76 and Valerie Bonee §
James and Sharon Book P'21
Brian M. Boornazian '82 and Deborah Boornazian P'19, '11
Christine Noga Booth '92 and Dean J. Booth
Cathleen M. Borgman '80
Cameron F. Bowen '15, MS'16 and Sarah B. Barnabei '15
Dennis G. Boyd
William T. Boyd Jr. '67 and Cheri Chase Boyd P'97 §
Matthew and Lisa Boyle P'22
Devon M. Brady '01 and Keara P. Dobson Brady '01, MA'04, CAS'05
Dorothea E. Brennan MA'81 §
John and Eleanore Brennan P'22
John and Anita Brennan §
William E. Brennan '69 and Marilyn E. Brennan P'03
Richard and Maureen Brennen P'06
Richard W. Brewer '69 and Barbara E. Pankalla Brewer
Edward F. Brimo '59
Robert E. Brogan '73 and Diane Gross
Kristina Newman Bromley '86 and James Bromley
Nicole F. Locher Brown '95 and William F. Brown
Robert W. Bruderman '73 and Mary Ellen Simmons Bruderman
Jill Buban
Daniel and Kristine Buckley P'21, '18
Jeremiah S. Buckley '66 and Deborah Stanley Buckley
Timothy J. Buckley '80 and Patricia O'Neil Buckley P'16, '12
Christopher and Michelle Budicini P'23
David P. Bukowski '69 and Laura Bukowski
Kathleen Villa Bunger '82 and Thomas C. Bunger §
Ralph M. Burke '60, MA'62, CAS'67 and Eleanor M. Connelly Burke P'01
Brian Burland '84 and Johanna Lasala-Burland
Stephen C. Burrows MA'19
Joseph and Michaela Burschinger P'23
Madeline M. Butler '75 and Arthur Levin
John A. Butter '68 and Gail B. Kinney Butter §
Frank M. Byrne
Sean B. Byrne '84 and Eileen McAuliffe Byrne '86 §
Catherine Auriana Cadigan '04, MBA'10 and David Cadigan
James H. Callaghan '76
David P. Callahan '68 and Laura O. Callahan P'94 §
Thomas W. Callan '59 and Kathleen Callan
John R. Callegari Jr. '88 and Caroline Russo Callegari '88 P'24, '23
Eric and Stacie Campbell P'24
Gabriella G. Campos '19
Janet A. Canepa '82 §
John E. Cannon '80 and Sharyn Broadbin Cannon '80 §
Steven A. Carlotto '83 and Linda M. Spatafore Carlotto P'23
Jonathan M. Carroll '91 and Lorri Padula Carroll '91, MA'99 P'22, '20
Sean M. Carroll '90 and Margaret E. McDonagh Carroll §
Kelsey J. Carthew '19
Michael and Sharon Caruso P'21
John D. Cassidy '77 and Ann T. Cassidy §
J. Paul Caulfield '96 and Alyssa Pentoney Caulfield '95
Eileen M. Ingram Cavanaugh '89 and Peter F. Cavanaugh §
Marcia Cavanaugh P'84
Richard F. Cerrone MA'76 and Lynn Cerrone
Edward J. Cerulli '57, C'71 and Judith A. Babinski Cerulli
Louis Chabrier P'23
David H. Chafey Jr. '76
Antony E. Champ '59 and Edith Sheridan Champ
Christopher P. Chiodo '89 and Lynne M. Fuller Chiodo P'24
Dorothy Christiansen '81 and Niels Sweeney Christiansen P'20
Marc A. Ciampi '92 and Vivian M. Timlin Ciampi '92 P'24
M. James Cimina '71 and Monica Cimina
Jennifer Cinguina '92, MFA'12 P'23 §
Alexandra J. Clark '12
Brian M. Cleary '90 and Valerie Kaelin Cleary
Maura J. Coakley Cleary '81, MA'86 and John Cleary
Patrick J. Cleary '77 and Kathleen McNerney Cleary
Timothy G. Cobau '17
Hugh D. Conlon '79 and Nora J. Nolan Conlon P'23
Sean Connelly '80 and Susan Lynch Connelly '81 §
James A. Conner '03, MBA'04 and Carissa L. Gagne Conner '04, MBA'05
Francis A. Connor Jr. '60 §
Anthony and Carolyn Conte P'21, '18
Thomas and Molly Coogan P'23
Barbara A. Cook
C. Donald Cook '63, MA'77 and Deborah McAuley P'93, '88
Alexander R. Cooke '00 and Bianca Cooke
Charles C. Cooper '19, MS'20
Gregory C. Coppola Jr. '18
Justin S. Corbitt '19
Karen J. Corcoran '04 and Kevin Quarantello
Jay and Jennifer Cornforth P'23
John R. Cornforth '23
Francis A. Corr '60, MA'64, CAS'67 and Barbara J. Corr
Gerard and Elizabeth Costello P'22
Mary Sullivan Courtien '78 and Raymond Courtien §
John K. Courtmanche '88 and Ann Courtmanche
Carson Coyle '96 and Carol McCrann Coyle '96
Michael P. Coyne '84 and Clare M. Donohue Coyne
Lawrence L. Crane Jr. '60 and Kathe McConville Crane §
Joseph A. Cristiano '63, MA'68, C'73 and Frances A. Cristiano
Thomas A. Crowley Jr. '69 and Diane Sharkey Crowley
Richard W. Cullen '74 and Diane B. Cullen
Mimi and Robert Cullen §
Thomas C. Cullum Jr. '86 and Michelle A. Milander Cullum P'20, '16 §
Kevin F. Cunningham '76 and Mary Ryan Cunningham '76
Victor T. Cunningham '89 and Sherry Cunningham
Kevin G. Curtin '73 and Alice Jackson Curtin
Dean and Linda Daghita P'24
Joseph R. D'Agostin '63 and Paula Pelletiere D'Agostin P'92
Vernon C. Dailey '86
Kevin M. Dalton '01
Kenneth J. Daly '72 and Kathleen A. Daly
Edward and Anne Danek
Richard and Virginia Darche P'15
John and Jean Darts P'07, '02, '01
Denise Trapani Dauphin ’76
Linda Martino David '74 and Daryl D. David
Bernard S. Davis Sr. '67 and Eileen B. Davis P'95
Rami and May Daya P'20
Joyce S. DeCesare
Robert F. Deerin '73
William and Ann Deigan
Stephen J. Delehanty '64 and Connie Lee Delehanty §
James P. DeLeo IV '95 and Daphnie Mercado-DeLeo
Ronald S. Delia '93 and Melissa Delia
Arthur A. DellaSalla '95 and Dina DellaSalla
Frederick C. DeMarco '66 and Kathy M. Drewen DeMarco
Joseph S. DeMarzo '05 and Lauren Robinson DeMarzo
Carol J. DeNatale '88
Peter and Stacey Dera P'22
Geri R. Derbyshire
Shannon C. Dermody '15
Gregory C. DeSisto '87 and Sandra M. Titus DeSisto
Mary-Anne D'Esposito '74
William A. DiGiacomo '70 and Celine Pagano DiGiacomo P'07, '99, '98
Louis J. DiMeo '60 and Louise DiMeo P'84
Allison LaBelle DiNardo '15 and Peter DiNardo
Matthew F. DiStefano
Timothy and Susan Doherty P'23, '18, '16
Charles and Helen Dolan §
Elesa R. Doll P'23
Jeanne M. Doll '78 and William G. Charcalis
Trent L. Domingos '15
Christine P. Donahue '91
George M. Donahue '64
Terrence and Mary Donahue
Thomas and Rachelle Donahue P'83, '78
Thomas J. Donohue
Kevin G. Donovan '79, MA'96 and Maryann Bonomo Donovan '82
Leo P. Donovan Jr. '64 §
Jeffrey A. Dooley '85 and Miranda Dooley §
Joshua B. Dougherty '19
Barclay and Diana Douglas P'23
Charles J. Douglas '70 and Paulette Fontaine Douglas P'06
David L. Downie
John and Anna Doyle P'21, '19, '15
Russell and Sally Dreyer P'22
Mitchell and Shelley Driesman
Moira A. Duclos '91
Sandra Walker Duemmler MA'14 and Frank L. Duemmler P'16
Craig G. Dugan '77 and Arlene Dugan
Thomas A. Duggan '88 and Jennifer Ellis Duggan P'17
Kevin G. Duncan '19
Lawrence J. Dunn III '00 and Melissa A. Backes-Dunn
Olivia H. Dunn
Robert and Paula Dunne P'13
Theresa L. Durso-Magnan '88 and Jean-Yves A. Magnan
Kathleen O'Hare Dwyer '79 and Patrick J. Dwyer §
Michael T. Dylag '78 and Tricia Owens
Christine Ross Earls '79 and Richard T. Earls P'15, '11
John and Sharon Early
Robert and Carol Eck §
Joan A. Edwards C'00 P'00 §
Paul C. Ehrismann '82
Gregory E. Eichhorn '89 and Mary O'Hara Eichhorn '88
Elizabeth Murray Ellis '83 and Robert A. Ellis §
Michael C. Endico '89
John and Rorey Erbeck P'23
Scott D. Esposito '82 and Mercedes Esposito
Brian T. Estaphan '97 and Laura Virzi Estaphan
Sharon K. Evans-Benard MSN'05 and Colin Benard
Lauren M. Doyle Exnicios '01 and Andrew S. Exnicios
Eugene J. Fabbri '75 and Christine K. Kelly Fabbri '76 §
Frank Fanella Jr. '89 and Noreen A. McPartland Fanella '89
Andrew F. Farella '85 and Jane Tschiderer Farella '86
Patricia C. Fay P'92, '88, '86 §
Nicole A. Fede '16
Paul T. Femia
Richard E. Fernandez '75 and Faith Molzon Fernandez '77
Zoe T. Ferranti '17
Michelle L. Ferrara '14
Peter M. Ferrara '73 and Christine Feeney Ferrara '76 P'08
William and Bonnie Ferris P'03
Frank J. Ficko Jr. '82 and Jennifer Ficko
Laura J. Field
Eileen M. Fields '81
John J. Fink '93 and Erin Kent Fink '93
Brian E. Fitzgerald '69 and Maria L. Serino Fitzgerald §
Daniel B. Fitzgerald '99 and Kristen M. Pienkowski Fitzgerald '03
Michael P. Fitzgerald '89 and Kara Geissler Fitzgerald P'24
James D. Fitzpatrick '70, MA'72 and Phyllis A. Fitzpatrick P'08 §
John and Rosemary Fitzpatrick
Kathryn Fitzpatrick '18
Maria Pappano Fitzpatrick '85 and Fenton J. Fitzpatrick Jr. P'18
Thomas A. Flaherty '51 §
Paul F. Flynn Jr. '86 and Anne Brown Flynn '88 §
Christopher Fogarty '88 and Kelly Reynolds Fogarty '88
Lina Foncello '19
Jeffrey J. Ford '86 and Margaret Moynihan Ford '86
Philip O. Forker '78 and Mary L. Rioux-Forker
Larry and Pamela Forti P'21
John N. Fountain Jr. '70
C. Stephen Francis '63 and Meg Francis §
Michael J. Francis '90 and Helen Lovely Francis '89 P'22, '21
Elizabeth A. Monari Fullerton '10 and Steve Fullerton
Albert Fusari
John A. Gaberino
Jennifer J. Moll Gabrielli '94 and Carlo Gabrielli
Robert and Beth Gale P'23
Bertha L. Gallant '74 §
Peter H. Gallary '67 and Patricia A. Kattman Gallary §
Frank and Ameenie Gallinelli
Paul A. Gargano '64 and Linda Gargano
Timothy H. Gately '93
Jeanne C. Luglio Gaughan '81, MA'07 and Thomas R. Gaughan
Gerard V. Geraghty '71 and Susan Geraghty P'02
M. James Geraghty '68 and Christina Shea Geraghty P'96
Victor T. Geraldi Jr. '88 and Beth-Ann Scholpino Geraldi §
David A. Gerics '79 §
Kevin B. Gerold '77
Brenda Gibbons '84
Cara M. Gibbons '18
Sean M. Gibbons '91 and Carolyn Duff Gibbons '91, MA'94
Kevin and Rita Gill P'15, '11
Caitlin Gilligan '19
Frank and Marjorie Gillis
Samantha Giordano '19
Bonnie B. Gleason §
Mary R. Rena Gleason CAS'88
Edward J. Glennon '83 and Melanie Glennon
James and Tonya Godwin P'24
Richard A. Graf '87 and Jeannine Carolan Graf '87 §
Robert and Bonnie Graham P'98 §
John V. Gramins '95 and Ashley Gramins
William H. Grant '60 and Ingrio Grant
Daniel D. Greeley '86 and Lisa K. Kripsin Greeley
Colleen M. Paull Grinnell '00 and Eric S. Grinnell
Samuel J. Groom '61
Orin L. Grossman and Jane L. Sutherland
Robert F. Grosso '97 and Lauren N. Snayd Grosso
Robert B. Grune Jr. '18
Peter G. Grzybala and Diane W. Korntheuer P'09
Philip J. Guerin '59 and Katherine B. Buckley Guerin MA'64 P'95, '91, '88, '86 §
Kevin J. Guinan '95 and Stacey Guinan
Erin Loughney Haas '91 and T. J. Haas
Maryellyn R. Haffner '84
Walter and Patrice Halas
Joseph D. Hanlon '87 and Christine Tiernan Hanlon '89 P'23
Craig W. Hanrahan '89 and Mary Brini Hanrahan '90
Brian M. Harvey '94 and Kristen B. Keating Harvey '99
Robert and Joanna Hatala P'21
Stephen and Marianne Hauck P'23
Jon and Stephanie Hauge P'03 §
Kevin C. Hayes '01 and Mariclare Hayes
Christopher M. Haynes '87 and Janine Haynes
Mona G. Hefzallah MA'76 and Ibrahim M. Hefzallah
Christopher R. Heintz '90 and Tina Christiano Heintz '91
William J. Hennessey Jr. '77 and Jevera Kaye Hennessey
Walter J. Henry '91 and Ilze Henry
James W. Heslin Jr. '66 and Mary R. Serksnas Heslin §
David and Debra Hines P'24
Deborah A. O'Donovan Hobbs '91 and Allen H. Hobbs
James J. Hoefner '79 and Christine L. Newhall '79 P'19
Susan E. Daly Hoffman '93 and Brent L. Hoffman
Richard and Carrie Hogan P'04 §
James C. Holihan '74 and Alice Holihan
John C. Holsey '71 and Margaret M. Kenah Holsey §
David and Patricia Holveck
Michael and Claire Honig P'23
Daniel and Gretchen Horan P'20
Blair and Jeannine Horne P'22
Charles and Marybeth Horning P'21, '18
Rich and Tracy Horosky P'23
Catherine Casabonne Howe '83 and Jeffrey C. Howe
Michael W. Hughes '86
Raymond J. Hughes '78 and Suzanne Hughes §
John S. Imor '19
Laura A. Incerto ’81
Brian and DawnMarie Jadul P'22
Jeffery and Elizabeth Jerdonek P'23
Barbara A. Jobo
Stephen M. Johnson '85 and Christine Sullivan Johnson §
Colleen M. Jones '78 §
Patricia M. Joyce '75 §
John and Sheila Justice P'23
Cynthia Farhart Kahn '73 and Anthony F. Kahn
Edward J. Kane '61, MA'67
Albert V. Karg '60 and Mary J. Karg §
Leo E. Karl Jr. '51 and Katherine Horan Karl
Stephen E. Karman and Maria Grace Ambrosio-Karman P'23
Levon and Aline Kassabian P'22
James M. Keane '61 and June Keane P'96
Eileen M. Keenan '19, MS'20
William J. Kelleher III '92 and Margaret Mary Cassidy Kelleher '92 P'24
Thomas and Adrienne Keller P'88 §
Patrick W. Kelley Ph.D '76 and Michele Reilly Kelley '76 P'12
Christopher O. Kelly '18
Jack L. Kelly '67 and Jo-Ann Ryan Kelly P'96 §
James F. Kelly Jr. '72 and Mary Cecelia Kelly P'00
James and Terry Kelly P'93 §
Michael E. Kelly '61 §
Michael J. Kelly '65 and Ann Kelly
Raymond J. Kelly '75 and Maureen Kelly
Charles D. Kenny '67 and Mary G. Pinola P'10 §
Edward F. Kiernan III '92 and Elizabeth Ramirez Kiernan
Gregory and Vera Kiernan P'12, '09
Aryam A. Kifle '17
Samuel R. King '70 and Regina M. King
Lawrence and Julie Kirshner P'22
Patricia L. Kislevitz
John J. Klein '92 and Marianne Teresa Hillerman Klein §
Charles D. Knight '86
Angeli A. Kohlatkar
Carole M. Kokoszka '86
Glen J. Kowalchuk '78 and Marilyn Kowalchuk
Joseph R. Krajci Jr. '70 and Roberta Daniello Krajci MA'78 §
James and Celeste Kramer P'10, '03 §
Ryan C. Krebs '13 and Margaret K. Osmulski '14
Todd J. Kress

Timothy J. Kristof '85 and Kimberly S. Kristof
James T. LaCroix '70 and Margaret R. Felluca LaCroix P'06, '00 §
Tracy Lai MBA'11
Kenneth C. Landy and Teresa J. Opalacz P'19
Scott L. Langlais '84 and Jennifer Sullivan Langlais '86 P'16
Irene C. Langley
John N. Langlois '70
John A. Lapreay '90
Robert H. Laska '69 and Marianne Euser Laska §
Ronald Lauder §
James and Robin Lavelle P'22
Scott K. Leahy '97 and Patricia A. Devine Leahy '97
Thomas and Colleen Leahy P'21
Betsey L. Lebow MA'10 and David A. Lebow P'12
John J. Lee III MS'08 and Barbara M. Lee §
Patrick M. Leeber '86 and Lorinda Leeber MA'02 §
Russell B. Lennon III '90 and Megan McGovern Lennon '90 P'23
Salvatore and Janice Leo P'04, '97, '96 §
Andrew S. Leone '17
Marylou Leverty
Joanne C. Lewers '91
David and Elizabeth Lewis P'20
Thomas J. Lewis '69 and Louise M. Lewis
Andrew Li
Stephen and Susan Liguori
Louise M. Linck '84
Barbara L. Lisman MA'91 §
Robert and Kimberly Lombardi P'20
Dominick M. Lonardo '52, MA'54, C'58 and Marie M. Lonardo P'82 §
Patrick K. Long '71 and Elizabeth Long §
William R. Lordi '79 and Marianne L. Kenney Lordi '80 P'13
Marie Mateos Lorenz '86 and James O. Lorenz P'21
Angela Paolantonino Lowy '01
Thomas and Cheryl Lozowski P'23, '20
Janet Rozumalski Lucas MA'74
Anthony J. Luongo '96, MBA'03 and Linda Scerrato Luongo '96, MA'11 P'24 §
Liam D. Lynch '19
Edward J. Lyons '62 and Diane Godburn Lyons
Michele M. Macauda '78 and Richard Burke P'09
Robert G. MacDonald '91 and Margaret Deneen MacDonald '91
Martin P. MacDonnell '89
Marelyn J. Maces '19
Brian C. Machler '87 and Eileen Chang Machler '87
Gregory J. Macina '76 and Lucy Olszewski Macina P'09
Kathleen Gleason Madzula MA'71 and John S. Madzula P'99, '95 §
Vincent and Debra Maffeo P'11
Lindsay M. Maida '14
Kenneth J. Maiocco '63 and Maxine G. Gormley Maiocco
Jay F. Malcynsky '76 and Joni L. Malcynsky
Gerald and Susan Malloy P'24
Charles J. Malone Jr. '92 and Kelly Farrell Malone P'23
Kieran and Mary Frances Malone §
Shannon E. Malone '23
Mary-Jeanne O'Connor Manning '85 and Mark W. Manning §
William A. Manthey '71 §
John P. Marchak MBA'98 and Lucy Ambrosino
Aimee Agresta Marchetti MA'94 and Paul E. Marchetti P'22
Jane M. Marrone MA'08 and Samuel R. Marrone
Eileen P. Casey Marshall '90 and Jeffrey F. Marshall
Matthew A. Marshall '19
William A. Marshall Jr. '76 §
Clark and Maureen Martin P'23
Gregory J. Martin '80
Francis J. Marx Sr. '76 and Joanne Marx P'04
Vincent F. Masi A'54 +
Frederick P. Masnato '73 and Maria R. Masnato §
Hugh and Carolyn Mason P'20
Carmella A. Mastrogiovanni C'79
Christopher D. Matthiessen '17
David J. Mazzarelli '92 and Maria C. Chiodo Mazzarelli '94 P'23
Joan C. Alvarez Mazzella '89 and Robert Mazzella §
Anthony and Patricia Mazzone P'02 §
Thomas J. McAdam '78 and Jill Schwartz McAdam §
David C. McAleer '89 and Christina A. McAleer §
William H. McBain Jr. '75 P'07, '04 §
Robert D. McCann '68 and Connie McCann
James P. McCarthy '73 and Mary Ellen Mangan McCarthy '75 §
Michael and Kimberly McCarthy P'24, '23
Rory I. McCarthy '04 and Jennifer H. Clough McCarthy '04
William J. McCarthy '92 and Margaret A. Sweeney McCarthy '92
Michael and Sheilah McCauley P'23
Kevin J. McColgan '81 and Nancy Whelan McColgan '82 §
Julie C. Pasquariello McCullough '05, MSN'13 and Charles M. McCullough III
Thomas M. McDade '73 and Carol S. McDade
Elizabeth Mazur McDonald MA'89
James E. McDonald '66 and Susan Kelleher McDonald
Robert O. McDonald '69
Patrick and Carrie McDonough P'22
Tracy L. McEvoy
Gregory A. McGrath '72
Richard D. McGrath P'23
Joan A. McGuire §
James P. McHugh '93
Christopher M. McKeon '88 and Jacqueline Jamie McKeon §
Dennis and Teresa McLaughlin P'21
Matthew C. McLaughlin '89 and Amy Andariese McLauglin
John J. McLean '55, MA'62 and Angela T. McLean
Tracy A. McManimon '86
James and Betty McManus §
Peter A. McMullin '92 and Patricia B. Curran McMullin '91 §
Daniel T. McNichol '86 and Roseann McNichol
Timothy McPartlin and Eva-Marie Cusack P'22
Christopher McSherry '91 and Kathleen McConnell McSherry '93
Paul P. McSherry '98
H. David Megaw '66
Bradford C. Melius '84 and Elizabeth Mellitt Melius '84
Patrice Tracy Melley '74 and William J. Melley III
Anthony W. Merola '74 and Wendy Merola
Richard R. Metz '73 and Kathleen Acocella Metz P'04 §
David M. Mezzapelle '90
Craig and Teresse Middleton P'88 §
Raymond and Lisa Mikovits P'23
Jay T. Mikula P'23
Karin R. Mikula P'23
Barbara M. Miles
Robert C. Millard III '90 and Darlene Lacey Millard '92 §
Philip R. Miller '70 and Ginny Miller
Ryan W. Miosek '01 and Caitlin C. McCarty Miosek '01
Anthony G. Mixcus '75 and Mary C. Ziess Mixcus P'16, '07 §
Eugene F. Mockler '87 and Rita E. Mockler MA'07
Edward M. Molloy Sr. '62 and Bonnie Testa Molloy P'93 §
Matthew S. Monahan '90 and Veronica Monahan §
Michael F. Money '82
James C. Moore '64 and Fern Moore P'94
Thomas F. Moore '75 and Patricia Hoar Moore '74 §
Michael and Denise Moran P'14
Paul P. Moran '71 and Jean Sullivan Moran
Hugh J. Morgan '69 and Emily P. Morgan P'94
Madison and Barbara Morgan P'23
William D. Morrissey '59 and Mary Hayes Morrissey
James W. Morrow '80
Pedro A. Moura '00
Dorothy T. Mulford CAS'80 §
Mary Lynn Mulholland P'96, '92, '86, '85, '83
Michael F. Mullen '59 and Ann Marie Casey Mullen P'99, '92, '89, '88, '86
Dennis C. Murphy '78 and John F. Stafstrom Jr.
Kelly Anne Conlisk Murphy '91 and Daniel Murphy §
Melissa Murphy '84
Peter J. Murphy '97 and Becki Murphy
Elaine J. Nalty-Clark
Jeremy J. Nappi '00 and Christina C. Rice Nappi '00
Tyler Nelson '18
Peter and Claudia Nielsen
Victor A. Noce '02
Harry P. Norman Jr. '88 and Joan M. Gallagher Norman '88 P'22
David A. Norton '63 and Elsie Norton
Anthony and Carrie Noviello P'22
Henry P. Nowak Jr. '89 and Teresa Fish Nowak P'22
Carole Ann Maxwell and Richard Nuzzo P'02
Edward T. O'Brien '74 and Bernice O'Brien
John F. O'Brien '88 and Sandra Metzler O'Brien
Kerry Kristiansen O'Brien '84 and Sean F. O'Brien P'17, '13
Charles and Rose O'Connor P'12
Margaret T. O'Connor P'83
Martin P. O'Connor '73 and Elaine B. O'Connor
David and Suzanne Olczak P'22
Robert D. Ollwerther '78 and Elizabeth Murphy Ollwerther '79 P'10
Joshua D. Olson '01 and Caitlin A. Perry Olson '02
Joseph S. O'Neill '77
Robert T. O'Neill '75 and Kathy Morgan O'Neill P'14
Bradley Orban '19
Paul and Lucille Ostensen P'24, '21
William J. Paffido '55, MA'69 §
Francis Palestrini Jr. '75 and Maureen Palestrini
Paul N. Palmeri '87 and Kimberly C. Mann Palmeri '88
Joseph A. Palsa '71 and Vivian Carrafielo Palsa P'05
David M. Panico '83 and Barbara Wegman Panico '83 P'13
Jeffrey Panzo '93 and Kersten B. Stannard
John F. Papandrea Jr.
Louis F. Parent Jr. '61 and Sandra Parent
Michael and Jocelyn Pascucci
Debra Pavlik '84
John M. Pearson '84 and Chandra Pearson
Eric W. Peel '97 and Melissa Mantore Peel
Francis T. Perrone '64 and Carol A. Chrapowitzky Perrone §
Corinne E. Persichetti '19
John-Moritz and Antje Persiehl P'22
Kevin R. Peters '86 and Kelly J. Tormey Peters '87
Gary and Judy Petrosino P'05 §
Gerald R. Pfund '85 and Rebecca Fountain Pfund
Christopher Phelan
Michael C. Piagentini '99 and Kimberly A. Luhmann Piagentini '00
Rudolph V. Pino III '05 and Karalee C. Rovelli Pino '05, MSN'13
Joseph and Margaret Pollicino P'88, '82
Robert and Jane Powers P'20
Megan A. Protas '12
Scott and Lisa Pumper P'23
Christine Pollock Puzo '74 and Michael J. Puzo §
William J. Quentin '18
Peter A. Quigley and Meghan Heffernan P'22
Thomas J. Quigley '79 and Norma Filippi Quigley '81 §
James and Ann Marie Quinn P'24, '22
Virginia M. LaHiff Quinn '93 and Matthew S. Quinn
Cheryl A. Raab MSN'15
Michele M. Rae '74 and Daniel Swinehart §
James and Susan Rapoport P'07 §
Kathleen E. Raymond '86, MA'07 §
Iony Razakamanantsoa and Misserra March P'22
Christine M. Reardon '93 and Jeffrey P. Davis
Thomas M. Reardon III '86
Mark C. Reed Ed.D. '96, MBA'03 and Katherine Johnston Reed §
James J. Rees '89 and Kallie P. Rees
Alan and Catherine Reicheg P'24, '22
Gerald and Mary Reidy
William B. Reilly '92 and Keri M. Reilly
Bryan C. Renehan '70 and Alexa Renehan
Maryellen Renz-McMillan '86 and Robert K. McMillan §
David M. Repetto '79 and Michele McGuire Repetto P'15
Mark J. Resnick '94 and Coleen P. Campbell Resnick '94
Kevin J. Richards '85
Paul Richter
Donald J. Rinaldi '60 and Diana Mazaika Rinaldi P'89 §
Russell and Ellen Rinklin P'23
Parker A. Riordan '19
Peter and Barbara Ripp
Eric and Susan Rivera P'23
Kip and Jill Robinson P'23
Steven C. Rockefeller Sr. §
Jeffrey Rodgers '19
William J. Rogers '72 and Mary K. Neff Rogers §
Frank J. Romano '84 and Virginia Drew Romano '85, C'03
Richard J. Romanski '63 §
John J. Rose '63 and Patricia M. Rose
Gerald B. Rosenberg and Cheryl Wiesenfeld
Joseph P. Rossi '89 §
Andrea M. Bulla Rossiter '00 and James Rossiter
James J. Rotnofsky '96 and Barbara Rotnofsky
Roy and Diane Rotnofsky P'00, '96
William M. Roy '84 and Elizabeth Roy
David M. Royston '61 and Eunice Morganroth Royston
Michael and Jennifer Rubin P'21
Steve Ruchefsky and Rondi Charleston
Robert R. Ruddock '69 and Jane McCarey Ruddock
A. Donald Rully '60 and Ann Lerardi Rully
William and Holly Ruoff
Carolyn M. Rusiackas §
Mark and Karen Ryan P'21
Thomas J. Ryan '92 and Janice A. Ryan
Joseph and Patricia Sacco P'13 §
Madonna A. Sacco '77 and Brian W. Smith §
John A. Sakson '75 and Catherine Fitzpatrick Sakson §
Marianne Walsh Saladino '88 and Jerome J. Saladino Jr.
Marcie Varesio Salamone '86 and Salvatore F. Salamone
Joseph Salata Jr. +
Marc E. Salerno '94 and Kathleen Salerno
Edward J. Salkoski Jr. '71
Barbara Doll Salop '75 and Evan Salop
Jacob A. Salpietro '16
Neal J. Salvey '72 and Janine Lichacz Salvey '76, MA'80
Kenneth J. Sandacata '70
Hernan and Kathleen Santos P'23
Gerald T. Sargent III '82 and Patricia Tobin Sargent '83 P'18
Debra Smith Sauer '14 and Glenn R. Sauer P'20, '12
Gerald J. Sauvigne '09 and Elizabeth A. Molino Sauvigne
Kristen D. Sauvigne '10 and Paul Schindler
Thomas B. Scallon '07 and Heidi Scallon
Andrew G. Scandalios '90 and Catherine A. O'Neill Scandalios '91 §
Michael J. Schelzi P'13, '10
Andy and Amy Schillinger P'22
Kurt C. Schlichting '70 and Mary Schlichting
Paul and Kristin Schlickmann
Stephanie Schott '04 and Kenneth Kohanski
Peter G. Schuebler '90
Louis Sciarretta Jr. '87 and Annette Manghisi Sciarretta '87
Matthew M. Scott '02 and Sara D'Arcy Scott
Ryan W. Scully '01 and Kristen Storer Scully
Susan Truss Seabrooks '85 and Norman Seabrooks
John C. Seeberg '83 and Kathleen Doherty Griffin '83, MS'14 §
Robert J. Seery Jr. '87 and Kathleen Seery
Amy L. Selwood McGovern '95 and Christopher F. McGovern
John G. Shalhoub '90 and Maureen Heanue Shalhoub
Joyce M. Oliphant Shea '79 and Joseph Shea P'14, '11, '09
Melissa Egbert Sheehan '97 and William B. Sheehan
Robert P. Sheils Jr. '67 and M. Constance Daily Sheils MA'72 P'00 §
Jake D. Shemtob '15
Paul E. Sheridan '87 and Ann Sullivan Sheridan '87
Thomas K. Sheridan '87 and Elizabeth Sheridan
James S. Shukie '72, MA'78 and Margaret E. Conlisk Shukie '74 §
Philip M. Sinisgalli '67 and Katherine Consoli Sinisgalli
Valerie A. Sisko '94, MA'96 and Anthony Spatarella Jr.
Janet A. Leber Skinner '86 and John P. Skinner P'22
Patrick D. Skuret '01 and Megan Skuret
Gerald A. Smith '68 and Dianne Smith §
Megan P. Giese Smith '98 and Billy Smith Jr.
Michael and Mary Ann Smith P'22
Michael J. Smith '79 and Marie A. Imondo Smith '79 §
Raymond B. Smyth '68 and Carol Miller Smyth
Mario R. Somoza '89 and Blanqui M. Fernandez Somoza P'19
Clementina St. Pierre P'20
Mark St. Pierre P'20
Matthew C. Stanwood '81 and Leslie Bowdring Stanwood
Marie Steczkowski
Michael J. Steed '87 and Jacqueline Mead Steed '88 §
Christopher and Tamara Stergion P'23
William H. Stewart '64 and Patricia Stewart §
Ellen J. Stipo '91, MA'06 §
Uros Stosic '04 and Melissa Sue Stosic
Kathleen Kelly Strunk '80 and Gregg Strunk §
Laurel Struzziero
Carla Supersano Sullivan '88 and Sean Sullivan P'19 §
James and Rita Sullivan P'96 §
Jeanie Glunz Sullivan '86 and James P. Sullivan
Michael J. Sullivan '99 and Samantha Sullivan
Patrick and Pamela Sullivan P'20
Kim M. Sutherland-Spillett '88 and Daniel T. Spillett
Donald E. Svoboda Jr. '89 and Catherine P. Svoboda
Robert J. Swansiger '68 and Patricia J. Swansiger
Leopold and Jane Swergold
David E. Symmonds and Mayra Vinals P'09
Robert J. Tarantino II '00
Sean J. Thomann '83 and Kelly H. Harris Thomann '85 §
Thomas A. Tierney '62 and Jeanette Ventimiglia Tierney §
John K. Toal '80 and Christine M. Walsh '82 §
Francis P. Tobin '84 and Janet Minervini Tobin '89
Gregory G. Tole '88 and Tosia Tole
Diane Venino Tolkowsky '79 and Michael Tolkowsky
Linda S. Tom '19
James and Dara Tomeo
Sarah F. Tracy '09
William and Laurette Tracy P'09, '06
William F. Traester '70 and Carol Traester
Michael F. Trafecante MBA'01 and Mary Beth Reh Trafecante P'22, '21, '19
Jason and Felecia Tremont
Raymond R. Trismen '80 and Karol L. Trismen
Ronald J. Troyer
Maximilian A. Trunz '11 and Annelise Trunz
John and Clare Tsigas P'21
Shamil B. Turner '15 and Desiree Verdejo Turner
Stanley E. Turski '52, MA'58 §
Paul T. Tusch '82 and Carol Wilson Tusch '83 §
Michael and Aimee Uccellini P'21
Roberto Ucero and Margarita Pineda-Ucero
Roger H. Uhlich '67, MA'72 and Myrna Martorana-Uhlich §
Thomas C. Urciuoli '19
Timothy R. Valente '17
Barbara Valentine '86 and Kenneth Capuder
Joseph Valerio '71 and Deborah Courtney Valerio '92
William A. Van Decker '79 and Generosa Grana §
Geoffrey and Linette Van Flandern P'18
Jose Vega '88 and Elizabeth J. Vega §
Gerah M. Ventresca '96
Ronald T. Vigliotta '95 and Maryann Vigliotta
Vincent and Patricia Vigorita P'20
Stephen A. Villano '88
Brian Wacha
Barbara Unger Wales '90 §
John J. Walsh '52 and Mary Ellen Walsh §
John R. Walsh P'23
Kevin J. Walsh '19
Matthew J. Walsh '19
Michael W. Walsh '82 +
Paul M. Walsh '73 and Cynthia A. Woll Walsh '75 P'09, '03
Marlene L. Waradzin '84 §
Leo J. Waters '58 + §
Ernest J. Webby Jr. '62 and Roberta Webby
James D. Wehr '79 and Teresa M. Wehr
Timothy J. Welsh '98 and Jessica Dionne Welsh '98 §
Eugene P. White '96 and Aimee B. Cronin White '96 §
Patricia L. McCreery White MA'78 §
S. Joseph and Cindy Wickwire P'19
Lawrence A. Wien
Jack Wilkins
William T. Wilson '79 and Malissa Wilson
John and Joella Wind P'22
Robert W. Wood '90 and Elizabeth Biedenbach Wood
Robert and Susan Wright
Thomas and Kitty Wynne
David Yearwood
Timothy V. Zaino '96 and Noreen Connaughton Zaino §
Anne-Marie Ziegler
Daniel E. Zsebik '74 and Susan Hahn Zsebik

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