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The Friends of Fairfield Athletics supplement the Athletics Department’s operating budget, making possible much-needed enhancements for the daily activities of our teams. These contributions also help build a solid foundation for the future of Fairfield Athletics.

+ Deceased

Please note that this list reflects gifts received between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

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Donor List

Anonymous (7)
Kate E. Abromovitch '93, MA'01
Silvia Acosta '22
Christopher A. Adams '22
Hannah M. Adams '22
John and Carol Adams
Amy Akerley '22
Jacques G. Akerley
Todd and Rachel Akerley P'22
Luci Albertson '21
Abby Aldieri '22
Brenna N. Alfano '22
Isabella Alfano
Anna K. Alibrandi '21
Kathleen G. Felix Alicks '95 and Christopher J. Alicks
Barbara Allen
Beth A. Allen P'24
David and Megan Allen P'23
Emily Allen
John R. Allen
Katherine E. Allen '24
Peter G. Allen '08
Ashley M. Aloupis '23
Anthony J. Altomare P'21
Samantha P. Altomare '21
Nicholas and Diane Ambrosino P'23
Kayla G. Amelung '23
Mark and Stefanie Amone P'20
Rocco Amone
Ronald Amone
Tristan T. Amone '20
Mark Amoroso '07, MS'08 and Erica Novak Amoroso
Alexander R. Ananian '94
Richard J. Anastasio '65 and Christl Anastasio
Eileen Koneck Anderson '85 and Chris R. Anderson P'13
Kaila E. Anderson '13
Michael R. Anderson '92, MBA'03 and Jennifer L. Panaro Anderson '97, MBA'02
Joseph A. Angelini III '04
Kelly Foley Anroman '97
Mariana M. Antaya '23
Mary-Evelyn DeCaprio Antonetti '90 and Robert Antonetti P'20
Reesa M. Antony '03
Victor and Barbara Aprea
Frank J. Aquino Jr. '13
Donald G. Archibald '68 and Patricia E. Archibald
Drew G. Arciuolo '18
Christopher P. Arena '93 and Susan D. George Arena P'24
Alejandra M. Arias '18
Carolina Arias '12
Thomas Arko
McKenzie T. Armington '19, MS'20
Gordon and Anne Armour P'15
Katie Armstrong '20
Joshua T. Arnold '20
Robert and Doreen Arnold
Terence and Cynthia Arnold P'20
Ray and Gabriela Aronowitz P'20
Michael J. Arundel '91 and Patricia Robinson Arundel
Kwadwo Asante '10 and Kimberly A. Dorso Asante '11
Christopher L. Atwell '08 and Kelly Grgich Atwell '09
William and Peggy Atwell P'08
Luke R. Auger '15
Linda Baccari P'23
Richard J. Badolato '62 and Elizabeth H. M. Hannihan Badolato
Christopher Baggini '86 and Jennifer R. Baggini
Matthew J. Baglio '04 and Jennifer N. Scifo Baglio '04, MA'07
Nicholas L. Baglio '11 and Christina E. DeStefano Baglio '11
Gavin R. Baiera '98 and Melissa G. Caruso Baiera '98
Robert and Danielle Bailey P'24
Paulina Bakaite '22
Matthew T. Baker '03
Laura E. Sandonato Baldino '04 and Larry Baldino
Corrine E. Baliga '18
Charles G. Ball Jr. MA'70 and Donna C. Ball
William C. Balocki Jr. '63
Madison A. Banas '20
Ronald and Megan Banas P'20
John and Terri Bannon P'11
Sean P. Bannon '11 and Diana M. Genovese Bannon '11
Gladys M. Banville
Katelynn A. Banville '23
Norman and Janet Banville P'23
Samantha L. Bard '19, MS'20
Jaclyn M. Barden '15
Brittany N. Bare '11
Dana and Colleen Barisano P'24
George A. Barlow '23
Terrill and Dawn Barnard P'21
David and Gwynne Barnes P'23
Lindsey J. Barnes '23
William Barnes III '80 and Peggy S. Barnes
Kathleen Barone
David J. Barrett
John and Barbara Bartolomeo P'23
Robert D. Batch '65 and Donna Silvia Batch
John and Amy Battle P'20
Curtis E. Battles P'23
Joelle C. Battles '23
Tina Battles P'23
Anne T. Baudinet '15
Philip and Ellen Baudinet P'15
Molly K. Bauer '21
Erin K. Bauman '18
John N. Bauman III '92 and Jennifer H. Bauman
Cynthia A. Bautista
Kimberly A. Thomas Baxter '00 and David Baxter
Can and Laurie Bay P'22
Megan E. Beach '19
Peter and Lisa Beach P'19
Derrick Beasley
John E. Beauvais '91 and Audrey M. Gabler Beauvais '90 P'23
Michael Becchetti '23
Stephen C. Beck '92 and Michelle Beck
Alexander R. Beckwith '23
Dylan T. Beckwith '20
Jason and Alexis Beckwith P'23
Mark J. Beckwith '80 and Patti Beckwith
Stephen and Deana Beckwith P'20
Steven J. Bedard
Alexa S. Beer '22
Philip Beere
Jonathan L. Begley MBA'20
Randall and Susan Beil P'24
Adam G. Belardino '06 and Michelle Geller Belardino '07
George and Dianne Belecanech P'20
Justin Bell
John J. Bellom '19
George C. Bellos '16
Joseph W. Bellwoar Jr. '84
Jorge and Lynne Benavides P'22
Aidan L. Bennett '22
Deirdre A. O'Connor Bennett '83 and Steven C. Bennett P'17
Michael P. Bennett '13 and Courtney E. Reilly '13
Katherine M. Dunleavy Benthien
Joseph F. Berardino '72 and Gail T. Hamilton Berardino
Kyla M. Berg '24
William and Melissa Bergen
Timothy and Kirsten Bergstrom P'24
Elizabeth A. Berkoff '21
Jeffrey Bernstein
Thomas and Donna Berta P'24
Patricia A. Condon Bertie '93 and Mike Bertie
Natalia R. Bertolotti '23
Philip and Carolann Bertolotti P'23
Amanda E. Best '13
John Best
Matthew J. Bevacqua '22
Mary Elizabeth Bevans '23
Carly E. Beyar '14
William Beyer '73 and Felicia Beyer
Matthew J. Biasetti '20
Kurt and Lynne Bimmler P'13
Paul E. Bimmler '13, MA'15
Ryan J. Birge '05, '06
Mary Bittner
Louis R. Bizzarro
Susan Black P'22
Drew J. Blake '18
Robert R. Blake '85 and Julia C. H. Blake
Ignazio Blanco and Deborah Olive P'23
Mathew G. Bleam '07 and Emily A. Barrett '12
Thomas J. Bligh '70 and Elaine Clark Bligh
Tyler D. Blind '17
Tara Blinn '19
Amy C. Boczer '99, MBA'07
Cassidy N. Boegel '17
Frederick L. Bogan '77
Ryan B. Boggio '22
James J. Bolger Jr. '69 and Patricia Bolger
Grace Bollard
Kelly M. Bommer '18, MBA'19
Jo-Ann T. Bonanno '02
Salvatore M. Bonanno '83 and Lisa Valade Bonanno '85
Philip M. Bonee '76 and Valerie Bonee
Eugenia Bonifazio
Jennifer E. Bonifazio '22
Joseph and Denise Bonifazio P'22
Brian M. Boornazian '82 and Deborah Boornazian P'19, '11
Michael H. Booth '74 and Michelle A. Patskoski Booth
Joseph and Christine Bordas
Charles P. Bordsen '23
Gabriella Borhi '22
Robert and Lori Borovsky
Anthony F. Boselli '19
Lawrence A. Bossidy Jr. '80 and Sharon Sabey Bossidy
Joseph and Catherine Bossolina P'21
Reagan A. Bossolina '21
Agnes Bossollina
John and Valerie Bottega P'22
Michael R. Bottega '22
Mariam W. Boutros '15
Cameron F. Bowen '15, MS'16 and Sarah B. Barnabei '15
Scott W. Bowen '01 and Barclay K. Bowen
John P. Boylan '81 and Ellen M. Fantry Boylan '82
Charles C. Boyle
Edward Boyle
John and Deidre Boyle P'22
Kevin Boyle
Mackenzie C. Boyle '22
Matthew and Lisa Boyle P'22
Lindsay G. Brachle '06 and Jonathon Brachle
Ciara M. Bracken
James Bracken
George Y. Bramwell '59 and Patricia A. Hoehl Bramwell
Giacomo Brancato '21
Mario and Mirella Brancato P'21
Kevin M. Brandbergh '21
David J. Brannick '73 and Patricia B. Brannick
Kevin C. Brawley '04
Christen T. Breitfeller
Erika Breitfeller '22
Stephen and Lynn Breitfeller P'22
Maureen Noonan Brennan '85 and Michael T. Brennan
Nelson and Jennifer Breton P'21
Richard W. Brewer '69 and Barbara E. Pankalla Brewer
Britt and Debra Briatico
Jeffrey M. Bricker
Allison M. Bridgman '24
Robert and Deana Bridgman P'24
Diego A. Brijaldo '23
David S. Briones '98 and Kristine S. Briones
John P. Brisson
Jessica L. Broadbent '15, MBA'19
Lawrence and Elizabeth Ann Brooks
Robert Brow
Suzanne M. Brown Vitiello P'21
Alexa C. Brown '22
Andrew and Andrea Brown P'17
Christopher D. Brown '90 and JoAnn Farley Brown '90
Claire E. Brown '23
Danielle L. Brown '03
David and Mikala Brown P'23
Jimmy Brown P'22
Nicole F. Locher Brown '95 and William F. Brown
Tahlia Brown '22
Ann Carty Bruchansky '82 and Peter J. Bruchansky P'14
Katherine M. Brundage '15
Carlo and Terri Bruni P'20
Anthony E. Bruno
Joe and Robin Bryant
Julie S. Brzezinski
Daniel J. Buchanan '90
David and Susan Buchanan P'15
Daniel and Kristine Buckley P'21, '18
Erin Buckley '18
Kelly L. Buckley '21
Christopher and Michelle Budicini P'23
Jenna M. Budicini '23
John P. Buehring
Michelle F. Kowalski Bueti '15 and Carmelo Bueti
David P. Bukowski '69 and Laura Bukowski
Gary A. Bundy '79 and Cathy Nolan Bundy P'11
Alexa M. Buongiovanni '23
Scott and Aileen Burdick
Colin A. Burdo '21
Viola E. Burgo
Stephen and Tracey Burgoyne P'17
Joseph R. Burke '66, MA'69 and Deborah A. Bree Burke P'06, '04
Kelsey E. Burke '18
Tara M. Hansen Burke '06 and P. J. Burke III
Mallory C. Burlington '20
Denise M. Burns '93 and Matthew Golden
James E. Burns '07 and Anna F. Stabile Burns '07, MBA'10
Kerrie Burns
Lauren M. PIzzi Burns '05
Jack Burridge '11, MBA'14 and Michele Noviello Burridge '12, MA'13
Joseph and Michaela Burschinger P'23
Nicole R. Bus '20
Bridget Bushnell
John A. Butter '68 and Gail B. Kinney Butter
Kaylie J. Butts '21
Thomas and Lisa Butts P'21
Valerie B. Buurma '15
Sean B. Byrne '84 and Eileen McAuliffe Byrne '86
Molly D. Byrnes '09, MBA'11
Samantha M. Byrnes '22
Florencia L. Caces '23
Bryson M. Cafaro '21
Laurence and Lisa Cafaro P'21
Molly M. Caffrey '13
Kimberly M. Cagnassola '23
Michael A. Cagnassola '85 and Susan E. O'Brien Cagnassola
Diane M. Cahill '88
John P. Cahill
Patricia M. Cahill
Thomas F. Cahill Jr. '56 +
Kenneth E. Caisse '88
Michael B. Calabrese '07
Clare T. Calabro '22
Daniel and Charlene Calandro P'20
Jamie L. Calandro '20
Christopher Calderone '23
Christopher J. Calitri '16, MS'17
James H. Callaghan '76
Michael and Teresa Callaghan P'22, '13
Brian and Maryann Callahan P'01
Skyler R. Callahan
Cristiana M. Callegari '23
John R. Callegari Jr. '88 and Caroline Russo Callegari '88 P'24, '23
Greg Campbell
Jeffrey Campbell '65 and Ellen Wondrasch Campbell
Joseph G. Campbell '20
Nolan Clare A. Campbell '18
Richard and Michelle Campbell P'22
Timothy P. Campbell '93 and Colleen J. Colucci Campbell
Gabriella G. Campos '19
Laina C. Campos '23
John P. Canavan '12 and Michelle L. Cote Canavan '12
John M. Candido '66
Alison E. Canelli '15, MS'16
Paul and Connie Canelli P'15
Janet A. Canepa '82
John E. Cannon '80 and Sharyn Broadbin Cannon '80
Mary P. Cantow MA'80 and Robert Cantow
Kyle A. Capaldo '13, MS'14
Anthony and Roxann Capasso P'20
Amy L. Caplan '20
Andrew M. Caplan '21
Michael and Eleanor Capozzola
Christopher A. Capparis '19
GinaMarie Capriglione '12
Anthony P. Caputo '19
Kim M. Carciero P'23
Christina G. Cardona '22
Joseph D. Carella Jr. '88 and Alesandra M. Chiesa Carella
Steven A. Carlotto '83 and Linda M. Spatafore Carlotto P'23
James and Lisa Carlton P'22
Ryan T. Caron '23
Brendan Carr '13
Rocco and Heather Carriero
Amanda M. Carroll '22
Jazmine Carter '22
Kelsey J. Carthew '19
Jack W. Carty '17
Robert Carucci '20
Alessia C. Caruso '23
Christina A. Caruso '23
Louis and Anna Caruso P'23
Michael and Sharon Caruso P'21
Michael J. Caruso Jr. '21
Lauren A. Casadonte '15
Glen and Kristin Casey P'22
Helen M. Casey '22
Robert R. Casey '88 and Maura E. Byrnes-Casey P'20
Sarah B. Cassidy '22
Paul Caster
Monica Castignoli
Talia G. Castle
Justin T. Castro '06, MS'07
Louis J. Catalano Jr. '70 and Debbie Iadanza Catalano
Robert and Sherry Cauley
Paul Caulfield '96 and Alyssa Pentoney Caulfield '95
Kevin J. Cavanagh '61 and Deirdre Cavanagh
Callie E. Cavanaugh '21
Kathleen Cavanaugh P'21
Emil and Karen Cerno P'20
Eric R. Cerno '20
Edward J. Cerulli '57, C'71 and Judith A. Babinski Cerulli
Raffaele M. Cerulo '96 and Graziella D'Agata Cerulo '96, MA'99
John E. Cervone '18
Joseph L. Charno '86
John M. Chenier '03 and Amanda Lobdell Chenier
Courtney F. Chin '09 and Kevin Evitts
Kenneth and Gloria Chin P'13, '02
William B. Chin '02 and Kristin Chin
Russ Chinnici '80 and Betsy Chinnici
Christine Chirichella
Conor Chmiel '22
Courtney M. Chmil '15
Lindsay Christiani
Kaylee P. Christie '23
Kevin S. Christine '88 and Cyrene H. Christine
Julie Christoph
Douglas J. Ciallella '09 and Caitlin Scully Ciallella '10
Benjamin and Jessica Ciborek
Joseph Ciero
John A. Cietanno '64 and Kathleen E. Cietanno
James Cimina '71 and Monica Cimina
John J. Cincotta '68, MA'71 and Donna J. Cincotta
Jennifer L. Cirino '01, MA'08 and Ethan Olmstead
Bruce E. Cissna
Jason M. Citarella '92 and Laura Tietjen Citarella '93
Sam W. Civitello '18
Madison D. Clancy '23
Susan M. Clancy '11
Alexandra J. Clark '12
Katherine Clark '19
David M. Clarkson and Amparo Loza-Clarkson P'19
Michael D. Clarkson '19
Brian M. Cleary '90 and Valerie Kaelin Cleary
Brian W. Cleary '14
Richard W. Clemens II '86 and Kristin Gumbrecht Clemens
Thomas Clements '09 and Alexandra Sandi Clements
Jack W. Cleverley '11, MBA'13 and Samantha C. DeSantis Cleverley '11
Catherine T. Clough '19
Morgan E. Cobb '20
Elizabeth A. Croney Coetzee '03 and Johannes Coetzee
Michele A. Cofield '93
Grace E. Colalillo '22
Jennifer R. Colasuonno '15, MS'16
Donald Cole '79
Thomas S. Cole Jr. '21
John D. Coleman '10
Mark and Margaret Coleman P'24
Michael and Alexandra Coleman P'22
Rose Coleman
Richard L. Colline '75 and Marguerite Richnavsky Colline P'10, '03
Casey C. Collins '23
Daniel and Joann Collins P'23
Emma E. Collins '19
Michael G. Collins '77 and Mary C. Collins
Agnes Collom
Camryn A. Colonna '21
Frank and Barbara Colucci P'07
Timothy and Lisa Colvard
William B. Condon '81 and Anne Swanson-Condon '81
Ann S. Conlon MA'88
Karlie J. Urbaniak Conn '09 and Scott Conn
Peter M. Conneely '98 and Deirdre Skehan Conneely
Michael and Kimberly Connell P'21
Morgan E. Connell '21
Frederick E. Connelly Jr. and Maria-Elisa Ciampa P'22
Genevieve M. Connelly '22
Brenna Connolly '18
Christopher W. Connolly '20
Kevin V. Connolly '68
William H. Connolly Jr. '69 and Melinda Sharkey Connolly
William P. Connolly
Francis A. Connor Jr. '60
Olivia D. Conquest '22
Michael A. Conti '17
Robert F. Conti '51 and Jane M. Leone Conti P'90
Kelly Conville
Kathleen E. Conway '23
Kieva A. Conway '23
Timothy J. Conway '76 and Kathryn McCann Conway
Donald Cook '63, MA'77 and Deborah McAuley P'93, '88
Jeffrey R. Cook '93
Matthew D. Cook
Charles C. Cooper '19, MS'20
William and Marie Cooper P'22
Gregory C. Coppola Jr. '18
Michael A. Corasaniti and Valerie A. Zondorak P'22
John and Jennifer Corbett P'24
Michael J. Corbett '23
Kelly A. Cordes '19
Francis A. Corr '60, MA'64, CAS'67 and Barbara J. Corr
John and Jacqueline Corrado P'20
Salvatore G. Cortese II '11
Steven J. Corvi Jr. '95 and Kim Karjala Corvi
Christopher and Maureen Cosgrove P'20
James M. Cotter '64 and Melinda Tighe Cotter
Nicole E. Cotto MA'19
Hanley S. Courter '22
Jason and Courtney Courter P'22
Mark H. Courtney P'23
Bob Cowell
Michael R. Cowell MBA'20
James P. Coxen '84 and Donna A. Coxen
Hugh F. Coyle III '88 and Jill C. Sutton-Coyle
Ryan Coyle '00
William C. Crager '86 and Kathryn Crager P'19
Meghan Crawford
Brian Crawley '21
Hugh and Ellen Creegan P'20
Liam M. Creegan '20
Hill Creekmore
Alexandra Criscuolo '12
Michael A. Crispino Jr. '17
Rosemary Croker
Jason D. Crosby P'21
Sean R. Crosby '21
Pat Crowley
Thomas A. Crowley Jr. '69 and Diane Sharkey Crowley
Dustin B. Crumrine
Tristan J. Cruz '22
Kathryn A. Kelleher Culbreth '02, MA'09 and Matthew D. Culbreth
Hannah M. Cullagh '21
Bronwyn M. Cullen '23
Richard W. Cullen '74 and Diane B. Cullen
Joan P. Cullinan
Kevin J. Cunningham '21
Brian and Leslie Curran P'21
Elizabeth M. Bower Curran '00 and Andrew T. Curran
Michael C. Curran '09 and Aileen M. Callahan Curran '09
Ignatious and Dorothy Currao
Willard F. Currier
James M. Curry '19
Mary B. Curry '21
Miranda Curto '23
Christina Chacharone Curzan '06 and Zachary Curzan
Timothy G. Cusack-McPartlin '22
Christopher D. Cusson '98 and Lindsey B. McNerney Cusson
John and Muriel Cuthbert
Robert S. Cypher Jr. '76 and Denise A. Johnston Cypher
Ashley L. Cyr '23
Adele Daab
Christopher W. Dacey '93 and Maribeth Baldassare Dacey
Dean and Linda Daghita P'24
Joseph R. D'Agostin '63 and Paula Pelletiere D'Agostin P'92
Meghan A. Daily
Samantha D'Alessandro '22
Vincent R. D'Alessandro Jr. '65, MA'69 and Brenda D'Alessandro P'90
Vincent R. D'Alessandro III '90 and Amy Russ D'Alessandro P'22
Faith M. Daley '18
Kevin M. Dalton '01
Brian G. Daly '92 and Janet Boyle Daly '92, MSN'00 P'23
Erin M. Daly '06
Thomas F. Damato '73
Patricia Melia Damon '78
Nicole K. Dana '22
Matthew T. Danaher '14 and Michelle Pullen Danaher
Gabriella V. D'Anna '20
James R. D'Arcy '01
Barak Davidi '21
Brian J. Davis '89 and Jenna Davis
Travis Day '16
Zachary J. Dayton
Joyce S. DeCesare
Javier E. Decima
Marcus D. Defelice '21
Megan M. Defeo '19
Adriana M. DeFilippis '23
Peter DeFilippo '94 and Elizabeth DeFilippo
Kelly DeFrancesco
Jessica DeGore '19
Eric J. DeGregorio '23
John and Lisa DeGregorio P'23
David M. Deioma '92 and Shabe Deioma
Gabriella M. Del Tufo '19
Ashlyn Delaney '22
Kevin and Cheryl Delaney P'24
Joseph J. Delasho III '18
Jim Della Guardia
John F. Della Jacono '84 and Laura Della Jacono
Arthur A. DellaSalla '95 and Dina DellaSalla
Julia R. DeLong '23
Anthony J. DeLuca '83 and Elaine DeLuca
Janet Demakos
Jessica DeMarse '22
Winston F. Demartini '20
Annemarie H. Dennen '19
Stephen Dennis
Alexandra Dent
Kara Dent
Michael and Paula Dent P'22
Cameryn R. Dera '22
Peter and Stacey Dera P'22
Marco De'Rossi
Elise M. Derusha '23
Lauren E. Desiderio '04, MA'07
Don Desmarais
Megan Devaney '83 and Peter Bialobrzeski
Jennifer L. Mazzo DeVenuti '00 and Ted DeVenuti
Matteo and Luci DeVincenzo P'23
Shane J. DeVincenzo '23
Michael P. Devine
Paola DeVita '83 and Frank L. DeVita P'21, '16
Paul V. DeVito '78 and Vincenza M. DeVito
Kaitlyn M. Devlin '12
Shannon G. Di Iorio '23
Joseph A. DiAcetis '21
Katherine M. Dickie
Kathleen A. Bannan Didio '92, MA'05 and Douglas N. Didio
Louis S. DiGiacomo '15
Makenna B. Diguilio '18
Bill Dillmeier
Anthony DiMauro '15
John and Mary D'Innocenzo P'20
Vic and Donna D'Innocenzo
Gabrielle A. Diodati '21
Michele L. Diodati P'21
Sarah Dippelhofer '19
Jake M. DiSangro '23
Erin E. Dobbs '22
Jeff and Sharon Dobbs P'22
Elizabeth Dobricki
Jill T. Dobricki P'23
John R. Dobricki P'23
Rachel C. Dobricki '23
Jessica C. Doggett '15
John K. Doheny '81 and Rose Monahan Doheny
Patrick J. Doherty '23
Daniel and Judith Dolan P'23
Mary Kate Dolan '23
Peter C. Dolan '91 and Courtenay A. Dolan
Elesa R. Doll P'23
Eugene T. Doll P'23
Morgan F. Doll '23
Stephanie S. Barron Dollar '97
Marguerite A. Doman
Trent L. Domingos '15
Liliana Donadio '92 and James Daigle
Darlene Donegan
Thomas F. Donino '83 and Loren Nolletti Donino '83
Connor J. Donnelly
Daniel and Eileen Donovan P'23
Kevin G. Donovan '79, MA'96 and Maryann Bonomo Donovan '82
Joseph F. Doody P'23
Michael J. Doody S.J. '70
Devin J. Doolan Sr. '62 and Carol Doolan P'95
Eugene P. Doris
Charles and Charleen Dortenzio P'23, '21
Andre D. Dorval '73 and Maria Salamone Dorval P'07
Bryan Dougher
Edmond and Pamela Dougherty P'19
Adelaide Douglas '23
Barclay and Diana Douglas P'23
Charles J. Douglas '70 and Paulette Fontaine Douglas P'06
Daniel and Michele Dovan P'20
Evelyn A. Dowd '08
Michael A. Downes '87 and Donna L. Downes
Michael and Diane Drake P'22
Steven and Caroline Drew P'20
Russell and Sally Dreyer P'22
John F. Driscoll '89
James and Donalee Drohen P'23
Matthew F. Drury '95 and Nicole E. Fortin Drury '94
Kyle J. Dube '17
Timothy J. Duggan Jr. '16, MS'18
Larry and Carol Duguay
J. Duke
Elizabeth J. Dumas '21
Robert and Helene Dumas P'21
James B. Dunbar '99 and Elyse Mueller Dunbar '99
Patricia Dunbar
Gregory and Meredith Duncan P'19
Kevin G. Duncan '19
Ryan A. Dunkin '19
Brian P. Dunleavy '91 and Eileen Dunleavy
David J. Dunn '91, MA'06 and Sharon E. Hughes Dunn
Derek S. Dunn '86 and Kimberley Anderson Dunn P'20
Abigail J. Dunning '22
Huey and Christine Duong P'22
Kathleen Duong '22
Scott D. Dupcak '98 and Danielle Dellolio Dupcak
Ronald J. Durie '68 and Linda Durie
Donald and Teresita Durkin
James and Theresa Durkin P'21
Christopher G. Dusko '23
Emily F. Dweck '23
Steven H. Dweck P'23
Kipp and Linda Dye P'20
Michael T. Dylag '78 and Tricia Owens
Michael and Stephanie Dziuba P'21, '21
Michael J. Dziuba Jr. '21
Kathleen A. Early '15, MA'19
Jeannette H. Eckelman '16
Bradley A. Edgar '01 and Lauren Edgar
Madison B. Edmonds '23
Robert S. Edmundowicz '08
Joan A. Edwards C'00 P'00
Lewis Edwards '20
Xavier Egurbide '97 and Melissa A. Egurbide
Robert Ehlers '79 and Laurie A. Pollio Ehlers '79 P'23
Andrew K. Eidenshink '17
Mary Eliseo '19
Donna Elmquist
Joel and Kristie Elmquist P'21
Albert J. Emanuelli '59 and Mary Ann Emanuelli
Casey A. Ems
Jack N. Erbeck '23
John and Rorey Erbeck P'23
James G. Ercolani '56 +
Bridget Ergin '22
James and Kim Erickson
Matthew S. Ernst '11
Nicholas F. Esposito '20
Timothy and Brenda Esposito P'20, '17
Chad Eva
Ronald Eva
Frederick and Denise Evanko
Marie Evanko
Vincent Eze MPA'21
Eugene J. Fabbri '75 and Christine Kelly Fabbri '76
Lawrence J. Fagan '53 and Mary Ann Fagan
Dietmar Fahrun '84
Evan Fair '22
Jose E. Fajardo Jr. '91 and Nancy P. Barrett-Fajardo '91 P'23, '20
Andrea C. Bazos Fallon '04
Francis X. Fallon
Grace K. Fallon '22
Peter M. Fallon '65 and June Fallon
Timothy and Pamela Fallon P'22
Thomas J. Fanning Sr. '78 and Michele J. Markowski Fanning P'10, '06
David Fardon
Kelsi E. Farren '20
Lee Fassler
Jean-Guillaume M. Fauchet '11
Peter T. Fay '87 and Lisa N. Fay
Nicole A. Fede '16
John A. Fee '22
Brian and Julia Feeley P'22
Maddison A. Feeley '19
Shannon R. Feeley '22
Ellen P. Feeney '06
Megan K. Feeney '13
Alexandra M. Fehmel '17
Joseph A. Felice '88 and Patricia A. Sclafani
David and Jessica Fenner P'24
Kate E. Fenner '24
Lily B. Fenton '22
Maria S. Ferraiuoli '94
Dylan A. Ferrari '23
Ronald and Susan Ferrari
Vincent I. Ferrer '12
Matthew J. Ferriero '21
Michael and Michelle Ferriero P'21
Annabelle Field
Harrison Field
Laura J. Field
Searle and Lauralee Field
Douglas Fierro and Lisa Schorer-Fierro P'22
Alexandra M. Filipkowski '22
Marc S. Filipkowski and Diana Zapata P'24, '22
Veto Filipkowski
Michael S. Filosa P'24
Christopher R. Finelli '15, MS'16 and Lindsey M. Hanley '15
Brendan M. Finnegan '20
William T. Finnegan '77 and Jo-Ann Visconti Finnegan '77
Thomas D. Fioretti '21
Cailyn Fiori '22
Pamela Murphy Fisher '92 and Eric J. Fisher
Richard J. Fitol '74 and Mark Prisloe
Hillary C. Fitts '14, MBA'19
Brian E. Fitzgerald '69 and Maria L. Serino Fitzgerald
Brian J. Fitzgerald P'23
Daniel B. Fitzgerald '99 and Kristen M. Pienkowski Fitzgerald '03
Sean P. Fitzgerald
William J. Fitzgerald '23
William and Christina Fitzgerald P'23
Kevin Fitzpatrick '66 and Eileen A. McDermott Fitzpatrick
Kathryn Fitzpatrick '18
Maria Pappano Fitzpatrick '85 and Fenton J. Fitzpatrick Jr. P'18
Carrie Flammia '01
John L. Flannery Jr. '83 and Tracy E. Benjamin Flannery
Erin M. Fraulo Fleming '00 and Kevin A. Fleming
Conor L. Fletcher '21
Edward J. Fletcher '93 and Deirdre R. Pollack Fletcher '93 P'23
Veronica O. Florentino '10
Adalia R. Flores '23
Michael I. Flores and Sarah A. Turano-Flores P'23
Pacifico and Mary Flores P'23, '23
Alexis F. Florio '23
Regina B. Flynn '02
Sean F. Flynn '05 and Marjorie A. Powers '05
Casey E. Foley '19
David J. Foley '92 and Liz Mennenga Foley
Eugene W. Foley '75 and Jane Foley
Molly K. McDonald Foley '96 and George P. Foley
Patrick and Megan Foley P'20
Sharon H. Foley P'20
Thomas and Jacqueline Foley P'19
Suzanne E. Folger '99
Lina Foncello '19
Joseph Fontana
David and Christina Forbes P'23
Megan A. Forbes '23
Alexander W. Ford '23
Bryce R. Ford '23
Christopher D. Ford '23
Donald and Mara Ford P'23, '23
Todd and Tracy Ford P'22, '20
Sara Fornier
Maggie E. Fort '23
Michael E. Fort '93 P'23
Richard D. Fortunato '23
John P. Fracassini '65 and Linda Fracassini
Alex P. Fraioli '23
Jon-Paul M. Francini
Bart Franey '67 and Eleanor S. Franey
James P. Frank
Sarah E. Frassetto '14, MA'17
Patricia A. Frattaroli
Victor G. Fraulo '73 and Jeanette Condon Fraulo P'00, '99
Brian and Lisa Frawley P'22
Jane Frawley '22
John D. Fray '83 and Traci Fray
Thomas J. Freda '13
Douglas F. Freeman '12
Peter J. Friel '81 and Ester Friel
William J. Fuggi '92
Casey C. Fuller '18
Wendy A. Fuller MA'03, CAS'05 and Arthur B. Fuller Jr. P'18
Leah E. Furey '12
Rebecca Couchon Furlong '03 and Stephen Furlong
Hannah E. Futo '20
John A. Gaberino
Stephen C. Gadze '16
Kristen M. Gaetgens '19, MS'20
Melyssa A. Gagliardi '22
Michael Gagliardi '22
Robert M. Galan '93 P'23
Andrew P. Gallagher '15
Elizabeth Gallagher '87 and Timothy Clark
Phil Gallagher '60, MA'65 and Catherine Gallagher
John P. Gallagher '92 and Tricia Bares Gallagher '93
Lindsey R. Gallagher '23
Michael F. Gallagher '72
Paul and Elisabeth Gallagher P'18
Ruth Gallatin
Timothy P. Galligan '23
Jack Gallucci '21
Christopher Galvin '72 and Mary Jane Dorrian Galvin '75
Neil P. Galvin '75 and Lynn Girard Galvin '75 P'03
Tyler Gambardella '19
Anne D. Gamber
Christopher Ganio '22
Nick and Susan Ganio P'22
Corrine N. Carlson Gann '01
Mario and Mireya Garcia P'20
Mayda A. Garcia '20
Ella S. Gardiner '24
Matthew A. Gardner '90
Jack F. Garibaldi '23
William Garland
Peter J. Garry '64
Paul R. Garstka '67 and Joan Garstka
John Gartland
Keith V. Garvey '75 and Marcela Garvey
Margaret M. Garvey Jr. '19
Timothy H. Gately '93
Daniel J. Gatti '66 and Julie Gatti
Hannah R. Gaudioso '21
Gwyneth M. Gaynor '22
Timothy J. Gazzini '07 and Lara K. Hannigan Gazzini '08
Carmen Gbayisomore P'22
Kathleen A. O'Connell Geiling '82 and J. Douglass Geiling
Frank and Deborah Genna
William and Sally Gerard P'16
John K. Gethings '19
Nina M. Giacchi '16
Jack D. Giannini '14
Salvatore Gianone '97 and Stefanie Grinchunas Gianone
Cara M. Gibbons '18
Sean M. Gibbons '91 and Carolyn Duff Gibbons '91, MA'94
Madalyn I. Gibson '22
Andrew and Vivienne Gilbert P'21
Kelsey N. Gilbert '21
Caitlin Gilligan '19
Kate A. Gilligan
Stephen and Patricia Gillis P'20
Ellen F. Gilmore MBA'09
John F. Gilsenan '68 and Roberta N. Gilsenan
Jennifer Ginelli
Samantha Giordano '19
Robert Girandola '87 and Christine Voytek Girandola '88 P'21
James P. Girolamo II '06 and Megan C. McConville Girolamo '08
Dante Gizzo '22
Laura M. Gleason '96
Carol Glyn-Williiams
Erin M. Godfrey '19
James and Tonya Godwin P'24
John W. Godwin '24
Elizabeth A. Goepel '15
Anthony D. Goff '94 and Jennifer L. Iris Goff '94
Barbara J. Goger '17, MS'18
Robert and Karen Golden P'05, '02
Geoff Gonella
Gregory Goodwin
Caroline E. Gordon '23
Dorothy Gordon
Richard F. Gordon '68 and Susan Gordon P'97
Scott Gordon P'23
Kaya Gore '22
Peter Gori '22
Peter and Joanne Gori P'22
Madison R. Gorman '23
Brian and Amy Grabek P'21
Nicholas J. Grabek '21
Richard A. Graf '87 and Jeannine Carolan Graf '87
James and Joann Graham P'20
Meaghan R. Graham '20
Robert W. Graham
Timothy Graham
Amanda M. Grant
Eileen Quirk Grant '85 and Wayne Grant
Robert and Amy Grant P'21
Patricia Kohut Grassi MA'73
Jenna C. Grasso '23
Christopher M. Grauert '68 and Debra Grauert
Michael B. Gray '19
Nicolas J. Greco '17, MPA'19
Conor D. Greeley '22
Daniel and Christina Greene P'23
Michael D. Greene '23
Michael R. Greene '23
James and Anne Greener P'14
Edward J. Greenwood '85, MBA'97
Ardith M. Greeny
Howard A. Greer '85 and Diane H. Greer
Bennett Grefenstette
Edward and Megan Grefenstette P'22
Elizabeth Grefenstette '22
Carol Gregory
Waltrout Grein
Mary Luddy Grenier MA'84 and Roger Grenier
Matthew M. Greninger '10 and Jennifer Wasser
Colleen M. Paull Grinnell '00 and Eric S. Grinnell
Jeffrey J. Gromos '87 and Tsugumi Gromos
Charles and Debra Groneman
Abigail E. Gronewald
Jake Grube
Eric Gruber
Isabella M. Guanciale '17
Anthony M. Guerrera '23
Justin W. Guerrera '22
Michelle Guerrera P'22
Noelle E. Guerrera '21
Alessandra C. Guido '23
Kevin J. Guinan '95 and Stacey Guinan
Carolina Guiral Cuervo '12
Donald B. Gustavson '98 and Ann Crothers Gustavson
Roland J. Guzzi Jr.
Erik and Kim Haas P'20
Carl A. Haberbusch '67 and June Carey Haberbusch P'95, '93
Chris and Heidi Hahn P'20
Katelyn Hahn '20
Daniel and Jody Hakes P'21
Rachel J. Hakes '21
Walter and Patrice Halas
Cheryl Halderson
Emily L. Halderson '20
Thomas J. Hall '83 and Julia Brenna Hall '83
Kiley R. Hallet '21
Ian R. Halpin '20
Peter and Susan Halpin P'20
John K. Hamel '68 and Martha L. Blouin Hamel P'00
Michael and Madeline Hamilton P'24
John and Nancy Hammerer P'05
John L. Hammond III '01 and Maggie Hammond
Michael P. Handal '22
Paul and Debora Handal P'22
Francis G. Hanley '58 and Mary Jane Hanley
Caitlyn M. Hanlon '23
Sean D. Hanlon '94
Robert and Rita Hannafin
Colette M. Hanrahan '22
Cole W. Hansen '21
Megan Hansen '23
Michael K. Hansen P'21
Shanon Hardie
Peter and Jennifer Harding
Brendan J. Harkin '19
Sean M. Harrigan '75 and Maureen O'Connor Harrigan '75 P'04
Andrew J. Harrington '00
Michaela Harrington '22
Ryan G. Harrington '19
Nicole M. Harris '22
Daniel W. Harty '01
Brian M. Harvey '94 and Kristen B. Keating Harvey '99
Paul and Shannon Harvill P'20
Adam A. Hastings '18, MS'20
Liela O. Hastings '23
Peter and Kimberly Hastings P'23
John P. Hatala '21
Robert and Joanna Hatala P'21
Kathleen M. Rafferty Hay '03 and Brad Hay
William J. Hayes P'86 +
Jason L. Hebner '21
Scott and Laura Hebner P'21
Kara M. Burmaster Heckler '96 and Brian M. Heckler
Shawna Heddinghaus
Daniel P. Heffernan '80 and Mary Ellen Kintner Heffernan
Grace Heller '22
Peter T. Heller '85 and Stacy E. Heller P'22
Robin Heller
Riley K. Hellstein '17
Alexander R. Hemmat '23
Annika Hemmat
Avery Hemmat
Bob Hemmat
Chad P. Hemmat and Julie E. Anderson P'23
Heidi Hemmat
John Hempstead
Scott Henneman
Daniel and Christie Henry P'23
Mark J. Henry '23
Stanley Henry
Ryan M. Herlihy '01 and Erin Herlihy
Joseph M. Herman '80
Kristin Kelley Herman '96 and Gary C. Herman
Andrea Hernangomez '22
Brooke N. Hernon '22
Matthew and Theresa Hernon P'22
Marc and Dina Hershey
James J. Hessel '70 and Patricia A. Ryan Hessel
Elizabeth A. Heston '23
Joseph Heverin
Ethan C. Hibbard '23
Robert and Emily Hibbard P'23
Collin J. Hicks '24
Donald J. Higgins '84 and Kerri Hanson Higgins P'23
Jacqueline A. Higgins '05
Pamela Higgins
Thomas A. Hildebrandt '72, MA'75 and Eileen Mullen Hildebrandt '74
Jessica M. Hill
Stephanie Hill
Steven F. Hinchey '73 and Deborah Hinchey
David and Debra Hines P'24
Edward Hines III '93 and Eileen T. Kelly
Garrett M. Hines '24
John F. Hingher
John and Suzanne Hingher P'20
Melanie A. Hingher '20
David M. Hirx '03 and Sarah Stansel Hirx '06, MSN'16
Joseph C. Hliboki '84 and Catherine Pizzurro Hliboki '86 P'22, '16
Gregory H. Hoag
James J. Hoefner '79 and Christine L. Newhall '79 P'19
Katherine Voight Hoey '06 and Patrick Hoey
Carol L. Hoffman Matzke
Ernest and Susan Hoffman
John C. Hoffman '68 and Paula J. Yocum Hoffman P'96
Kailtin Hoffman '22
Mark and Tracy Hoffman P'22
Morgan R. Hoffman '23
Erinn Hogan '14, '20
Francine Hogan
Quinn M. Hogan
Valerie C. Hogan P'23
Brian T. Holland '02 and Kerri Holland
Stephanie A. Holland '02
Don and Susan Holman P'20
Emily J. Holman '20
William and Mary Catherine Holmes P'21, '19
Kelly C. Holt '18
Douglas D. Holub
Paul Holub
David and Patricia Holveck
Christopher and Elizabeth Homan P'23
Olivia J. Homan '23
Michael T. Hone '87 and Clair P. Flynn Hone '88 P'23
Paige M. Honeycomb '19, MS'20
Kallan K. Hook '22
Kristen L. Ryan Hoover '09 and John Hoover
Daniel J. Hopkins '17
Peter S. Horn '19, MS'20
Charles and Marybeth Horning P'21, '18
Christopher J. Horning '11
James Horning
Josephine B. Horosky '23
Rich and Tracy Horosky P'23
Katelin L. Horrigan '23
Charles and Roberta Horton P'24
Paul J. Horton '90 and Joy E. Grossman '89
Amy L. Hosking '09
Richard and Cathy Hoskins P'23
Emily B. Houghton '12
Bryan J. Houlihan '11 and Sasha Campbell Houlihan '11
Diane E. Howarth-Forrest '78 P'23
Aaron M. Howell '16, MS'18
Erik Hren MS'20
Cory and Dara Hubbard P'23
Alfred J. Hubert
Cassandra J. Hughes '19
John B. Hughes '74 and Michele Fezza Hughes '77
Siebe Huisman and Suzanne Veraa P'22
Ymke Huisman '22
Brian P. Hull '80 and Laura Romeo Hull P'13
Stephen J. Humes '86 and Linda M. Federici Humes '86
Christiane J. Huntley '04, MA'10
Cortney B. Hurley '06
Brendan X. Hynes '23
Victoria L. Hynes '02
Melissa A. Iannucci '17, MS'18
Shelby L. Iapoce '16 and Caleb Lintz
Hernan Iglesias P'22
Malen Iglesias '22
Erik M. Ilisije '11
John S. Imor '19
Christina G. Iuso '22
Kathleen Whelan Ivey '93 and Fred Ivey III
Lydia Jabbour MA'19
Patrick J. Jacquot '05, A'05 and Tisha A. Jacquot C'05, A'13
Emily K. Janis '09
Ronald E. Jason '90 and Nancy L. Jason
Allan Jeanne-Rose '23
Jeffery and Elizabeth Jerdonek P'23
Madeleine E. Jerdonek '23
David L. Johns
Annika Johnson '23
Gary Johnson
Keith and Tina Johnson P'23
Mary W. Crowley Johnson '09 and Gabe Johnson
Paul and Ann Johnson P'20
Stephen M. Johnson '85 and Christine Sullivan Johnson
Hailey E. Johnston '23
Brooke C. Jones '23
Frank A. Jones and Donna C. Glyn-Williams P'23
John Jones MA'01, MA'20 and Donna K. Jones
Nya L. Jones '23
Robert A. Jorlett '62 and Sylvia Del Valle Jorlett
Jaime E. Jubb '20
Michael B. Jude '10
Peter S. Jung
Thomas and Jean Jung
Katherine E. Junkins '23
Jess Ka
Kelsey M. Kacsmar '21
Gerard and Charlene Kaiser P'16
Julia Kallen '22
Ross and Wendy Kallen P'22
James R. Kallio '90 and Stephanie Dixon Kallio
Kevin O. Kammerer '69 and Jodi Kammerer
Jacqueline S. Kane '87
Joseph and Deborah Kane P'20
Julie A. Kane '20
Alexandra L. Kar '16
Brianne M. Kar '16
George and Vicky Karalis P'24
George B. Karfiol
Francesca S. Karman '23
Martin Karman
Stephen E. Karman and Maria Grace Ambrosio-Karman P'23
Nicole S. Karwashan '16, MA'19
Christopher Kasparian '19
Justin M. Kasparian '23
Ashley R. Kasperavich '20
Andrew R. Kass
Lena Kati
Aidas Kavaliauskas '20
Marc and Rachel Kavanagh
Grace A. Kavulich '22
Charlotte J. Kaye
Caitlin T. Keane '07
Mary K. Keane '23
Robert and Mary Keane P'23
Lauren E. Kearney '19
Joseph J. Kearns '64 and MaryLouise Kearns
Cathleen V. Keating '13
Maureen Keating
Benjamin J. Kebbell '21
Amelia F. Kedik '22
Michael and Toni Keech P'20
Eileen M. Keenan '19, MS'20
Kaitlyn M. Keenan '13
Julia Q. Keggi
Kristaps J. Keggi
Lauren E. Keith '08
Kevin J. Kelleher '76 and Mary Pat Hicks Kelleher '77 P'05, '02
Amanda L. Keller '13
Connor B. Kelley '15
Edward and Dorothy Kelley P'96
John and Denise Kelley P'22
Maureen Kelley '99
Michael T. Kelley '65 and Susan Johnson Kelley
Christopher O. Kelly '18
Christopher and Kelly Kelly P'24
John F. Kelly '23
Kevin and Laura Kelly P'22
Michael J. Kelly '65 and Ann Kelly
Patrick J. Kelly '08
Raymond J. Kelly '75 and Maureen Kelly
Robert E. Kelly Jr. '94 and Leslie Curran Kelly
Charles J. Kemp '03 and Loren Williams Kemp
Kevin P. Kenny '97 and JoAnne B. Constance Kenny
John and Kathryn Kenyon P'20
Brenda Keresey
Matthew C. Kessler '08
Kari Keyock
Edward F. Kiernan III '92 and Elizabeth Ramirez Kiernan
Ellen D. Sarosy Kiernan '03
Barbara Patton Kiggins '85 and John D. Kiggins
Annie Kilday '19
Colin B. Kiley '71 and Elizabeth Kiley
Conor T. Kim '17
Henry H. Kim '93 and Malaina Kim
Charles P. King and Jamie S. Villella P'23
Isabella S. King '23
Robert C. King '80 and Cynthia Binkunski King '80
Sophia G. King '23
Timothy and Jill Kirby P'24
Katrina J. Kirchgaesser '19
Abigail M. Kirchner '20
Thomas M. Kirchner '84 and Robin M. Nelson Kirchner
Lawrence and Julie Kirshner P'22
Courtney E. Kitchen '23
Jeffrey and Lisa Kitchen P'23
Bruce R. Klastow '70
Leonard M. Kleczkowski
Michael and Kristie Kleczkowski P'20
John J. Klein '92 and Marianne Teresa Hillerman Klein
Sally Kleinman
Katherine R. Knapik '21
Blythe J. Knapp-Gasca '93
John and Kathleen Knecht P'22
Charles D. Knight '86
Patricia Campbell Knight '87 P'18
Sean R. Knightly '13
Jeffrey and Diane Knuth P'21
Rachel E. Koblitz '23
Courtney Kobus '22
Alexander M. Komarynskyj '23
Anna K. Komer '21
Louis and Vida Komer P'21
Michael Kong
Anita Kostacopoulos
Adam K. Kostuk C'09
Robert J. Kownacki '78 and Drucilla Buonaiuto Kownacki '77
Joyce Kramer
Samantha E. Kramer '20
Tara Kramer P'24, '20
David and Joanna Kratz P'23
Julianna L. Kratz '23
William L. Kratz Jr.
Glenn and Therese Krebs P'13
Ryan C. Krebs '13 and Margaret K. Osmulski '14
Todd J. Kress
Andrea Krill '05 and Brian Krill
Mark and Kimberly Krivitsky P'21
Alex Krueger
Thomas Krygier MA'80
Douglas and Michelle Kryscio P'24
Kevin F. Kryzwick '21
Adam Krzywosz '23
Kellyn E. Kuczarski '23
Katherine Kudlacik '22
Jennifer D. Kuebler P'24, '22
Mary Kuebler
Robert M. Kulikowski '77 and Marie A. Kulikowski
Michael and Rosamaria Kurata P'14
Douglas S. Kuring '11
Shane A. Kurtz '11
Kevin O. Kuryla '88 and Jennifer J. Kehoe Kuryla
Jan and Jeannine Kuzniewski P'16, '14
Thomas Kuzoian
Wayne A. LaBore '64 and Rosemary LaBore P'99
Anna F. Labrosciano '95
Louis A. Laccavole Jr. '71 and Joyce Keaton Laccavole
Reagan D. Lafnitzegger '23
Luan F. Lamas
Christopher D. Lamberti '20
David and Mary Lamberti P'20
Matthew and Stacey Lamotta P'23
Shannon LaMotta
William E. Lamotta '23
Emilia G. Lanahan '22
Roderick and Constance Lancaster P'24
Alexandra F. Landino '23
John H. Landino P'23
James and Kimberly Landry P'21
Rachel I. Landry '21
Kendra R. Landy '19
Kenneth C. Landy and Teresa J. Opalacz P'19
Eugene and Kimberly Langan P'20
John J. Langan Jr. '69 and Anne McDonald Langan '74
Kelly A. Langan '20
Lori Langan
Michael T. Langan '79
Brian T. Lange '06 and Kathleen E. Burlew Lange
Julia Lanzillotta '22
Mary Lappe
Sergio D. Lara '12
Sara LaTerza
Danielle E. Latino '16
Kerre J. Lattanzio '20
Russell C. Laub '07
Elizabeth Laudani '23
Craig T. Lauder '91 and Kathleen Killion Lauder
David and Beverly Lauren P'23
Romeo A. Laurente Jr. '91
Christopher R. Laurenzo '23
Claire R. Lavelle '20
James and Robin Lavelle P'22
Ellen Lavin '23
Thomas Lavin and Ann Fogarty Lavin P'23
James A. Laviolette '17
Giovanni and Sally Lavista P'22
Nicollette Lavista '22
Robert J. Lawler III '16, MS'18
Robert and Suzanne Lawler P'16
Elizabeth G. Lawlor '08
Suzanne E. Lawlor '14
Kathy J. Lazear '78
Alana G. Leahy '19
Kevin P. Leahy and Diane Barbieri P'19
Betty L. Leary
Kayla Leary '23
Michael and Alison Leary P'23
Shelly A. Leclair P'24
Bryan L. LeClerc '84 and Mary E. Suriano LeClerc '84
Alexa C. Lehan '22
John and Michele Lehan P'22
Eric F. Lemieux '83 and Suzanne Burke Lemieux '83 P'22, '18
Johanna Lemos
Joseph and Grace Lenahan P'20
Celina N. Lennon '23
Chloe R. Lennon '23
Russell B. Lennon III '90 and Megan McGovern Lennon '90 P'23
Cristina R. Lenoci '23
John Leonard
Marielle Leonard
Andrew S. Leone '17
Angela Chiodo Leonzi '98 and Raymond J. Leonzi Jr.
Lawrence A. Lessing III '59 and Peggy Lessing P'05
Stephen M. Lessing '76 and Sandra Melton Lessing
Renee D. Levesque '23
David and Elizabeth Lewis P'20
Samantha L. Lewis '20
Taylor Lewis '22
Renee N. L'Heureux '10, MS'11
Morton and Linda Lichtman
Haley P. Liddy '22
Margaret A. Liguori '16
Steven R. Liguori '78 and Elizabeth M. Bermel Liguori P'16, '11, '09
Steven R. Liguori II '09
Jane Rehanek Limperopulos '77 and William Limperopulos P'13
Mary Alice Limperopulos '13
Lynn L. Linczyc
Martin and Katharine Lindemann P'24, '23
Thomas Linden
Megan L. Stauffer Lindley '06 and Matthew Lindley
Richard and Suzanne Lindquist P'17
Charles and Jennifer Lindsay P'23
Samantha G. Lindsay '23
Joseph A. Linnehan '75 and Linda Stewart Linnehan
Bruce A. Linsky '64
Rita G. Lloyd
Bethany L. Loffredo '06, MA'09
Rheannon M. Loffredo '20
Carl T. LoGalbo '66
Emily K. Lombardi '20
Robert and Kimberly Lombardi P'20
Lou Lopez Senechal '22
Robert J. LoPinto '14 and Kelly A. Romano LoPinto '11
Page C. Lowry '23
Thomas and Catherine Lowry P'23
Stanley and Mary Ann Lozowski
Jeanne Lubin
Thomas W. Lukacovic '16
Katherine Lynch '18
Liam D. Lynch '19
Roger M. Lynch '63 and Nancy Winkel Lynch P'95
Karen Lyons
Dino and Lisa Macaluso P'12
Joseph P. Macaluso '73
Grace MacCallum '22
Todd and Heather Maccallum P'22
Kaleigh MacDonald '22
Katie L. Mackay '11
Kathryn Magennis '22
Emily D. Mager '23
Frank C. Maggiorotto '83 and Wendy Gill Maggiorotto '84
Allan E. Magid '21
Gregory J. Magner '81
Grace E. Maguire '23
Julie A. Maguire P'21
Mark G. Maguire P'21
Meghann K. Maguire '21
Terence Mahon
Brian P. Mahoney '78 and Constance Carrigan Mahoney '79
June C. Mahony
Timothy M. Malay '94 and Megan Malay
Diane Martin Malichio '87 and Joseph Malichio
Vincent and Patricia Mallardi P'20
Caroline M. Malley
Gerald J. Malloy '24
Gerald and Susan Malloy P'24
Richard F. Maloney '67
Samuel and Christina Maltbie P'21
Amy L. Markowitz Mancini '97 and Joshua Mancini
David J. Mancini '01
Samantha Mancini '22
Timothy and Tonia Mangan P'22
John J. Manganiello '97 and Kristina M. Theiss Manganiello
Kalie M. Manning '23
Herbert W. Marache IV '17
Aina March Razakamanantsoa '22
Julie E. Hudecek Marcott '13
Leonardo and Julie Marella P'23
Michael J. Marella '23
Peter A. Maresco MA'84 and Margaret Kelly Maresco
Christopher J. Margres '20
Robert Mariani
Pepper Markel
Tana L. Markel P'23
Caroline S. Maroney '22
Thomas and Michelle Maroney P'22
Andrew J. Marrero '18
Matthew A. Marshall '19
Carol J. Martin
Clark and Maureen Martin P'23
John T. Martin '86 and Robyn L. Martin
Joseph S. Martin '17
Mackenzie M. Martin '23
Rachel A. Martin '22
Julio A. Martinez '07 and Brandy Davis-James Martinez
Raquel Martinez
Francis J. Marx Sr. '76 and Joanne Marx P'04
Gary A. Marzolla '71 and Marie E. Quinlan Marzolla
James and Janice Mas
Alexis Mason '22
Gene and Lisa Mason P'22
Hugh and Carolyn Mason P'20
Maribeth Mason '19
Anthony J. Masone '08
Christian A. Matarese '02 and Kimberly Dolan Matarese
Emma M. Matlach '21
Paige E. Matteo '12
Daniel L. Matthes-Theriault '23
Charles E. Matthews '73 and Laura M. Barr Matthews
Christopher J. Maynard '95 and Kristin E. Lundeen Maynard
Juliet J. Mazurczak P'22
Michael J. Mazurczak P'22
Samantha A. Mazzeo '14
Katelyn M. Mazzucco '16, MS'17
Caroline M. McAndrew '23
Philip A. McAndrew and Gail Cole P'23
Madeline A. McAuliffe '23
Michael and Kimberly McCarthy P'24, '23
Patrick T. McCarthy '23
Rory I. McCarthy '04 and Jennifer H. Clough McCarthy '04
Timothy and Carol McCarthy P'23
Emily A. McCauley '16
Brianna C. McCleary '19
John McClenathan Jr.
Madison L. McClenathan '23
Michael and Stacey McClenathan P'23
Brian T. McCloskey '95 and Maridel Mauleon McCloskey '95
Caroline E. McConnell '17
Timothy M. McConnell '92 and Merritt C. Villone McConnell
Daniel J. McCoy Jr. '63
James and Annmarie McDade P'20
Shannon M. McDade '20
Kristen M. Coleman McDaniel '11
Anif I. McDonald '16
John McDonald
Brenna J. McDonnell '21
Daniel and Staci McDonnell P'21
Danielle L. McDonnell MBA'04
James T. McDonnell
Robert J. McDonnell '08
Ana F. McDonough '22
John H. McDonough Jr. '68 and Linda B. McDonough
John R. McDonough '73 and Mary McDonough
Patricia A. McDonough
Patrick and Carrie McDonough P'22
Richard J. McEttrick '76
James McEvoy
Tracy L. McEvoy
Brian M. McGarvey '02 and Kathryn B. Rafferty McGarvey '02
Hugh and Barbara McGarvey P'02
Killian McGinley '23
Susan E. Rueter McGinley '95 and Patrick McGinley
Finnley B. McGinnis '21
Matthew McGlinchey '21
Matthew R. McGoldrick '01 and Caroline McGoldrick
Thomas A. McGoldrick '65
Harold and Lesley McGovern P'20
Harrison C. McGovern '20
Julie McGovern '22
Kenneth M. McGovern '87 and Maureen B. Kelly McGovern '87 P'22
Brian J. McGrath '87 and Monica Egan McGrath '87
Christian McGreevy '97
George K. McGregor '89 and Susan Roth McGregor
Julia R. McGuire '20
Matthew and Vivian McGuire P'20
Maximiliano McGuire '21
Kate A. McHenry '22
Laura A. Knapp McHugh '99
Maeve S. McHugh '14
Glenn M. McIntyre '88 and Jennifer Kappy McIntyre '89
Amanda C. McKenna '17
Christopher McKenna '86 and Jill McKenna
Danielle M. McKenna '17
Thomas A. McKenzie '23
Dennis and Teresa McLaughlin P'21
Eric S. McLaughlin '88 and Kimberly Sullivan McLaughlin
James D. McLaughlin '64 and Jane F. Hargroves McLaughlin
Matthew C. McLaughlin '89 and Amy Andariese McLauglin
John J. McLean '55, MA'62 and Angela T. McLean
Stephen T. McLoughlin '21
Steve McLoughlin
William F. McMahon III '93 and Katie McMahon
Gary R. McMinn
Thomas D. McMurray '70
Alyssa L. McNally '20
James and Laura McNally P'20
Brendan N. McNamara '17
Joseph J. McNamara '60 and Eleanore Bossert McNamara
Matthew S. McNeill '13, MA'15 and Nicole E. Battaglia '14, MA'14
Daniel T. McNichol '86 and Roseann McNichol
Timothy McPartlin and Eva-Marie Cusack P'22
Ali P. McPherson '22
Madison McSherry '22
Paul P. McSherry '98
Brendan J. McTague '11
Brian and Jessica McVeigh P'24
Diane E. Mead
John C. Meditz '70
Virginia Medonia
Paul and Sharon Medrick
Kathryn A. Meegan
David Megaw '66
Meghan A. Megill '23
Scott and Kathleen Megill P'23
Mia Melao '22
Christopher H. Melcher '11
June Mele
Melvin and Joan Melsheimer
Maryangelic Mendez '12
Salvatore J. Menzo '61 and Judith Menzo P'88
Thomas C. Mercaldo '86 and Pam Rasmidatta
Samantha A. Merino '21
Anthony W. Merola '74 and Wendy Merola
Gordon and Denise Merten
Isabel R. Mesquita '20
Marina L. Metcalf '20
Arion Mete '21
Shpetim and Meleke Mete P'21
James and Christine Meyer P'20
John T. Meyer '05, MBA'06 and Meagan Leduc-Meyer '05
Kevin G. Meyer MBA'12
Pamela R. Davis Meyer '92 and Gary J. Meyer P'23
Christopher J. Michailoff '89 and Suzann De La Penn Michailoff
Jordan E. Michels '05, MBA'09
Brian and Roxanne Middlebrook P'22
Sara Middlebrook '22
Joel and Eileen Miele
Donna M. Migdal
Jay T. Mikula P'23
Karin R. Mikula P'23
Kristi M. Mikula '23
Keith and Christine Mikule P'22
Bridget H. Miles '18
Bradley and Sally Millaway P'19
Emily E. Miller '23
Philip R. Miller '70 and Ginny Miller
Robert M. Miller '06 and Jennifer S. Fow Miller '06
Alexandre J. Millet '06 and Rachel Hervold
William P. Mills IV '17
Richard and Lisa Minice P'11
Geraldine Mininni
Steven H. Minnick '94
Kathleen A. Minott
Ryan W. Miosek '01 and Caitlin C. McCarty Miosek '01
Fredericka Mirenda
Edwin and Elizabeth Miro P'23, '19
Brian E. Mitchell '96 and Kelly Mitchell
Samuel A. Mitchell '11 and Olivia A. Landergan Mitchell '11
Taylor M. Mitchell '19
Dragan and Svetlana Mitrovic P'23
Stefan Mitrovic '23
Anthony G. Mixcus '75 and Mary C. Ziess Mixcus P'16, '07
Gabriella J. Mohring '21
Michael H. Mohrman '65 and Kathleen M. Mohrman
Connor S. Momrow '23
John M. Monahan '71 and Agatha V. Monahan
Matthew S. Monahan '90 and Veronica Monahan
Michael F. Money '82
John W. Monroe '90 and Mary A. Cavanaugh
Stefanie A. Montalbano '20
Heather C. Mooney '16
Patrick and Carolyn Mooney P'16
Elizabeth A. Moore
Thomas P. Moore '85 and Sofia Taylor
Travis and Kristine Moran P'23
Trent A. Moran '23
Meagan S. Morelli '21
Lauren M. Moretto '19
Betty M. Morgan
Cindy Stewart Morgan '84 and Dan Morgan
Madison C. Morgan '23
Madison and Barbara Morgan P'23
Stephen and Michelle Morgan P'24
Abigail D. Morrill '22
Matthew F. Morris '22
Brett Morrison '20
Megan A. Morrison '20
Zachary M. Morrison '07
Leo N. Morrissette '55 and Eleanor Morrissette
Robert T. Morton Jr. '08, MS'09 and Shelby F. Mayor Morton '09, MS'10
Barbara Motyka
Corrin M. Motyka '23
Konrad and Carol Motyka P'23
Thomas M. Moylan '69 and Eileen R. Moylan
James E. Moynihan '23
Ryan M. Moynihan '17, MA'20
John J. Mullally '23
Grace R. Mullane '22
John H. Mullen '06
Mark J. Mullen '99
James F. Mulligan III '14
Mark G. Mulligan '89 and Nancy Kenny Mulligan '89
Veronica A. Muratore '19
Adam P. Murphy '19
Christine M. Murphy
Edward and Michelle Murphy P'21
John Murphy
Katelyn Murphy '22
Katie Murphy
Neil and Alicia Murphy P'23
Robert J. Murphy Jr. '71
Roger and Mary Murphy P'19, '15, '12
Ryan P. Murphy '21
Sarah E. Murphy '23
Shaelin E. Murphy '23
Thomas and Cheryl Murphy P'20
Andrew P. Murray '18
Aytana Muschajew '22
Dordschi and Eugenia Muschajew P'22
Paul A. Musico '74 and Joanmarie Musico
John and Mary Myers P'23
Brady A. Myles '23
Timothy M. Nace '74 and Janice Nace
Joan A. Nataloni
Robert Nazarian
Julia M. Neal '23
Thomas R. Negri '23
Ian M. Nelson '20
Jeffrey and Anne Nelson P'18
John and Charlene Nelson P'20
Travis R. Nelson '08 and Lauren C. Williams Nelson '11
Tyler Nelson '18
Mark and Suzanne Nemec
Demi M. Nestopoulos '22
Alexander R. Nestor '70 and Sally A. Nestor '91
Joseph and Sue Ellen Nethercott P'24
Grace P. Neubig '23
Peter M. Neumann '22
Eden E. Nibbelink '21
Manuela Nicolini '20
Donald and Janet Nieradka
Michael and Kara Nitti P'21
Victor A. Noce '02
Spencer J. Noonan '18
Anthony and Carrie Noviello P'22
Jake A. Noviello '22
Kat Noviello
Amanda Nowak '22
Henry P. Nowak Jr. '89 and Teresa Fish Nowak P'22
Alexander T. Nowicki '17
Kevin F. Nyarady '05 and Christine Nyarady
Brendan S. O'Brien '13
Bridget O'Brien '22
Caroline E. O'Brien '20
Devyn N. O'Brien '21
James and Karen O'Brien P'20
Megan K. O'Brien '15
Michelle O'Brien P'21
Seamus P. O'Brien III '20
Thomas R. O'Brien '60 and Midge Conlan O'Brien P'96, '95, '90
John and Ledea Obrist
Mikayla A. Obrist
Avery E. O'Connell '23
Kevin T. O'Connell '82
Robert and Caroline O'Connell P'23
Caleigh A. O'Connor '17
John L. O'Connor '85 and Geraldine Swift O'Connor '86 P'24
Mark C. O'Connor '15
Martin P. O'Connor '73 and Elaine B. O'Connor
Rory P. O'Connor '12
Thomas B. O'Connor '75 and Mary Lou Zilliox O'Connor '83 P'09, '01
William and Joan O'Connor
Lisa Henley O'Dell '86 and Steven E. O'Dell
Adriana Perelli Odice '86
John and Catherine O'Donnell P'22, '21
Barry J. O'Driscoll '00
Erin C. O'Gallagher '19
Elliott and Santhea Ogden P'16
Kristin O'Grady-Franchock '91 and Darren Franchock
Grace C. O'Hara '19
Paul J. Okarma '80 and Nan Okarma
Kevin P. O'Keefe '95 and Jenna L. Cardone '97
Patrick F. O'Keefe '84 and Karen Occhipinti O'Keefe '84 P'15
Richard B. O'Keefe '84 and Catherine A. Curley O'Keefe
Lacey J. Olaff '20
David and Suzanne Olczak P'22
Lauren G. Olczak '22
John O'Leary
Patrick J. O'Leary Jr. '73
Shaun T. O'Leary '86 and Patricia Hann O'Leary
Elias Oliphant '20
Jonathan Olive-Blanco '23
Lisa Raymond Olsen '89 and Dean Olsen P'23
Elizabeth Olson
Jacob M. Olson '07
Joshua D. Olson '01 and Caitlin A. Perry Olson '02
Zachary R. Olszewski '23
John P. O'Malley IV '17
Max O'Meara '52 and Dorothy Dodd O'Meara
Christina X. On '23
John R. O'Neill '71 and Kathleen Greber O'Neill P'08
Joseph S. O'Neill '77
Patricia D. O'Neill
Robert T. O'Neill '75 and Kathy Morgan O'Neill P'14
Michelle J. Onofrio '12
Cullen Onstott '09
Bradley Orban '19
Biff J. O'Reilly '80 and Jeanne Arrigoni O'Reilly '82 P'11
Erin E. Orozco '01, DNP'19
Susan Eldh Orr '77 and Bruce G. Orr
Richard M. O'Shea Jr. '98 and Jeanette M. Janczak O'Shea '99
Erik L. Ostbye
Paul and Lucille Ostensen P'24, '21
Sara T. Ostensen '21
Megan A. O'Sullivan '17
Sarah T. O'Toole '17
Adrienne Williamson Oziemblewski '99 and Eric Oziemblewski
Jaclyn Ozyjowski '17
Robert E. Pace P'09
Charles G. Pagliarini '23
John Pagliarini
Michael P. Pagliaro '22
Lauren A. Paidas
Edward P. Paige
Mary Ann Palazzi MA'88
Francis Palestrini Jr. '75 and Maureen Palestrini
Anthony and Lisa Palmeri P'20
Arianna N. Palmeri '20
Joseph A. Palsa '71 and Vivian Carrafielo Palsa P'05
Michael R. Palumbo '09
Edward J. Panzella Jr. '94 and Sheila Panzella
Alexander J. Papa '09 and Daria L. Anuskiewicz Papa '09
Frank and Joann Paparozzi P'23
Remsfield Papillon '23
Christine R. Fryer Paprocky '96 and Raymond F. Paprocky
Michael D. Paradise '94 and Sonja Tietjen Paradise '95
Karishma Parekh '22
Jan Parizek '22
Courtney M. Parker '07
Kevin and Jean Parker
Cecilia R. Parla '19
Michael and Jocelyn Pascucci
Laura Taylor Pasternak '97 and Steve Pasternak
Emily Patro
Richard and Colleen Patro P'24
David J. Patterson
Rebecca A. Patti '22
Erin P. Patton '94 P'23
Patricia Patton
Robert J. Patton '87
Thomas J. Peddicord Jr. '66 and Rosemary V. Peddicord
Eric W. Peel '97 and Melissa Mantore Peel
Patricia A. Pelletier
Robert R. Penwell '06
Tatum H. Pepe '23
Frank and Patricia Perazzini
Guillem Perez '22
Jillian Pernerewski '22
Geoffrey A. Perry MBA'12
Corinne E. Persichetti '19
John-Moritz and Antje Persiehl P'22
Barry and Linda Peters P'18
Riley F. Peters '18
Thomas J. Peters '12
Matthew E. Petre '09
Leonard J. Petrucelli '69, MA'75 and Christine M. Petrucelli
Jennifer F. Pettee '23
John G. Phelan Jr. '89
Karen M. Phillips P'20
Robert A. Piazza '71 P'04
Julius and Marie Picardi P'20
Nicholas M. Piccirillo '13
Richard A. Piccirillo Jr. '10 and Jaclyn Quinn
Christopher and Robin Pike P'23
Cormac Pike '22
Hannah G. Pike MPA'18
James and Carmela Pike
Jenna A. Pike '18
Sharon Pike P'18
Apollo and Lynette Pil P'20
Jessica Pil '20
Linda Leonard Piliero '78 and Joseph A. Piliero
Park and Joan Pilikian
Zoran Piljevic
Raquel J. Pillarella '21
Maureen Pino
Rudolph V. Pino Jr. '73 and Mary Ann Inzinga Pino P'05, '01
Rudolph V. Pino III '05 and Karalee C. Rovelli Pino '05, MSN'13
Troy J. Pinto '94
Chris A. Pisani P'19
Gerard J. Pisano P'22, '22
Laura S. Pitaniello '89, MA'19 and Stephen Pitaniello
Eddie Pizarro '23
Edward J. Planeta Jr. '86
Joel F. Pleban
Michelle Pleban '16
Diane M. Plowman P'19
Sara M. Plowman '19
Karen Bernard Plummer '88 and Alan S. Plummer
Brian M. Polito '23
Christopher Polletta '21
Vincent Polletta and Debra A. Cassidy P'21
Theodore and Jill Pompei
James R. Poole '63 and Kathleen Kidd Poole
Sal and Patricia Porio
Michele Portera P'22
Alexandria E. Power '23
Robert and Jane Powers P'20
Samuel and Stephanie Prasker
Michael Pratt
James P. Prendergast '77 and Peggy Prendergast
Buddy T. Prete '93 and Christina A. Rackiewicz Prete '93, MBA'99 P'23
Mackenzie L. Bruno Pretty '00 and Thomas S. Pretty
Courtney A. Price '08, MSN'12
James M. Price
Alexander S. Pringle '23
Diana R. Prinos '20
Peter and Mary Ann Prinos P'22, '20
Sophia Prinos '22
Larry Priori
Patricia Priori
William J. Pritz '67
Danielle L. Profita '21
Nicole Profita
Robert J. Profita
Russell and Michelle Profita P'21
Andrew and Stacey Pskowski P'20
Lindsey J. R. Pulito-Moore '04
Betty J. Pulsinelli
Michael A. Pulsinelli
Christopher J. Pultz '97 and Nicole Pultz
Scott and Lisa Pumper P'23
Tyler J. Pumper '23
Thomas F. Purcell '71
Ash Puttaswamy MBA'05
William J. Quentin '18
Christopher C. Quick '79 and Ann Bosso Quick
Thomas C. Quick '77
Robert W. Quinlan '75 and Judee Quinlan
Caitlin M. Quinn '07
Damien K. Quinn '17
Francis X. Quinn '66, MA'67 and JoAnn Quinn
James and Ann Marie Quinn P'24, '22
Pegeen M. Quinn '95
Vanessa G. Quinn '22
Samantha M. Quinones '18, MA'20
Timothy J. Rabbitt '67 and Susan Rabbitt
Sabrina F. Rademacher '23
Sonja Radulovic '20
Kevin J. Radziewicz '18
Samuel G. Raffalli '22
Barbara Rafferty P'03
Michael and Kathryn Rafferty
William and Karen Rafferty P'02
Brendon and Debbie Rahurahu P'20
Jordan E. Rahurahu '20
Nicola and Joanna Raimondo P'23
Jonathan A. Raj '13, MPA'19
Helen L. Ramos Paiz '11, MPA'17 and William F. Vasquez Mazariegos P'24
Gary J. Raniolo II '09, MS'11
Chase Rasch
Kurt R. Raschi '73 and Catherine Riordan
Sarah A. Ratchford
Iony Razakamanantsoa and Misserra March P'22
Jeff and Melissa Reale
Kelley Reale
Linda Reale
Thomas M. Reardon III '86
Meghan K. Reda '15
Michael F. Redden '75 and Irene Pavels Redden
Ann C. Reddington '23
Colin and Anne Redhead
Charlie D. Reed '18
Carl T. Rees
Erin J. Reeves '04, MA'08
Nelson and Susan Rego P'23
Victoria L. Rego '23
Matthew W. Reibl '09
Adeline M. Reilly '14
Cassandra R. Reilly '23
James and Caron Reilly P'23
William B. Reilly '92 and Keri M. Reilly
Julie Reit
David P. Renehan '65 and Elizabeth Renehan
David M. Repetto '79 and Michele McGuire Repetto P'15
Dylan G. Reynolds '20
Mackenzie M. Reynolds
Paul and Jill Reynolds P'20
Thomas and Chris Reynolds P'21
Clint and Sandy Rhinehart P'21
Lauryn N. Rhinehart '21
Alexis Rich '22
Barry and Suzannah Rich P'22
Gloria Richter
Markus and Juliette Richter P'22
Randi Richter
Ronald A. Riescher Sr. '63 and Kathleen Sprague Riescher
Alexander and Susan Rinaldi
Donald J. Rinaldi '60 and Diana Mazaika Rinaldi P'89
Russell and Ellen Rinklin P'23
Charles H. Riordan '20
Parker A. Riordan '19
William and Barbara Riordan P'20
Frank and Cheryl Rispoli P'21
Robert W. Ritter '61 and Judith B. Ritter
Benjamin J. Rivera '23
Eric and Susan Rivera P'23
Richard and Melissa Rizzitano P'19
James P. Roach '54 and Joan A. Neverdousky Roach P'02, '85, '82
Richard and Gwendolyn Roarke
Kyle D. Roberts '19, MS'20
Sharon D. Roberts
Madison Robicheau '22
Michael and Marie Robicheau P'22
John P. Robinson '18
Kip and Jill Robinson P'23
Michael T. Robinson '75 and Nancy Nead Robinson
Robert and Linda Robinson
Jennifer M. Rocco '23
Lorenzo M. Rocco '23
James M. Roche '88 and Wendy Cooper Roche
John and Regina Rodak
Jeffrey Rodgers '19
Joseph G. Rodrigues '18
Nuno G. Rodrigues '13, MBA'16
Carren M. Dolan Rogan '90, MA'94 and Patrick J. Rogan P'24
Morgan O. Rogers '23
Paul and Helena Rogers P'23, '20
Taylor J. Rogers '20
Charles J. Roland '62 and Loretta A. Roland P'97
Eric S. Roland '97 and Colleen A. Griffin-Roland '98
Frank J. Romano '84 and Virginia Drew Romano '85, C'03
David C. Romans '91 and Kristyn E. Romans
Andrew and Margie Rooke P'10
Taylor A. Rooke '10 and Allison Scalpato Rooke
Marc and Marisa Rosen P'21
Zoe Rosen '21
Mark Rossi
Matthew Rossi
Roberta Rossi P'21
Robert and Valerie Rothschild P'11
Elizabeth M. Rowe '23
Kevin and Joan Rowe P'23
James and Susan Rowland P'18
Julia E. Roy '23
Matthew V. Rubertone '13 and Caitlin E. Townsend Rubertone '13, MS'14
Michael and Jennifer Rubin P'21
Mikayla C. Rubin '21
Nancy Rudd
Maura Shine Rudolph '90 and James Rudolph
Aileen P. Rueter '03
Cynthia Ruggerio '84 and John S. Anooshian
Kevin E. Russell '75 and Maureen Connelly Russell
Olivia Russell '18
Danielle S. Russo '13
Joseph A. Russo Jr. '69 and Helen M. Russo
Austin M. Ryan
Daniel P. Ryan '20
P. Ryan '07
Lindsay M. Ryan '09 and Tara E. Flaherty '10
Mark T. Ryan '85 and Kathryn Dolyak Ryan '86 P'22
Mark and Karen Ryan P'21
Marytherese Ryan '22
Michael and Bonnie Ryan P'22
Patrick J. Ryan '22
Ronan G. Ryan '96 and Kara M. D'Ambrosio Ryan '97
Shannon P. Ryan '21
Sharissa C. Ryan '14
Steven M. Ryan '60 and Adriana Ryan
Tara A. Ryan MS'00
Thomas H. Ryan '19
Thomas Rydzaj and Stephanie Miko-Rydzaj P'23
Kristen L. McManus Sachs '09 and Eli Sachs
Hiradean Sadik '15 and Anna Cedrowski-Sadik '15, MS'16
Luan and Lirije Sadik P'24, '15
Edward T. Safer and Edna L. Nichols
Daniel and Carol Salameno P'22
Jason Salameno '22
Karen A. McManus Salerno '92 P'23
Marc E. Salerno '94 and Kathleen Salerno
Erica L. Salisbury '22
Linda G. Salisbury
Timothy M. Salit '19
Jacob A. Salpietro '16
Adam D. Samuelian '97 and Christine Papenbrock Samuelian '97
Andrew San Marco
Daniel T. Sanders '95 and Amy Campbell Sanders
Christopher A. Sandvik '13, MS'14
Alexis Sansone
Michael J. Sansone '22
Hernan and Kathleen Santos P'23
Jonathan J. Santos '23
Jack A. Sarabia
Brendan F. Sarpu '12
Ray and Marilyn Saucedo
Hailey S. Sauerhoff '14
Jordyn P. Saxe '21
Thomas and Robin Saxe P'21
Nicole M. Scaturchio '18, '19
Danielle A. Fagnant Scavone '97 and Daniel Scavone
John Schaefer
Brian J. Schappert '07 and Cate Schappert
Anne Scharetg
Stephen Scharetg
Steve Schefcik
Chloe L. Scherpa '17
Andy and Amy Schillinger P'22
Emily Schillinger '22
Jennifer Schillinger
Christian Schlesinger P'23
Griffin P. Schlesinger '23
Kurt C. Schlichting '70 and Mary Schlichting
Paul and Kristin Schlickmann
Paul C. Schlickmann '62 and Ann Schlickmann
George and Mary Ann Schmidt
Elise C. Schmieder '23
Jeremiah T. Schneider III '10
Martin and Isabelle Schnider P'20, '17, '12
Paul K. Schofield and Sheila M. Corcoran P'21
Annett Schroth
William Schumann '62 and Jeanne Schumann
Troy J. Scocca '17
Jack and Annica Scott P'24
Matthew M. Scott '02 and Sara D'Arcy Scott
Natale J. Scotto '19
David R. Scrivines
Jason and Megan Scully
Ryan W. Scully '01 and Kristen Storer Scully
Eileen Secora
Stephen and Christine Secora P'23, '21
Audrey A. Sedensky '22
Stephen and Nancy Sedensky P'22
John C. Seeberg '83 and Kathleen Doherty Griffin '83, MS'14
Laura Seeger '22
Richard and Catherine Seeger P'22
Richard and Bridget Sekula P'24
Kevin Senghore-Petersson
Peter Sentowski and Karen Franklin P'24, '22
Sarah Seubel
Alison Sexton
Stephen and Amy Shadlock P'22
Cameron M. Shalkowski '15
Amy R. Shanle '97
Jodie A. Kuczarski Shannon '99, MA'05 and John Shannon
Kevin Shannon
Patrick and Kristine Shashaty P'21
Conor E. Shea '15
Danielle M. Shea '19
William Sheehan
Robert P. Sheils III '00
Allison E. Sheridan '14
Paul E. Sheridan '87 and Ann Sullivan Sheridan '87
Thomas K. Sheridan '87 and Elizabeth Sheridan
Timothy P. Sheridan '83 and Brenda Digmann Sheridan
Anna M. Sherman '24
Lora R. Wallace Sherman '92 and J. R. Sherman P'24
Tyler Shibles '20
Dhiaa and Dalia Shubber P'22, '19
Scot and Maureen Shuck P'22
Sal Siano
Samuel M. Sica III '09
Thomas M. Siddall '15
Nancy E. Sidnam '08
Emma G. Sidoti '22
Jonathan P. Signore '19
Stephen R. Signore A'02, '08 and Teresa Demonico Signore P'19
Brook L. Sillart '21
Alexandria Hein Sillo '11 and Anthony Sillo
Vilma B. Silva P'23
Molly K. Silvestri '22
Robert Silvestri '76 and Debra Summa Silvestri
Brian T. Silvestro MA'11
Jake Simonelli '23
Ann M. Welch Simpson '76 and Thomas D. Simpson
William and Tracy Sims
Emma C. Singer '17
Philip M. Sinisgalli '67 and Katherine Consoli Sinisgalli
Tony Skoczylas
Andrew and Frances Skrapits
Daniel D. Skuret III '92 and Nicole Corrente Skuret P'17
Allison K. Sloan '19
Peter T. Sloan '22
Robert and Michele Sloan P'22
Jenna C. Slowey '14
Helen Smaldone P'20, '17
Alana M. Smalley '13
Brendan T. Smith '21
Casey A. Smith '17
Danielle Smith
David S. Smith III '00
Douglas and Laura Smith P'18
Frances Millar Smith '01 and Shawn Smith
Kathryn C. Smith
Megan L. Smith '21
Riley B. Smith '17
Robert J. Smith '68 and M. Kelly Mary Ann Kelly Smith P'04
Thomas J. Smith '05 and Catherine M. Smith
Timothy and Mary Smith P'21
Karrin Smoley
Mary Smyth '18
Kristene A. Snajder '86
Samuel T. Snow '13
Marilyn A. Snyder
Joseph C. Solimine '89 and Anne C. Shepherd Solimine
Joseph and Joan Solimine P'89
David Souza
Faith Spaziano '22
Michael and Laurie Spaziano P'22
Michael and Lois Spaziano
Tristan O. Sperry '15
Michael J. Spicer '75 and Kathleen Spicer
Todd L. Spillane '81 and Maureen A. O'Donnell Spillane '82
Shawn K. Splan '81 and Nancy Splan
Madeleine R. Sposito '14
Gilbert O. Spruance '76 and Elaine Spruance
Mariel A. Staffier '21
Elizabeth J. Scanlon Stahovec '93 and Greg Stahovec
Michael S. Stamer
Jessica E. Stand '10
Richard and Megan Stanton P'22
Matthew C. Stanwood '81 and Leslie Bowdring Stanwood
James F. Stapleton Sr. '54 P'91, '85, '80
Sandra L. Starr
Christina M. Starsinic '14
Donald R. Starski '73 and Marie-Louise Starski
Jeffrey Stefanowicz S.J. '94 and Laurie Stefanowicz
Jaden Stefanski '22
Christopher and Kerry Steffen P'21
David Stellato
Brady C. Stergion '23
Christopher and Tamara Stergion P'23
Marilyn Stern
Alex Stevko '23
Michael J. Stewart
Thomas W. Stickley
Tim and Patti Stickley
Emily Stinton '22
Stephen and Linda Stone P'19
Stephanie L. Storms
Victor Strolllo
Kevin and Kristie Strollo P'23
Ryan J. Strollo '23
Scott and Marlo Strough P'24, '21
John and Ann Stryjek P'21
Nicole A. Stryjek '21
Scarlett Sulliman '17
Daniel J. Sullivan Jr. '73 and Kathleen M. Sullivan
John M. Sullivan '15
Joseph F. Sullivan '95 and Leann Nathan Sullivan '93
Kelsey A. Sullivan '17
Meghan E. Sullivan '13
Paul Sullivan
Riley Sullivan '22
Ryan C. Sullivan '23
Samuel L. Sullivan '15, MFA'17
Lavelle T. Summerville '11
Warren and Maureen Sumner P'22
Andrea M. Suriano '04
Harry W. Sutman
Heston and Elizabeth Sutman P'22
Walker J. Sutman '22
Carl and Lori Sutter P'20
Matthew C. Sutter '20
Brian P. Sutton '86 and Cheryl Santagate Sutton
Donald E. Svoboda Jr. '89 and Catherine P. Svoboda
Dale M. Esposito Sweeney '74
Douglas and Kathleen Sweeney P'23, '20
John M. Sweeney '94 and Kristina M. Conroy Sweeney '96
Paul and Susan Sweeney P'18
Leah E. Swick '22
Stephen G. Sykes '95
Zoltan and Kimberly Szabo P'18
Robert Szewczyk '73 and Jo Ann Cusano Szewczyk
Anastasia E. Szymanski '23
Brian J. Szymanski and Lisa M. Acee-Szymanski P'23
Amy Tabachnick
Katharine L. Taggard '23
Heather J. Thompson Taggert '96 and John B. Taggert P'23
Melissa S. Taggert '23
Landon G. Taliaferro '20
Elizabeth G. Talluto '23
James and Cheri Talluto P'23
Terrence F. Tangney '87 and Patricia Doran Tangney '86
James and Angela Tarabocchia P'24
Robert J. Tarantino II '00
Bradley B. Tarr '99 and Jennifer Roche Tarr '98
Garrett L. Taverna '09
Alec and Karan Taylor
Daniel J. Taylor '01 and Colleen A. Cunningham Taylor '01
Nicholas E. Taylor '13, MS'14
Robert B. Taylor '52 and Iris Cordero Taylor
Michael J. Tedesco '23
Maria Telle '22
Lauren ten Hoopen '19
Emma E. Tesler '23
Emily L. Testa '23
Lynette Accardo Testa '88 and David A. Testa P'23
Shealyn L. Testa '14
Megan A. Theiller '18
Phil and Kathy Theiller P'18
Caitlin R. Thibault '21
Lester and Mary Thomas P'12
Bruce and Stacey Thompson P'21
Drew R. Thompson '21
Elva Thompson
John and Monica Thompson P'23
Sarah Thompson
Sandra Thornton
Nicolette M. Tiernan '16
Sean P. Tierney '11
Alan and Tracey Timchak P'23
Sydney M. Timchak '23
James C. Timmeny '99, MBA'08 and Melissa M. Peterson Timmeny '02
Caroline E. Timmerman '22
Helen C. Titus
Francis P. Tobin '84 and Janet Minervini Tobin '89
Melvin and Sandra Tomalty
Sean A. Tompkins '03 and Diana C. Webb Tompkins '05, MA'08
Samuel R. Tonole '23
Amanda R. Toole '22
Colin W. Torrance '04 and Monica E. Coords Torrance MA'08
Matthew Torres '23
Peter M. Toutoulis '22
William Townsend '21
William A. Townsend and Carmen I. Font P'21
Steve and Moira Tozier
Michael F. Trafecante MBA'01 and Mary Beth Reh Trafecante P'22, '21, '19
Michael J. Trainor '87 and Mary Hogan Trainor
Allison P. Tremblay '22
Matthew Tremoglie '22
Ian Tresser '15
Mary K. Trevisan '23
Matthew J. Trewartha '21
Trevor A. Trimpe
Denice M. Errico Trocolar '97 and Stephen N. Trocolar
Christopher J. Trombino '11 and Lucy Trombino
Michael J. Troy Jr. '07 and Leigh Troy
Maximilian A. Trunz '11 and Annelise Trunz
George and Jody Tsangaris P'22
Stephanie L. Tsangaris '22
John and Clare Tsigas P'21
Brittany E. Tucker '23
Dana R. Turnbull '00
Robert and Candace Twiss P'23
James E. Tyer '22
Steven and Colleen Tyer P'22
Fiona Tynion '22
Amanda C. Ulzheimer '20
Gary and Michelle Ulzheimer P'20
Ingrid Ulzheimer
Haley J. Updegraff '23
Keith S. Updegraff P'23
Daniel J. Urbanovich '10
Carmine and Mary Frances Urciuoli P'19
Thomas C. Urciuoli '19
John and Judy Urquhart P'08
Jonathan T. Uy '18, MS'20
Adriane E. Hall Vail '95 and Richard B. Vail Jr.
Katerina M. Valente '21
Timothy R. Valente '17
Anna K. Valentine '21
Barbara Valentine '86 and Kenneth Capuder
Brian K. Valentine and Kirstin K. Schoonover P'21
Antonius and Irene Van Dijk P'24
Mike Van stone
Allan C. VanDeMark '89 and Suzanne McDaniel VanDeMark
Brianna Vandermark '22
Thomas J. Vaughn '80 and Judith Chiarelli Vaughn
James Veale
Jose Vega '88 and Elizabeth J. Vega
Paul E. Venino '84
James and Stephanie Venuto P'23
Matthew Venuto '23
Casey M. Verdeschi '23
Jonas Simon Vergin '21
Daniel and Fong Via P'24
Georgia B. Via '24
Nicole Vickery
Diane Viens
Alex M. Villalba '22
Miguel and Tania Villalba P'22
Andrew W. Visceglia '23
Olivia M. Vita '16
Katheryn E. Sillo Vittoria '11 and Joseph Vittoria
Vincent and Margaret Vizzard
Emily A. Vlass '19
Kenneth and Julie Vlass P'19
Arthur and Susan Vogt P'23
Hannah E. Vogt '23
Ronald Volonino
Brian Wacha
Kevin and Erin Wade
Suzanne Wade
Thomas and Ann Wade
James and Kathleen Wahlig P'20
Adam and Diane Waitkevich P'21
Michael and Bonnie Walker
Gavin R. Wallace '20
Katherine Wallace
Michael O. Wallace '18
William J. Wallace
Delaney E. Walsh '21
Kevin J. Walsh '19
Matthew J. Walsh '19
Thomas J. Walsh III '78 and Mary Walsh
Charles C. Walters '10
Timothy Walters '82 and Wendy Walters
Katherine M. Walton '82 P'14
Janet Wang
Connor J. Ward '21
Joseph P. Ward III '06
Martin T. Warten '85 and Catherine Hunt Warten '85
Hadley M. Waterbury '23
Griffin Watson '22
Scott G. Watson P'24, '22
Norman and Elizabeth Wazaney P'23, '20
Sonja Weaver
Heather A. Weber '19, MBA'20
Donald and Kathleen Wedekind
Karen Wedekind
James D. Wehr '79 and Teresa M. Wehr
Morris and Terry Weiss
Kevin G. Welch '93 and Frances Tranchese Welch '93
Jeffrey and Denise Welsh
Kristen E. Wenz '23
Bo and Teri Westford P'21
Drew C. Westford '21
Bruce and Michele Weyant P'21
Nicholas E. Weyant '21
Barbara Wheat
Jonathan R. Wheat '23
Michael and Jennifer Wheat P'23
Charles and Victoria Whipple P'22
Garrett A. White '20
John and Judith White P'20
Thomas E. White '84 and Ann White
Thomas E. Whitlock II '12
Tina M. Cerbone Whyte '98 and Brian Whyte
Daniel A. Wickson
Paul J. Wiehn '68 and June Wiehn
Allison E. Wigand '12
Matthew D. Wilcox '00 and Sarah Smith Wilcox
Randall M. Wilhelm '07
Taylor R. Wilkes '13, MBA'19
William T. Wilkes P'13
Joseph A. Wilkinson '75 and Eileen Mommsen Wilkinson '76 P'10
Caroline Shugrue Willemse '81 and Robert Willemse P'22
Douglas K. Williams '80 and Deidre M. Williams
Scott and Carmela Williams P'18
Logan P. Williamson '17
Stanley Williford
Kaylie Wilson
Madelyn J. Wilson '23
Michael and Wendy Wilson P'23
Michelle P. Wilson '18
William T. Wilson '79 and Malissa Wilson
Erin G. Wind '22
John and Joella Wind P'22
Joseph and Jean Windels P'15, '10
Emily M. Winington '23
Carol Winwood
Richard and Jeanie Winwood P'21
Suzanne Winwood
George Wolfson
Susan C. Wolstenholme P'09
Kelly Wood
Robert W. Wood '90 and Elizabeth Biedenbach Wood
Nicholas and Michelle Wormley
Robert and Fay Wozniak
Robert and Laura Wright P'24
Nicole A. Wroblewski '18
Jennifer L. Wuensch '04
Ryan J. Wuestman '12 and Kristen C. Golen Wuestman '12
Thomas J. Wynn III '91 and Patricia Hanley Wynn '90
Carly Yannotta '22
Aaron and Lynne Yaverski P'21
Kayla C. Yaverski '21
Andy Yeates
Roger R. Yergeau Jr. '73
Douglas and Bridget Young P'20
John Young
Michael Young
Rick Young
Roger and Amy Young P'16
Edward J. Zadravec '59 and Nancy A. Reisel Zadravec P'87
Thomas Zagajeski '22
Francis J. Zaino '66 and Dale-Beth Fahey Zaino P'11, '96
Timothy V. Zaino '96 and Noreen Connaughton Zaino
Hannah A. Zanon '22
Norman and Carey Zapusek P'23
Jacob M. Zaranek '21
Richard Zaranek
Pamela A. Zaranek-Kuhn
Jose D. Zepeda '14, MS'15
Zevin and Bebe Zevin
Christopher E. Ziobro '23
Siobhan Flannery Zito '95 and Joseph A. Zito
William M. Zolga Jr. '15
Ryan D. Zsebik '17, MS'19
Enzo and Kathryn Zucconi P'23
Katrina A. Zucconi '23
Phillip Zyskowski '20

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