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The Friends of Fairfield Athletics supplement the Athletics Department’s operating budget, making possible much-needed enhancements for the daily activities of our teams. These contributions also help build a solid foundation for the future of Fairfield Athletics.

+ Deceased

Please note that this list reflects gifts received between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

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Donor List

Anonymous (7)
Donna Abernathy
Kate E. Abromovitch '93, MA'01
Robert M. Ahern '96 and Eileen M. O'Donnell '94
Amy Akerley '22
Todd and Rachel Akerley P'22
Luci J. Albertson '21
Natalie Alechko
Beth A. Allen P'24
David and Megan Allen P'23
Katherine E. Allen '24
Lily M. Allen '23
Peter G. Allen '08 and Elena Allen
Debra E. Altomare P'21
Samantha P. Altomare '21
Michael T. Amalfitano Sr. '82 and Andrea E. Amalfitano
Elaine Ambrose
Mark and Stefanie Amone P'20
Tristan T. Amone '20
Paul and Barbara Amoruso P'21
Alexander R. Ananian '94
Richard J. Anastasio '65 and Christl Anastasio
James and Emily Anderson P'24
James and Danielle Anderson P'25
Michael R. Anderson '92, MBA'03 and Jennifer L. Panaro Anderson '97, MBA'02
Kristen M. MacDonald Andrews '11 and Sean Andrews
Mariana M. Antaya '23
Faisal Anwar
Craig A. Anzlovar '00 and Sarah Anzlovar
Jamie K. Appelberg '18
Michelle C. Applegate '16
Frank J. Aquino Jr. '13
Drew G. Arciuolo '18
Christopher P. Arena '93 and Susan D. Arena P'24
Katie Armstrong '20, MA'21
Scott and Laurie Armstrong P'20
Joshua T. Arnold '20
Karen Arnold
Terence and Cynthia Arnold P'20
Marlon and Colleen Artigas P'24
Michael J. Arundel '91 and Patricia Arundel
Michael G. Aruta '96
Kwadwo Asante '10 and Kimberly A. Dorso Asante '11
David J. Attianese '64 and Marilyn T. Attianese
Christopher L. Atwell '08 and Kelly Grgich Atwell '09
Daniel R. Auger
Eric M. Austin '18
Katherine M. Hagan Bacher '94 and Brian J. Bacher P'25, '25
Richard J. Badolato '62 and Elizabeth H. Badolato
George R. Baehr '77 and Patricia Baehr P'08
Christopher Baggini '86 and Jennifer R. Baggini
Matthew J. Baglio '04 and Jennifer N. Scifo Baglio '04, MA'07
Nicholas L. Baglio '11 and Christina E. DeStefano Baglio '11
Gavin R. Baiera '98 and Melissa G. Caruso Baiera '98
Bowen D. Baker '24
Daniel L. Baker and Amy J. Hauptmann Baker P'24
William P. Balch '90 and Laurie Michaud Balch '91
Pamela Balchunas
Laura E. Sandonato Baldino '04 and Larry Baldino
Corrine E. Baliga '18
William C. Balocki Jr. '63
Madison A. Banas '20
Ronald and Megan Banas P'20
Jessica L. Bannon Vanto '94 and Jarno J. Vanto
John and Terri Bannon P'11
Sean P. Bannon '11 and Diana M. Genovese Bannon '11
Katelynn A. Banville '23
Norman and Janet Banville P'23
Cameron R. Barisano '24
Dana and Colleen Barisano P'24
Terrill and Dawn Barnard P'21
Kelly P. Barnes Ostiguy '10 and Justin Ostiguy
David and Gwynne Barnes P'23
Lindsey J. Barnes '23
Charles B. Baron P'97
David J. Barrett
David Bartell
Alan D. Basney MA'64
Robert D. Batch '65 and Donna S. Batch
R. Matthew Battin '86 and Teresa Murphy Battin '86
Curtis E. Battles P'23
Joelle C. Battles '23
Tina Battles P'23
Anne T. Baudinet '15
Molly K. Bauer '21
Erin K. Bauman '18
John N. Bauman III '92 and Jennifer H. Bauman
Richard G. Bauman '63 and Maria Bauman
Cynthia A. Bautista
Andrew Baxter
David Baxter
Kimberly A. Thomas Baxter '00 and David Baxter
Can and Laurie Bay P'22
Laina Bayles '23
Peter and Lisa Beach P'19
Conner F. Beakey '17
Renita R. Pritchett Bean '90 and David Bean
Derrick Beasley
John E. Beauvais '91 and Audrey M. Gabler Beauvais '90, P'23
Michael Becchetti '23
Philip and Angela Becchetti P'23
Alexander R. Beckwith '23
Dylan T. Beckwith '20
Jason and Alexis Beckwith P'23
Mark J. Beckwith '80 and Patti Beckwith
Robert W. Beckwith
Stephen and Deana Beckwith P'20
Randall and Susan Beil P'24
Kerri A. Beine '18
Daniel and Lauren Belcher P'24
Alexey D. Belfer '24
Kim Bell
Joseph W. Bellwoar Jr. '84
Jack R. Benavides '22
Jorge and Lynne Benavides P'22
Deirdre A. O'Connor Bennett '83 and Steven C. Bennett P'18
Michael P. Bennett '13 and Courtney E. Reilly '13
Taj-Malik Benning '21
James F. Benoit '97 and Allison Benoit
Joseph Bentivegna
Jonathan D. Berchem '92 and Heather Berchem
Robert L. Berchem '62 and Lee Berchem P'92
Kyla M. Berg '24
William and Melissa Bergen P'25
Kathryn A. Bergstrom '24
Timothy and Kirsten Bergstrom P'24
Evan Z. Berta '24
Thomas and Donna Berta P'24
Natalia R. Bertolotti '23
John Best
Doreen M. Matthews Beswick '77 and Bruce C. Beswick
Brody W. Biebel '23
Kurt and Lynne Bimmler P'13
Paul E. Bimmler '13, MA'15
Alexandra E. Biolsi '19
Michael J. Biolsi '87 and Diane S. Biolsi P'19
Louis R. Bizzarro
Susan Black P'22
Brendan and Lisa Blair P'24
Megan R. Blair '24
Drew J. Blake '18
Ignazio Blanco and Deborah Olive P'23
Mathew G. Bleam '07 and Emily A. Barrett '12
Thomas J. Bligh '70 and Elaine Bligh
Barry Block and Elizabeth Thompson- Block
Don Junior Bobe '21
Michael B. Bocklet Jr. '07 and Emily Bocklet
Cassidy N. Boegel '17
Hunter R. Boesch '18
Frederick L. Bogan '77
Evan E. Boggini '14
James C. Boisi '67
Kelly M. Bommer '18, MBA'19
Salvatore M. Bonanno '83 and Lisa Valade Bonanno '85
Philip M. Bonee '76 and Valerie Bonee
Jennifer E. Bonifazio '22
Joseph and Denise Bonifazio III P'22
Michael H. Booth '74 and Michelle A. Booth
James and Ellen Borda P'22, '17
Adria Bordas
Ryan J. Borsy '22
Stephen and Cyra Borsy P'22
Lawrence A. Bossidy Jr. '80 and Sharon Bossidy
Joseph and Catherine Bossolina P'21
Gordon Botterill '21
Terry P. Bottinelli '73, MA'76 and Maria Alva Bottinelli '75
Jacob P. Boudreau '15
Cameron F. Bowen '15, MS'16 and Sarah B. Barnabei '15
Andrew and Amy Boyd
Vincent D. Boylan Jr. '75 and Elizabeth C. Cournoyer
Charles C. Boyle
Edward Boyle
John and Deidre Boyle P'21
Mackenzie C. Boyle '22
Matthew and Lisa Boyle P'22
Patrick J. Boyle '21
Patrick J. Boyle '86
Patrick W. Boyle '00 and Catherine A. Lotz Boyle '00
Lindsay G. Brachle '06 and Jonathon Brachle
David and Paula Bracken P'23
George Y. Bramwell '59 and Patricia A. Bramwell
Mario and Mirella Brancato P'21
Kevin M. Brandbergh '21
Michael E. Brannigan '77
Erika Breitfeller '22
Stephen and Lynn Breitfeller P'22
Maureen Noonan Brennan '85 and Michael T. Brennan
Macey R. Brenner '24
Richard W. Brewer '69 and Barbara E. Brewer
Jeffrey M. Bricker
Robert and Judith Bridgeman
Allison M. Bridgman '24
Robert and Deana Bridgman P'24
David S. Briones '98 and Kristine S. Briones
Joseph R. Bronson '70 and Linda Bronson
Dominique A. Browder '25
Dwayne and Sabrina Browder P'25
Alexa C. Brown '21
Andrew and Andrea Brown P'17
Carl J. Brown
Danielle L. Brown '03
David and Mikala Brown P'23
Drew M. Brown
Jack P. Brown '24
Nicole F. Locher Brown '95 and William F. Brown
Tahlia Brown '22
William E. Bruno Jr. '77 and Darlene N. Bruno P'04
Julie S. Brzezinski
Jill Buban
Brandon Z. Bubba '14 and Megan I. Montemarano '14
Daniel J. Buchanan '90
Claire F. Bucher P'24
Sarah L. Bucher '24
Erin Buckley '18
Kelly L. Buckley '21
Timothy J. Buckley '80 and Patricia O. Buckley P'16, '12
Christopher and Michelle Budicini P'23
Jenna M. Budicini '23
David P. Bukowski '69 and Laura Bukowski
Gary A. Bundy '79 and Cathy Bundy P'11
Joseph R. Burke '66, MA'69 and Deborah A. Burke P'06, '04
Megan Burke
Tara M. Hansen Burke '06 and P. J. Burke III
Richard and Kathleen Burnett
Lauren M. Pizzi Burns '05
Lester Burns P'21
Jack Burridge '11, MBA'14 and Michele N. Noviello Burridge '12, MA'13
Joseph and Michaela Burschinger P'23
Cassandra C. Burton '24
Bridget Bushnell
Michelle L. Keenan Butler '04, MBA'06
John A. Butter '68 and Gail B. Butter
Kaylie J. Butts '21
Thomas and Lisa Butts P'21
Robert Butz
Sean B. Byrne '84 and Eileen M. McAuliffe Byrne '86
Bryson M. Cafaro '21
Laurence and Lisa Cafaro P'21
Michael A. Cagnassola '85 and Susan E. Cagnassola
Anna E. Cahalan '24
Ernest and Gladys Calabrese P'21
Michael B. Calabrese '07
James H. Callaghan '76
Matthew J. Callaghan '98 and MaryAnn Sadowski Callaghan '98
Morgan K. Callahan '20
Vincent and Gerardina Callahan P'20
John R. Callegari Jr. '88 and Caroline Russo Callegari '88, P'23, '21
Allison L. Campbell '16
Caitlin Campbell '22
Cynthia Campbell
Elizabeth Avery Campbell '04 and Brian Campbell
Nolan Clare A. Campbell '18
Richard and Michelle Campbell P'22
Timothy P. Campbell '93 and Colleen J. Campbell
Vincent D. Camporeale '12 and Nicole M. Livesey Camporeale '12
Gabriella G. Campos '19
Laina C. Campos '23
John M. Candido '66
Alison E. Canelli '15, MS'16
Joseph G. Cannata '23
Nicholas G. Capobianco '64 and Elaine N. Capobianco
Joseph Capra
Anthony P. Caputo '19
Matthew M. Capuzzi '96 and Noelle Capuzzi
Ronald F. Carapezzi '81 and Newell H. Carapezzi
Carlos M. Cardoso '81
Joseph D. Carella Jr. '88 and Alesandra M. Carella
Kelsey M. Carey '17
Joseph M. Carillo '93 and Laura Carillo
Steven A. Carlotto '83 and Linda M. Carlotto P'23
James and Lisa Carlton P'22
James S. Carmody III '03
Brendan Carr '13
Frank J. Carroll III '89
Kenneth J. Carroll II '11 and Alicia J. Esposito Carroll '10
Michael A. Carroll '01 and Lisa Carroll
Sean M. Carroll '90 and Margaret E. Carroll
Jazmine Carter '22
Madeleine R. Carter '23
Kelsey J. Carthew '19
Christina A. Caruso '23
Louis and Anna Caruso P'23
Michael J. Caruso Jr. '21
Michael and Sharon Caruso P'21
Glen and Kristin Casey P'22
Helen M. Casey '22
Bryant and Margo Cassella P'24
Grace M. Cassella '24
Paul Caster
Robert P. Castrignano '71
Louis J. Catalano Jr. '70 and Deborah Catalano
Paul R. Catalano '24
Peter A. Cataldo '92 and Aimee Cataldo
David C. Catelotti '00 and Heather Catelotti
John K. Cato '82
J. Paul Caulfield '96 and Alyssa Pentoney Caulfield '95
Kevin J. Cavanagh '61 and Deirdre F. Cavanagh
Kathleen Cavanaugh P'21
Robert W. Cerbone P'98
Tina M. Cerbone '98 and Brian Whyte
Michaela B. Cerrone '10
Edward J. Cerulli '57, C'71 and Judith A. Cerulli
Kyle L. Chen '20
Liam H. Chen '20
Duncan and Catharine Chidley P'24
Spencer T. Chidley '24
Kenneth and Gloria Chin P'13, '02
William B. Chin '02 and Kristin Chin
Judith Chlastawa
Matthew Chlastawa
Gregory J. Christian '88 and Susan Christian
Kaylee P. Christie '23
Kevin S. Christine '88 and Cyrene H. Christine
Christopher D. Chumbley '24
John Ciak MA'75 and Deborah L. Carr Ciak C'76, MA'76
Douglas J. Ciallella '09 and Caitlin S. Scully Ciallella '10
Joseph Ciero
John A. Cietanno '64 and Kathleen E. Cietanno
M. James Cimina '71 and Monica Cimina
Gerald and Aldona Cimmino
John J. Cincotta '68, MA'71 and Donna J. Cincotta
Michele Ciriello Cioffi '95
Cristen I. Cipa '03
Tara B. Cirillo '19
Jennifer L. Cirino '01, MA'08 and Ethan Olmstead
Christa Civitillo
Susan M. Clancy '11
Christopher P. Clark '91 and Pamela M. Jensen Clark '91
Clarissa Clarke
James M. Clarke '72 and Bernadette Clarke
Brian M. Cleary '90 and Valerie Cleary
Brian W. Cleary '14
Thomas Clements '09 and Alexandra Clements
John J. Clifford '97 and Sheila B. L. Leary Clifford '95
Karen M. Merchant Coate '89 and Brian R. Coate
Elizabeth A. Croney Coetzee '03 and Johannes Coetzee
Stephen M. Colcord '01
James and Martine Coleman P'11
John D. Coleman '10
Mark and Margaret Coleman P'24
Michael and Alexandra Coleman P'22
Matthew M. Colimore '91 and Tiffany H. Colimore
Richard L. Colline '75 and Marguerite R. Colline P'10, '03
Casey C. Collins '23
Daniel and Joann Collins P'23
Joseph F. Collins '72 and Jane-Ellen Dillon Collins '74
Camryn A. Colonna '21
William B. Condon '81 and Anne Swanson-Condon '81
Peter M. Conneely '98 and Deirdre Conneely
Morgan E. Connell '21
Melinda Connolly
Ryan P. Connolly '98, MBA'05 and Wendy A. McQuatters Connolly '99
William H. Connolly Jr. '69 +
Francis A. Connor Jr. '60
Courtney H. Connors '19
Erin J. Connors '16
Olivia D. Conquest '22
Robert F. Conti '51 and Jane M. Conti P'90
Michael A. Contorno '01
C. Donald Cook '63, MA'77 and Deborah McAuley P'93, '90, '88
Gary Cook
Jeffrey R. Cook '93
Matthew D. Cook
Supreme R. Cook '24
Charles C. Cooper '19, MS'20
Gregory C. Coppola Jr. '18
Michael A. Corasaniti and Valerie A. Zondorak P'22
Jack Corbett
John and Jennifer Corbett P'24
Sydney G. Corbett '24
Michael and Julie Corcoran P'21
Kelly A. Cordes '19
Francis A. Corr '60, MA'64, CAS'67 and Barbara J. Corr
Salvatore G. Cortese II '11
Steven J. Corvi Jr. '95 and Kim Corvi
Britton O. Costa '06
James M. Cotter '64 and Melinda Cotter
Hanley S. Courter '22
Jason and Courtney Courter P'22
Julia M. Courtney '23
James P. Coxen '84 and Donna A. Coxen
Hugh F. Coyle III '88 and Jill C. Sutton-Coyle
Ryan Coyle '00
Robert Coyne
Richard Crawford P'24
Alexandra Criscuolo '12
Zachary J. Crisler '23
Michael A. Crispino Jr. '17
Rosemary Croker
James P. Cronin '75 and Diana Cronin
Molly B. Cronin '24
Jason D. Crosby P'21
Sean R. Crosby '21
Hannah J. Cross '24
Thomas and Jeannie Cross P'24
Kevin Crowley
Pat Crowley
Thomas A. Crowley Jr. '69 and Diane Crowley
Jesus A. Cruz '21
Ed Cullen P'24
Sean G. Cullen
William and Nancy Culliton
Leo and Doris Cummings P'23
Caroline E. Cuneo '17
McKenzie A. Cunningham '22
Brian and Leslie Curran P'21
Willard F. Currier
Miranda Curto '23
Christina Chacharone Curzan '06 and Zachary Curzan
Timothy G. Cusack-McPartlin '22
Lisa Cusano
Christopher D. Cusson '98 and Lindsey B. Cusson
Robert S. Cypher Jr. '76 and Denise A. Cypher
Adele Daab
Colleen M. Daghita '24
Dean and Linda Daghita P'24
Christine A. Dailey
Samantha D'Alessandro '22
Vincent R. D'Alessandro Jr. '65, MA'69 and Brenda D'Alessandro P'90
Vincent R. D'Alessandro III '90 and Amy R. D'Alessandro P'22
Emily L. Dalla Riva '24
Robert and Linda Dalla Riva P'24
Kevin M. Dalton '01
Alex and Janene Daly P'24
Brian G. Daly '92 and Janet Boyle Daly '92, MSN'00, P'23
Erin M. Daly '06
Thomas F. Damato '73
Patricia M. Melia Damon '78
Matthew T. Danaher '14 and Michelle Danaher
Stephen B. D'Andrea '07
Brittany L. Danielewski '18
George N. Daniolos '12
Adam J. Davey '08 and Sara E. Pizzute Davey '08
Kristoffer J. Davis
Travis Day '16
Zachary J. Dayton
John P. De Santis '78 and Cynthia De Santis
James C. Dean '81 and Sarah Dean
Robert T. Dechant '83
Javier E. Decima
Timothy G. Dee '08, MA'14 and Kristen A. D'Alessandro Dee '08
Robert F. Deerin '73
Peter DeFilippo '94 and Elizabeth DeFilippo
Jay R. DeGioia '80 and JoMarie DeGioia
Michelle P. DeJoseph '13
Alexandra J. Clark Delaney '12
Kevin and Cheryl Delaney P'24
Arthur A. DellaSalla '95 and Dina DellaSalla
Derek A. DeLorenzo '93 and Lynn E. Marchetti DeLorenzo '93
Anthony J. DeLuca '83 and Elaine DeLuca
Janet Demakos
Andrew M. Demarco '18, MS'19
Anthony and Tina Demars P'25
Jessica DeMarse '22
Henry N. DeMaso '14 and Tara J. McDermott '14
Joseph J. DeMeo '15
Stephen Dennis
Daniel Dent
Michael and Paula Dent P'22
Daniel C. Deponte MBA'07 and Megan E. DePonte '06
Peter and Stacey Dera P'22
Gregory J. DeRosa '86
Lauren E. Desiderio '04, MA'07
Albert E. DeSimone '08
Christopher C. Desmarais '93 and Catherine A. Bassi Desmarais '93, MBA'07
Megan Devaney '83 and Peter Bialobrzeski
Harold J. Devanney '69
Matteo and Luci DeVincenzo P'23
Shane J. DeVincenzo '23
Gene M. DeVito '78 and Teresa DeVito
Paul V. DeVito '78 and Vincenza M. DeVito
Jenna DiBernardo '10
Brian M. Dillon and Janice Delehanty-Dillon P'24
Robert W. Dillon '23
Robert and Jennifer Dillon Sr. P'23
Sheridan J. Dillon '24
Matthew J. Dimmling '10
Cheryl Dinan P'21
John W. DiNicola II '91 and Brigette B. DiNicola
Gabrielle A. Diodati '21
Michele L. Diodati P'21
Nicola Diodati P'21
Louis J. DiPietro '79 and Katherine Welsh
Angelo E. Dirienzo C'60
Erin E. Dobbs '22
Larry Dobbs
William and Barbara Dober
Jill T. Dobricki P'23
Rachel C. Dobricki '23
John K. Doheny '81 and Rose Doheny
Michael R. Doherty '95 and Rebecca N. Doherty
Timothy and Susan Doherty P'23, '18, '16
Daniel and Judith Dolan P'23
McKenna E. Dolan
Elesa R. Doll P'23
Eugene T. Doll P'23
Morgan F. Doll '23
Stephanie S. Barron Dollar '97
Trent L. Domingos '15
Paul and Marie Donahue
Sophia M. Dondero '20, MS'21
Thomas F. Donino '83 and Loren Nolletti Donino '83
Connor and Paige Donnelly
Walter G. Donnelly Jr. '64 and Cathy Donnelly
Augustine J. Donofrio '23
Douglas and Susan Donofrio P'23
Karen Donofrio
John T. Donovan '73 and Deborah S. Donovan
Kevin G. Donovan '79, MA'96 and Maryann B. Bonomo Donovan '82
Olivia A. Doody '22
David J. Doran '59 and Linda Doran
Mark C. Dorigan '78 and Amy Dorigan
William P. Dorney '97 and Heather E. Wilson Dorney '96
George and Cheryl Dorsett P'22
Andre D. Dorval '73 and Maria Dorval P'07
Robert J. D'Ostilio '87 and Karen D'Ostilio
Daniel L. Douaire Jr. '86 and Janet Kendall Douaire '86
Edmond and Pamela Dougherty P'19
Michael J. Dougherty '04 and Chelsea Dougherty
Adelaide Douglas '23
Barclay and Diana Douglas Jr. P'23
Charles J. Douglas '70 and Paulette Douglas P'06
Bexhet Dovolani '21
Richard F. Dowling III '15
Michael A. Downes '87 and Donna L. Downes
Stephen J. Dragicevich '79 and Mary Ellen Dragicevich
Michael and Diane Drake P'22
Russell and Sally Dreyer P'22
Thomas J. Drillien '24
John F. Driscoll '89 and Maureen Driscoll
Timothy P. Driscoll '99
James and Donalee Drohen P'23
Rebecca A. Drohen '23
Matthew F. Drury '95 and Nicole E. Fortin Drury '94
Philip Dubord
Edward M. Duggan Jr. '84 and Kathleen Minion Duggan '83, P'11
J. J. Duke
Elizabeth J. Dumas '21
Patricia Dunbar
Gregory and Meredith Duncan P'19
Kevin G. Duncan '19
David J. Dunn '91, MA'06 and Sharon E. Dunn
James W. Dunn IV '09, MA'12
Jeffrey M. Dunn '05 and Elizabeth C. Curtis '05
William Dunn '68
Kathleen Duong '22
Scott D. Dupcak '98 and Danielle Dupcak
William C. Durborow '90 and Karen A. Quarto Durborow '90, P'19
Ronald J. Durie '68 and Linda Durie
Donald and Teresita Durkin
James and Theresa Durkin P'21
Emily F. Dweck '23
Michael T. Dylag '78 and Tricia Owens
Michael J. Dziuba Jr. '21
Kathleen A. Early '15, MA'19
Roland M. Eckstein '10
Bradley A. Edgar '01 and Lauren Edgar
Jason E. Edokpayi '24
Joan A. Edwards C'00 P'00
Lewis Edwards '20
William P. Egan '67 and Jacalyn A. Egan P'99
Xavier Egurbide '97 and Melissa A. Egurbide
Robert Ehlers '79 and Laurie A. Pollio Ehlers '79, P'23
Andrew K. Eidenshink '17
Thomas and Christine Elliott P'24
Thomas G. Elliott '24
Donald and Judith Elmendorf
Joel and Kristie Elmquist P'21
Albert J. Emanuelli '59 and Mary Ann Emanuelli
Scott Emerson
Bridgette J. Closter Enarson '07
Barbara E. Ennis
Jack N. Erbeck '23
John and Rorey Erbeck P'25, '23
Nicholas F. Esposito '20
Hugo Espuela Hurtado '22
Ronald Eva
Marie Evanko
Eugene J. Fabbri '75 and Christine K. Kelly Fabbri '76
Dietmar Fahrun '84
Evan Fair '22
Jose E. Fajardo Jr. '91 and Nancy P. Barrett-Fajardo '91, P'23, '20
Camilo and Ivette Falcon P'25
Peter A. Fall '66 and Janet Fall
Andrea C. Bazos Fallon '04
Francis X. Fallon
Grace K. Fallon '22
Timothy and Pamela Fallon P'22
Robert A. Famiglietti '92 and Dorian R. Famiglietti
Thomas J. Fanning Sr. '78 and Michele J. Fanning P'10, '06
Frank J. Fanzilli Jr. '78 and Christine M. Corrigan P'22
Thomas G. Faranda '73 and Brigid Faranda
Lawrence M. Farina '83
Linda M. Farrell '87
Thomas and Catherine Farrell
Peter T. Fay '87 and Lisa N. Fay
Nicole A. Fede '16
Lorraine J. Fedyna '80
John A. Fee '22
Joseph T. Fee Jr. and Mary E. Pino-Fee P'22
John and Janice Feeley P'01
Michael J. Feeley '99 and Kristen A. Rath Feeley '99
Shannon R. Feeley '22
Caitlin M. Feeney '03
Megan K. Feeney '13
Stephen and Carol Feeney P'10, '03
Andrew J. Feigenbaum '24
Michael P. Feighan '71
Joseph A. Felice '88 and Patricia A. Sclafani
Michael J. Felicetti '65 and Trudy Felicetti P'94
August E. Feliciano '21
David and Jessica Fenner P'24
Kate E. Fenner '24
Elizabeth Fergusson '88
Peter M. Ferrara '73 and Christine F. Feeney Ferrara '76, P'08
Vincent I. Ferrer '12
Matthew J. Ferriero '21
Stephen and Geraldine Fiacco P'24
Tracey Ficarotta
Annabelle Field
Laura J. Field
Searle and Lauralee Field
Kristen E. Filicia '14
Jonathan F. Filipe '22
Alexandra M. Filipkowski '22
Marc S. Filipkowski and Diana Zapata P'24, '22
Angela M. Filosa '24
Gigi M. Filosa P'24
Michael S. Filosa P'24
Thomas F. Finn '78 and Donna M. Kern Finn '77
William T. Finnegan '77 and Jo-Ann V. Visconti Finnegan '77
Charlotte M. Finnerty '24
Brian E. Fitzgerald '69 and Maria L. Fitzgerald
Brian J. Fitzgerald P'23
Daniel B. Fitzgerald '99 and Kristen M. Pienkowski Fitzgerald '03
James D. Fitzgerald '10 and Mia E. Battagliola Fitzgerald '11
Patricia C. Fitzgerald P'99, '94
William J. Fitzgerald '23
William and Christina Fitzgerald P'23
J. Kevin Fitzpatrick '66 and Eileen A. Fitzpatrick
James D. Fitzpatrick '70, MA'72 and Phyllis A. Fitzpatrick P'08
Maria Pappano Fitzpatrick '85 and Fenton J. Fitzpatrick Jr. P'18
Brian J. Flaherty '87 and Melanie Flaherty
Paul E. Flanagan '71 and Patricia Flanagan
John L. Flannery Jr. '83 and Tracy E. Flannery
Erin M. Fraulo Fleming '00 and Kevin A. Fleming
Mary McCormack Fleming '75 and Francis Fleming
Devin J. Flores '23
Pacifico J. Flores '23
Pacifico and Mary Flores P'23, '23
Sean F. Flynn '05 and Marjorie A. Powers '05
Thomas J. Flynn '24
Tricia A. Sweeney Flynn '90 and Thomas J. Flynn P'24
Will and Julie Fogg
Casey E. Foley '19
Thomas and Jacqueline Foley P'19
Suzanne E. Folger '99
Lina Foncello '19
Christina A. Forbes P'23
Megan A. Forbes '23
Alexander W. Ford '23
Christopher D. Ford '23
Jeffrey J. Ford '86 and Margaret Moynihan Ford '86
Todd and Tracy Ford P'22, '20
Travis M. Ford '20, MS'21
Conor T. Forrest '23
Maggie E. Fort '23
Michael E. Fort '93 P'23
Michael D. Fox '68 and Kathie Fox
Joseph and Shirley Frager P'17
Brian M. Franco '95
H. Bart Franey '67 and Eleanor S. Franey
Arthur J. Franks '74 and Elizabeth Aldworth Franks '76
Victor G. Fraulo '73 and Jeanette Fraulo P'00, '99
Brian and Lisa Frawley P'22
Jane Frawley '22
Thomas J. Freda '13
Daniel Fredenburgh '96
David and Judith Fredette P'22
William E. Frese '70 and Kathleen Frese P'04
Gregory and Barbara Friedt P'21
Peter J. Friel '81 and Ester Friel
William J. Fuggi '92
Wendy A. Fuller MA'03, CAS'05 and Arthur B. Fuller Jr. P'18
Leah E. Furey Zikoski '12
Justin V. Furtado '14
Brian and Mary Futo P'20
Hannah E. Futo '20, MBA'21
John A. Gaberino
Virginia Galante '18
James R. Galinsky '78 and Anne E. O'Donnell Galinsky '79
Dennis W. Gallagher '72 and Constance Gallagher
J. Philip Gallagher '60, MA'65 and Catherine Gallagher
Jaclyn H. Gallagher '18
Thomas and Siobhan Galligan P'23
Robert A. Gallina '07
Paul L. Gallois '73 +
Cynthia Gallucci P'21
Christopher Galvin '72 and Mary Jane Dorrian Galvin '75
Christopher Ganio '22
Nick and Susan Ganio P'22
Corrine N. Carlson Gann '01
Ella S. Gardiner '24
Matthew A. Gardner '90
Kristin Garofalo '18
Jeannine Garrick '02
Peter J. Garry '64
Paul R. Garstka '67 and Joan Garstka
Keith V. Garvey '75 and Marcela Garvey
Timothy H. Gately '93
Alexis N. Gaulin '24
Jay and Pamela Gaulin P'24
Philip W. Gavey '87 and Laura Petersen Gavey '90
Timothy J. Gazzini '07 and Lara K. Hannigan Gazzini '08
Kathleen A. O'Connell Geiling '82 and J. Douglass Geiling
William V. Geraghty Jr. '71, MA'73 and Kathleen Geraghty
Jack D. Giannini '14
Victor A. Giardina P'24
Sean M. Gibbons '91 and Carolyn Duff Gibbons '91, MA'94
Madalyn I. Gibson '22
Kelsey N. Gilbert '21
Cassie Gildea
Caitlin Gilligan '19
Gary J. Gillis '87
John F. Gilsenan '68 and Roberta N. Gilsenan
Kenneth Gilstein
Michael and Carole Giordano P'19
Samantha Giordano '19
Lyle M. Girandola '81 and Kathleen Hollis Girandola '82
James P. Girolamo II '06 and Megan C. McConville Girolamo '08
Frank S. Giusti '06 and Christie Soules
Alicia G. Glasheen '24
Hrvoje N. Glavan '15
Michael G. Gleason '91 and Ellen Gleason
James and Tonya Godwin P'22
Barbara J. Goger '17, MS'18
Breena E. Goldberg '12
Robert and Karen Golden P'05, '02
Santiago Nicolas Gonzalez Becerra '22
Gregory Goodwin
Caroline E. Gordon '23
Richard F. Gordon '68 and Susan Gordon P'97
Peter and Joanne Gori P'22
Brian and Amy Grabek P'21
Nicholas J. Grabek '21
Richard A. Graf '87 and Jeannine Carolan Graf '87
Shaun M. Graham '02
Eileen Quirk Grant '85 and Wayne Grant
Jonathan D. Grant '09 and Amanda E. Love '09
Juliette E. Grasso '24
Christopher M. Grauert '68 and Debra Grauert
Michael J. Graziano '08
Beverly Green P'21
Caleb Green '21
Michael D. Greene '23
James and Anne Greener P'14
Edward J. Greenwood '85, MBA'97
Ardith M. Greeny
Bennett Grefenstette
Edward and Megan Grefenstette P'22
Elizabeth Grefenstette '22
Christine O'Neill Gremp MA'81 and William J. Gremp
Mary Luddy Grenier MA'84 and Roger Grenier
Colleen M. Paull Grinnell '00 and Eric S. Grinnell
Jeffrey J. Gromos '87 and Tsugumi Gromos
Carol A. Grosso '77, MA'83
Danielle Grosso '23
Steven J. Grosso '92
Thomas J. Guarcello '78, MA'80 and Susan Schiltz Guarcello '79
Justin W. Guerrera
Kevin J. Guinan '95 and Stacey Guinan
Frank J. Gulia Jr. '60, MA'65, C'72
Gregory J. Gunyan '04
Roland J. Guzzi Jr.
Carl A. Haberbusch '67 and June Haberbusch P'95, '93
Daniel and Jody Hakes P'21
Rachel J. Hakes '21
Walter P. Halas
Emily L. Halderson '20
Sidney and Susan Hamburger P'24
John K. Hamel '68 and Martha L. Hamel P'00
Michael A. Hamilton '24
Michael and Madeline Hamilton P'24
John and Nancy Hammerer Jr. P'05
John L. Hammond III '01 and Maggie Hammond
Michael P. Handal '22
Paul and Debora Handal P'22
Tina Louise Handal
Elizabeth G. Cambria Handler '88 and Eric E. Handler
James T. Hankard '01 and Kristin Hankard
Courtney B. Hankins '19
Gary and Nancy Hankins P'19
Francis G. Hanley '58 and Mary Jane Hanley
Sean D. Hanlon '94
Morgan Hansen '21
Peter and Jennifer Harding
Rylee J. Harrell '24
Keith and Ellen Harrington P'22
Michaela Harrington '22
Katherine Hammerer Harris '05
Daniel W. Harty '01
Brian M. Harvey '94 and Kristen B. Keating Harvey '99
Adam A. Hastings '18, MS'20
Liela O. Hastings '23
Peter and Kimberly Hastings P'23
John P. Hatala '21
Kathleen M. Rafferty Hay '03 and Brad Hay
Alana Hayes '24
Brent T. Hayes '95 and Carley L. LaMorte Hayes '95
Matthew J. Hayes
Michael M. Hayes '11
Dennis J. Haylon '81
Christopher M. Haynes '87 and Janine Haynes
Timothy P. Healy '01 and Mary-Ellen A. Healy
Jason L. Hebner '21
Scott and Laura Hebner P'21
Kathryn E. Heffernan '15
William J. Hegarty Jr. '65 and Geraldine Hegarty
Alexander R. Hemmat '23
Chad P. Hemmat and Julie E. Anderson P'23
Mark J. Henry '23
Ryan M. Herlihy '01 and Erin Herlihy
Andrea Hernangomez '22
Brooke N. Hernon '22
Marc and Dina Hershey
Suzanne Semon Hess '90 and John A. Hess P'24
Ethan C. Hibbard '23
Elisa Loprete Hibbs '81 and Christopher A. Hibbs
Elizabeth T. Hickey '92
Collin J. Hicks '24
Jacqueline A. Higgins '05
Shaun and Lisa Higgins P'23
Thomas A. Hildebrandt '72, MA'75 and Eileen Mullen Hildebrandt '74
Stephanie Hill
Christopher G. Hillock '00 and Julie Hillock
David and Debra Hines P'24
Edward Hines III '93 and Eileen T. Kelly
Garrett M. Hines '24
John and Suzanne Hingher P'20
Joseph C. Hliboki '84 and Catherine P. Pizzurro Hliboki '86, P'22, '16
James J. Hoefner '79 and Christine L. Newhall '79, P'19
John and Anita Hoey P'15
Katherine Voight Hoey '06 and Patrick Hoey
Ernest and Susan Hoffman
John C. Hoffman '68 and Paula J. Hoffman P'96
Kaitlin Hoffman '22
Mark and Tracy Hoffman P'22
Philip J. Hoffman '80 and Martha M. Hoffman
Brian T. Holland '02 and Kerri Holland
Stephanie A. Holland '02
R. Kevin Holt '75 and Hope Holt
Douglas D. Holub
Paul Holub
David and Patricia Holveck
Kurt P. Holweger '82 and Nancy Holweger
Christopher and Elizabeth Homan P'23
Olivia J. Homan '23
Michael T. Hone '87 and Clair P. Flynn Hone '88, P'23
Kristen L. Ryan Hoover '09 and John Hoover
Charles and Marybeth Horning P'21, '18
Christopher J. Horning '11
James Horning
Rich and Tracy Horosky P'23
Charlee R. Horton
Charles and Roberta Horton
Paul J. Horton '90 and Joy E. Grossman '89
Amy L. Hosking '09
Madison Hoskins '23
Richard and Cathy Hoskins P'23
Diane E. Howarth-Forrest '78 P'23
Aaron M. Howell '16, MS'18
Wayne M. Howley '77 and Patricia Howley
Cory and Dara Hubbard P'23
Cassandra J. Hughes '19
Raymond J. Hughes '78 and Suzanne Hughes
Siebe Huisman and Suzanne Veraa P'22
Ymke Huisman '22
Brian P. Hull '80 and Laura R. Hull P'13
Jeffrey K. Hussey '08 and Katie Hussey
Scarlett Hutchinson '24
Charles Huthmaker
William T. Hyland '74
Robert F. Hynes Jr. '75 and Marybeth E. Campbell Hynes '80, P'23
David M. Iaccarino '74 and Christine J. Iaccarino
Wendy Ianno
Melissa A. Iannucci '17, MS'18
Malen Iglesias '22
John S. Imor '19
Kathleen W. Whelan Ivey '93 and Fred Ivey III
Mary Jacob
Melissa M. Grcic Jacobelli '96 and David M. Jacobelli
Patrick J. Jacquot '05, A'05 and Tisha A. Jacquot C'05, A'13
Emily K. Janis '09
Jennifer A. Imperia Jarl '97
Benjamin P. Jaurigue '90 and Erin Jaurigue
Allan Jeanne-Rose '23
Ryan S. Jennings '00
Jeffery and Elizabeth Jerdonek P'23
Madeleine E. Jerdonek '23
Nancy Joel
Gary Johnson
Jeffery J. Johnson '97 and Katherine L. Johnson
Keith and Tina Johnson P'23
Roger and Ruth Johnson P'09
Stephen M. Johnson '85 and Christine Johnson
Brooke C. Jones
Frank A. Jones and Donna C. Glyn-Williams P'23
John Jones MA'01, MA'20 and Donna K. Jones
Melissa Jones
Nya L. Jones '23
Steven M. Jones and Mary Nohara P'18
Tamara L. Jones
Kellen Jordan '19
Julia Kallen '22
Ross and Wendy Kallen P'22
James R. Kallio '90 and Stephanie Kallio
Kevin O. Kammerer '69 and Jodi Kammerer
Less Kan
Jacqueline S. Kane '87
George and Vicky Karalis P'24
Marina C. Karalis '24
George B. Karfiol
Kevin Karl '00 and Amanda Karl
Francesca S. Karman '23
Stephen E. Karman and Maria Grace Ambrosio-Karman P'23
John J. Kavanagh '58 and Nancy Kavanagh P'86
Marc and Rachel Kavanagh
Neil and Francine Kavey
Katherine Kayser Bricker
Caitlin T. Keane '07 and Christopher Bertram
Mary K. Keane '23
Robert and Mary Keane P'23
Lauren E. Kearney '19
Joseph J. Kearns '64 and MaryLouise Kearns
Cathleen V. Keating '13
Benjamin J. Kebbell '21
Brian and Allison Keenan P'22
James P. Keenan '11 and Sarah A. Piccolomini Keenan '11
Kaitlyn M. Keenan '13
Kristaps and Julia Keggi
Charles E. Keinath '07 and Christine A. Porcello Keinath '07
Kevin J. Kelleher '76 and Mary Pat Hicks Kelleher '77, P'05, '02
Amanda L. Keller '13
Edward and Dorothy Kelley P'96
Michael T. Kelley '65 and Susan Kelley
Caroline B. Kelly '24
Christopher O. Kelly '18
Christopher and Kelly Kelly P'24
Erica L. Kelly '22
John F. Kelly
Kevin and Laura Kelly P'22
Michael and Jennifer Kelly P'22
Michael J. Kelly '65 and Ann Kelly
Patrick S. Kelly '99 and Renee Kelly
Raymond J. Kelly '75 and Maureen Kelly
Charles J. Kemp '03 and Loren Kemp
David and Stephanie Kenkel P'24
Brendan A. Kenny '91 and Katherine Kenny
Kevin P. Kenny '97 and Joanne C. Kenny P'25
Matthew C. Kessler '08
James P. Kiely P'24
Madalyn R. Kiely '24
Cheryl Goodwin Kiernan '92 and Matthew G. Kiernan
Edward and Anita Kiernan Jr. P'92
Edward F. Kiernan III '92 and Elizabeth Kiernan
Ellen D. Sarosy Kiernan '03
Barbara Patton Kiggins '85 and John D. Kiggins
Colin B. Kiley '71 and Elizabeth Kiley
Conor T. Kim '17
Charles P. King and Jamie S. Villella P'23
Isabella S. King '23
Laura King '20
Robert C. King '80 and Cynthia B. Binkunski King '80
Sophia G. King '23
Drew M. Kingsley '07
Earl Kinville
Allie M. Kirby '24
Timothy and Jill Kirby P'24
Thomas M. Kirchner '84 and Robin M. Kirchner
Sara K. Kirkpatrick MA'11
Courtney E. Kitchen '23
Roger and Kathryn Klarmann P'25
Joseph H. Klauder
Cooper J. Knecht
John and Kathleen Knecht
Emily R. Kness '23
Matt and Denise Kness P'23
Charles D. Knight '86
Jennifer A. Kohl '89 and Cyrus Harrison
William R. Kohl '73 and Laura Kohl P'98
Mary B. Vallely Kolloff '08
Anna K. Komer '21
Mohamed K. Kourdassi '22
Robert J. Kownacki '78 and Drucilla B. Buonaiuto Kownacki '77
Glen and Christine Kozak P'24
Emma R. Kramer '24
Kelly L. Kramer '12
Tara Kramer P'24, '20
Thomas F. Kramer '93 and Laura E. Fleissner Kramer '93, P'24
David and Joanna Kratz P'23
Andrew Kraus '17
Sandra Sattelberger Kraus '78 and Michael Kraus P'17
Glenn and Therese Krebs P'13
Ryan C. Krebs '13 and Margaret K. Osmulski '14
Thomas M. Krenn '70
Phillip J. Kreski '81 and Denise Kreski
Jordan L. Kress
Andrea Krill '05 and Brian Krill
Victoria M. Krivitsky '21
Thomas Krygier MA'80
Douglas and Michelle Kryscio P'24
Grace E. Kryscio '24
Katherine Kudlacik '22
Jennifer D. Kuebler P'24, '22
Robert M. Kulikowski '77 and Marie A. Kulikowski
Michael and Rosamaria Kurata P'14
Kevin O. Kuryla '88 and Jennifer J. Kuryla
Dolores La Sala

Anthony V. Labesky Jr. '68 and Margaret A. Labesky
Wayne A. LaBore '64 and Rosemary LaBore P'99
Louis A. Laccavole Jr. '71 and Joyce Laccavole
Kelly A. Doran Lafnitzegger '89 and Peter T. Lafnitzegger P'23
Reagan D. Lafnitzegger '23
Marcelo C. Laiz '82 and Cynthia Pallon-Laiz P'21
Matthew and Stacey Lamotta P'23
William E. Lamotta '23
Catherine C. Lanahan '24
John and Claudine Lanahan P'24, '22
Roderick and Constance Lancaster P'24
Alexandra F. Landino '23
John H. Landino P'23
Rachel I. Landry '21
Kenneth C. Landy and Teresa J. Opalacz P'19
Jean M. Reusch Lane MA'86 and Philip J. Lane P'10
Eugene and Kimberly Langan P'20
John J. Langan Jr. '69 and Anne McDonald Langan '74
Michael T. Langan '79
Brian T. Lange '06 and Kathleen E. Lange
Gerald C. Langlais '72
James Langley '79 and Nancy A. Langley
Matthew H. Lanzaro '11
Mary Lappe
Jennifer A. Lapponese P'23
Lauren M. Laramore '06
Christine Larson
Sara LaTerza
Danielle E. Latino '16
Russell C. Laub '07
David and Beverly Lauren P'23
Kylie Laurenitis
James and Robin Lavelle P'22
Dorothy R. Lavin
John Lavin
Bryan and Nicole Leach P'24
Jalen B. Leach '24
Alana G. Leahy '19
Brian T. Leary '91 and Colleen Coyle Leary '93
Kayla Leary '23
Michael and Alison Leary P'23
Christopher Leavay '95 and Kerri A. Leavay
Megan E. LeBlanc '24
Robert and Jill LeBlanc P'24
Alexis J. Leclair
Michael and Daryl Lee P'23
Alexa C. Lehan '22
John and Michele Lehan P'22
Eric F. Lemieux '83 and Suzanne Burke Lemieux '83, P'22, '18
Johanna Lemos
Brian and Kelley Lennon P'24
Brooke E. Lennon '24
Chloe R. Lennon '23
Russell B. Lennon III '90 and Megan McGovern Lennon '90, P'23
Melanie A. Leo '11
Richard and Carmelina Leo Jr. P'14
John Leonard
Marielle Leonard
Peter and Jeanne Leonard P'24, '12
Andrew S. Leone '17
Angela C. Chiodo Leonzi '98 and Raymond J. Leonzi P'25
Stephen M. Lessing '76 and Sandra M. Lessing
David and Elizabeth Lewis P'21
Samantha L. Lewis '21
Kevin H. Leys '81 and Midge Leys
Morton and Linda Lichtman
Steven R. Liguori II '09
Hans T. Lim '24
Hywell and Therese Lim P'24
Mary Alice Limperopulos '13
Martin and Katharine Lindemann P'23
Megan L. Stauffer Lindley '06 and Matthew Lindley
Richard and Suzanne Lindquist P'17
Charles and Jennifer Lindsay Jr. P'23
Samantha G. Lindsay '23
Joseph A. Linnehan '75 and Linda Linnehan
John C. Lobo '14
Bethany L. Loffredo '06, MA'09
Irene Logan
Chelsea Lohse
Emily K. Lombardi '20
Jeffrey T. Londregan '93 and Jennifer Maina Londregan '93
Sean M. Looney '90 and Debra Looney
Matthew J. Lopes '24
Lou Lopez Senechal '22
Christian D. Lopez '09
Robert J. LoPinto '14 and Kelly A. Romano LoPinto '11
Robert and Marie LoPinto P'14
John G. Loverro '93
Thomas and Catherine Lowry P'23
Joseph V. Lozowski '23
Frank and Lori Lux P'24
Megan A. Lux '24
Braden E. Lynch '24
Chad and Annmarie Lynch P'24
Liam D. Lynch '19
Roger M. Lynch '63 and Nancy Lynch P'95
Joseph N. Macaluso '12
Joseph P. Macaluso '73
Peter H. Macaluso '03
Grace MacCallum '22
Todd and Heather Maccallum P'22
Kaleigh MacDonald '22
Mel and Jean MacDonald P'22
Richard MacDonough Jr. '89 and Julia MacDonough
Kevin and Denise MacInnes P'24
Dennis F. Madej '73
Frank C. Maggiorotto '83 and Wendy Gill Maggiorotto '84
Allan E. Magid '21
Gregory J. Magner '81
Ryan M. Magner '05 and Keri N. Greenberg Magner '07
Christie T. Thebault Maguire '11 and Frank Maguire
Julie A. Maguire P'21
Meghann K. Maguire '21
Edward J. Maher III '69
Robert F. Maher '70 and Jody Maher
Brian P. Mahoney '78 and Constance Carrigan Mahoney '79
Christopher Maidoh '23
Timothy M. Malay '94 and Megan Malay
Gerald J. Malloy '24
Gerald and Susan Malloy P'24
Scott M. Malone '97
Richard F. Maloney '67
Amy L. Markowitz Mancini '97 and Joshua Mancini
David J. Mancini '01
John J. Manganiello '97 and Kristina M. Manganiello
Kevin T. Manke '10
Christopher A. Manley '11 and Lauren Vandenberg Manley '10
Carly N. Manzi '23
Aina March Razakamanantsoa '22
David L. Marcinowski '98
Leonardo and Julie Marella P'23
Michael J. Marella '23
Donna M. Margine '81
Christopher J. Margres '20
John and Patti Margres P'20
Tana L. Markel P'23
Thomas and Michelle Maroney P'22
Peter and Suzanne Marotti P'25
Matthew A. Marshall '19
Brendan T. Martin '24
Carol J. Martin
Clark and Maureen Martin P'23
Delaney Martin
Joseph S. Martin '17
Mackenzie M. Martin '23
Megan Martin '02
Rachel A. Martin '22
Timothy and Catherine Martin P'24
Francis J. Marx Sr. '76 and Joanne Marx P'04
Gary A. Marzolla '71 and Marie E. Marzolla
James and Janice Mas P'24
Alexis Mason '22
Hugh and Carolyn Mason P'20
Jennifer C. Chrzanowski Masone '95, MA'99 and Robert S. Masone
Christian A. Matarese '02 and Kimberly Matarese
Paige E. Matteo '12
Daniel L. Matthes-Theriault '23
Maclaine D. Matties '17
Robert J. Matty
Juliet J. Mazurczak P'22
Michael J. Mazurczak P'22
Caroline M. McAndrew '23
Matthew H. McAndrew '06
Eugene E. McAuliffe '82 and Diana McAuliffe
James F. McAvoy '76 and Patricia A. Dubyoski '77, P'03
Keith W. McCall '92
Charles J. McCann Jr. '59 and Muriel F. McCann P'94, '94
James P. McCarthy '73 and Mary Ellen Mangan McCarthy '75
Michael C. McCarthy '24
Michael and Kimberly McCarthy P'24, '23
Molly E. McCarthy '24
Patrick T. McCarthy '23
Rory I. McCarthy '04 and Jennifer H. Clough McCarthy '04
Emma C. McClellan '24
John McClenathan Jr.
Madison L. McClenathan '23
Michael and Stacey McClenathan P'23
Brian T. McCloskey '95 and Maridel M. Mauleon McCloskey '95
Timothy M. McConnell '92 and Merritt C. McConnell
A. Arthur McCoy '79 and Anne C. McCoy P'14
James and Annmarie McDade P'20
Brian M. McDevitt '93 and Kristie Ann McDevitt
Anif I. McDonald '16
Patrick R. McDonald '02
Brenna J. McDonnell '21
Ana F. McDonough '22
John H. McDonough Jr. '68 and Linda B. McDonough
Patricia A. McDonough
Patrick and Carrie McDonough P'22
James E. McElderry '93, MA'00 and Kimberly McElderry
Thomas J. McElrath '73 and Jean Chmielewski McElrath '74, MA'78
Richard J. McEttrick '76
Meghan E. McEvoy '10
Tracy L. McEvoy
Brian M. McGarvey '02 and Kathryn B. Rafferty McGarvey '02
Erin A. McGinley '25
Killian McGinley '23
Susan E. Rueter McGinley '95 and Patrick J. McGinley III P'25
Finnley B. McGinnis '21
Matthew McGlinchey '21
Matthew R. McGoldrick '01 and Caroline McGoldrick
Kenneth M. McGovern '87 and Maureen B. Kelly McGovern '87, P'22
Kevin B. McGovern '67 and Jill K. McGovern
Brian J. McGrath '87 and Monica Egan McGrath '87
T. Christian McGreevy '97
George K. McGregor '89 and Susan R. McGregor
Helen H. McGuire P'02
Maura E. McGuire '02
Sarah J. McHale '18
James T. McIntyre '88 and Amy McIntyre
Ashley L. McKenna '24
Marilyn H. McKnight
Andrew McLaughlin
Dennis and Teresa McLaughlin P'21
Haleigh J. McLaughlin '21
James D. McLaughlin '64 and Jane F. McLaughlin
Matthew C. McLaughlin '89 and Amy E. McLaughlin P'25
Roger McLellan
Stephen McLoughlin P'21
Stephen T. McLoughlin '21
Andrew C. McMahon '13
Brendan I. McMahon Jr. '20
Robert M. McMahon '87 and Kristin D. Dodge McMahon '87, P'21, '20
William F. McMahon III '93 and Katie McMahon
Cheryl McMenamin
Ramsey McMenamin
Kaley B. McMullen '19
Alyssa L. McNally '20
Joseph J. McNamara '60
Bernard C. McNerney '93
Daniel T. McNichol '86 and Roseann McNichol
Timothy E. McPartlin and Eva-Marie Cusack P'25, '22
Madison McSherry '22
Paul P. McSherry '98
Maureen McSweeney
Brendan J. McTague '11
Christopher McTague '95 and Julie A. Dunbar McTague '96
Brian and Jessica McVeigh P'24
Colin T. McVeigh '24
John C. Meditz '70
Michael J. Meehan '08
H. David Megaw '66
Meghan A. Megill '23
Scott and Kathleen Megill P'23
Mia Melao '22
Melvin and Joan Melsheimer
Helen Menna
Salvatore J. Menzo '61 and Judith Menzo P'88
Thomas C. Mercaldo '86 and Pam Rasmidatta
Cynthia A. Meringer '19, MA'21
Samantha A. Merino '21
Anthony W. Merola '74 and Wendy Merola
Denise Merten
Alysse T. Merullo '10
Jason Meserve
Arion Mete '21
Shpetim and Meleke Mete P'21
Jacqueline M. Metz '97
Kelsey Meurer
Jane Scanlon Meyer '91 and Raymond D. Meyer
Joseph R. Meyer '20, MS'21
Richard and Krista Michalski P'25
Sara Middlebrook '22
Alexandra K. Miko-Rydzaj '23
Jay T. Mikula P'23
Karin R. Mikula P'23
Kristi M. Mikula '23
Keith and Christine Mikule P'22
Bridget H. Miles '18
Matija Milin '19
Casey C. Miller '14
Dorothy Gregory Miller '88 P'18, '14
Megan L. Miller '04 and Amy Forte
Paul J. Miller Jr. '82 and Debbie Miller
Robert M. Miller '06 and Jennifer S. Fow Miller '06
Steven H. Minnick '94
Margaret M. Coyne Minogue '89 and Raymond Minogue
Paige L. Miro '23
Brian E. Mitchell '96 and Kelly Mitchell
Dragan and Svetlana Mitrovic P'23
Stefan Mitrovic '23
Tijana Mitrovic
Eugene F. Mockler '87 and Rita E. Mockler MA'07
John M. Monahan '71 and Agatha V. Monahan
Matthew S. Monahan '90 and Veronica Monahan
John W. Monroe '90 and Mary A. Cavanaugh
Benjamin and Honor Montgomery P'25
Elizabeth Tuffin Montgomery '82 P'19
Christopher J. Moore '81 and Patricia McTiernan Moore '83
Patrice Wallace Moore '85 and Lowes L. Moore Jr. P'09
Stephen and Pamela Moore
Terence P. Moran '89 and Elizabeth J. Jenkins Moran '90
Travis and Kristine Moran P'23
Trent A. Moran '23
Cindy Stewart Morgan '84 and Dan Morgan
Madison C. Morgan
Madison and Barbara Morgan
Stephen and Michelle Morgan P'24
Abigail D. Morrill '22
Peter and Denise Morrill P'22
Corrin M. Motyka '23
Konrad and Carol Motyka P'23
Madelynn T. Mowad '22
Ryan M. Moynihan '17, MA'20
Tod and Robin Moynihan P'17
Judy Muchalski
Lindsay E. Martin Muldoon '04 and Brian Muldoon
John J. Mullally '23
John and Christine Mullally III P'23
John H. Mullen '06
Robert Muller
James F. Mulligan III '14
Mark G. Mulligan '89 and Nancy Kenny Mulligan '89
Ann E. Mullowney Conlon '04
Amanda L. Murphy '16
Brian M. Murphy '14
Shaelin E. Murphy
Andrew P. Murray '18
Anne E. Murray
Kiersten C. Murray '24
Paul and Kelley Murray P'24
Lawrence P. Murren Jr. '76
Aytana Muschajew '22
Paul A. Musico '74 and Joanmarie Musico
John and Mary Myers Jr. P'23
Brady A. Myles '23
Michael D. Nappi '00
Jennifer S. Natale '99, MA'02
Willliam Natlo
Ian M. Nelson '20
Jeffrey and Anne Nelson P'18
Kaila J. Nelson '17
Travis R. Nelson '08 and Lauren C. Williams Nelson '11
Tyler Nelson '18
Mark and Suzanne Nemec
Joseph and Sue Ellen Nethercott P'24
Sydney R. Nethercott '24
Deirdre M. Neubauer '11, MS'12
v Phillip J. Neugebauer '91 and Elizabeth Koch Neugebauer '91
Tshiefu Ngalakulondi '22
Eden E. Nibbelink '21
Manuela Nicolini '20
Daniel J. Niebler '13
Christopher J. Nieves '10 and Hope K. Curtis Nieves '11
Robert J. Nighan '88 and Karen Boornazian Nighan '87
Angelo Nitti
Maria E. Nitti '21
Michael and Kara Nitti P'21
Victor A. Noce '02
Michael and Alison Nolan P'23
Collin J. Norton '14, MS'15
Anthony and Carrie Noviello III P'22
Jake A. Noviello '22
Amanda Nowak '22
Henry P. Nowak Jr. '89 and Teresa Nowak P'22
Alexander T. Nowicki '17
Robert B. Nurmi Jr. '81
Kevin F. Nyarady '05 and Christine Nyarady
John R. O’Neill '71 and Kathleen O'Neill P'08
Brendan S. O'Brien '13
Devyn N. O'Brien '21
James and Karen O'Brien P'20
John M. O'Brien IV '89 and Lisa Riccio
Seamus P. O'Brien III '20, MBA'21
Thomas R. O'Brien '60 and Midge O'Brien P'96, '95, '90
Avery E. O'Connell '23
John F. O'Connell '55 P'89, '84
Robert and Caroline O'Connell P'23
Tara M. Mastriano O'Connell '01 and Jeff O'Connell
James P. O'Connor
John L. O'Connor '85 and Geraldine Swift O'Connor '86, P'24
Mark C. O'Connor '15
Patricia M. O'Connor '89
Rory P. O'Connor '12
Thomas B. O'Connor '75 and Mary Lou Zilliox O'Connor '83, P'09, '01
William and Joan O'Connor
Lisa H. Henley O'Dell '86 and Steven E. O'Dell
Peter F. Odlum '67 and Denise T. Odlum
James and Ellen O'Donnell P'24
Kathleen O'Donnell
Margaret E. O'Donnell '24
Barry J. O'Driscoll '00
Gerard J. O'Hara '90 and Barbara R. O'Hara
John W. O'Keefe '68 and Pamela G. O'Keefe
Kevin P. O'Keefe '95 and Jenna L. Cardone '97
Patrick F. O'Keefe '84 and Karen Occhipinti O'Keefe '84, P'15
Richard B. O'Keefe '84 and Catherine A. O'Keefe
Lacey J. Olaff '20
David and Suzanne Olczak P'22
Lauren G. Olczak '22
Brendan R. O'Leary '86
Patrick J. O'Leary Jr. '73
Shaun T. O'Leary '86 and Patricia O'Leary
Elias Oliphant '21
Jeffrey and Erika Oliphant P'21
Diane Olive Rowland
Jonathan Olive-Blanco '23
Alejandro J. Oliveira '23
Victor and Jennifer Oliveira P'23
Colleen P. Travers Olsen '04 and Christopher Olsen
Jacob M. Olson '07
Joshua D. Olson '01 and Caitlin A. Perry Olson '02
B. Maxwell O'Meara '52 and Dorothy O'Meara
Joseph S. O'Neill '77 and Kathy O'Neill
Cullen Onstott '09
Biff J. O'Reilly '80 and Jeanne A. Arrigoni O'Reilly '82, P'11
Stephen O'Reilly and Kristen N. Connolly
Jada L. Ormsbee '24
Alexa Ortman
Greg and Randi Osborne P'23
Richard M. O'Shea Jr. '98 and Jeanette M. Janczak O'Shea '99
Paul and Lucille Ostensen P'25, '24, '21
Peter A. Ostensen '24
Sara T. Ostensen '21
Adrienne W. Williamson Oziemblewski '99
Charles G. Pagliarini '23
Michael P. Pagliaro '22
Nicholas J. Paidas '13
Richard Pajor '76
Keri E. Palacio '02
Mary Ann Palazzi MA'88
Francis Palestrini Jr. '75 and Maureen Palestrini
Mary Dopman Palladino '86 and Richard Palladino
Matthew R. Palmer '13
William S. Palmer '67
Joseph A. Palsa '71 and Vivian Palsa P'05
Michael R. Palumbo '09
Janice Pangrazzi
Edward J. Panzella Jr. '94 and Sheila Panzella
Alexander J. Papa '09 and Daria L. Anuskiewicz Papa '09
Max Paparozzi '23
Michael D. Paradise '94 and Sonja Tietjen Paradise '95
Jan Parizek '22
Robert J. Parmach '98
Jon S. Pascale '75 and Eleanor Pascale
Michael and Jocelyn Pascucci
Vito A. Patrissi Jr. '75 and Cynthia Patrissi
Katherine R. Patro '24
Richard and Colleen Patro P'24
David J. Patterson
Rebecca A. Patti '22
Erin P. Patton '94 P'23
Marianne Payton P'24
Rebecca F. Becker Peck '98 and Aaron Peck
Eric W. Peel '97 and Melissa Peel
Frank and Patricia Perazzini
Guillem Perez '22
Geoffrey A. Perry MBA'12
Corinne E. Persichetti '19
John-Moritz and Antje Persiehl P'22
Luzi-Leonie Persiehl '22
Barry and Linda Peters P'18
Garrett A. Petraia '96 and Kassandra Stephens
Connie M. Petrillo CAS'67
Eva M. Petrone '24
Joseph L. Petze and Donna-Marie E. Golia
Michael J. Petze
John G. Phelan Jr. '89
Joseph S. Piacquadio '13 and Victoria M. Wischhusen Piacquadio '13
Robert A. Piazza '71 P'04
Nicholas M. Piccirillo '13
Richard A. Piccirillo Jr. '10 and Jaclyn Quinn
Genevieve C. Pike '23
Hannah G. Pike MPA'18
Jenna A. Pike '18
Jessica Pil '20
Park and Joan Pilikian
Maureen Pino
Rudolph V. Pino Jr. '73 and Mary Ann Pino P'05, '01
Rudolph V. Pino III '05 and Karalee C. Rovelli Pino '05, MSN'13
Troy J. Pinto '94
Gerard J. Pisano P'22, '22
Eddie Pizarro '23
Frank T. Pizzo '10, MS'11 and Patricia J. Moriarty Pizzo '10
Edward J. Planeta Jr. '86
Matthew R. Plominski '11
Ryan J. Plourde '14
Katarina D. Plumtree '24
Michael Policastro '89 and Nancy E. Policastro
Christopher Polletta '21
Vincent Polletta and Debra A. Cassidy P'21
Theodore and Jill Pompei
Christian D. Post '99
Joseph A. Postich '70
Robert and Jane Powers P'20
James P. Prendergast '77 and Peggy Prendergast
Philip and Patricia Prespare P'88
Mackenzie L. Bruno Pretty '00 and Thomas S. Pretty
Alexander S. Pringle '23
Sophia Prinos '22
David and Elizabeth Proctor P'24
Danielle L. Profita '21
Robert J. Profita
Russell and Michelle Profita P'21
Lindsey Profitt
John V. Puleo Jr. '82 and Dina Irene Puleo
Lindsey J. R. Pulito-Moore '04
Scott and Lisa Pumper P'23
Tyler J. Pumper '23
Thomas F. Purcell '71
Jonathan Puzzo '22
Lawrence S. Puzzo '73 and Margaret McCarthy Puzzo '74
William J. Quentin '18
Thomas C. Quick '77
Caitlin M. Quinn '07
Patrick J. Quinn '04
Paul D. Quinn '91 and Simone C. Quinn
Pegeen M. Quinn '95
Sara M. Quinn '16, MBA'19
Timothy J. Rabbitt '67 and Susan Rabbitt
John and Shannon Radebaugh P'25
Barbara Rafferty P'03
Michael and Kathryn Rafferty
Daniel D. Raimondo '23
Nicola and Joanna Raimondo P'23
Scott D. Rainaud '13
Jonathan A. Raj '13, MPA'19
Gary J. Raniolo II '09, MS'11
Kurt R. Raschi '73 and Catherine Riordan
Iony Razakamanantsoa and Misserra March P'22
Katherine E. Reardon '10
Thomas M. Reardon III '86
Thomas M. Reardon P'86
Samuel P. Rector '08 and Kelly A. Wise Rector '08
Richard and Mary-Jane Reda P'22, '15, '13
Michael F. Redden '75 and Irene Redden
Charlie D. Reed '18
Carl T. Rees
Erin J. Reeves '04, MA'08
Victoria L. Rego '23
James and Cathy Reilly P'22
Megan E. Reilly '12 and Matthew Carroll
William B. Reilly '92 and Keri M. Reilly
Nadege Rembert P'24
Lauren Zarelli Renaud '88 and Christopher Renaud
David P. Renehan '65 and Elizabeth Renehan
Glenn J. Renzulli '01 and Bridget Renzulli
David M. Repetto '79 and Michele Repetto P'15
Peter D. Repetto '15
Dylan G. Reynolds '20
Jennifer Janik Reynolds '91 and Thomas Reynolds
Maureen S. Osborne Reynolds '99 and Eli B. Reynolds
Lauryn N. Rhinehart '21
Kerry E. Schardien Ricci '01 and Michael Ricci
Alexis Rich '22
Barry and Suzannah Rich P'22
James and Andrea Richards P'25
Gloria Richter
Jolanda K. Richter '22
Markus and Juliette Richter P'22
Randi Richter
Kathleen Ries C'71
Ronald A. Riescher Sr. '63 and Kathleen Riescher
Alexander and Gina Rigolizzo P'24
Julia R. Rigolizzo '24
Rose Rigolizzo
Donald J. Rinaldi '60 and Diana M. Rinaldi P'89
Russell and Ellen Rinklin P'23
Russell C. Rinklin '23
Parker A. Riordan '19
Frank and Cheryl Rispoli P'21
Lila Ritter '22
Emma R. Ritzmann '15
Benjamin J. Rivera '23
Eric and Susan Rivera P'23
Nancy Rizzo
James P. Roach '54 and Joan A. Roach P'02, '85, '82
Fernando A. Robayo '21
John R. Robbins MA'99 and Barbara M. Ortiz Robbins '97
Christopher E. Roberge '92 and Kathleen Leary Roberge '92
Samuel A. Robertson '12 and Tara A. Hall Robertson '12, DNP'18
Madison Robicheau '22
Katie Jacobs Robinson '89 and James D. Robinson IV
Kip and Jill Robinson P'23
Michael T. Robinson '75 and Nancy Robinson
Robert and Linda Robinson
Will R. Robinson '23
James M. Roche '88 and Wendy Roche
Katherine M. Rockwell '15
John and Regina Rodak
Gary and Fiona Rodrigues P'18
Joseph G. Rodrigues '18
Carren M. Dolan Rogan '90, MA'94 and Patrick J. Rogan P'24
Margaret G. Rogan '24
Alisyn N. Rogers '02
Morgan O. Rogers '23
Paul and Helena Rogers P'23, '20
Taylor J. Rogers '20
Charles J. Roland '62 and Loretta A. Roland P'97
Eric S. Roland '97 and Colleen A. Griffin-Roland '98
David C. Romans '91 and Kristyn E. Romans
Joseph and Patricia Romansky P'14
Andrew and Margie Rooke P'10
Taylor A. Rooke '10 and Allison Rooke
Kory Rosen
Marc and Marisa Rosen P'21
Zoe Rosen '21
Jeffrey S. Rosenthal
Roberta Rossi P'21
Rebecca P. Rostowsky '11, MA'14
Kevin and Joan Rowe P'23
Joseph A. Rube '66 and Nancy Rube
Matthew V. Rubertone '13 and Caitlin E. Townsend Rubertone '13, MS'14
Michael and Jennifer Rubin P'21
Mikayla C. Rubin '21
Randall R. Rubino '94
Mike and Nancy Rudd
Ryan J. Ruff '21
Cynthia Ruggerio '84 and John S. Anooshian
Christina Rusate
Kevin E. Russell '75 and Maureen Russell
Olivia Russell '18
Christopher A. Russo '95 and Danielle C. Russo
Danielle S. Russo '13
Todd S. Rutledge '11
Allison M. Conway Ryan '97 P'25
Austin M. Ryan
Christine M. Ryan '86
Daniel P. Ryan '20
Joseph J. Ryan '96 P'25
Joseph and Aileen Ryan Sr. P'25, '23
J. P. Ryan '07
Kristen F. Fitzpatrick Ryan '03 and Kevin Ryan
Mark and Karen Ryan P'21
Michael and Bonnie Ryan P'22
Patrick J. Ryan '22
Ronan G. Ryan '96 and Kara M. D'Ambrosio Ryan '97
Shannon P. Ryan '21
Sharissa C. Ryan '14
Steven M. Ryan '60 and Adriana Ryan
Thomas H. Ryan '19
Hiradean Sadik '15 and Anna Cedrowski-Sadik '15, MS'16
Daniel and Carol Salameno P'22
Jason Salameno '22
Marc E. Salerno '94 and Kathleen Salerno
Timothy M. Salit '19
Gerald L. Salomone '69 and Dale Salomone
Jacob A. Salpietro '16
Adam D. Samuelian '97 and Christine Papenbrock Samuelian '97
Daniel T. Sanders '95 and Amy Sanders
Michael J. Sansone '22
Michael and Kathleen Sansone P'22
Christian Santos and Colleen Powers
Hernan and Kathleen Santos
Jonathan J. Santos
Joseph J. Sarcona III '99 and Frances Sarcona
Jonathan and Jennifer Sarf P'25
Joseph P. Sargent '89 and Meghana Sargent
Joanne Saunders '02
Daniel R. Sauter '12, MS'13
Jordyn P. Saxe '21
Brian and Maria Saxon P'25, '24, '22
Gabrielle M. Saxon '22
Hanna G. Saxon '24
Danielle A. Fagnant Scavone '97 and Daniel Scavone
John Schaefer
Brian J. Schappert '07 and Cate Schappert
E. Stephen and Anne Scharetg
Melissa A. Powers Schellinkhout '00 and Dustin Schellinkhout
Emily Schillinger '22
Christian Schlesinger P'23
Griffin P. Schlesinger '23
Kurt C. Schlichting '70 and Mary Schlichting
Paul and Kristin Schlickmann
Paul C. Schlickmann '62 and Ann Schlickmann
Jacqueline G. Schofield '17
Paul K. Schofield and Sheila M. Corcoran P'21
Marcia Scholl
Stephen Scholl
C. William Schumann '62 and Jeanne Schumann
Michael S. Schwartz '98 and Lisa M. Fusco
Diane Scinto
Dorothy A. Scinto
Laura E. Scinto
Michelle Scinto
Steven Scinto
Robert W. Scipioni '03
Elle A. Scott '24
Jack and Annica Scott P'24
Kathleen O'Rourke Scott '88 and Robert A. Scott
Matthew M. Scott '02 and Sara Scott
David R. Scrivines
Ryan W. Scully '01 and Kristen Scully
Eileen Secora
Stephen and Christine Secora P'23, '21
Audrey A. Sedensky '22
Stephen and Nancy Sedensky P'22
John C. Seeberg '83 and Kathleen Doherty Griffin '83, MS'14
Laura Seeger '22
Richard and Catherine Seeger P'22
Kasey S. Sekula '24
Richard and Bridget Sekula P'24
Richard N. Sekula
Mark A. Selinger '90 and Elizabeth A. Selinger
Brian D. Seminara '11
Danielle Senior
Molly P. Sentowski '24
Peter Sentowski and Karen Franklin P'24, '22
Brian and Susan Seppa P'20
Alison Sexton
Keean S. Shah '24
Amy R. Shanle '97
John S. Shanle '92 and Meredith Shanle
Jodie A. Kuczarski Shannon '99, MA'05 and John Shannon
John P. Shashaty '21
Brendan J. Sheehan '90 and Yen Sheehan
William Sheehan
Robert P. Sheils Jr. '67 and M. Constance Daily Sheils MA'72, P'00
Thomas K. Sheridan '87 and Elizabeth Sheridan
Timothy P. Sheridan '83 and Brenda D. Sheridan
Anna M. Sherman '24
Lora R. Wallace Sherman '92 and J. R. Sherman P'24
Samantha N. Sherman '14
John P. Short '97 and Ellen L. Livingston Short '97
Brett M. Shulick '12
Samuel M. Sica III '09
Thomas M. Siddall '15
Jonathan P. Signore '19, MS'21
Stephen R. Signore A'02, '08 and Teresa Signore P'19
Brook L. Sillart '21
Marc and Shari Silverman P'25
Molly K. Silvestri '22
Robert Silvestri '76 and Debra Silvestri
Sean Silvestri
Thomas and Kristin Silvestri P'22
Danielle C. Simko '16
Laine Simmons MA'20
Ann M. Welch Simpson '76 and Thomas D. Simpson
Philip M. Sinisgalli '67 and Katherine Sinisgalli
John Siqueiros
Tony Skoczylas
Allison K. Sloan '19
Peter T. Sloan '22
Robert and Michele Sloan P'22
Jenna C. Slowey '14
Terence J. Small '20
Brendan T. Smith '21
David S. Smith III '00
Donald F. Smith '76 and Cheryl A. Smith
Frances Millar Smith '01 and Shawn Smith
John D. Smith '85 and Julia McIntosh Smith '86, P'14, '12
John J. Smith Jr. '70 and Irene Smith
Paul J. Smith P'24
Peter F. Smith Jr. '68 and Kathleen Smith
Reagen L. Smith '03
Riley B. Smith '17
Robert J. Smith '68 and M. Kelly Smith P'04
Timothy and Mary Smith P'21
William E. Smith '54
Samuel T. Snow '13
Joseph C. Solimine '89 and Anne C. Solimine
Gene J. Sorcinelli '64 and Mary Sorcinelli P'95, '93
Blake Souza
Faith Spaziano '22
Michael and Laurie Spaziano P'22
Tristan O. Sperry '15
Michael J. Spicer '75 and Kathleen Spicer
Shawn K. Splan '81 and Nancy A. Splan P'25
Jonathan D. Spongberg '03, MBA'04 and Alyssa A. Haddad '03, MBA'04
Madeleine R. Sposito '14
Michael G. Springer '10
Salvatore W. Sprofera Jr. '84 and Michele K. Sprofera
Mariel A. Staffier '21
Michael C. Stahl '84 and Kathleen E. Stahl P'11, '10
Janae M. Staltaro '20
Michael S. Stamer
Jessica E. Stand '10
David I. Stanley '66 and Catherine Stanley
Lukas M. Stanton '22
Richard and Megan Stanton III P'22
Kaitlyn M. Stanton-Taddeo '16
Matthew C. Stanwood '81 and Leslie Stanwood
Christina M. Starsinic '14
Marie Starsinic P'14
Jeffrey Stefanowicz '94 and Laurie Stefanowicz
Christopher D. Steger '92 and Lauren B. Steger
Brady C. Stergion '23
Christopher and Tamara Stergion P'23
Tim and Patti Stickley P'22
John and Sonia Stocchetti P'24
Joseph Stocchetti '24
Kevin and Kristie Strollo P'23
Ryan J. Strollo '23
Brady Strough '24
Scott and Marlo Strough P'24, '21
Nicole A. Stryjek '21
Sarah J. Stuhlmann '18
Daniel J. Sullivan Jr. '73 and Kathleen M. Sullivan
John L. Sullivan III '13
Riley Sullivan '22
Robert G. Sullivan '89 and Carla A. Sullivan
Cornelia Suskind
Harry W. Sutman
Heston and Elizabeth Sutman P'22
Walker J. Sutman '22
Matthew C. Sutter '20, MS'21
Brian P. Sutton '86 and Cheryl Sutton
Michael S. Svab '90 and Theresa E. Leahy Svab '89
Daniel C. Sweeney and Michele Miranda P'24
John M. Sweeney '94 and Kristina M. Conroy Sweeney '96
Paul and Susan Sweeney P'18
William J. Sweeney '69 and Christine Sweeney
Edward K. Swiss '84
Stephen G. Sykes '95
Theodore J. Symeon '67, MA'70 and Sharyn Symeon
David and Margaretha Szelest P'20
Robert Szewczyk '73 and Jo Ann Szewczyk
Anastasia E. Szymanski '23
Brian J. Szymanski and Lisa M. Acee-Szymanski P'23
Heather J. Thompson Taggert '96 and John B. Taggert P'23
Melissa S. Taggert '23
Elizabeth G. Talluto '23
James and Cheri Talluto P'23
Terrence F. Tangney '87 and Patricia Doran Tangney '86
James and Angela Tarabocchia P'24
Matthew A. Tarabocchia '24
Robert J. Tarantino II '00
Bradley B. Tarr '99 and Jennifer R. Roche Tarr '98
Alexander J. Taylor '16, MS'17
Bailey M. Taylor '24
Elinor Taylor
Nicholas E. Taylor '13, MS'14
Robert Taylor
Maria Telle '22
Seema Tepper
Emily L. Testa '23
Lynette A. Accardo Testa '88 and David A. Testa P'23
Loren H. Testani '93, C'05, MA'09
Megan A. Theiller '18
Chris N. Thern '93
Elizabeth L. Thiroway '16
Riannon N. Thomas '08
Thomas and Eleanor Thomas Jr.
Elva Thompson
John and Monica Thompson III P'23
Michael and Sarah Thompson P'25
Mike Thompson
Joshua T. Thornton '06
Matthew C. Tiagwad '10
Kathleen H. Heller Tiedemann '91 and Arthur Tiedemann
Christopher E. Tierney '97 and Jessica G. Tierney
Alan and Tracey Timchak Jr. P'23
Sydney M. Timchak '23
Christopher Tinnerello '98
Dayna Tirado '24
Daniel J. Tobin '01 and Terri A. Zuccala Tobin '01
Francis P. Tobin '84 and Janet Minervini Tobin '89
Louis Todisco
Emmett W. Tolis '24
Theodore C. Tolis and Jule J. McCombes-Tolis P'24
Vincent and Jeanne Tomkalski
Christopher Tomosivitch '91 and Jennifer Northup Tomosivitch '91, P'24, '22
Samuel R. Tonole '23
Kevin A. Toohill '99 and Jamie M. Testagrossa Toohill '00
Matthew Torres '23
Marc R. Torrey '02
William Townsend '21
Brendan J. Tracy '16
Michael F. Trafecante MBA'01 and Mary Beth Trafecante P'25, '22, '21, '19
Michael J. Trainor '87 and Mary Trainor P'25
Christopher J. Trombino '11 and Lucy Trombino
Michael J. Troy Jr. '07 and Leigh Troy
Stefanie G. Frankel Truino '03 and Tony Truino
Anne Truman
Maximilian A. Trunz '11 and Annelise Trunz
George and Jody Tsangaris P'22
Stephanie L. Tsangaris '22
John and Clare Tsigas P'21
Efstathios Tsiranidis
H. Bruce Tucci '66, MA'72, C'76 and Delia Tucci
Peter M. Turco '97 and Lisa K. Turco
Dana R. Turnbull '00
Elaine Turnbull
Mary Twill
Austin R. Twiss '23
Robert and Candace Twiss P'23
James E. Tyer '22
Steven and Colleen Tyer P'22
Darcie Tymon P'20
Simone J. Tyson '24
Lauren A. Uhr '02
Alejandro D. Ulloa '14
Richard J. Umbdenstock '72 and Barbara J. Umbdenstock
Haley J. Updegraff '23
Keith S. Updegraff P'23
Daniel J. Urbanovich '10
Carmine and Mary Frances Urciuoli P'19
Thomas C. Urciuoli '19, MBA'21, MS'21
John and Judy Urquhart Jr. P'08
Jonathan T. Uy '18, MS'20
Callie Vacchiano '16
Adriane E. Hall Vail '95 and Richard B. Vail Jr.
Steven M. Valente '18
Timothy R. Valente '17
Anna K. Valentine '21
Antonius and Irene Van Dijk P'24
Carmel A. Van Dijk '24
Paul and Christina Van Houten
Maxwell G. Van Son
Mike Van stone
Allan C. VanDeMark '89 and Suzanne McDaniel VanDeMark
Brendan P. Vane '79
Jose Vega '88 and Elizabeth J. Vega
Paul C. Vegliante '87 and Carolyn Barba Vegliante '88
Diana C. Velez
James and Stephanie Venuto P'23
Matthew Venuto '23
Jonas Simon Vergin '21
Daniel and Fong Via P'24
Georgia B. Via '24
Edward M. Vigliano Jr. '84 and Carmela R. Vigliano MA'98, P'18
Louis J. Vigliotti '95 and Audrey Vigliotti
Alex M. Villalba '22
Miguel and Tania Villalba P'22
Serafina C. Viola '24
Katheryn E. Sillo Vittoria '11 and Joseph Vittoria
James V. Vizzard '23
Emily A. Vlass '19
Kenneth and Julie Vlass P'25, '19
Arthur and Susan Vogt P'23
Hannah E. Vogt '23
Ronald Volonino
Marisa A. Voloshin '09 and John Merrill
Joseph T. von Ehr '74
Peter and Annette Vratimos P'09
Aimee V. Wagner '02
Joseph P. Waitkevich '21
Bridget M. Wakelin '15
J. Kevin and Karen Walker P'22
John J. Walker '75 and Susan Tomasulo Walker '74
Brent A. Wall '98
Andrew Wallace
Katherine Wallace
Michael and Diane Wallace P'20, '18
Michael O. Wallace '18
Debra Dunne Walsh '88 and Christopher Walsh
Delaney E. Walsh '21
John P. Walsh '81 and Rebecca B. Walsh
Kevin J. Walsh '19
Matthew J. Walsh '19
Nancy Walsh
Timothy Walters '82 and Wendy Walters
Katherine M. Walton '82 P'14
Sean Wanat
Bethany Wandyes
Eileen A. Ward '80, MA'88
William P. Warnken Jr. '70
Griffin Watson '22
Scott G. Watson P'24, '22
Annemarie Micale Webb '87 and David W. Webb
Linda Webster
Karen Wedekind
E. Justin Weigold
Jack Weiss '22
Anna E. Weissenberg '23
Kevin G. Welch '93 and Frances Tranchese Welch '93
Jamison M. Wellman '18
Drew C. Westford '21
Nicholas E. Weyant '21
Jonathan R. Wheat '23
Michael and Jennifer Wheat P'23
Calvin C. Whipple '21
Charles and Victoria Whipple P'21
Anna G. Whitaker
James S. Whitaker
Olivia Whitaker
Thomas E. White '84 and Ann White
Thomas E. Whitlock II '12 and Ansley Whitlock
Paul J. Wiehn '68 and June Wiehn
Randall M. Wilhelm '07
Taylor R. Wilkes '13, MBA'19
William T. Wilkes P'13
Thomas G. Willemse '22
Scott Willson
Madelyn J. Wilson '23
Michael and Wendy Wilson P'23
Michael J. Wilson '76 and Laura P. Wilson MA, LPC P'18
Shannon L. Logan Wilson '06, MA'08
William T. Wilson '79 and Malissa Wilson
Erin G. Wind '22
John and Joella Wind P'22
Richard and Jeanie Winwood P'21
Patrick S. Wiseman '03, MBA'07 and Samantha E. Lombardi Wiseman '03
Jake Wojcik '23
Sebastian Wojdaszka '00, MA'02
Patrick T. Wolff '87 and Marita F. Wolff P'25
Julia M. Wood '17
Robert W. Wood '90 and Elizabeth Wood
Jon and Sally Wormley
Nicholas and Michelle Wormley
Owen Wosleger
Tyler E. Wosleger '12 and Kelly J. Boudreau Wosleger '12, MBA'14
Caroline M. Wright '24
Evelyn E. Wright '24
Robert and Laura Wright P'24
Peter and Christine Wuchte P'22
Ryan J. Wuestman '12 and Kristen G. Golen Wuestman '12
Thomas J. Wynn III '91 and Patricia Hanley Wynn '90
Michael A. Yates '73
Aaron and Lynne Yaverski P'21
Roger R. Yergeau Jr. '73
Michael A. Yoshida and Mary A. Renfer P'12
Michelle A. A. Yoshida '12
John Young
Edward J. Zadravec '59 and Nancy A. Zadravec P'87
Francis J. Zaino '66 and Dale-Beth Zaino P'11, '96
Timothy V. Zaino '96 and Noreen C. Zaino
Bryce Zapusek '23
Norman and Carey Zapusek P'23
Jacob M. Zaranek '21
Nadav J. Zarmi '21
Kenneth and Elizabeth Zeng P'19
Timothy P. Zeng '19
Ronald J. Zielinski '09 and Elizabeth Grimm Zielinski '09
Meghan C. Zimmer '18
Enzo and Kathryn Zucconi P'23

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