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At Fairfield, many parents go above and beyond, providing a quality education not only for their own sons and daughters, but also assuring the opportunity exists for others. The parents listed below chose to support all Fairfield students, with their 2018-19 gifts.

+ Deceased

Please note that this list reflects gifts received between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

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Donor List

Anonymous (9)
Joseph and Michele Abate P'23
James and Laura Abriola P'20
Thomas and Cindy Ackerman P'10
Beth Culotta Adams '87 and Glen A. Adams P'23
Joseph and Suzanne Adams P'22
Joseph and Christine Affinito P'00
Charles and Kyong Agapiou P'23
Pasquale and Karen Agostino P'23
Kevin and Susan Ahern P'19
Todd and Rachel Akerley P'22
Nancy Agovino Albanese '88 and Vincent Albanese P'22
John and Debra Alexander P'23
Mark and Martina Alibrandi P'21, '14
Beth A. Allen P'24
David and Megan Allen P'23
Samuel and Lynne Aloisi P'23
Jeffrey and Lisa Alter P'23, '23
Anthony J. Altomare P'21
Nicholas and Diane Ambrosino P'23
Mark and Stefanie Amone P'20
Mark and Lauren Amoroso P'19
Dennis and Kristin Amrine P'18, '18
Eileen Koneck Anderson '85 and Chris R. Anderson P'13
Linda D. Anderson P'23
Peter and Laura Anderson P'21
Robert C. Anderson '63 P'92, '92
Joseph and Lisa Annunziata P'19
Mary-Evelyn DeCaprio Antonetti '90 and Robert Antonetti P'20
Alexandra Aponte-Garcia P'21
John and Robin Ardito P'21, '18
Judith W. Arel P'87, '82
Robert W. Arel P'87, '82 +
Christopher P. Arena '93 and Susan D. George Arena P'24
Gordon and Anne Armour P'15
Gregory T. Arnold '91 and Dianne M. Lodge Arnold '89 P'18
Terence and Cynthia Arnold P'20
Michael and Heather Arone P'23
Ray and Gabriela Aronowitz P'20
Patrick and Marcella Arre P'13
Marlon and Colleen Artigas P'24
Steven and Hilda Assarian P'21
William and Peggy Atwell P'08
John and Debra Auriemma P'22, '12
Fred and Renee Autorino P'23
Lawrence and Mary Lou Axiak P'23, '20
John and Jill Aylward P'17
Linda Baccari P'23
Robert A. Bacchi and Debra A. Cassino-Bacchi P'22
Jeffery and Kimberly Baer P'20, '16
Carl F. Bailey Jr. '75 and Lauren Dalton Bailey P'08
Robert and Danielle Bailey P'24
Timothy and Catherine Bailey P'23
Jon and Hillary Baker P'22
Kenneth and Alicia Baker P'24, '20
Francis and Louise Balanda P'15
Diane Baldelli P'22
Bruce and Georgina Balemian P'23
John A. Balint '73 and Margaret Gallagher Balint '75 P'03
Michael and Michele Ballan P'01
Ronald and Megan Banas P'20
Kevin A. Bannan '79 and Catherine Gilbane Bannan P'18, '17
John and Terri Bannon P'11
Norman and Janet Banville P'23
James J. Baranello Jr. '86 and Tara K. Sittner Baranello P'22
Christopher M. Baratta and Mary T. Pope-Baratta P'23
Kenneth and Angela Barbati P'24, '21, '18
Steven and Tina Bardsley P'21
Dana and Colleen Barisano P'24
Terrill and Dawn Barnard P'21
David and Gwynne Barnes P'23
Timothy J. Barnes '72 and Patricia P. Pianko Barnes P'10
Eileen M. Barone P'13
Richard J. Barone Sr. '60, MA'70 and Judith A. Barone P'99
Arthur and Ann Barrett P'22
Susan K. Barrett P'17
John and Barbara Barry P'09
Patrick and Grace Barry P'24
John and Barbara Bartolomeo P'23
Franklin and Marie Bassett P'20
Salvatore and Deirdre Battaglia P'23
Leonard A. Battiston '70 and Bonnie Battiston P'00
John and Amy Battle P'20
Curtis E. Battles P'23
Tina Battles P'23
Philip and Ellen Baudinet P'15
Dean and Maryanne Bauknecht P'23
Can and Laurie Bay P'22
Peter and Tracy Bayers P'23, '20, '17
Peter and Lisa Beach P'19
John E. Beauvais '91 and Audrey M. Gabler Beauvais '90 P'23
Stephen and Catherine Beckman P'22
Jason and Alexis Beckwith P'23
Stephen and Deana Beckwith P'20
Robert and Barbara Beer P'22
Randall and Susan Beil P'24
George and Dianne Belecanech P'20
Harry and Brenda Bellucci P'23
Thomas and Elizabeth Belthoff P'08
Jorge and Lynne Benavides P'22
Frank and Anna Benewiat P'22
Carl Bennett P'96
Deirdre A. O'Connor Bennett '83 and Steven C. Bennett P'17
Charles and Christina Benoit P'21
Daniel and Jamie Benson P'22
Paul J. Berberich Sr. '76 and Norine Tobin Berberich P'17
Robert L. Berchem '62 and Lee Contrucci Berchem P'92
Timothy and Kirsten Bergstrom P'24
John and Lori Berisford P'21, '20
Gregory and Anne Bernhart P'22
Thomas and Donna Berta P'24
Philip and Carolann Bertolotti P'23
Michelle N. Bethencourt-Garcia P'23
William A. Bevacqua Jr. '92, MBA'98 and Jennifer Dauster Bevacqua '93, MBA'98 P'22
Kurt and Lynne Bimmler P'13
Robert and Sheila Birney P'15
John and Noreen Bishar P'02
Sandra V. Bispo P'23
Davies and Megan Bisset P'24
Peter and Judith Black P'14
Susan Black P'22
John and Suzanne Blair P'20
Alan R. Blanchette '65 and Susan Blanchette P'93
Ignazio Blanco and Deborah Olive P'23
Karen Elliott Blatchley '92 and Bradley S. Blatchley P'24
Stephen and Alicia Body P'22
Gregory Bohnsack '73 and Patricia W. Bohnsack P'08, '07
Joan M. Bolger P'90, '81
Thomas M. Bona and Laura Ganio Bona P'12, '10
Kevin and Kerry Bonaiuto P'17
David and Heather Bonaparte P'20
Joseph and Carol Bonelli P'21
Richard and Wendy Bongo P'21, '18
Joseph and Denise Bonifazio P'22
James and Sharon Book P'21
Brian M. Boornazian '82 and Deborah Boornazian P'19, '11
Michael and Renee Borgos P'23
Serguei Borissenkov and Marina Rozenberg P'21
Peter and Vikki Bosse P'23
Joseph and Catherine Bossolina P'21
Peter and Denise Botelho P'20
John and Valerie Bottega P'22
Therese M. Bower-Hibdon P'00
Gregory and Patricia Bowlin P'23
Brian and Kathleen Boyce P'16
Andre and Lorraine Boyd P'23
Gregg and Deborah Boyd P'11
William T. Boyd Jr. '67 and Cheri Chase Boyd P'97
John and Deidre Boyle P'22
Matthew and Lisa Boyle P'22
William and Maria Bradley P'22
Mario and Mirella Brancato P'21
James M. Brasser Sr. '74 and Elizabeth Hanlon Brasser '75, MA'84 P'05, '04, '02
Maria Scarpetti Bravo '89 and Peter S. Bravo P'19
Stephen and Lynn Breitfeller P'22
Donald G. Brelsford '82 and Deborah Mollica Brelsford '82 P'11
Daniel E. Brennan '73 and Charlene Seliga Brennan P'99
John and Eleanore Brennan P'22
Joseph and Helen Brennan P'91
Michelle McCahill Brennan '86 and Brian J. Brennan P'22, '17
William E. Brennan '69 and Marilyn E. Brennan P'03
Richard and Maureen Brennen P'06
Nelson and Jennifer Breton P'21
Robert and Deana Bridgman P'24
Charles and Laurie Briggs P'16, '14, '11
Nancy Conrad Brizzolara '78 and Thomas L. Brizzolara P'16, '09
Arthur and Karen Broadhurst P'22, '20
Christian and Karen Brouillard P'15
Suzanne M. Brown Vitiello P'21
Andrew and Andrea Brown P'17
David and Mikala Brown P'23
Jimmy Brown P'22
MaryBeth May Brown '85 P'23, '21
Gerald and Anna Browne P'23
Ann Carty Bruchansky '82 and Peter J. Bruchansky P'14
Carlo and Terri Bruni P'20
Walter J. Brunner Jr. '83 and Hilary Schmitt Brunner '83 P'24
Anthony and Jennifer Bruton P'22
Brian and Christine Buchanan P'23
David and Susan Buchanan P'15
Daniel and Kristine Buckley P'21, '18
Timothy J. Buckley '80 and Patricia O'Neil Buckley P'16, '12
Christopher and Michelle Budicini P'23
Kenneth R. Bull P'22
Gary A. Bundy '79 and Cathy Nolan Bundy P'11
Stanley and Janet Burba P'94
Stephen and Tracey Burgoyne P'17
Joseph R. Burke '66, MA'69 and Deborah A. Bree Burke P'06, '04
Peter M. Burke '69 and Mary C. Hennelly Burke P'05
Ralph M. Burke '60, MA'62, CAS'67 and Eleanor M. Connelly Burke P'01
Timothy A. Burke '83 and Nancy Inguagiato Burke '83 P'13
Joseph and Michaela Burschinger P'23
Roel and Carolyn Bus P'20
John and Mary Butala P'20
Thomas and Lisa Butts P'21
William and Diane Butts P'20
Christopher C. Butz and Lourdes Maisonet P'23
Laurence and Lisa Cafaro P'21
Robert B. Cagnassola '62 and Elizabeth Cagnassola P'92
Christopher and Eileen Cahill P'18, '14
Daniel and Charlene Calandro P'20
Frank and Andrea Calderone P'23
Michael and Teresa Callaghan P'22, '13
Brian and Maryann Callahan P'01
David P. Callahan '68 and Laura O. Callahan P'94
Michael and Jean Callan P'23, '18
John R. Callegari Jr. '88 and Caroline Russo Callegari '88 P'24, '23
John and Christy Callinan P'20
James P. Callow '91 and Mary E. O'Shea Callow '92 P'22
Jeffrey and Jo Calnan P'21
Kenneth D. Camarro '62 and Teresa Paston Camarro MA'68 P'93
Alphonse and Lisa Camera P'22
Edward and Kathleen Caminiti P'16
Eric and Stacie Campbell P'24
Richard and Michelle Campbell P'22
Thomas and Christine Cancelmo P'23
Paul and Connie Canelli P'15
Kevin P. Cannon '80 and Elaine Kovac Cannon P'20
Anthony and Roxann Capasso P'20
Michael and Ligia Capasso P'23
Anthony and Nancy Capone P'23
Joseph A. Cappitelli '89 and Carolynne Hearty Cappitelli P'24
Kim M. Carciero P'23
Steven A. Carlotto '83 and Linda M. Spatafore Carlotto P'23
James and Lisa Carlton P'22
Patrick J. Carolan '59 and Betty J. McIntyre Carolan '87 P'89, '85
Alden and Marie Carolo P'19
David and Paula Caron P'23
Jonathan M. Carroll '91 and Lorri Padula Carroll '91, MA'99 P'22, '20
Louis and Anna Caruso P'23
Michael and Sharon Caruso P'21
Thomas and Domenica Caruso P'12
Luigi and Karina Casale P'22
Robert and Carolyn Casazza P'20
Glen and Kristin Casey P'22
Robert R. Casey '88 and Maura E. Byrnes-Casey P'20
Robert W. Casey P'15
Henry and Gail Cassidy P'23
James and Jacqueline Cassidy P'22
Laurie A. McClure Castellano '92 and John Castellano P'24
William D. Catalano and Rosita DiBernardo Catalano P'21
Vincent and Denise Cavallone P'23
Kathleen Cavanaugh P'21
Marcia Cavanaugh P'84
David and Rebecca Cavazuti P'20, '18
Scott S. Centrella '80 and Carlie Quasnosky Centrella MA'88, MSN'88 P'16
Emil and Karen Cerno P'20
Kenneth and Diane Cerritelli P'94
Jason and Michelle Cevoli P'21
Louis Chabrier P'23
Karol J. Chacho III '74 and Mary Stronkowski Chacho '75 P'12
Gareth M. Charter '88 and Elizabeth Morgan Charter '88 P'23
James and Shauna Chen P'20, '20
Gerald and Greig Chi P'20
Paul and Lucia Chiaramonte P'11
Jorge A. Chiluisa '89, MBA'06 and Victoria L. Havourd Chiluisa P'21, '20, '19
Kenneth and Gloria Chin P'13, '02
Christopher P. Chiodo '89 and Lynne M. Fuller Chiodo P'24
Eugene and Tracey Ann Chiulli P'22
David J. Christ '86 and Deborah J. Smith Christ P'20
Dorothy Christiansen '81 and Niels Sweeney Christiansen P'20
Charles and Michele Chupein P'21
Domenick and Sue Ciaccia P'10
Donald J. Ciampi Jr. '86 and Ellen Cavanaugh Ciampi P'21
Marc A. Ciampi '92 and Vivian M. Timlin Ciampi '92 P'24
Jennifer Cinguina '92, MFA'12 P'23
Anthony and Maryann Cioffari P'19
Brian and Diana Clancy P'23
David M. Clarkson and Amparo Loza-Clarkson P'19
David and Michelle Claussen P'16
Ellen Gallagher Cobau '84 and Jay J. Cobau P'17
James G. Coffey and Geraldine A. Lehane P'21, '19
Thomas and Debora Coffey P'23
Joseph and Jeannie Colalillo P'22
Mark and Margaret Coleman P'24
Michael and Alexandra Coleman P'22
Joseph and Jeanne Colford P'07, '04
Thomas and Sarah Colgan P'08
Jess and Jane Collen P'06
Richard L. Colline '75 and Marguerite Richnavsky Colline P'10, '03
Daniel and Joann Collins P'23
Craig and Carol Colpitts P'14
Frank and Barbara Colucci P'07
Martin Comey P'95
Carole Conboy P'02
Rene and P. Concepcion P'10
Carlos and Kathleen Confeiteiro P'22
Thomas and Mary Ann Conine P'07, '05
Charles A. Conley '70 and Mary Conley P'99, '96
Kevin M. Conlisk '66 and Mary Beth E. McLaughlin Conlisk P'91
Hugh D. Conlon '79 and Nora J. Nolan Conlon P'23
Michael and Kimberly Connell P'21
Frederick E. Connelly Jr. and Maria-Elisa Ciampa P'22
John and Corinne Connelly P'20
Karen S. Fiaone Connolly MA'83 and John F. Connolly P'90
Anthony and Carolyn Conte P'21, '18
Robert F. Conti '51 and Jane M. Leone Conti P'90
Jodi F. Conway P'06
Leo and Cheryl Conwell P'22
Thomas and Molly Coogan P'23
Donald Cook '63, MA'77 and Deborah McAuley P'93, '88
James and Elaine Cook P'05
John and Lucia Cook P'15
Philip and Kathleen Cooper P'06, '00
William and Marie Cooper P'22
Michael A. Corasaniti and Valerie A. Zondorak P'22
John and Jennifer Corbett P'24
Michael and Margaret Corbett P'23
Jay and Jennifer Cornforth P'23
John and Jacqueline Corrado P'20
Melissa M. Correia P'23
Christopher and Maureen Cosgrove P'20
Joseph and Bernadette Costa P'22
Gerard and Elizabeth Costello P'22
Jason and Courtney Courter P'22
Mark H. Courtney P'23
Joseph and Vivian Covello P'24, '22
Kevin V. Cox Sr. P'23
John and Mary Coyle P'98, '92
William C. Crager '86 and Kathryn Crager P'19
Charles and Christine Crawford P'23
Hugh and Ellen Creegan P'20
Thomas and Robyn Crimmins P'23
Christopher and Frances Cronin P'03
Jason D. Crosby P'21
Carlo Crosio and Lisa M. Gualco P'20
Francis E. Crowley '64 P'93
John and Maria Crowley P'19, '19
Laura K. Crowley P'23
Kathleen P. Crowley-Beale P'22
Irene Cullagh '93 P'21
Timothy and Rita Cullen P'23
Thomas C. Cullum Jr. '86 and Michelle A. Milander Cullum P'20, '16
Leo and Doris Cummings P'23
Timothy R. Cummings '70 P'02
Eileen Petruzillo Cuneo '86 and Leslie J. Cuneo P'24, '17
Joseph and Sana Cuntrera P'22
Brian and Leslie Curran P'21
Donna C. Gigliotti Curran '80 and Michael Curran P'99, '93, '88
Eileen McCormack Curran '78 and Lawrence R. Curran P'09
Marie Uriano Curran MA'68, C'72 and Jerome Curran P'94
Frank and Diana Curro P'16
John J. Curtis '84 and Christina Dickerson Curtis P'18
James and Lisa Cyr P'23, '21
Michael and Jacqueline Cyran P'20
Dean and Linda Daghita P'24
Joseph R. D'Agostin '63 and Paula Pelletiere D'Agostin P'92
Daniel and Moira Daigle P'22
Thomas and Kimberly Dail P'16
Vincent R. D'Alessandro Jr. '65, MA'69 and Brenda D'Alessandro P'90
Vincent R. D'Alessandro III '90 and Amy Russ D'Alessandro P'22
Bernard J. Daly '67 and Ann Daly P'95
Brian G. Daly '92 and Janet Boyle Daly '92, MSN'00 P'23
Frederick and Nancy Daly P'09, '06
James and Denise Daly P'93, '92, '85
Mitchell A. Danaher MS'91 and Rosemary Milewski Danaher '79 P'14
Ronald J. D'Andrea '77 and Maura J. Fisher D'Andrea '80, CAS'08 P'10
Joseph and Donna D'Angelillio P'06
Jean and Marlene Darbouze P'13
Richard and Virginia Darche P'15
John and Jean Darts P'07, '02, '01
Bernard S. Davis Sr. '67 and Eileen B. Davis P'95
Rami and May Daya P'20
Gregory and Carol Dee P'08
Mark and Susanna DeFilippis P'23
Edward and Jessica Degasperis P'22
John and Lisa DeGregorio P'23
Joseph and Nancy Delaney P'03
Kevin and Cheryl Delaney P'24
Sharon Delfino McGreen '83 and John V. McGreen P'23, '18
Robert and Kathryn Delhome P'21
Gerald and Patricia Della Torre P'21
Richard and Jennifer DeLong P'23
James and Jessica Dennehy P'21
Michael and Paula Dent P'22
Richard and Kris d'Entremont P'21
Peter and Stacey Dera P'22
Michael and Sally Derusha P'23
Raymond and Julie Desmarais P'19
Eugene M. Devaney '80 and Jeannie Devaney P'04
Matteo and Luci DeVincenzo P'23
Paola DeVita '83 and Frank L. DeVita P'21, '16
Kenneth and Kathleen Devlin P'23, '21
Vincent and MaryBeth Di Fiore P'04
Jon and Patricia Di Iorio P'23
John and Carol DiAndrea P'23
Roland and Rebecca Dib P'22
Arthur and Paula DiClementi P'03
Michael J. DiDonato '80 and Lorinda DiDonato P'12
George and Maureen Diffley P'97, '96
William A. DiGiacomo '70 and Celine Pagano DiGiacomo P'07, '99, '98
Joseph DiMenna MA'56, CAS'58 and Fran DiMenna P'80
Louis J. DiMeo '60 and Louise DiMeo P'84
Michael A. Dimirco and Jacqueline Padilla-Dimirco P'20
John and Mary D'Innocenzo P'20
Michele L. Diodati P'21
Michael and Linda DiPietro P'22
Gary F. Dittrich '74 and Kathy S. Dittrich P'07
Jeff and Sharon Dobbs P'22
Jill T. Dobricki P'23
John R. Dobricki P'23
Edward and Lauren Doherty P'09
Timothy and Susan Doherty P'23, '18, '16
Daniel and Judith Dolan P'23
Kathleen A. O'Shea Dolan '94 and Patrick J. Dolan P'24
Kevin P. Dolan '88 and Janine Feudi Dolan P'24
Timothy and Shelley Dolan P'20
John and Lauri Doleva P'22
Elesa R. Doll P'23
Eugene T. Doll P'23
Rocco and Maria Donadio P'92
Stephen and Moreen Donahue P'96
Thomas and Rachelle Donahue P'83, '78
Daniel and Eileen Donovan P'23
Elizabeth A. Lawton Donovan '96 and Shawn R. Donovan P'23
Joseph F. Doody P'23
Devin J. Doolan Sr. '62 and Carol Doolan P'95
Ellen M. Dooley Beyer '85 and Christopher Beyer P'23
Charles and Charleen Dortenzio P'23, '21
Andre D. Dorval '73 and Maria Salamone Dorval P'07
Edmond and Pamela Dougherty P'19
Kevin and Daria Dougherty P'22
Mary Dougherty P'92
Michael V. Dougherty and Judy S. Barros P'21, '19
Barclay and Diana Douglas P'23
Charles J. Douglas '70 and Paulette Fontaine Douglas P'06
Daniel and Michele Dovan P'20
John and Marianne Dowling P'22
John and Anna Doyle P'21, '19, '15
Michael and Diane Drake P'22
Steven and Caroline Drew P'20
Russell and Sally Dreyer P'22
Daniel and Tracey Driscoll P'22, '16
James and Margaret Driscoll P'14
James and Donalee Drohen P'23
Daniel and Laura Dubin P'23
Jeffrey and Colleen Duchemin P'23, '20
Sandra Walker Duemmler MA'14 and Frank L. Duemmler P'16
Thomas and Ellen Duffy P'17
Thomas A. Duggan '88 and Jennifer Ellis Duggan P'17
Thomas and Anne Duggan P'11
Robert and Helene Dumas P'21
Robert F. Dunaj '74 and Lisa Sherman Dunaj P'02
Gregory and Meredith Duncan P'19
Deana M. Dunkin '15 and Daniel A. Dunkin P'19, '15
Derek S. Dunn '86 and Kimberley Anderson Dunn P'20
Robert and Paula Dunne P'13
Huey and Christine Duong P'22
David and Deborah Durgin P'14
James and Theresa Durkin P'21
Dominic P. Durrant and Roisin M. Keenan P'23
Michael and Paula Dutka P'15
Steven H. Dweck P'23
Patrick J. Dwyer '90 and Jeannie M. Tedeschi Dwyer P'24
Kipp and Linda Dye P'20
Michael and Stephanie Dziuba P'21, '21
Thomas M. Eagan '79 and Mary McParland Eagan '79 P'11
Christine Ross Earls '79 and Richard T. Earls P'15, '11
Jane Milnarik Eckert '91 and Stephen J. Eckert P'22
Joan A. Edwards C'00 P'00
Douglas L. Egan '70 and Linda S. Bohn Egan P'05
William P. Egan '67 and Jacalyn A. Conklin Egan P'99
Robert Ehlers '79 and Laurie A. Pollio Ehlers '79 P'23
Nelson and Maria Elgue P'23
Jeffrey P. Elkin and Jean M. Lasser P'21
Stephen K. Elliott Jr. '62 and Audrey Elliott P'95, '92
Joel and Kristie Elmquist P'21
Donald and Rosemary Emeigh P'04
Deborah A. Mlodynia Englert '92 and Christopher J. Englert P'21
Thomas and Peggy English P'11
Brian and Kathryn Enright P'20
John and Rorey Erbeck P'23
Andrew and Jessica Erickson P'23
Joseph C. Esposito '57 and Susan Amatruda Esposito P'03
Timothy and Brenda Esposito P'20, '17
Pablo and Christina Esteve P'19
Armand Fabbri '62, MA'65, CAS'92 and Mary Ann Fabbri P'89, '87
Susan McCool Facciola '78 and Michael L. Facciola P'24
Michael and Mollye Fahey P'21
Jose E. Fajardo Jr. '91 and Nancy P. Barrett-Fajardo '91 P'23, '20
Susan M. Driscoll Falkowski MSN'00 and David A. Falkowski P'24
Timothy and Pamela Fallon P'22
Thomas J. Fanning Sr. '78 and Michele J. Markowski Fanning P'10, '06
Randy R. Farrell '85 and Diane Maloney Farrell '78 P'14
Patricia C. Fay P'92, '88, '86
Thomas and Colette Fay P'22, '12
David and Paula Federici P'21
Brian and Julia Feeley P'22
David L. Feeney '70 and Kathleen A. Bauman Feeney P'00, '97
Kevin and Kelly Feeney P'22, '22
Stephen and Carol Feeney P'10, '03
Michael J. Felicetti '65 and Trudy Felicetti P'94
Laurence and Eileen Fell P'22
David and Jessica Fenner P'24
Maurice J. Fenton '52, MA'56 and Eleanor R. Fenton P'87
Francis and Joann Ference P'15, '15, '08
Peter M. Ferrara '73 and Christine Feeney Ferrara '76 P'08
Antonio and Sara Ferreira P'20
Michael and Michelle Ferriero P'21
William and Bonnie Ferris P'03
Charles and Kimberly Ferruggia P'20, '18
Douglas Fierro and Lisa Schorer-Fierro P'22
John and Susan Fifield P'23
Carl and Nancy Figur P'08
Marc S. Filipkowski and Diana Zapata P'24, '22
Matthew and Caroline Filippi P'23
Michael S. Filosa P'24
Daniel and Bridget Finnegan P'21
Mark and Kyle Finnegan P'23
Frank A. Fiore Jr. '63 and Maureen J. Fiore P'90, '88
Thomas and Kathleen Fioretti P'21
Edward Fiori Sr. and Myra Collado-Fiori P'22
Charles Fiorica P'23
Brian J. Fitzgerald P'23
Michael P. Fitzgerald '89 and Kara Geissler Fitzgerald P'24
Patricia C. Fitzgerald P'99, '94
William and Christina Fitzgerald P'23
Paul and Nancy Fitzgibbon P'23
Gerald Fitzpatrick '67 and Mary E. Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick P'03, '98
James D. Fitzpatrick '70, MA'72 and Phyllis A. Fitzpatrick P'08
James and Evelyn Fitzpatrick P'91
Maria Pappano Fitzpatrick '85 and Fenton J. Fitzpatrick Jr. P'18
Jill D. Fitzsimmons P'23
Matthew and Alison Flanagan P'21
Michael and Alicia Fleischer P'21
Edward J. Fletcher '93 and Deirdre R. Pollack Fletcher '93 P'23
Gregg and Margot Flionis P'24, '22
Maria D. F. P. Flores P'21
Michael I. Flores and Sarah A. Turano-Flores P'23
Pacifico and Mary Flores P'23, '23
Hector and Selim Florimon P'21, '13
Denise Comeau Flynn '81 and O. Kevin Flynn P'18
Richard F. Flynn '80 and Andrea Buckley Flynn P'11
Alan and Alana Fodeman
Patrick and Megan Foley P'20
Paul and Kristin Foley P'23
Sharon H. Foley P'20
Thomas and Jacqueline Foley P'19
Timothy and Mary Foley P'16
David and Christina Forbes P'23
Donald and Mara Ford P'23, '23
Todd and Tracy Ford P'22, '20
Thomas and Michele Foristel P'13, '06
John and Katharine Forline P'17
Michael E. Fort '93 P'23
Larry and Pamela Forti P'21
Marie Fortilus P'11
Robert and Dawnmarie Fortino P'21
James and Sharon Fortune P'20
Kimberly A. Fox P'22
Mark F. Fox II '83 and Eileen O'Connell Fox '84 P'16
Michael Fox '86 and Theresa Rupp Fox '86 P'19
Michael J. Francis '90 and Helen Lovely Francis '89 P'22, '21
David and Cynthia Franks P'20
Massimo and Lisa Fratarcangeli P'20, '18
Victor G. Fraulo '73 and Jeanette Condon Fraulo P'00, '99
Brian and Lisa Frawley P'22
Janice M. Freddino '85, MS'96 and Edward Nicolas Jr. P'23
James and Claudia Frees P'20
Christopher and Carol French P'20
Marc and Kristen Friezo P'21
Leonard and Adelaide Frisoli P'23
Wendy A. Fuller MA'03, CAS'05 and Arthur B. Fuller Jr. P'18
Robert W. Gabler Jr. '63 and Jean M. Gabler P'90, '87
Roy V. Gadioma and Marietta A. Calingo P'22
Robert M. Galan '93 P'23
Ernest and Suzanne Galante P'18
Peter and Martha Galasinao P'22
Robert and Beth Gale P'23
John F. Gallagher '90 and Kim N. Zagajeski Gallagher '91 P'22
Paul and Elisabeth Gallagher P'18
Raymond and Kathleen Gallagher P'23
Thomas and Siobhan Galligan P'23
Kevin and Sandra Galloway P'24
Neil P. Galvin '75 and Lynn Girard Galvin '75 P'03
Stephen and Linda Galyas P'18
David and Loretta Gangi P'20, '20
Nick and Susan Ganio P'22
Nancy Ganley P'14, '10
Paul and Susan Gannon P'21
Mario and Mireya Garcia P'20
Neil B. Gardiner '88 and Diane Froehlich Gardiner P'21
John Gargana III '87 and Lori A. Leccese Gargana P'19
John and Carolyn Garibaldi P'23
Glenn and Diane Garland P'18
Michael A. Garvey '89 and Bernadette M. Byrne Garvey P'23
Niel and Jill Gatto P'22
Elizabeth Gaynor P'20, '17
Carmen Gbayisomore P'22
Christopher and Karen Geberth P'23
Timothy and Audrey Geer P'20
Robert and Sheila Geiger P'20
James and Kathleen Genovese P'21
Raymond and Cynthia George P'23, '23, '19
William J. George '52 and Sandy Senderak George P'77
Gerard V. Geraghty '71 and Susan Geraghty P'02
James Geraghty '68 and Christina Shea Geraghty P'96
William and Sally Gerard P'16
James and Kelly Gerbo P'22
Joseph P. Germain Jr. '56 and Lillian Adley Germain MA'60 P'88
Angelo R. Giacchi '87 and Mary A. Galante Giacchi '87 P'16
Richard and Charlene Giacin P'24
Craig and Nancy Gibson P'13
Andrew and Vivienne Gilbert P'21
Richard and Kimberly Gilbert P'23
Colleen M. Doherty Gilbertson C'00 P'21, '19
Kathleen M. Giles P'23
Kevin and Rita Gill P'15, '11
Marybeth Bettencourt Gillespie '81 and David L. Gillespie P'09, '07
John and Deborah Gillis P'22
Stephen and Patricia Gillis P'20
Robert Girandola '87 and Christine Voytek Girandola '88 P'21
Paul T. Gizzi Jr. and Patricia L. Culhane-Gizzi P'23
Justin and Donna Glenn P'22, '20
James and Tonya Godwin P'24
Frank and Johanna Golden P'18
Robert and Karen Golden P'05, '02
Celeste Goldstein P'10
Francis H. Golen '80 and Andrea Sturtevant Golen '80 P'12
Brian and Melinda Good P'21, '20, '14
Richard F. Gordon '68 and Susan Gordon P'97
Scott Gordon P'23
Barbara Goerts Gorham MA'82, CAS'90 and Howard W. Gorham P'82
Peter and Joanne Gori P'22
Gregory and Rita Gosselin P'20
James and Sandra Gover P'11
Brian and Amy Grabek P'21
Richard and Janet Graf P'15
James and Joann Graham P'20
Philip and Deborah Graham P'09
Robert and Elizabeth Graham P'23
Robert and Bonnie Graham P'98
Anthony W. Grande '63 and Dolores Grande P'90
Denise V. Grasso P'19
James and Stefanie Grasso P'23
Thomas and Nancy Greeley P'22
Daniel and Christina Greene P'23
James and Anne Greener P'14
Ellen B. Greer P'22
Edward and Megan Grefenstette P'22
David W. Griffin '73 and Gail M. Gubala Griffin P'11, '08
Traci Tropasso Griffin '88 and Brendan Griffin P'20
Olga Grimalt '87 P'22
David and Sharon Grindle P'22
Anne B. Grote P'04
Peter G. Grzybala and Diane W. Korntheuer P'09
Philip J. Guerin '59 and Katherine Buckley Guerin MA'64 P'95, '91, '88, '86
Michelle Guerrera P'22
Rocco and Rita Guerrera P'21
Michael J. Gurge and Anita Andrews P'20
Arthur and Lisa Gutch P'21
Erik and Kim Haas P'20
Craig M. Haba '91 and LeAnne Myers Haba P'21
Carl A. Haberbusch '67 and June Carey Haberbusch P'95, '93
Nancy A. Maye Habetz MA'84, C'03 P'94, '87, '87, '86
Marshall L. Haddad C'73 and Anna Haddad P'93
James and Kristin Hagan P'22
Chris and Heidi Hahn P'20
James and Amy Hahn P'21
Daniel and Jody Hakes P'21
Patrick and Cheryl Hall P'12
Robert J. Haller '76 and Vickie J. Haas Haller P'09
Brian J. Halligan '77 and Kathleen G. Halligan P'11
Peter and Susan Halpin P'20
Michael and Sissy Halter P'15
John K. Hamel '68 and Martha L. Blouin Hamel P'00
Branson and Anne Hamilton P'23
Michael and Madeline Hamilton P'24
John and Nancy Hammerer P'05
Michael and Anita Hamor P'23
Ramzi and Amy Hanania P'23
Paul and Debora Handal P'22
Richard and Keri Hanley P'21
Joseph D. Hanlon '87 and Christine Tiernan Hanlon '89 P'23
Pierre and Dorothy Hannequin P'13
Michael K. Hansen P'21
Michael and Nancy Hansen P'04
John and Maureen Harkin P'19
Stephen and Lynn Harlow P'20
Sean M. Harrigan '75 and Maureen O'Connor Harrigan '75 P'04
John D. Harrington and Deborah A. Corcoran P'23
Paul and Elaine Harrington P'23
Anne Harris P'18
Timothy and Diane Harris P'22
Edmond J. Harrison '74 P'11
John and Maribeth Hartman P'18
Scott and Phyllis Hartzell P'20
Paul and Shannon Harvill P'20
Richard and Margaret Haskell P'11
Peter and Kimberly Hastings P'23
Robert and Joanna Hatala P'21
Stephen and Marianne Hauck P'23
Jon and Stephanie Hauge P'03
Billy and Mary Haugh P'22
Patrick and Dawn Haughey P'23
Michael J. Haviland Sr. '82 and Susan C. Koppel Haviland P'15, '13
Eleanor Hawthorne '85, MA'88 P'91
William J. Hayes P'86 +
Philip and Lee-Ann Healy P'23
Scott and Laura Hebner P'21
Arthur and Julie Hedge P'91
Kimberly Carini Heim '92 and Thomas G. Heim Jr. P'22
Michael and Karen Heisler P'21
Wendy M. Held '89 and Gary S. Held P'23, '21
Peter T. Heller '85 and Stacy E. Heller P'22
Chad P. Hemmat and Julie E. Anderson P'23
Thomas and Jacqueline Henaghan P'13
Brian A. Henry '88 and Suzanne Stewart Henry P'22
Daniel and Christie Henry P'23
John J. Henschel '76 and Yasmin Islami '78 P'10
John and Donna Herdje P'20
Matthew and Theresa Hernon P'22
Suzanne Semon Hess '90 and John A. Hess P'24
Alfred C. Heston P'23
Robert and Emily Hibbard P'23
Donald J. Higgins '84 and Kerri Hanson Higgins P'23
James P. Higgins '70 and Jill T. Weissman Higgins P'15
Keith E. Higgins '92 and Robyn M. Brogna Higgins P'24
Thomas and Jacqueline Higgins P'05, '92, '84
John and Annette Hildebrandt P'20
Leo and Irene Hill P'06
David and Debra Hines P'24
John and Suzanne Hingher P'20
Mary Hirsch-Woolley P'12
Dolores M. Hirx P'03
Joseph C. Hliboki '84 and Catherine Pizzurro Hliboki '86 P'22, '16
James J. Hoefner '79 and Christine L. Newhall '79 P'19
Francis and Molly Hoegen P'12
John and Anita Hoey P'15
John C. Hoffman '68 and Paula J. Yocum Hoffman P'96
Mark and Tracy Hoffman P'22
Michael J. Hoffman '92 and Michelle Bove Hoffman '93 P'23, '21
Richard J. Hofmann and Gail Grosso Hofmann P'17
Richard and Carrie Hogan P'04
Scott D. Hogan '92 and Marybeth A. Williamson Hogan P'24
Valerie C. Hogan P'23
James and Eileen Hohorst P'21
Peter M. Holland '88 and Kristine A. Potensky Holland '88 P'19
Charles and Debra Holloway P'22
Don and Susan Holman P'20
Kathleen M. Holmes P'22
William and Mary Catherine Holmes P'21, '19
Christopher and Elizabeth Homan P'23
Michael T. Hone '87 and Clair P. Flynn Hone '88 P'23
Michael and Claire Honig P'23
Daniel and Gretchen Horan P'20
Blair and Jeannine Horne P'22
Charles and Marybeth Horning P'21, '18
Rich and Tracy Horosky P'23
Charles and Roberta Horton P'24
Richard and Cathy Hoskins P'23
Diane E. Howarth-Forrest '78 P'23
Philip S. Howe '69 and Kirsten Reeder Howe P'07
Daniel R. Howland P'22
Jennifer B. Chernock Howland '97 P'22
Cory and Dara Hubbard P'23
John L. Huff '70 and Alice Angelo Huff P'04
Siebe Huisman and Suzanne Veraa P'22
Brian P. Hull '80 and Laura Romeo Hull P'13
Marsel Huribal '84 and Mary C. O'Donnel Huribal P'19, '18
Karen Hutchinson P'10, '08
Robert F. Hynes Jr. '75 and Marybeth E. Campbell Hynes '80 P'23
John P. Iannarone '77 and Elaine Quinn Iannarone P'11
Hernan Iglesias P'22
Louis and Denise Iorio P'17
Angela T. Ippolito-Cottam P'22
Brian and DawnMarie Jadul P'22
Mark and Susan Jamieson P'22
Sean and Michelle Jamieson P'21
Joan Romanelli Jansen '86 and Richard Jansen P'84
Patricia J. Jantzen P'24, '22
Christopher and Kathleen Jastrzembski P'20, '19
Timothy and Susan Jensen P'18
Jeffery and Elizabeth Jerdonek P'23
Keith and Tina Johnson P'23
Michael and Anne Johnson P'22
Paul and Ann Johnson P'20
Stephen P. Johnson P'07
Richard M. Johnston '86 and Judith McCahill Johnston '87 P'19, '18
Frank A. Jones and Donna C. Glyn-Williams P'23
Paul C. Jones P'13
Michael and Nancy Jordan P'22
Mark and Trish Joyce P'18, '15
James and Margaret Jubb P'20
Robert and Martha Judd P'20
Michelle A. Jukoski P'23
John and Sheila Justice P'23
John and Jane Kahl P'06
Gerard and Charlene Kaiser P'16
Edward and Marlene Kalaigian P'21
Ross and Wendy Kallen P'22
Joseph and Deborah Kane P'20
Bryan and Tracy Kappenberg P'23
Deborah-Ann Kar P'16, '16
George and Vicky Karalis P'24
Stephen E. Karman and Maria Grace Ambrosio-Karman P'23
Levon and Aline Kassabian P'22
Todd C. Kauffmann P'24
John J. Kavanagh '58 and Nancy Kavanagh P'86
Andrew J. Kavulich and Christine A. Papa P'22
James M. Keane '61 and June Keane P'96
Robert and Mary Keane P'23
Michael and Toni Keech P'20
Caron J. Keenan '61, C'69 and Lynn Keenan P'88
Timothy J. Keenan '81 and Valerie Gradel Keenan '80 P'23, '18, '12, '11, '06
James and Kimberly Kelleher P'23
Kevin J. Kelleher '76 and Mary Pat Hicks Kelleher '77 P'05, '02
William J. Kelleher III '92 and Margaret Mary Cassidy Kelleher '92 P'24
Thomas and Adrienne Keller P'88
David and Patricia Kelley P'15
Edward and Dorothy Kelley P'96
John and Denise Kelley P'22
Patrick W. Kelley Ph.D '76 and Michele Reilly Kelley '76 P'12
Christopher and Kelly Kelly P'24
Jack L. Kelly '67 and Jo-Ann Ryan Kelly P'96
James F. Kelly Jr. '72 and Mary Cecelia Kelly P'00
James and Terry Kelly P'93
Jeffrey and Corinne Kelly P'22
Kevin and Laura Kelly P'22
Michael and Jennifer Kelly P'22
Pamela M. Kelly '07, MA'19 P'07
John and Pamela Kenlon P'23
Thomas and Dana Kennedy P'09
Charles D. Kenny '67 and Mary G. Pinola P'10
John and Kathryn Kenyon P'20
Robert and Kathleen Kenyon P'03
Sujit and Janakee Khadka P'23
Edmond F. Kiely '53 P'78
Gregory and Vera Kiernan P'12, '09
William and Nancy Killeen P'22
Catherine M. Killian P'21
Paul and Linda Killian P'97, '95, '93
Robert and Debra Kilroy P'24
Charles P. King and Jamie S. Villella P'23
Thomas and Joni King P'23
Steven and Danielle Kinney P'22
Timothy and Jill Kirby P'24
Lawrence and Julie Kirshner P'22
Jeffrey and Lisa Kitchen P'23
Daniel Klecker P'10, '09
Michael and Kristie Kleczkowski P'20
Ronald and Denise Klima P'20
John and Kathleen Knecht P'22
Patricia Campbell Knight '87 P'18
Robert G. Knight Jr. P'22
Geoffrey R. Knotwell MS'96 and MaryEllen Ronan Knotwell '87 P'20
Jeffrey and Diane Knuth P'21
Janusz and Lilla Kogut P'23
Louis and Vida Komer P'21
Gary and Maureen Korn P'22, '18, '17
Joseph and Maureen Koval P'22
James and Celeste Kramer P'10, '03
Tara Kramer P'24, '20
David and Joanna Kratz P'23
Edward C. Krawiecki Jr. '74 and Sharon McGuire Krawiecki P'09
Glenn and Therese Krebs P'13
William C. Krebs and Christine D'Antonio-Krebs P'23
Steven and Kelliann Krechel P'20
Mark and Kimberly Krivitsky P'21
Barbara A. Hanrahan Krucher '86 and Chris S. Krucher P'22
Steven W. Krupa '75 and Diane Paczynski Krupa '75 P'07
Curt and Susan Krushinsky P'21
Douglas and Michelle Kryscio P'24
David and Jodi Kryzanski P'18
Jennifer D. Kuebler P'24, '22
Bernard and Ellen Kueny P'15
Timothy S. Kueny OD '91 and Janet Clark Kueny '91 P'23
Kevin Kuligowski and Miryam Kugligowski P'18
Michael and Rosamaria Kurata P'14
Jan and Jeannine Kuzniewski P'16, '14
Rosemary P. Kwauk P'19
Paula J. Kweder P'15
Euk Kwon and Esther Ro P'21
Nicholas and Christine Labanca P'23
Wayne A. LaBore '64 and Rosemary LaBore P'99
Anthony and Linda Lacke P'20
James T. LaCroix '70 and Margaret R. Felluca LaCroix P'06, '00
Kelly A. Doran Lafnitzegger '89 and Peter T. Lafnitzegger P'23
Aileen McQuillan LaGanza '82 and Dennis C. LaGanza P'22
Dorothea M. LaGinestra P'00, '95, '93
Marcelo C. Laiz '82 and Cynthia Pallon-Laiz P'21
David and Mary Lamberti P'20
Matthew and Stacey Lamotta P'23
Roderick and Constance Lancaster P'24
John H. Landino P'23
James and Kimberly Landry P'21
Kenneth C. Landy and Teresa J. Opalacz P'19
Jean M. Reusch Lane MA'86 and Philip J. Lane P'10
Timothy E. Lane '85 and Rosaleen Mulvey Lane '85 P'24, '16
Eugene and Kimberly Langan P'20
Simon and Robin Langdon P'22
Scott L. Langlais '84 and Jennifer Sullivan Langlais '86 P'16
Louis and Kim Lanzillotta P'22, '22
Stephen and Nancy LaPointe P'22
John and Suellen LaPosta P'21, '19
David and Beverly Lauren P'23
Robert and Lee Ann Laurenzo P'23
Brian and Isabella Lauro P'07
James and Robin Lavelle P'22
Thomas Lavin and Ann Fogarty Lavin P'23
Giovanni and Sally Lavista P'22
Robert and Suzanne Lawler P'16
Kevin P. Lawlor '79 and Marianne Russell Lawlor P'21, '19, '17
George T. Lawrence Jr. '69, MA'71 and Maureen Thompson Lawrence P'06
John B. Lazzari P'88
Kevin P. Leahy and Diane Barbieri P'19
Thomas and Colleen Leahy P'21
Thomas W. Leahy '62 and Kathleen Leahy P'88
Michael and Alison Leary P'23
Russell F. Leavitt Jr. '71 P'12
Betsey L. Lebow MA'10 and David A. Lebow P'12
Shelly A. Leclair P'24
Joan L. Lee P'19
John and Mary Lee P'18, '12, '03
John and Michele Lehan P'22
Eric F. Lemieux '83 and Suzanne Burke Lemieux '83 P'22, '18
Orlando L. Lemus and Ruth Carrios P'21
Joseph and Grace Lenahan P'20
James and Carmen Lennon P'23
Russell B. Lennon III '90 and Megan McGovern Lennon '90 P'23
Salvatore and Janice Leo P'04, '97, '96
Joseph and Lisa Lerz P'22
David and Sandra Lessing P'22
Lawrence A. Lessing III '59 and Peggy Lessing P'05
John F. Letizia and Kristin Krase P'20
Jack and Janet Lett P'05
Jon and Maureen Levangie P'23, '22
Paul and Emmanuelle Levin P'22
Glen and Glenis Levine P'23
David and Elizabeth Lewis P'20
Mark and Mary Lewis P'22
Robert and Laura-Mae Liddy P'22
David and Kimberly Lien P'21
Savero and Josephine Ligato P'15
Robert L. Ligi '83 and Catherine E. Combs Ligi P'18
Steven R. Liguori '78 and Elizabeth M. Bermel Liguori P'16, '11, '09
Steven and Nina Lilley P'18
Jane Rehanek Limperopulos '77 and William Limperopulos P'13
Martin and Katharine Lindemann P'24, '23
Richard and Suzanne Lindquist P'17
Charles and Jennifer Lindsay P'23
Eric and Pamela Linzer P'23
Michelle M. Wentzel Lipko '88 and James M. Lipko P'20
Kenneth R. Lisi '60 and Patricia Lisi P'90
John and Frances Locher P'95, '92
William and Susan Logan P'22
Martin and Joanne Logue P'12
Robert and Kimberly Lombardi P'20
Dominick M. Lonardo '52, MA'54, C'58 and Marie M. Lonardo P'82
Maurice and Ceil Long P'02
Charles and Susan Longfield P'22
Thomas and Judith Longhi P'23
Raphael and Laura Longobardi P'19
Susanne A. Loquet P'22
Thomas and Georgina Lord P'23
William R. Lordi '79 and Marianne L. Kenney Lordi '80 P'13
Marie Mateos Lorenz '86 and James O. Lorenz P'21
Thomas and Catherine Lowry P'23
Thomas and Cheryl Lozowski P'23, '20
Jacinto and Lydia Lucas P'10
Thomas A. Luglio '86 P'18
Anthony J. Luongo '96, MBA'03 and Linda Scerrato Luongo '96, MA'11 P'24
Richard and Christine Lupi P'19
John and Maryann Lynch P'24, '20
Lewis and Trudy Lynch P'20
Michelle Lynch P'22
Roger M. Lynch '63 and Nancy Winkel Lynch P'95
Lori Ann Lytle P'22
Steven and Alexandria Lytle P'21
Dino and Lisa Macaluso P'12
Michele M. Macauda '78 and Richard Burke P'09
Todd and Heather Maccallum P'22
Gregory and Kathy MacCune P'15
Gregory and Patricia MacDonald P'04, '02
Dominic J. Macedo '87 and Cristina R. Marcoccia Macedo P'24
Gregory J. Macina '76 and Lucy Olszewski Macina P'09
James and Mary Mackenzie P'21
Paul and Laura Mackin P'13
John and Dorothy MacLellan P'23
Carrie Macleod P'23
Gerald and Gina MacLeod P'23
Kathleen Gleason Madzula MA'71 and John S. Madzula P'99, '95
Robert and Karen Magnani P'23
Julie A. Maguire P'21
Mark G. Maguire P'21
John and Cinthia Mahon P'20
Shelagh E. Mahoney-McNamee '87 and Joseph E. McNamee P'22, '18
Robert and Jill Mainiero P'11
Usama and Diana Makhlouf P'21
Michael and Maryclare Malady P'22
Augie and Maria Malandruccolo P'22
Vincent and Patricia Mallardi P'20
Gerald and Susan Malloy P'24
Charles J. Malone Jr. '92 and Kelly Farrell Malone P'23
Craig M. Maloney '88 and Patricia S. Molineaux Maloney P'23
Samuel and Christina Maltbie P'21
Guy and Liz Manfredo P'15
Timothy and Tonia Mangan P'22
Andrew and Maryann Mank P'23
Thomas and Stefanie Manning P'23, '08
Thomas F. Mannino '86 and Melinda M. Bruno Mannino P'22
Rolf and Dora Manser P'17
Marguerite Mahoney Marceau '75 and David M. Marceau P'99
Aimee Agresta Marchetti MA'94 and Paul E. Marchetti P'22
Deb A. Marcou P’20
Leonardo and Julie Marella P'23
Jerry Moises and Maria Victoria Mariano P'21
Tana L. Markel P'23
Edwart and Michelle Markert P'22
Thomas and Michelle Maroney P'22
Brian and Lynn Marquis P'21
Catherine Marrero-Grabowski P'19, '18
Geoffrey and Sophie Marsh P'22
Aileen Marshall P'22
Gregory H. Marshall MA'84, CAS'90 and Amy J. Marshall MA'87, CAS'92 P'12
Clark and Maureen Martin P'23
David and Kirsten Martin P'23
Richard and Margret Martino P'23, '09
Francis J. Marx Sr. '76 and Joanne Marx P'04
Joseph and Donna Mascia P'22
Gene and Lisa Mason P'22
Hugh and Carolyn Mason P'20
Joseph A. Massaro Jr. '68 and Jo Ann Massaro P'96
Frank and Judy Mastrocola P'23
Diane M. Ligouri Mastrone A'05 P'03
William R. Matits '88 and Lauren Ahearn Matits P'24
Joseph J. Matthews Jr. '88 and Deborah A. Potok Matthews P'19, '19, '16
Michael and Alicia Matthews P'23
Juliet J. Mazurczak P'22
Michael J. Mazurczak P'22
David J. Mazzarelli '92 and Maria Chiodo Mazzarelli '94 P'23
Anthony and Patricia Mazzone P'02
Charles E. Mazzucco '82 and Donna Caruso Mazzucco '83 P'18
John J. Mazzucco '84 and Carol E. Adamack Mazzucco P'16
Todd and Nancy Mc Allister P'23
Philip A. McAndrew and Gail Cole P'23
Michael J. McAteer '87, MA'96 and Kathleen Markey McAteer P'23
James J. McAuliffe '88 and Donna McAuliffe P'19
Sean T. McAuliffe '83 and Susan Tomaino McAuliffe P'23
Timothy J. McAuliffe '90 and Susan C. McLaughlin McAuliffe '90 P'21
William H. McBain Jr. '75 P'07, '04
Edward D. McCabe and Monica A. Petraglia-McCabe P'21
Patrick E. McCabe '80 and Carol Chamberlin McCabe '81 P'16
Charles J. McCann Jr. '59 and Muriel F. Young McCann P'94, '94
Jeannine L. McCann P'92
John and Laura McCarthy P'20
John and Cathleen McCarthy P'06
Michael and Kimberly McCarthy P'24, '23
Timothy and Carol McCarthy P'23
Michael and Sheilah McCauley P'23
Michael and Stacey McClenathan P'23
Karen L. Santagati McCloskey P'23
Robert J. McConnell and Donna Benoit P'17
Jeffrey and Inez McCormick P'22
William and Anna McCormick P'95, '91, '87
David and Victoria McCrink P'22
Thomas and Susan McCrossan P'09
James and Annmarie McDade P'20
Charles and Janet McDermott P'08
John and Jean McDermott P'20
Daniel and Staci McDonnell P'21
Patrick and Carrie McDonough P'22
Thomas and Lisa McDonough P'20
Thomas E. McEvoy P'23
Edward and Leigh McFalls P'22
Hugh and Barbara McGarvey P'02
Michael and Ann McGeever P'20
James and Linda McGetrick P'24, '19
Gary E. McGovern '85 and Jane E. Murphy McGovern '85 P'10
Harold and Lesley McGovern P'20
Kenneth M. McGovern '87 and Maureen B. Kelly McGovern '87 P'22
Frederick and Rosalind McGrail P'09
Richard D. McGrath P'23
Thomas and Patricia McGrath P'08
Michael E. McGuinness '82 and Mary Kelly McGuinness '83 P'09
Danielle J. McGuire P'21, '16
James and Maureen McGuire P'17
Matthew and Vivian McGuire P'20
Patrick J. McHale '86 and Sharon Kristofak McHale '86 P'18
Kevin and Doris McHenry P'22
William A. McIntosh P'92, '86
Edward and Michele McKearney P'22
James and Kathleen McKenna P'21, '19
Myles and Phyllis McKenna P'02
Thomas and Wendy McKenzie P'23
Peter and Beth McKeon P'20
Thomas M. McKnight P'96
Dennis and Teresa McLaughlin P'21
Andrew J. McMahon '89 and Jennifer Janczewski McMahon '89 P'19, '13
Robert M. McMahon '87 and Kristin Dodge McMahon '87 P'21, '20
James and Laura McNally P'20
Michael J. McNamara '89 and Ashley Sartor McNamara P'23
John and Michelle McNulty P'23
Timothy McPartlin and Eva-Marie Cusack P'22
Francis J. McQuade '62 and Alice McQuade P'93
John and Gun-Britt McQuade P'22
Brian and Jessica McVeigh P'24
Stephen and Janice Meagher P'23
Dickran and Tammy Medzadourian P'23
Scott and Kathleen Megill P'23
Robert and Barbara Mehmel P'18
Carl J. Meiser III '89 and Maura Cenci-Meiser '89, MA'93 P'22
Rick and Dayna Meissner P'20
Denise Melville P'23
Jeremy E. Melville P'23 +
Rita F. Dlugas Mencel '94 and Robert A. Mencel P'91, '86
Salvatore J. Menzo '61 and Judith Menzo P'88
Jose A. Mercado Sr. P'20
Mark and Catherine Mercurio P'23
Shpetim and Meleke Mete P'21
Richard R. Metz '73 and Kathleen Acocella Metz P'04
Christopher and Catherine Meyer P'23
James and Christine Meyer P'20
Pamela R. Davis Meyer '92 and Gary J. Meyer P'23
Paola A. Miceli P'21
Kevin and Margaret Michaud P'98
Robert and Susan Michaud P'20
Anso and Verla Michel P'23
Brian and Roxanne Middlebrook P'22
Craig and Teresse Middleton P'88
Christine Mignone P'18
Raymond and Lisa Mikovits P'23
Jay T. Mikula P'23
Karin R. Mikula P'23
Keith and Christine Mikule P'22
Suzanne L. Milauskas P'21
Bradley and Sally Millaway P'19
Dorothy Gregory Miller '88 P'18, '14
John P. Miller and Beatrice S. Body-Miller P'23
Matthew and Mary Jeanne Miller P'23
Richard and Lisa Minice P'11
Martin and JoAnn Minnicino P'15
Gail Miranda-Schmidt '83 and Robert A. Schmidt P'12
Edwin and Elizabeth Miro P'23, '19
Chris and Carsy Missett P'23
Kevin J. Mitchell '73 and Laura Kiely Mitchell P'12
Robert and Nancy Mitchell P'21
Steve and Debra Mitchell P'23
Dragan and Svetlana Mitrovic P'23
Christiane Adornato Mitzak '87 and Anthony Mitzak P'23
Anthony G. Mixcus '75 and Mary C. Ziess Mixcus P'16, '07
Alan D. Moger P'21
Edward M. Molloy Sr. '62 and Bonnie Testa Molloy P'93
Brian P. Monahan '82 and Mary McLeskey Monahan P'20, '18, '14
Mark and Jill Mongelluzzo P'22
Anthony and Denise Montaruli P'07
Patrick and Carolyn Mooney P'16
Anne Mulville Moore '80 P'19
James C. Moore '64 and Fern Moore P'94
John F. Moore P'23
Patrice Wallace Moore '85 and Lowes L. Moore Jr. P'09
Gonzalo Moraga P'22
Michael J. Moran '59 and Reine B. Velez Moran P'88
Michael and Denise Moran P'14
Travis and Kristine Moran P'23
Armand and Bonnie Morassini P'05
Anthony and Donna Moreno P'12
Donna M. DiPietro Moretto '86 P'19
Hugh J. Morgan '69 and Emily P. Morgan P'94
Madison and Barbara Morgan P'23
Stephen and Michelle Morgan P'24
Elner L. Morrell '81, MFA'19 and Randy E. Morrell P'03
Patricia M. Morrell P'20
Peter and Denise Morrill P'22
Francis E. Morris '76 and Barbara Wintrode Morris '76, MA'90, MA'96 P'22
Kevin and Lisa Morrissette P'17
Thomas and Sharon Morrissey P'23
James K. Morrow Sr. '72 and Kathleen Smith Morrow P'04
Tara E. Brady Morstatt '84 and Christopher J. Morstatt P'14
Kenneth and Mary Morton P'23, '20
Robert and Roberta Morton P'08
Richard and Diane Moschella P'23
Margaret L. Mottolo P'20
Konrad and Carol Motyka P'23
James and Arlene Moynihan P'23
Douglas C. Mueller '91 and Aimee McLaughlin Mueller '93, '98 P'22
Steven and Debra Mule P'15
Mary Lynn Mulholland P'96, '92, '86, '85, '83
Alexa Antonetz Mullady '79 and Jim C. Mullady P'13
John and Christine Mullally P'23
Wendy L. Mullally P'21
Michael F. Mullen '59 and Ann Marie Casey Mullen P'99, '92, '89, '88, '86
Werner Muller '71 and Barbara Helmes Muller P'20
Juan and Lily Munoz P'05
Edward and Michelle Murphy P'21
Frank and Tanya Murphy P'23
Joseph P. Murphy '88 and Kathleen Frazer Murphy P'24
Martin and Cathleen Murphy P'23, '17
Neil and Alicia Murphy P'23
Paul and Alice Murphy P'23
Richard J. Murphy '73 and Mary E. Murphy P'96
Robert and Kristin Murphy P'23
Roger and Mary Murphy P'19, '15, '12
Thomas and Cheryl Murphy P'20
Thomas P. Murphy '84 and Laurie A. Murphy P'21, '15
The Estate of Elizabeth Murray P'85 +
James and Maureen Murray P'22, '20
Emmet Murray '51, MA'53 P'76, '76
Dordschi and Eugenia Muschajew P'22
Renato J. Muzii and Barbara A. Lerman P'21
John and Mary Myers P'23
Richard J. Nagle P'20
Sankar R. Nair P'14
Thomas and Elda Neagle P'00
Steven and Cari Negri P'23
Barry and Kathleen Nelson P'04
Jeffrey and Anne Nelson P'18
John and Charlene Nelson P'20
Dino and Lynn Nerney P'20
Joseph and Sue Ellen Nethercott P'24
John and Eileen Newcomb P'19
Gregory and Sandra Niccolai P'20
Michael and Debra Nicholson P'23
Dennis and Katherine Nieskoski P'11
Michael and Kara Nitti P'21
Michael and Alison Nolan P'23
Ronald W. Nolting MS'96 and Terry A. Cullen Nolting P'17
Harry P. Norman Jr. '88 and Joan M. Gallagher Norman '88 P'22
Edmund and Sheila Novak P'21
Anthony and Carrie Noviello P'22
Henry P. Nowak Jr. '89 and Teresa Fish Nowak P'22
Jeffrey and Betsy Oakes P'18
Paul and Maria Oberlander P'21
Sylvia Obregon P'22
James and Karen O'Brien P'20
Joseph E. O'Brien and Janetmary Lenahan P'19
Kerry Kristiansen O'Brien '84 and Sean F. O'Brien P'17, '13
Michelle O'Brien P'21
Patrick J. O'Brien and Elena F. Cortez P'23
Robert C. O'Brien '59, MA'79 and Patricia M. Rice O'Brien P'82
Thomas and Felicia O'Brien P'21
Thomas R. O'Brien '60 and Midge Margaret Conlan O'Brien P'96, '95, '90
William and Paula O'Brien P'22
John and Diane Occidentale P'12
John F. O'Connell '55 P'89, '84
John J. O'Connell Sr. '64 and Sheila O'Connell P'97, '93
Robert and Caroline O'Connell P'23
Janet O'Connor Cornell '80 P'11
Charles and Rose O'Connor P'12
David W. O'Connor '72 and Alice K. O'Connor P'11
Francis and Joanne O'Connor P'16
Francis D. O'Connor Sr. '52 P'83
John L. O'Connor '85 and Geraldine Swift O'Connor '86 P'24
Margaret T. O'Connor P'83
Robert and Beth O'Connor P'04
Thomas B. O'Connor '75 and Mary Lou Zilliox O'Connor '83 P'09, '01
Donald and Kathleen Ocwieja P'20
John and Catherine O'Donnell P'22, '21
Elliott and Santhea Ogden P'16
David O'Keefe P'23
Patrick F. O'Keefe '84 and Karen Occhipinti O'Keefe '84 P'15
Sean and Winifred O'Keefe P'23
Gerald R. O'Keeffe '61 P'93
David and Suzanne Olczak P'22
James and Ann O'Leary P'22, '22, '20
Robert D. Ollwerther '78 and Elizabeth Murphy Ollwerther '79 P'10
Lisa Raymond Olsen '89 and Dean Olsen P'23
John R. O'Neill '71 and Kathleen Greber O'Neill P'08
Robert T. O'Neill '75 and Kathy Morgan O'Neill P'14
Margaret O'Reilly Smith '74 and Stephen M. Smith P'06
Biff J. O'Reilly '80 and Jeanne Arrigoni O'Reilly '82 P'11
Michael and Rhonda O'Reilly P'13
James and Michaela O'Shaughnessy P'23
Paula K. O'Shaughnessy P'23
Paul and Lucille Ostensen P'24, '21
Charles and Kathleen Ott P'10
Richard and Kendra Owen P'20
Robert E. Pace P'09
Edward and Jodi Pacer P'16
John F. Packhem and Donna Lafontaine P'18
Philip and Sabrina Pagliarulo P'24, '22
Luis and Ana Palas P'20
James and Karen Palmer P'23
Anthony and Lisa Palmeri P'20
Joseph A. Palsa '71 and Vivian Carrafielo Palsa P'05
Peter and Andrea Palumbo P'23
George and Marlene Palyca P'03
David M. Panico '83 and Barbara Wegman Panico '83 P'13
Leonard S. Paoletta '56 P'88, '86
Frank and Joann Paparozzi P'23
Michael and Kathleen Pappas P'21
Craig A. Parrow '89 and Kimberly D. Parrow P'24
John K. Parsons Jr. '60 P'88
Maria-Jose Pastor P'16
Richard and Colleen Patro P'24
Christie L. Patterson P'19
Erin P. Patton '94 P'23
Stephen and Lorraine Paulino P'13, '09
John and Donna Pavlos P'20
Marguerite Downing Peck '83 and Ernest J. Peck P'15, '10
Salvatore and Dianna Pepe P'22
William and Katherine Pepe P'23
Joseph and Ann Perkowski P'12
Michael and Barbara Perkowski P'23
Craig and Colleen Pernerewski P'22
Jan G. Perruccio P'15
Scott and Jacqueline Persechino P'22
John-Moritz and Antje Persiehl P'22
Carla M. Perugini-Erickson '90 and Lawrence E. Erickson Jr. P'17
Karl and Cynthia Pessinis P'20
Barry and Linda Peters P'18
Joseph and Maureen Peters P'14
Kurt and Mahafarin Peters P'07
Elaine M. Petronella P'14
Gary and Judy Petrosino P'05
Joseph L. Petze and Donna-Marie E. Golia P'22
Thang D. Pham and Ngoc Sang T. Duong P'20
Tuong V. Phan and Tu S. Ho P'23
John and Mikelanne Phaneuf P'23
Michael and Diane Phaneuf P'19
John G. Phelan Sr. P'89
Shelley A. Phelan P'23
Alfred and Christine Phillips P'22
Karen M. Phillips P'20
Robert A. Piazza '71 P'04
John and Deborah Picarazzi P'13, '10, '10
Julius and Marie Picardi P'20
Christopher and Robin Pike P'23
Sharon Pike P'18
Apollo and Lynette Pil P'20
Ronald and Lisa Pilla P'21
Rudolph V. Pino Jr. '73 and Mary Ann Inzinga Pino P'05, '01
Donna J. Schaefer Pintek '85 and Andrew Pinnow P'13, '11
Edward Pinter and Kristin Shea P'23
Marco and Kristen Pires P'23
Thomas and Christina Pirolo P'21
Chris A. Pisani P'19
Gerard J. Pisano P'22, '22
Dean and Virginia Plithides P'16
Mark and Margaret Plociak P'23
Diane M. Plowman P'19
Antonio and Franca Poccia P'21
Kevin and Alison Poe P'23
Anthony and Patricia Polito P'23
Vincent Polletta and Debra A. Cassidy P'21
John Pollicino '82 P'22
Joseph and Margaret Pollicino P'88, '82
Michael and Margaret Poppo P'20
Giovanni and Theresa Portale P'20
Michele Portera P'22
Stephen and Sun Poschmann P'23
John and Maureen Potter P'13
Sheridan A. Povemba P'22
David and Nancy Powell P'17
Robert and Jane Powers P'20
Hugo and Rocio Prado P'22, '20
Philip and Patricia Prespare P'88
Buddy T. Prete '93 and Christina A. Rackiewicz Prete '93, MBA'99 P'23
Nicola and Joy Prignano P'18
Peter and Mary Ann Prinos P'22, '20
Russell and Michelle Profita P'21
Kendrick and Megan Protzmann P'23
Andrew and Stacey Pskowski P'20
Richard and Allison Pugliese P'23
Lauren Haskell Pulie MA'88 and James M. Pulie Sr. P'18, '17
Scott and Lisa Pumper P'23
Mary E. Quick '82 and Jim Daras P'18
Edward and Elizabeth Quigley P'22
Peter A. Quigley and Meghan Heffernan P'22
James and Ann Marie Quinn P'24, '22
John and Suzanne Raffalli P'22
William and Karen Rafferty P'02
Brendon and Debbie Rahurahu P'20
Peter and Audrey Raifstanger P'23
Nicola and Joanna Raimondo P'23
Deborah A. Rainis-Montgomery and Joseph K. Montgomery P'23
Christopher L. Rallo and Jessica Kott P'20
Helen L. Ramos Paiz '11, MPA'17 and William F. Vasquez Mazariegos P'24
Mark and Mary Ramsey P'20
Joseph A. Rapier '66 and Joanna Sanzo-Rapier P'90
James and Susan Rapoport P'07
Stanley K. Rashid '62 and Mai Gebara Rashid P'95
Iony Razakamanantsoa and Misserra March P'22
Timothy and Nancy Reardon P'20
Francis C. Reed Jr. '86 and Terese M. Nicolosi Reed P'23
Mark Regan '72 and Mary Jo Cowles Regan '74 P'98
Cristopher and Heidi Regent P'24
Nelson and Susan Rego P'23
Winfield and Cynthia Reichard P'21
Alan and Catherine Reicheg P'24, '22
James and Caron Reilly P'23
James and Cathy Reilly P'22
Joyce Bushnell Reilly MA'87 P'84
William G. Reilly Jr. '74 and Susan A. Perry Reilly P'02
Edward S. Reisman P'23
Ellen K. Reisman P'23
Cesar and Luz Rendon P'16
Patrick A. Renz and Rose Iannino-Renz P'22
David M. Repetto '79 and Michele McGuire Repetto P'15
Paul and Jill Reynolds P'20
Thomas and Chris Reynolds P'21
Clint and Sandy Rhinehart P'21
Rosemarie Malyszka Rhodes '91 and David H. Rhodes P'88
Diane E. Rice P'19
Barry and Suzannah Rich P'22
Mary E. Richardson '84 P'23, '22, '18
Markus and Juliette Richter P'22
Gary and Mary Ricker P'22
Donald and Loraine Ridall P'20
Michael and Christine Riggi P'23
Joseph and Catherine Rimassa P'05, '02
Donald J. Rinaldi '60 and Diana Mazaika Rinaldi P'89
Russell and Ellen Rinklin P'23
Christopher M. Rinko '90 P'22
Kristin Diglio Rinko '90 P'22
Francis J. Rio Jr. '63 and Mary Ann Wilson Rio P'02
William and Barbara Riordan P'20
Lucia Ripi P'20
Frank and Cheryl Rispoli P'21
Harry A. Rissetto '65 and Grace R. Rissetto P'00
Lawrence and Marion Ritz P'85
Eric and Susan Rivera P'23
Miguel A. Rivera-Villamil and Maria C. Llorens P'19
Amy Kruger Rivotto '82 and Brian Rivotto P'20
John and Carole Rizzo P'17
James P. Roach '54 and Joan A. Neverdousky Roach P'02, '85, '82
Thomas J. Roach '59, MA'68, C'74 and Agnes S. Roach P'13
Michael and Marie Robicheau P'22
John B. Robinson Jr. '68 and Ann Miller Robinson P'91
Kip and Jill Robinson P'23
Gregory M. Robles P'21
Daniel and Joanne Roche P'22
Gerard and Maureen Roche P'23
Aires and Isabel Rodrigues P'22
Carren M. Dolan Rogan '90, MA'94 and Patrick J. Rogan P'24
Paul and Helena Rogers P'23, '20
Raymond and Carla Rogozinski P'23
Charles J. Roland '62 and Loretta A. Roland P'97
Edward and Leah Ronan P'23
John J. Ronan '54 P'87
Andrew and Margie Rooke P'10
Mary Anne Rooke P'20
Thomas M. Rooney '88 and Carrie B. Cuomo Rooney P'19, '16
Marc and Marisa Rosen P'21
Donald J. Ross '75, MA'81 and Arlene T. Richter Ross '74, MA'79 P'14, '08, '06
Roberta Rossi P'21
Robert and Valerie Rothschild P'11
Roy and Diane Rotnofsky P'00, '96
Kevin and Joan Rowe P'23
James and Susan Rowland P'18
Timothy and Amy Roy P'21, '20
David and Cynthia Royal P'21
Michael and Jennifer Rubin P'21
Marianne T. Rucco P'20
Norman and Nancy Rucker P'98
Suzanne B. Ruffee P'16
Bruce and Marian Rupp P'03
Anthony and Margaret Russo P'24, '22
Michael and Donna Russo P'23
Christopher and Elizabeth Ruta P'15
Douglas and Elizabeth Rutnik P'22
Charles and JoAnne Ryan P'12
Gregory and Cynthia Ryan P'23
Mark T. Ryan '85 and Kathryn Dolyak Ryan '86 P'22
Mark and Karen Ryan P'21
Michael and Bonnie Ryan P'22
Glenn and Margaret Rybacki P'19, '17
Thomas Rydzaj and Stephanie Miko-Rydzaj P'23
Deborah O'Neil Rzucidlo '90 and Matthew L. Rzucidlo P'23, '21, '18
Leonard and Lisa Sabia P'24, '21
Joseph and Patricia Sacco P'13
Luan and Lirije Sadik P'24, '15
Daniel and Carol Salameno P'22
Charles Salem and Sarah P. Dahl P'22
Karen A. McManus Salerno '92 P'23
Scott and Kristin Salisbury P'23
Phillip H. Sandine '64 and Marianne Sandine P'93
James and Gerry Sangiacomo P'19, '13
John and Grace Sansonetti P'18
Laura Poling Santoriello '91 and Paul A. Santoriello P'24
Hernan and Kathleen Santos P'23
Paul and Antoinette Santucci P'11
John R. Saracino '54 and Rae R. Saracino P'88
Gerald T. Sargent III '82 and Patricia Tobin Sargent '83 P'18
Gerald T. Sargent Jr. '61 and Kathleen Spencer Sargent P'84, '82
Abdus Sattar and Shamima I. Choudhury P'18
Debra Smith Sauer '14 and Glenn R. Sauer P'20, '12
Thomas and Robin Saxe P'21
Philip and Lisa Scali P'23
Kenneth and Michele Scannell P'23
Santo and Annette Scarfone P'24, '22
Derrick A. Scenna '92 and Michele Carton Scenna P'23
John H. Scharfenberg P'17
Michael J. Schelzi P'13, '10
Andy and Amy Schillinger P'22
Clare Carney Schimpf '76 and William P. Schimpf Jr. P'07
Christian Schlesinger P'23
James J. Schmieder and Lorette J. Sciarappa P'23
John and Laurie Schneider P'23
Marlene R. Schneider P'16
Martin and Isabelle Schnider P'20, '17, '12
Paul K. Schofield and Sheila M. Corcoran P'21
Robert J. Schreck '56, MA'58, C'60 and Eileen Canning Schreck P'81
Michael F. Schuchmann Sr. '89 and Sandra E. Monopoli Schuchmann P'16
Doug and Sharon Schumacher P'22
Edward and Nancy Schwartz P'20
Joseph and Mary Schwartz P'21
Walter G. Schwartz '87 and Chris Meloro Schwartz '88 P'17
Nicholas and Justine Sciortino P'20
Mario A. Scolaro Jr. P'78, '77
Jack and Annica Scott P'24
Edward F. Seavers Jr. '75 and Patricia Pilek Seavers P'05, '03
Stephen and Christine Secora P'23, '21
Stephen and Nancy Sedensky P'22
Richard and Catherine Seeger P'22
Richard and Bridget Sekula P'24
Justin and Tanja Sendak P'21
Peter Sentowski and Karen Franklin P'24, '22
Brian and Susan Seppa P'20
David and Elizabeth Sevin P'22
Stephen and Amy Shadlock P'22
John Shaljian and Cynthia S. Vargas P'23
Patrick and Kristine Shashaty P'21
Daniel and Colleen Shea P'22
Joyce M. Oliphant Shea '79 and Joseph Shea P'14, '11, '09
William and Meg Shea P'12
Bartholomew A. Sheehan Jr. '64 and Mary Kathryn Dempsey Sheehan P'94
Michael and Mary Sheehan P'21, '17
John J. Sheerin '82 and Anne Sheerin P'15
Robert P. Sheils Jr. '67 and M. Constance Daily Sheils MA'72 P'00
Matthew and Jacqueline Shelhorse P'22
Donald and Chris Sherman P'14
Lora R. Wallace Sherman '92 and J. R. Sherman P'24
Edward J. Shine '65, MA'67, C'71 and Madeline H. Shine P'08
Dhiaa and Dalia Shubber P'22, '19
Scot and Maureen Shuck P'22
Maureen E. Sidoti P'22
Said and Joyce Signor P'12
Stephen R. Signore A'02, '08 and Teresa Demonico Signore P'19
Daniel and Maura Silbo P'22
Vilma B. Silva P'23
Thomas and Kristin Silvestri P'22
Keith and Cheryl Simmons P'24, '22
Malcolm D. Simpson and Louise J. Williams P'23
Robert and Marilyn Sindall P'04
Anthony Sirianni '66, MA'68 and Mary Ann Sirianni P'91
Denise Courcy Sisk '88 and Geoffrey D. Sisk P'20
Steven J. Siwinski '92 and Shannon Barry Siwinski '92 P'16
Edward S. Skane P'12
Janet A. Leber Skinner '86 and John P. Skinner P'22
John C. Slattery '81 and Bernadette Dembowski Slattery '81 P'15
Robert and Michele Sloan P'22
Helen Smaldone P'20, '17
Christopher and Karen Smith P'13, '08
Douglas and Laura Smith P'18
Edward and Christine Smith P'22
Harold and Rita Smith P'20, '18
James and Karen Smith P'17
John D. Smith '85 and Julia McIntosh Smith '86 P'14, '12
John and Bonnie Smith P'14
Michael and Mary Ann Smith P'22
Robert J. Smith '68 and M. Kelly Mary Ann Kelly Smith P'04
Steven and Lynn Smith P'23
Theresa M. Smith P'18, '15
Thomas W. Smith '77 P'08
Timothy and Mary Smith P'21
Jonathan and Linda Snodgrass P'23
Jill B. Snyder P'23
Joseph and Joan Solimine P'89
Mario R. Somoza '89 and Blanqui M. Fernandez Somoza P'19
Tere Somoza P'21
Gene J. Sorcinelli '64 and Mary Sorcinelli P'95, '93
Michael and Laurie Spaziano P'22
William and Michele Spence P'23
Joseph and Allison Spencer P'22
Mark and Allison Sperduti P'23
Charles and Maria Spinelli P'23
Gary and Marian Spino P'17
John and Mary Spollen P'96
Keith and Martha St. Denis P'08
Clementina St. Pierre P'20
Mark St. Pierre P'20
Claire Kolakowski Stahley '86 and Bill Stahley P'17
Richard and Megan Stanton P'22
James F. Stapleton Sr. '54 P'91, '85, '80
Marie Starsinic P'14
Darlene M. Stefanski P'22
Christopher and Kerry Steffen P'21
Walter W. Stepic P'23
Christopher and Tamara Stergion P'23
William and Pamela Stevens P'22
Keith and Claudia Stinton P'22
Stephen and Linda Stone P'19
Kevin and Kristie Strollo P'23
Scott and Marlo Strough P'24, '21
John and Ann Stryjek P'21
Paul and Laurie Sturz P'09
William and Allison Stush P'23
Joseph P. Suarez '91 and Denise Henry Suarez '91 P'24
Carla Supersano Sullivan '88 and Sean Sullivan P'19
James and Rita Sullivan P'96
Joseph and Gail Sullivan P'21
Michael and Kerry Sullivan P'19
Patrick and Pamela Sullivan P'20
Thomas J. Sullivan P'23
Warren and Maureen Sumner P'22
Heston and Elizabeth Sutman P'22
Carl and Lori Sutter P'20
Philip K. Swanson '59 and Joan E. Swanson P'91
Douglas and Kathleen Sweeney P'23, '20
Patrick and Rose Sweeney P'22
Paul and Susan Sweeney P'18
Stewart and Marianne Swift P'23
David E. Symmonds and Mayra Vinals P'09
Mitchel M. Syp '72 and Joan Barber Syp '72 P'01
John C. Szantyr MA'75 and Linda M. Szantyr P'00
David and Margaretha Szelest P'20
Brian J. Szymanski and Lisa M. Acee-Szymanski P'23
Benjamin and Debra Taggard P'23
Heather J. Thompson Taggert '96 and John B. Taggert P'23
Mario and Sladjana Taglic P'22
William and Marianne Takacs P'10, '07, '05
Richard H. Talamelli '82 and Jean L. Carlucci Talamelli P'17
Tim D. Tallcouch '86 and Laurie A. Betts Tallcouch P'20
James and Cheri Talluto P'23
Andrew and Cheryl Tansey P'16
James and Angela Tarabocchia P'24
John and Christine Terry P'09
Lynette Accardo Testa '88 and David A. Testa P'23
Phil and Kathy Theiller P'18
John E. Thiel '73 and Dorothea Cook Thiel P'05
Brian and Nancy Thomas P'06
Lester and Mary Thomas P'12
Bruce and Stacey Thompson P'21
John and Monica Thompson P'23
Thomas and Patricia Tiezzi P'13
Alan and Tracey Timchak P'23
Thomas and Amy Toman P'23
William and Susan Totten P'15, '12
Peter and Daniela Tournas P'22
Marijean Toutoulis P'22, '20
William A. Townsend and Carmen I. Font P'21
William and Laurette Tracy P'09, '06
Michael F. Trafecante MBA'01 and Mary Beth Reh Trafecante P'22, '21, '19
Gregory and Amy Tremoglie P'22
George and Jody Tsangaris P'22
John and Clare Tsigas P'21
Sean and Patricia Tully P'18
Todd D. Tuozzoli '85 and Julie M. Hoffman Tuozzoli '85, MPA'18 P'19, '16, '15
Christopher and Christen Turner P'23
John and June Tuskan P'21
Robert and Candace Twiss P'23
John and Lois Tyburski P'06
Steven and Colleen Tyer P'22
Donald and Stacey Tynion P'22
Michael and Aimee Uccellini P'21
George and Uche Ugwu P'22
Gary and Michelle Ulzheimer P'20
Keith S. Updegraff P'23
Carmine and Mary Frances Urciuoli P'19
John and Judy Urquhart P'08
Brian K. Valentine and Kirstin K. Schoonover P'21
Charles and Susan Vallone P'21
Michael J. Valovcin P'99
Antonius and Irene Van Dijk P'24
Geoffrey and Linette Van Flandern P'18
Gregory and Tara Varga P'21
Mark and Brenda Vaughan P'23, '22
Carmen J. Vegliante '55, MA'60, C'64 and Angela R. Vegliante P'87, '85, '83
Dennis and Andrea Veilleux P'22
Robert and Tracey Venero P'24, '21
James and Stephanie Venuto P'23
Daniel and Fong Via P'24
Edward M. Vigliano Jr. '84 and Carmela R. Vigliano MA'98 P'18
Vincent and Patricia Vigorita P'20
Miguel and Tania Villalba P'22
Christopher and Eileen Visceglia P'23
Lawrence and Donna Vitulano P'09
Charles J. Viviano '70 and Catherine Novak Viviano P'02
Kenneth and Julie Vlass P'19
Arthur and Susan Vogt P'23
George and Lynn Vos P'15
Christopher and Karen Vowells P'23
Ross and Diane Wade P'23
James and Kathleen Wahlig P'20
Adam and Diane Waitkevich P'21
Kevin and Harriette Waldron P'11
Kevin and Karen Walker P'22
Edward and Maggie Wall P'20
Brian and Margaret Walsh P'21
Edward and Helen Walsh P'09
John R. Walsh P'23
John and Dorene Walsh P'19, '19, '10
Martin and Tammy Walsh P'23
Paul M. Walsh '73 and Cynthia A. Woll Walsh '75 P'09, '03
Thomas C. Walsh Jr. '84 and Nancy H. Ulreich Walsh P'24
James and Regina Walton P'19, '17
Katherine M. Walton '82 P'14
Joseph J. Ward '80 and Deirdre A. Flanagan Ward P'18
Colleen McNamara Waterbury MA'01 and Michael H. Waterbury P'23
Francis J. Waters '51 P'82 +
Scott G. Watson P'24, '22
Norman and Elizabeth Wazaney P'23, '20
Leon and Karen Weaver P'22
Charles and Mary Welch P'01
Mark F. Welcome '89 and Rose T. Place '89 P'23, '20
Stephen and Elizabeth Wellman P'18
Lorraine S. Wenger P'02
George and Maureen Werner P'09
Bo and Teri Westford P'21
Bruce and Michele Weyant P'21
Robert and Victoria Whalen P'23
Dana M. Whealn '88 P'21
Michael and Jennifer Wheat P'23
Charles and Victoria Whipple P'22
Glenn M. White and Tracy J. Jarmon P'20
Jeremiah and Diane White P'20
John and Judith White P'20
Kevin and Marcelle Whitney P'12
Joseph and Cindy Wickwire P'19
Jessica L. Widman P'23
William T. Wilkes P'13
Joseph A. Wilkinson '75 and Eileen Mommsen Wilkinson '76 P'10
Caroline Shugrue Willemse '81 and Robert Willemse P'22
Ann Brokamp Williams '92 and Robert P. Williams P'05
Daniel and Joyce Williams P'09
Lee C. Williams '61 and Jean Williams P'99
Richard C. Williams and Patti E. Greaney P'07
Scott and Carmela Williams P'18
Vincent J. Williams and Clare E. Manzi P'20
Michael and Wendy Wilson P'23
John and Joella Wind P'22
Joseph and Jean Windels P'15, '10
Kevin J. Winsch '75 and Michele L. Vion Winsch P'10, '07
Richard and Jeanie Winwood P'21
Susan C. Wolstenholme P'09
Robert and Laura Wright P'24
George L. Wrobel '69 and Kathryn E. Wrobel P'96
Donald and Norah Xenos P'23
John and Robyn Yannone P'20
Aaron and Lynne Yaverski P'21
Denice M. Yon P'20
Douglas and Bridget Young P'20
Roger and Amy Young P'16
Valerie T. Zabriskie P'23
Edward J. Zadravec '59 and Nancy A. Reisel Zadravec P'87
Bernard P. Zailskas '69 and Margaret Zailskas P'98
Francis J. Zaino '66 and Dale-Beth Fahey Zaino P'11, '96
Norman and Carey Zapusek P'23
Michael A. Zaranek P'21
Andrew and Janet Zastko P'20
Irwin and Lisa Zindman P'22
John and Lisa Zinno P'21
Enzo and Kathryn Zucconi P'23
Jo-Anne Zullo P'22
Rony Zuniga and Nohelia Lemus P'21

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