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Founded in 2015, The Allen Society was named in honor of Father Charles H. Allen S.J., University Chaplain and Special Assistant to the President. The Allen Society recognizes and celebrates Fairfield alumni, parents and friends who make a financial gift for two or more consecutive years.

The Allen Society consists of thousands of Fairfield alumni, parents and friends who give to University priorities, student programs, athletics and more. The impact of your gifts, combined with those of others, helps Fairfield accomplish its most important mission: to educate men and women for others. Fairfield University has such loyal and generous alumni, parents and friends.

Thank you again for your loyalty to Fairfield University.

Donor List

Anonymous (19)
James V. Abate '55, MA'56 and Esther C. Abate
Jennifer Abate '94 and Douglas Kentfield
Gerald J. Abbey '04 and Allyson Abbey
Glendon Abel '68 and Marie Abel
Maureen E. Dunlavey Abernathy '83 and George A. Abernathy
Barbara W. Abraham
James and Laura Abriola P'20
Kate E. Abromovitch '93, MA'01
Thomas and Cindy Ackerman P'10
Kristen M. Edwards Adalio '11
Beth Culotta Adams '87 and Glen A. Adams P'23
Georgia S. Adams
Gerald J. Adams MS'10
John and Carol Adams
Joseph and Suzanne Adams P'22
Joseph and Christine Affinito P'00
Marie-Therese Afif
Salvatore C. Agati '79 and Tina Bell Agati '81
Aura C. Agudelo Rivera '18
Kevin and Susan Ahern P'19
Robert P. Aiello '63 and Gail Aiello
Amy Akerley '22
Todd and Rachel Akerley P'22
Louis F. Albanese '76 and Linda Nykaza Albanese MA'79
Luci Albertson '21
Norman A. Aldrich '74 and Barbara J. Kish Aldrich
Brian T. Alexander '15
Mark L. Alexander MA'10 and Joann Palazzo Alexander
Susan Freel Alexander '78 and Robert J. Alexander
Jacqueline R. Carelli Alfieri '93 and Scott Alfieri
Maria C. Alfonso '85 and Richard T. Biggar
Mark and Martina Alibrandi P'21, '14
Kathleen G. Felix Alicks '95 and Christopher J. Alicks
Peter G. Allen '08
Stephen B. Allison MA'77 and Ingrid Allison
Sarah J. Almeida '16
Salvador and Zoila Aloma P'07
Nancy A. Clegg Altobello '80 and Joel M. Altobello
Anthony J. Altomare P'21
Samantha P. Altomare '21
Michael T. Amalfitano Sr. '82 and Andrea E. Amalfitano
Edmund M. Ambrose Jr. '55
Alexandra M. Ambrosio '19
Josephine M. Amendola '11
Elizabeth A. Ames '19
Laura A. Galasso Amico '11 and John Amico
Mark and Stefanie Amone P'20
Tristan T. Amone '20
Mark and Lauren Amoroso P'19
Michael A. Amoroso '19
Alexander R. Ananian '94
Richard J. Anastasio '65 and Christl Anastasio
Danielle L. Anderson
Donald L. Anderson Sr. '59 +
Florence Horvat Anderson CAS'72
James S. Anderson '75
Kaila E. Anderson '13
Madeline C. Anderson '19
Michael R. Anderson '92, MBA'03 and Jennifer L. Panaro Anderson '97, MBA'02
Peter and Laura Anderson P'21
Steven A. Anderson '80 and Lynn Anderson
Scott J. Andreasen '03 and Frances L. Newman Andreasen '03
Timothy J. Andreula '02, MBA'03
Stephen J. Andreycak '78
Michael R. Andreychik
Juliana Anduckia '14
Michael P. Angelucci '99 and Stephanie Smith Angelucci
Joseph A. Aniello '74
Gaetano J. Annunziata '19
Joseph and Lisa Annunziata P'19
Evan A. Antonuccio '20
Zaid A. Aparicio '19
Alexandra Aponte-Garcia P'21
Victor and Barbara Aprea
Frank J. Aquino Jr. '13
Mary Prescott Archambault '87 and Marc L. Archambault
Michael G. Archbold '82 and Laura P. Archbold
Donald G. Archibald '68 and Patricia E. Archibald
Carmen J. Arciola III MA'80
Drew G. Arciuolo '18
John and Robin Ardito P'21, '18
Judith W. Arel P'87, '82
Robert W. Arel P'87, '82 +
Christopher P. Arena '93 and Susan D. George Arena P'24
Alejandra M. Arias '18
McKenzie T. Armington '19, MS'20
Gordon and Anne Armour P'15
Thomas E. Armstrong
Gregory T. Arnold '91 and Dianne M. Lodge Arnold '89 P'18
Joshua T. Arnold '20
Kayla A. Arnold '15
Scott P. Arnold '90 and Evamarie Sabbath-Arnold
Terence and Cynthia Arnold P'20
Patrick and Marcella Arre P'13
Chet Artysiewicz '68
Marilyn A. Arvoy C'84
Ian and Nancy Ashken
Timothy L. Ashley MBA'03 and Judy Ashley
John J. Asmus Jr. '62 and Carol L. Asmus
Steven and Hilda Assarian P'21
David J. Attianese '64 and Marilyn T. Attianese
Christopher L. Atwell '08 and Kelly Grgich Atwell '09
William and Peggy Atwell P'08
Marie A. Atwill '15
Luke R. Auger '15
Nancy J. Skonieczny Auger '79 and Austin A. Auger
Wanda Mazan Augustyn '80 and Roman Augustyn
John Aurelius '69
Mark F. Auriana '01
John and Debra Auriemma P'22, '12
James T. Austin '74 and Cathy C. Austin
Alexandria L. Avakian '19
Emily M. Norberg Avakian '10
Alphonse Avitabile '57 and Ruth Ann Avitabile
Lawrence and Mary Lou Axiak P'23, '20
John and Jill Aylward P'17
Renee L. Babin '21
Robert A. Bacchi and Debra A. Cassino-Bacchi P'22
Katherine Hagan Bacher '94 and Brian J. Bacher
Lynne E. LaPrise Bachinger '86 and Paul Bachinger
Richard J. Badolato '62 and Elizabeth H. M. Hannihan Badolato
Jeffery and Kimberly Baer P'20, '16
Christopher Baggini '86 and Jennifer R. Baggini
Christopher Baggio '91 and Tara Marino Baggio
Matthew J. Baglio '04 and Jennifer N. Scifo Baglio '04, MA'07
Nicholas L. Baglio '11 and Christina E. DeStefano Baglio '11
Gavin R. Baiera '98 and Melissa G. Caruso Baiera '98
Carl F. Bailey Jr. '75 and Lauren Dalton Bailey P'08
Kathleen M. Bakarich '08
Brett and Kisha Baker P'20
Jon and Hillary Baker P'22
Kenneth and Alicia Baker P'24, '20
Liam T. Baker '92 and Kathryn A. Walheim Baker '94
Matthew T. Baker '03
Richard C. Baker '73 and Deborah D. Baker
Uma Balaji
Francis and Louise Balanda P'15
Steven H. Baldauf '73 and Judith A. Baldauf
Diane Baldelli P'22
Bernadette Baldino
Laura E. Sandonato Baldino '04 and Larry Baldino
John F. Baldovin S.J.
Theodore G. Baldyga '62 and Carolann Baldyga
Corrine E. Baliga '18
John A. Balint '73 and Margaret Gallagher Balint '75 P'03
Michael and Michele Ballan P'01
William C. Balocki Jr. '63
Madison A. Banas '20
Ronald and Megan Banas P'20
Mary A. Bandurski MA'75
Christian C. Bangert '03
Laura Davey Banmiller '93 and Paetrus F. Banmiller III
James J. Baranello Jr. '86 and Tara K. Sittner Baranello P'22
Joseph L. Barbalaco '14
Kenneth and Angela Barbati P'24, '21, '18
Jaclyn M. Barden '15
Britt S. Martino Bardinelli '92 and James Bardinelli
Steven and Tina Bardsley P'21
John M. Bardzik '67 and Katherine F. Bardzik
Robert H. Barlow
Terrill and Dawn Barnard P'21
Edwin B. Barnett Jr. '78
Grace M. Surrusco Barnett MA'81 and Bobby G. Barnett
Richard J. Barone Sr. '60, MA'70 and Judith A. Barone P'99
Rachel A. Baroody '15
Sarah E. Baroody '09
John G. Barrasso '18, MS'19
Arthur and Ann Barrett P'22
David J. Barrett
Steve Barrett '97
Susan K. Barrett P'17
Susan P. Barrett CAS'86
Thomas M. Barritt '70 and Mary Beth Barritt
Christina M. Barry '15
John and Barbara Barry P'09
Kevin R. Barry '74 and Nancy A. Stefan Barry
Thomas P. Barry '70 and Carol Barry
Riley J. Barsamian '19
David Barth '73 and Allyn A. Barth
John A. Bartkovich '68 and Gail Bartkovich
Emanuel S. Bartolotta '70, MA'75 and Janet Bartolotta
Christopher B. Barton '89 and Elizabeth Barton
Sebastian R. Bascetta '85 and Andrea Renzoni Bascetta '85
Franklin and Marie Bassett P'20
Robert D. Batch '65 and Donna Silvia Batch
Philip and Ellen Baudinet P'15
Molly K. Bauer '21
Nicholas F. Bauer '60 and Denise Bauer
Kathleen Licitra Baum '78 and Jeffrey H. Baum
Erin K. Bauman '18
John N. Bauman III '92 and Jennifer H. Bauman
Cynthia A. Bautista
Kimberly A. Thomas Baxter '00 and David Baxter
Can and Laurie Bay P'22
Peter and Tracy Bayers P'23, '20, '17
Katherine Walsh Bazinet '83 and Christopher G. Bazinet
Megan E. Beach '19
Peter and Lisa Beach P'19
Derrick Beasley
Stephen F. Beaudin '74 and Elizabeth Beaudin
Natalie R. Beauparlant '16
John E. Beauvais '91 and Audrey M. Gabler Beauvais '90 P'23
Dennis W. Beck '92 and Melissa Bradbury Beck
Stephen C. Beck '92 and Michelle Beck
Diane M. Becker
Frank S. Beckerer Jr. MA'68
Stephen and Catherine Beckman P'22
Valerie B. Beckman MA'78
Dylan T. Beckwith '20
Mark J. Beckwith '80 and Patti Beckwith
Stephen and Deana Beckwith P'20
Colleen M. Hagan Beeler '92 and Robert L. Beeler
Mark J. Beglane '75 and Lynn M. Beglane
Jonathan L. Begley MBA'20
Adam G. Belardino '06 and Michelle Geller Belardino '07
David M. Belcher '94 and Deirdre A. Little Belcher '94
George and Dianne Belecanech P'20
Stuart C. Belkin and Maureen Dewan
Denise Dzurec Bell '80 and Edward J. Bell
Justin Bell
Gregory T. Bellizzi '12, MBA'13
John J. Bellom '19
George C. Bellos '16
Brian R. Bellows '81 and Brenda Molleur Bellows '82
Thomas and Elizabeth Belthoff P'08
Alyssa E. Bendyk '04
Frank and Anna Benewiat P'22
Andrew C. Benko '66
Carl Bennett P'96
Deirdre A. O'Connor Bennett '83 and Steven C. Bennett P'17
Jennifer Bennett '90
John F. Bennett '67
Marc M. Bennett
Charles and Christina Benoit P'21
Clarensky Benoit '19
Daniel and Jamie Benson P'22
Larry S. Benson '73
Michael P. Bentivegna '82 and Wendy Vanderlyn Bell Bentivegna
Andrew Bentley and Fiona Garland
Lyle R. Benvenuti '70
John F. Berardino '85 and Regina Crowe Berardino '82
Joseph F. Berardino '72 and Gail T. Hamilton Berardino
Paul J. Berberich Sr. '76 and Norine Tobin Berberich P'17
Robert L. Berchem '62 and Lee Contrucci Berchem P'92
Allison F. Berger
Orland F. X. Bergere '51 and Nancy Merry Bergere
Claire L. Bergin C'82
Marc and Theo Bergschneider
John and Lori Berisford P'21, '20
Marybeth Eastwood Berkowitz '78 and Robert Berkowitz
Wendy Berkowitz
Christopher J. Bermingham '89 and Rosemarie F. Dykeman '89
Christopher L. Bernard '10, MPA'16
Gregory and Anne Bernhart P'22
Jeffrey Bernstein
Robert and Barbara Bernstein
Robert L. Berthelson '56 and Margaret L. Berthelson
Amanda E. Best '13
Gregory J. Betchkal '86 and Susan Flynn Betchkal
William A. Bevacqua Jr. '92, MBA'98 and Jennifer Dauster Bevacqua '93, MBA'98 P'22
Carly E. Beyar '14
William Beyer '73 and Felicia Beyer
Mark W. Beyerly '95 and Sandra L. Stock Beyerly '02, MA'07
Robert J. Bianchi '61 and Jeraldine Bianchi
Elizabeth Hylwa Bible MA'72 and Victor Bible III
Janice Milot Bickerstaff '84 and Dennis Bickerstaff
Jessica E. Dillon Bieligk '04 and Wes Bieligk
Cynthia R. Bigelow
James J. Bigham '59 and MaryEllen Jeffries Bigham
Kurt and Lynne Bimmler P'13
Paul E. Bimmler '13, MA'15
Alexandra E. Biolsi '19
Robert A. Biolsi '81 and Joyce Tiangco Biolsi '81
Ryan J. Birge '05, '06
Sarah C. Birney '15
John and Noreen Bishar P'02
Thomas F. Bisignano '82 and Terri Bisignano
Juliet B. Bissell '92
Katherine A. Black '14
Peter and Judith Black P'14
Drew J. Blake '18
Robert R. Blake '85 and Julia C. H. Blake
Alan R. Blanchette '65 and Susan Blanchette P'93
Haley E. Blasi '19
Peter M. Blasucci '89 and Ana Blasucci
Karen Elliott Blatchley '92 and Bradley S. Blatchley P'24
Thomas J. Bligh '73 and Tawnie Bligh
David and Nancy Bloom
Michael A. Boccaccio
Michael J. Bocchini '68 and Suzanne S. Bocchini
Philip M. Bodell '09 and Devann K. Ard Bodell '09
Stephen and Alicia Body P'22
Cassidy N. Boegel '17
Robert C. Bogad '74 and Allison Bogad
Frederick L. Bogan '77
Lindsay P. Bohnsack '07
Gregory Bohnsack '73 and Patricia W. Bohnsack P'08, '07
Floran J. Boland '71 and Virginia Redden Boland
James Boland '74 and Anna Boland
James J. Bolger Jr. '69 and Patricia Bolger
Joan M. Bolger P'90, '81
Kelly M. Bommer '18, MBA'19
Salvatore M. Bonanno '83 and Lisa Valade Bonanno '85
Katherine Longmuir Bonaventura '96 and Thomas Bonaventure
Joseph L. Bonavita III '95 and Meaghan Ryan Bonavita
Philip M. Bonee '76 and Valerie Bonee
Joseph and Carol Bonelli P'21
Richard and Wendy Bongo P'21, '18
Jennifer E. Bonifazio '22
Joseph and Denise Bonifazio P'22
Kathleen George Bonnist '89 and Craig M. Bonnist
Kathleen Curry Bonvouloir MA'76
James and Sharon Book P'21
Adrian P. Boone '68 and Janet M. Boone
Brian M. Boornazian '82 and Deborah Boornazian P'19, '11
Christine Noga Booth '92 and Dean J. Booth
Karen Faraci Booth '80 and Peter Booth
Michael H. Booth '74 and Michelle A. Patskoski Booth
Robert M. Borea '21
Cathleen M. Borgman '80
Francesco Borgognone '16
Serguei Borissenkov and Marina Rozenberg P'21
Terrence M. Borjeson '71 and Cecelia McLaughlin Borjeson
Denise L. Borsari '78
Michael J. Borzansky '72
Anthony F. Boselli '19
Sean and Lisa Bosken
Lawrence A. Bossidy Jr. '80 and Sharon Sabey Bossidy
Joseph and Catherine Bossolina P'21
Reagan A. Bossolina '21
Agnes Bossollina
Christopher and Eileen Bossone P'15
Laura Ducret Botoff '93, A'93 and Daniel E. Botoff
John and Valerie Bottega P'22
Michael R. Bottega '22
David J. Boudo '92 and Cristina Gonzalez Boudo '94
Robert M. Boudreau '73
Elizabeth L. Bourque '78 and Donald Scranton
Mariam W. Boutros '15
Cameron F. Bowen '15, MS'16 and Sarah B. Barnabei '15
Scott W. Bowen '01 and Barclay K. Bowen
Therese M. Bower-Hibdon P'00
Jonathan and Elaine Bowman
Brian and Kathleen Boyce P'16
Marie-Dominique Boyce
Dennis G. Boyd
Toni Boyd
William T. Boyd Jr. '67 and Cheri Chase Boyd P'97
Charlene Boyer
Charles C. Boyle
Edward Boyle
John and Deidre Boyle P'22
Mackenzie C. Boyle '22
Matthew and Lisa Boyle P'22
Jack R. Boynton
Timothy P. Braatz '93 and Barbara V. Dominakus Braatz '93
Brooke D. Braccia '16
Robert S. Braccia MA'78 and Bernice J. Braccia
John M. Bracken '87 and Sharon A. Zenie Bracken '87
Victor Bradford '69
Corey A. Bradley '15
Paul Bradley '85 and Janet Mudry Bradley
William and Maria Bradley P'22
Patrick B. Brady '90 and Lori Graham-Brady
Stephen L. Braga '78 and Kathleen M. Crahay Braga '78
George Y. Bramwell '59 and Patricia A. Hoehl Bramwell
Giacomo Brancato '21
Mario and Mirella Brancato P'21
Kevin M. Brandbergh '21
David J. Brannick '73 and Patricia B. Brannick
Gary G. Brannigan '69 and Linda Brannigan
James M. Brasser Sr. '74 and Elizabeth Hanlon Brasser '75, MA'84 P'05, '04, '02
Maria Scarpetti Bravo '89 and Peter S. Bravo P'19
William and Margaret Breen
Christen T. Breitfeller
Erika Breitfeller '22
Stephen and Lynn Breitfeller P'22
Donald G. Brelsford '82 and Deborah Mollica Brelsford '82 P'11
Denise J. Brennan '85
Dorothea E. Brennan MA'81
John and Eleanore Brennan P'22
Joseph P. Brennan '91 and Lauren I. Gubicza Brennan
Maureen Noonan Brennan '85 and Michael T. Brennan
Megan Quinn Brennan '93 and Stephen R. Brennan Jr.
Michelle McCahill Brennan '86 and Brian J. Brennan P'22, '17
Sharon A. Brennan MA'74
Shawn M. Brennan '92 and Erica Ricci Brennan
William E. Brennan '69 and Marilyn E. Brennan P'03
Elizabeth A. Bresiger MA'74
Nelson and Jennifer Breton P'21
Richard W. Brewer '69 and Barbara E. Pankalla Brewer
Estate of Helen Breznicky
Jeffrey M. Bricker
Charles and Laurie Briggs P'16, '14, '11
Edward F. Brimo '59
Ben Bringardner and Jennifer Curry
Pasquale J. Brino '88 and Linda D. Brino
John P. Brisson
William J. Britt '70
Nancy Conrad Brizzolara '78 and Thomas L. Conrad Brizzolara P'16, '09
Jessica L. Broadbent '15, MBA'19
Arthur and Karen Broadhurst P'22, '20
Colleen Coyle Broderick '78 and John Broderick
Lauren K. Brodeur '15
Gerard X. Brogan III '18
Kristina Newman Bromley '86 and James Bromley
Joseph R. Bronson '70 and Linda Bowllan Bronson
Billie N. Brooks MA'77, C'81
Allen Brooks '64 and Joanne D. Brooks
Lawrence and Elizabeth Ann Brooks
Christian and Karen Brouillard P'15
Michael Brouillette '92 and Brooke Brouillette
Alexa C. Brown '22
Andrew and Andrea Brown P'17
Beth E. Murphy Brown '90 and Lennox W. Brown
Danielle L. Brown '03
Gillian Geerlings Brown '89 and David D. Brown, III
MaryBeth May Brown '85 P'23, '21
MaryBeth Brown '96
Michael N. Brown '03, MBA'04 and Elizabeth Minihane Brown
Tahlia Brown '22
Thomas W. Brown '69 and Kathleen Brown
William R. Bruce '63
Ann Carty Bruchansky '82 and Peter J. Bruchansky P'14
Robert W. Bruderman '73 and Mary Ellen Simmons Bruderman
Katherine M. Brundage '15
Matthew Brunelli '00 and Christine M. DeStefano Brunelli '00
Walter J. Brunner Jr. '83 and Hilary Schmitt Brunner '83 P'24
Anthony E. Bruno
Rocco M. Bruno '71
Joe and Robin Bryant
Julie S. Brzezinski
Daniel J. Buchanan '90
David and Susan Buchanan P'15
Daniel and Kristine Buckley P'21, '18
Erin Buckley '18
Kelly L. Buckley '21
Mary L. Buckley MA'54 and Bartholom Buckley
Michael J. Buckmir '59 and Eileen Buckmir
Peter D. Buffa '91
Paul Bujanauskas '86
Maureen P. Errity Bujno '90 and Stephen Bujno
David P. Bukowski '69 and Laura Bukowski
Kenneth R. Bull P'22
Gary A. Bundy '79 and Cathy Nolan Bundy P'11
William and Cheryl Bundy
Kathleen Villa Bunger '82 and Thomas C. Bunger
Alfred G. Buoni '71
Stanley and Janet Burba P'94
Scott and Aileen Burdick
Stephen M. Burgess '89 and Ann Burgess
Stephen and Tracey Burgoyne P'17
Chad J. Burhance '91 and Shannon M. Reynolds-Burhance '91
Charles F. Burke Jr. '01 and Jonathan R. Stark MA'03
Joseph R. Burke '66, MA'69 and Deborah A. Bree Burke P'06, '04
MaryGrace Burke '19
Peter M. Burke '69 and Mary C. Hennelly Burke P'05
Ralph M. Burke '60, MA'62, CAS'67 and Eleanor M. Connelly Burke P'01
Tara M. Hansen Burke '06 and P. J. Burke III
Timothy A. Burke '83 and Nancy Inguagiato Burke '83 P'13
Brian Burland '84 and Johanna Lasala-Burland
Helen C. Nayden Burland '80 and Tom F. Burland
Mallory C. Burlington '20
Casey N. Burnett '05
Peter and Cynthia Burnim
James E. Burns '07 and Anna F. Stabile Burns '07, MBA'10
Joan Blissert Burns '75 and Perry L. Burns
Nancy Burns '80 and Daniel Paul Kuntz
Marie Collins Burri '75 and Christopher Burri
Jack Burridge '11, MBA'14 and Michele Noviello Burridge '12, MA'13
Karen H. Burrows
Stephen C. Burrows MA'19
Edward C. Burt Jr. '77 and Mary Corridan Burt
Nicole R. Bus '20
Karen Schlamp Busanovich '77 and Geddie J. Busanovich
Albert M. Bushinsky Jr. MA'74, C'77 and Lorraine A. Bushinsky
Anne N. Bushnell MA'74 and David Bushnell
Janice M. Buswell
John and Mary Butala P'20
Kimberly A. Butler '88 and James S. Davis
John A. Butter '68 and Gail B. Kinney Butter
Kaylie J. Butts '21
Thomas and Lisa Butts P'21
Christopher X. Byrd '82 and Mary-Margaret Walsh Byrd '84
Lawrence M. Byrne '69 and Lynda C. Byrne
Sean B. Byrne '84 and Eileen McAuliffe Byrne '86
Thomas P. Byrne '83 and Julie Manning Byrne '83
Michael E. Byrnes '66 and Joan V. Byrnes
Bernard J. Bzdick '51 and Kathryn Bzdick
Angela M. Cacace '89 and Daniel Chase
Catherine Auriana Cadigan '04, MBA'10 and David Cadigan
Bryson M. Cafaro '21
Laurence and Lisa Cafaro P'21
Molly M. Caffrey '13
Michael A. Caglianone '19
Michael A. Cagnassola '85 and Susan E. O'Brien Cagnassola
Robert B. Cagnassola '62 and Elizabeth Cagnassola P'92
Christopher and Eileen Cahill P'18, '14
Daniel T. Cahill '76 and Mary T. Ngo-Cahill
Diane M. Cahill '88
Kenneth E. Caisse '88
Michael B. Calabrese '07
Mary K. Calabro '17, MS'18
Daniel and Charlene Calandro P'20
Jamie L. Calandro '20
James H. Callaghan '76
John E. Callaghan '75 and Catherine Sicbaldi Callaghan '76
Michael and Teresa Callaghan P'22, '13
Brigid K. Callahan '16
David P. Callahan '68 and Laura O. Callahan P'94
Karen Damon Callahan '01
Thomas M. Callahan '82 and Eileen M. O'Connor Callahan '82
Brendan M. Callan '18, MS'19
Megan E. Moynihan Callaway '06
John R. Callegari Jr. '88 and Caroline Russo Callegari '88 P'24, '23
John and Christy Callinan P'20
James P. Callow '91 and Mary E. O'Shea Callow '92 P'22
Jeffrey and Jo Calnan P'21
Beth Calhoun Calvo '91 and John A. Calvo
Alphonse and Lisa Camera P'22
Edward and Kathleen Caminiti P'16
Matthew R. Caminiti '16
Nolan Clare A. Campbell '18
Richard D. Campbell C'77
Richard and Michelle Campbell P'22
Timothy P. Campbell '93 and Colleen J. Colucci Campbell
Victoria P. Camporini '15
Gabriella G. Campos '19
John M. Candido '66
Paul and Connie Canelli P'15
Janet A. Canepa '82
Dennis B. Cannon '73 and Denice Brozowski Cannon
John E. Cannon '80 and Sharyn Broadbin Cannon '80
John S. Cannon '81 and Eileen Possiel Cannon '82
Kevin P. Cannon '80 and Elaine Kovac Cannon P'20
Brooke L. Cantone '10
Francis J. Cantrel Jr. '77 and Anne Gavaghan Cantrel
Kyle A. Capaldo '13, MS'14
Alan J. Capasso '73, MA'76, CAS'86 and Maria Capasso
Diane Capasso
Michael and Eleanor Capozzola
Carl J. Cappabianca '78 and Lisa T. Cappabianca
Christopher A. Capparis '19
Ronald L. Cappelletti '62
Joseph A. Cappitelli '89 and Carolynne Hearty Cappitelli P'24
Gloria A. Caprio '85
Anthony P. Caputo '19
Vivian S. Carballo '10
Deanna R. Carbone '19
Louis J. Carbone '55 and Heidi G. Winslow
John B. Cardinali '88
Carlos M. Cardoso '81
Joseph D. Carella Jr. '88 and Alesandra M. Chiesa Carella
Michael J. Carelli Jr. C'76
Paul J. Carew '67 and Nancy Carew
Edith M. Carlson
James and Lisa Carlton P'22
Erica W. Connolly Carney '04 and James C. Carney
Christine M. Carolan '89 and Dave Janiszewski
Patrick J. Carolan '59 and Betty J. McIntyre Carolan '87 P'89, '85
Alden and Marie Carolo P'19
Brendan Carr '13
Thomas P. Carrano '80 and Lorraine Carrano
Brian C. Carroll '94 and Amy E. Stevens Carroll '97
Frank J. Carroll III '89
Jonathan M. Carroll '91 and Lorri Padula Carroll '91, MA'99 P'22, '20
Kristine Saranich Carroll '92 and Christopher E. Carroll
Sean M. Carroll '90 and Margaret E. McDonagh Carroll
Ann M. Carta '74 and Lawrence Berry
Charlene Nixon Carter C'74 and James L. Carter
Hope E. Carter
Jazmine Carter '22
Kelsey J. Carthew '19
Michael and Sharon Caruso P'21
Michael J. Caruso Jr. '21
Thomas and Domenica Caruso P'12
John J. Carway Jr. '64 and Jacqueline Carway
Lauren A. Casadonte '15
Luigi and Karina Casale P'22
Roger W. Casalengo '64
William C. Casano '75
Robert and Carolyn Casazza P'20
Brian R. Casey '05 and Julie M. Wargo Casey '05
Glen and Kristin Casey P'22
Helen M. Casey '22
John and Lynne Casey
Robert R. Casey '88 and Maura E. Byrnes-Casey P'20
Robert W. Casey P'15
James and Jacqueline Cassidy P'22
John D. Cassidy '77 and Ann T. Cassidy
Laurie A. McClure Castellano '92 and John Castellano P'24
Paul Caster
Monica Castignoli
Christopher P. Castro '98 and Meredith Castro
Alan M. Catalano '61
Louis J. Catalano Jr. '70 and Debbie Iadanza Catalano
William D. Catalano and Rosita DiBernardo Catalano P'21
Peter A. Cataldo '92 and Aimee Nethercott Cataldo
Kenneth F. Catandella '57
Ian J. Cathro '96 and Denise L. Bachmura Cathro
Anthony T. Catino '04
Thomas J. Catino '08
Paul Caulfield '96 and Alyssa Pentoney Caulfield '95
Donna M. Cavaliere '92
James P. Cavallo '94 and Pamela Cavallo
Kevin J. Cavanagh '61 and Deirdre Cavanagh
Brendan T. Cavanaugh '07
Callie E. Cavanaugh '21
Eileen M. Ingram Cavanaugh '89 and Peter F. Cavanaugh
Kathleen Cavanaugh P'21
Marcia Cavanaugh P'84
David and Rebecca Cavazuti P'20, '18
Charles J. Celauro '75 and Eileen Celauro
Lauren E. Cellucci '16
Scott S. Centrella '80 and Carlie Quasnosky Centrella MA'88, MSN'88 P'16
David and Peggy Ceponis
Eric R. Cerno '20
Kenneth and Diane Cerritelli P'94
Richard F. Cerrone MA'76 and Lynn Cerrone
Edward J. Cerulli '57, C'71 and Judith A. Babinski Cerulli
Maureen A. Cuddy Cesario '00 and Frank Cesario
Karol J. Chacho III '74 and Mary Stronkowski Chacho '75 P'12
David H. Chafey Jr. '76
Christopher B. Chaffee '96 and Tiffany A. Brenner Chaffee '96
Peter M. Chamberlain '91 and Margaret Proestakis Chamberlain '92
Claire R. St. Louis Chandler '93 and Kevin Chandler
Joseph L. Charno '86
Gareth M. Charter '88 and Elizabeth Morgan Charter '88 P'23
Francesco Chechile '85 and Lisa Chechile
James and Shauna Chen P'20, '20
John M. Chenier '03 and Amanda Lobdell Chenier
David and Diana Chevrette P'20
Gerald and Greig Chi P'20
Salvatore J. Chieffalo Jr. '85 and Ellen Chieffalo
Jorge A. Chiluisa '89, MBA'06 and Victoria L. Havourd Chiluisa P'21, '21, '19
Courtney F. Chin '09 and Kevin Evitts
Kenneth and Gloria Chin P'13, '02
William B. Chin '02 and Kristin Chin
Christopher P. Chiodo '89 and Lynne M. Fuller Chiodo P'24
Eugene and Tracey Ann Chiulli P'22
Bradley E. Chleboski '14
Patricia M. Chmielewski MA'86, CAS'91 and Leon L. Chmielewski
Courtney M. Chmil '15
Fred G. Choromanski MA'77 and Marion Choromanski
David J. Christ '86 and Deborah J. Smith Christ P'20
Dorothy Christiansen '81 and Niels Sweeney Christiansen P'20
Kevin S. Christine '88 and Cyrene H. Christine
Julie Christoph
John Christy '86
Michael A. Chuba '78 and Alicia M. DeFelice Chuba
Charles and Michele Chupein P'21
James E. Churchill Jr. '61
Ashleigh B. Egan Churchward '05 and Ryan Churchward
Douglas J. Ciallella '09 and Caitlin Scully Ciallella '10
Vanessa G. Ciampa '19
Donald J. Ciampi Jr. '86 and Ellen Cavanaugh Ciampi P'21
Marc A. Ciampi '92 and Vivian M. Timlin Ciampi '92 P'24
Jacque D. Ciarlo '02
Vincent C. Cibbarelli MA'58
Gerald V. Ciccarello '76 and Debra Leck Ciccarello '76
Richard J. Ciccarello '83
Christine Safarik Cieplinski '92 and Carl J. Cieplinski
Kenneth M. Ciesielski '91 and Judith L. Zappa Ciesielski '92
John A. Cietanno '64 and Kathleen E. Cietanno
James Cimina '71 and Monica Cimina
Paul J. Cinalli '76
John J. Cincotta '68, MA'71 and Donna J. Cincotta
Paul J. Cincotta Jr. '04
Jennifer Cinguina '92, MFA'12 P'23
Anthony and Maryann Cioffari P'19
Christopher Cipriano '98 and Joanna G. Lohan Cipriano '97
Kathleen Lucas Cira '98 and John Cira
Joseph J. Cirasuolo '63 and Sheila R. Cirasuolo
Jeffrey Clairmont '64
Sheila J. Clancy MS'91
Susan M. Clancy '11
Mitchell D. Clarfield '82 and Christine Bolin Clarfield
Alexandra J. Clark '12
Anne Englehart Clark '85 and John L. Jr. Clark
Drew J. Clark '58 and Ruth Clark
Katherine Clark '19
Morris L. Clark Jr. '61 and Patricia Clark
Patrick J. Clark '92 and Emily Okenquist Clark '92
Mary Kate Cahill Clarke '85 and Timothy Clarke
David M. Clarkson and Amparo Loza-Clarkson P'19
Michael D. Clarkson '19
Victor M. Clavelli '94 and Susanna B. Chick Clavelli '94
Eric A. Clayton '11 and Allison A. Kennedy Clayton '11
Brian M. Cleary '90 and Valerie Kaelin Cleary
Brian W. Cleary '14
Maura J. Coakley Cleary '81, MA'86 and John Cleary
Patrick J. Cleary '77 and Kathleen McNerney Cleary
Thomas Clements '09 and Alexandra Sandi Clements
Jack W. Cleverley '11, MBA'13 and Samantha C. DeSantis Cleverley '11
Donna Coleman Clifford '86 and Robert E. Clifford
Anne Murphy Clingenpeel '81 and Tom Clingenpeel
Jeffrey L. Clutterbuck '66 and Maryann Clutterbuck
Ellen Gallagher Cobau '84 and Jay J. Cobau P'17
Timothy G. Cobau '17
Christina M. Cocchi '18, MS'19
Lianna R. Cocchi '15, MS'16
Virginia Cody '00
Christopher J. Coen '95
Elizabeth A. Croney Coetzee '03 and Johannes Coetzee
Allison N. Coffey '19
James V. Coffey '61, MA'66 and Eleanor Coffey
William M. Coffin '68 and Patricia Mehrtens Coffin
Anne W. Coffman
Joseph and Jeannie Colalillo P'22
Jennifer R. Luongo Cole '94 and Daniel D. Cole
Thomas S. Cole Jr. '21
Nicholas A. Colello '05
Janet Marchetti Coleman '80 and Robert M. Coleman
John D. Coleman '10
John P. Coleman '86
Michael and Alexandra Coleman P'22
Charles D. Coletti Jr. MA'68, C'74 and Linda Coletti
Joseph and Jeanne Colford P'07, '04
Matthew J. Colford '04 and Nyla Saoud
Thomas and Sarah Colgan P'08
Jess and Jane Collen P'06
Jocelyn E. Collen '06
Jessica L. Colligan '03
Richard L. Colline '75 and Marguerite Richnavsky Colline P'10, '03
Daniel and Joann Collins P'23
George E. Collins S.J.
Joseph F. Collins '72 and Jane-Ellen Dillon Collins '74
Michael G. Collins '77 and Mary C. Collins
Christian J. Colon '19
Ismael Colon '72
Camryn A. Colonna '21
Craig and Carol Colpitts P'14
Spencer Colpitts Jr. '14
Frank and Barbara Colucci P'07
Thomas J. Colucci '69 and Michele Heisman Colucci
Richard J. Comings '66
Carole Conboy P'02
Brian R. Concannon '94 and Megan Heaney Concannon '94
Rene and P. Concepcion P'10
William B. Condon '81 and Anne Swanson-Condon '81
Richard A. Conetta MA'82
Thomas and Mary Ann Conine P'07, '05
Kevin M. Conlisk '66 and Mary Beth E. McLaughlin Conlisk P'91
Hugh D. Conlon '79 and Nora J. Nolan Conlon P'23
Karlie J. Urbaniak Conn '09 and Scott Conn
Michael and Kimberly Connell P'21
Morgan E. Connell '21
Frederick E. Connelly Jr. and Maria-Elisa Ciampa P'22
James A. Connelly
John and Corinne Connelly P'20
Sean Connelly '80 and Susan Lynch Connelly '81
Audra E. Connolly '20
Brenna Connolly '18
Christopher W. Connolly '20
Karen S. Fiaone Connolly MA'83 and John F. Connolly P'90
Randolph J. Connolly MBA'96
William H. Connolly Jr. '69 and Melinda Sharkey Connolly
Francis A. Connor Jr. '60
Thomas J. Connor '63
Courtney H. Connors '19
Olivia D. Conquest '22
Makenna L. Conroy '19
Mary Jane Conroy C'61
Michael and Maureen Considine
Edward Consolati '91, MA'91 and Kristen Suljak Consolati '93
Anthony and Carolyn Conte P'21, '18
Robert F. Conti '51 and Jane M. Leone Conti P'90
Jodi F. Conway P'06
Timothy J. Conway '76 and Kathryn McCann Conway
Leo and Cheryl Conwell P'22
Mary Helen Cook Veronesi MA'73
Barbara A. Cook
Donald Cook '63, MA'77 and Deborah McAuley P'93, '88
Christine B. Cook MS'95 and James D. Cook
James and Elaine Cook P'05
Jeffrey R. Cook '93
John and Lucia Cook P'15
Matthew D. Cook
Alexander R. Cooke '00 and Bianca Cooke
Robert J. Cooney '57 and Margaret M. Cooney '91
Charles C. Cooper '19, MS'20
Ellis J. Cooper '97 and Cheryl A. Thomas-Cooper
Julia Cooper '19
Lilla Cooper
Philip and Kathleen Cooper P'06, '00
William and Marie Cooper P'22
Gregory A. Copp '77 and Julie Copp
Gregory C. Coppola Jr. '18
Mary T. Coppolo MSN'16
Michael A. Corasaniti and Valerie A. Zondorak P'22
Ralph P. Corasaniti '80 and Laurie Ward Corasaniti '79
Justin S. Corbitt '19
James P. Corcoran '71 and Noreen A. Orlowski Corcoran
Alexandra Cordero-Villafuerte '19
Kelly A. Cordes '19
Mary Ann Durkin Cordiano '91 and Edward Cordiano
Francis A. Corr '60, MA'64, CAS'67 and Barbara J. Corr
Thomas J. Corra '90 and Dara Concagh Corra
Francesca A. Cortese '15
Salvatore G. Cortese II '11
Steven J. Corvi Jr. '95 and Kim Karjala Corvi
Emily J. Corwin '16, MA'18
Christopher and Maureen Cosgrove P'20
Julia A. Cosgrove '15
Joseph and Bernadette Costa P'22
Gerard and Elizabeth Costello P'22
Peter F. Costello '84 and Ellen Hartnagel Costello '84
Catherine Smith Costigan '76
James M. Cotter '64 and Melinda Tighe Cotter
Mary C. Coughlin '84
Hanley S. Courter '22
Jason and Courtney Courter P'22
Mary Sullivan Courtien '78 and Raymond Courtien
David M. Cowen '84 and Lori Cowen
James P. Coxen '84 and Donna A. Coxen
Hugh F. Coyle III '88 and Jill C. Sutton-Coyle
John and Mary Coyle P'98, '92
Ryan Coyle '00
Michael P. Coyne '84 and Clare M. Donohue Coyne
Eileen M. Bergin Crabill '80 and Steven C. Crabill
William C. Crager '86 and Kathryn Crager P'19
Madeline M. Craig '19
Suzanne Quinn Craig '91 and Kenneth R. Craig
Lawrence L. Crane Jr. '60 and Kathe McConville Crane
Dawn Kastner Crawford '92 and Harold A. Crawford
Meghan Crawford
Brian Crawley '21
Martin F. Crean '68 and Susan B. Crean
William J. Crean Jr. '91 and Amy S. Crean
Hugh and Ellen Creegan P'20
Liam M. Creegan '20
William C. Creighton '74
Kevin J. Crepeau '80 and Heather Filteau
Joseph A. Cristiano '63, MA'68, C'73 and Frances A. Cristiano
Herbert L. Crocker Jr. MA'62, C'66 +
James N. Crocker '71 and Barbara W. Crocker
Rosemary Croker
Joseph D. Cron
Cheryl L. Cronin '88
Jason D. Crosby P'21
Sean R. Crosby '21
Carlo Crosio and Lisa M. Gualco P'20
Noelle O. Crouchley '18
Chaffee M. Crowley '19
John and Maria Crowley P'19, '19
Mackensie d. Crowley '17
Thomas A. Crowley Jr. '69 and Diane Sharkey Crowley
Mark R. Cryan '92 and Suzanne K. Daly Cryan
Stephen J. Csontos '62 and Juanita Csontos
Michael C. Csorba '09 and Ashley Januszewski Csorba
Alexander J. Cucchi '15
Jaclyn R. Cuevas '20, MS'20
Kathryn A. Kelleher Culbreth '02, MA'09 and Matthew D. Culbreth
Charles R. Cullen '68 and Heather Cullen
Thomas C. Cullum Jr. '86 and Michelle A. Milander Cullum P'20, '16
Timothy R. Cummings '70 P'02
Eileen Petruzillo Cuneo '86 and Leslie J. Cuneo P'24, '17
Kevin F. Cunningham '76 and Mary Ryan Cunningham '76
Maryce J. Cunningham MA'82 and James G. Cunningham
Victor T. Cunningham '89 and Sherry Cunningham
Mary Lee Cunningham-Giblin '86 and Thomas P. Giblin Jr.
Joseph and Sana Cuntrera P'22
William H. Curley Jr. '83 and Amy Searles Curley '83
Brian and Leslie Curran P'21
Eileen McCormack Curran '78 and Lawrence R. Curran P'09
Elizabeth M. Bower Curran '00 and Andrew T. Curran
Marie Uriano Curran MA'68, C'72 and Jerome Curran P'94
Michael C. Curran '09 and Aileen M. Callahan Curran '09
Thomas F. Curran
Willard F. Currier
Frank and Diana Curro P'16
James M. Curry '19
Kevin G. Curtin '73 and Alice Jackson Curtin
Thomas R. Curtin '65
John J. Curtis '84 and Christina Dickerson Curtis P'18
Patricia Long Curtis '77 and Jonathan Curtis
Christina Chacharone Curzan '06 and Zachary Curzan
Christopher D. Cusson '98 and Lindsey B. McNerney Cusson
David R. Cuthbertson '09
Carly Cutler '12
Ronald A. Cwik '62 and Ernestine R. Cwik
Robert S. Cypher Jr. '76 and Denise A. Johnston Cypher
James and Lisa Cyr P'23, '21
Michael and Jacqueline Cyran P'20
Adele Daab
Christopher W. Dacey '93 and Maribeth Baldassare Dacey
Joseph R. D'Agostin '63 and Paula Pelletiere D'Agostin P'92
Daniel and Moira Daigle P'22
Vernon C. Dailey '86
Samantha D'Alessandro '22
Vincent R. D'Alessandro Jr. '65, MA'69 and Brenda D'Alessandro P'90
Vincent R. D'Alessandro III '90 and Amy Russ D'Alessandro P'22
Brian J. Daley '19
Faith M. Daley '18
John R. Daley '62 and Elizabeth C. Daley
Katherine E. Dalton '17
Kevin M. Dalton '01
Bernard J. Daly '67 and Ann Daly P'95
Brian G. Daly '92 and Janet Boyle Daly '92, MSN'00 P'23
Erin M. Daly '06
Frederick and Nancy Daly P'09, '06
Kenneth J. Daly '72 and Kathleen A. Daly
Michael D. Daly '85 and Robin Daly
Cecilia DiPaola Dalzell '78 and Carl Dalzell
Thomas F. Damato '73
Paul D'Ambrosio '93 and Kristen Killian D'Ambrosio '93
William J. Damm
Patricia Melia Damon '78
Matthew T. Danaher '14 and Michelle Pullen Danaher
Mitchell A. Danaher MS'91 and Rosemary Milewski Danaher '79 P'14
Meghan E. Dancho '06
Ronald J. D'Andrea '77 and Maura J. Fisher D'Andrea '80, CAS'08 P'10
Joseph and Donna D'Angelillio P'06
Thomas J. Dannaher '73 and Anne Dannaher
Robert J. DaPra '84 and Susan M. Tita DaPra MS'93
Jean and Marlene Darbouze P'13
Richard and Virginia Darche P'15
Christopher J. Darcy MA'91
Christine Costa Dart '81 and James L. Dart
John and Jean Darts P'07, '02, '01
Denise Trapani Dauphin ’76
Joseph and Helen D'Avanzo
Linda Martino David '74 and Daryl D. David
Barak Davidi '21
John K. Davidson '66 and Susan Bundschuh Davidson
Ronald M. Davidson and Katherine A. Schwab
Sheila Kearney Davidson '83 and Anthony H. Davidson
Andrew M. Davis '89 and Sally A. Jameson Davis
Arnold J. Davis
Bernard S. Davis Sr. '67 and Eileen B. Davis P'95
Brian J. Davis '89 and Jenna Davis
Gretchen S. Davis MA'88 and Jerry Davis
Hugh O. Davis '95
Joel and Carol Davis
Scott R. Davis '87
Susan M. Davis-Gillis MBA'03 and Paul Gillis
Thomas F. Davoren III '78 and Ann Marie O'Neil Davoren
Patricia E. Dawson Ph.D '94
Rami and May Daya P'20
Zachary J. Dayton
Brian M. De la Rosa '95 and Heidi De la Rosa
Joseph M. DeAngelo '71 and Linda DeAngelo
Deborah DeBeradinis '81, '88 and Stephen J. Reichheld
Pamela J. Deberghes '92
Brian D. DeBlasi '00, A'00
Joyce S. DeCesare
Javier E. Decima
Donald T. Decker III '94 and Amanda M. Osbourne Decker
Gregory and Carol Dee P'08
Robert F. Deerin '73
Douglass and Patricia DeFauw
Joseph D. DeFelice '65 and Penny J. Pooler DeFelice
Megan M. Defeo '19
Mildred A. DeFeo C'71
Nancy J. DeFilippo
Peter DeFilippo '94 and Elizabeth DeFilippo
Leopold DeFusco '78 and Jacqueline Chen DeFusco
Edward and Jessica Degasperis P'22
Dennis C. Degnan '93 and Tara A. Degnan
Jessica DeGore '19
Kelly McCormack DeGulis '91 and John P. DeGulis
William and Ann Deigan
Mary F. Snellman DeKlyn MA'93
Gabriella M. Del Tufo '19
Joseph and Nancy Delaney P'03
Joseph P. Delaney '03, MBA'04 and Natalie O'Brien Delaney
Kevin and Cheryl Delaney P'24
Margaret M. Affeldt Delaney '90 and Gary Delaney
Joseph J. Delasho III '18
Stephen J. Delehanty '64 and Connie Lee Delehanty
Sharon Delfino McGreen '83 and John V. McGreen P'23, '18
Robert and Kathryn Delhome P'21
Ronald S. Delia '93 and Melissa Delia
John F. Della Jacono '84 and Laura Della Jacono
Gerald and Patricia Della Torre P'21
Anthony J. DeLuca '83 and Elaine DeLuca
Maria C. DeLucia '95
Margaret Mary DeMark '15
Jessica DeMarse '22
Joseph S. DeMarzo '05 and Lauren Robinson DeMarzo
Stephen P. DeMatteo '89 and Anissa Lian DeMatteo '90
Anne DeVivo DeMesa '89 and Alex P. DeMesa
Kevin C. Dempsey '09
Carol J. DeNatale '88
Elizabeth Denby-Callahan MSN'17
Kurt J. DeNegris '91 and Heather P. DeNegris
James and Jessica Dennehy P'21
Annemarie H. Dennen '19
Stephen Dennis
Michael and Paula Dent P'22
Richard and Kris d'Entremont P'21
Scott C. DePetris '99 and Kateri R. Lamb DePetris '01
Cameryn R. Dera '22
Peter and Stacey Dera P'22
Geri R. Derbyshire
Shannon C. Dermody '15
Stephanie E. Grabler Derr '89 and Joseph W. Derr Jr.
Eleanor Decapua Derwin MA'79, CAS'95
Maureen M. DeSantie
Christian J. DesFosses '89 and Melissa A. Chism
Lauren E. Desiderio '04, MA'07
Gregory C. DeSisto '87 and Sandra M. Titus DeSisto
Christopher C. Desmarais '93 and Catherine A. Bassi Desmarais '93, MBA'07
Raymond and Julie Desmarais P'19
Ryan F. Desmarais '19
Mary-Anne D'Esposito '74
Thomas G. Desy '52 and Anne C. Desy
Harold J. Devanney '69
Jennifer L. Mazzo DeVenuti '00 and Ted DeVenuti
Noreen McGrath Dever '96 and Peter Dever
Bridget Guiney Devine '81 and John P. Devine
Lorelei A. Murray Devine '85 and Steven Devine
Mark R. Devine '19
Paola DeVita '83 and Frank L. DeVita P'21, '16
Paul V. DeVito '78 and Vincenza M. DeVito
Kaitlyn M. Devlin '12
Edward M. Dew III and Anke Van Dijk Dew
Vincent and MaryBeth Di Fiore P'04
Roland and Rebecca Dib P'22
Brooks Betts Dibble '04 and John Dibble
Charles V. DiCenso '69, MA'83, CAS'87 and Anna B. Caporale DiCenso MA'02, MS'02
Michael A. DiChiaro '83 and Annette McMahon DiChiaro '86
Katherine M. Dickie
Arthur and Paula DiClementi P'03
Alexa B. Dicomitis '20
Kathleen A. Bannan Didio '92, MA'05 and Douglas N. Didio
Michael J. DiDonato '80 and Lorinda DiDonato P'12
Cristina Dieguez-Kuo '99, MBA'06 and Frederick J. Kuo
John J. Dielsi '67
Stephen H. Dierks '18
George and Maureen Diffley P'97, '96
Joseph D. Digennaro '19
Jon A. DiGesu '77 and Saija P. DiGesu
Louis S. DiGiacomo '15
Eileen F. DiGioia '88
Sarah A. Dignam '19
Makenna B. Diguilio '18
Christopher Dill '03 and Aimee Glassick Dill
Michael R. Dillon '65 and Meredith Hyde Dillon
Mary Cronin DiMaiti '82 and Carl DiMaiti
Donna Cristiano DiMarco '85 and Frank DiMarco
Luigi E. DiMeglio '14
Joseph DiMenna MA'56, CAS'58 and Fran DiMenna P'80
Joseph A. DiMenna '80 and Diana Roesch DiMenna
Louis J. DiMeo '60 and Louise DiMeo P'84
Matthew J. Dimmling '10
Christopher S. Dinno '19
John and Mary D'Innocenzo P'20
Gabrielle A. Diodati '21
Michele L. Diodati P'21
Michael and Linda DiPietro P'22
Angelo E. Dirienzo C'60
Sabina A. Dirienzo '19
Claudine M. DiSario MBA'00
Gary F. Dittrich '74 and Kathy S. Dittrich P'07
Alexis F. Dizenzo '19
Jonathan G. Dizney MS'00, MBA'02
Erin E. Dobbs '22
Jeff and Sharon Dobbs P'22
Katherine Dodd MA'97, CAS'01 and Allyn Dodd
Sarah Assheton Dodd MA'87
John K. Doheny '81 and Rose Monahan Doheny
Edward and Lauren Doherty P'09
Haleigh M. Doherty '18
Timothy and Susan Doherty P'23, '18, '16
William M. Doherty '16
John C. Dolan MA'72 and Maryann T. Dolan
Katherine J. Dolan '19
Kathleen A. O'Shea Dolan '94 and Patrick J. Dolan P'24
Timothy and Shelley Dolan P'20
John and Lauri Doleva P'22
Eugene T. Doll P'23
Jeanne M. Doll '78 and William G. Charcalis
Camille A. Dolloff '11
Suzanne Machler Dombrowski '85 and Robert Dombrowski
Trent L. Domingos '15
Liliana Donadio '92 and James Daigle
Rocco and Maria Donadio P'92
Robert M. Donahoe '64 and Joyce Sugerak Donahoe
Christine P. Donahue '91
Colleen M. Donahue '18
George M. Donahue '64
Gregory F. Donahue '63
Katherine E. Donahue '15
Richard T. Donahue MA'79 +
Terrence and Mary Donahue
Thomas and Rachelle Donahue P'83, '78
Rosalie LaMotta Donlon '74 and Thomas J. Donlon
Christopher M. Donnellan '82 and Maryellen Curley Donnellan
Connor J. Donnelly
John and Kathleen Donnelly
Michael and M. Cecelia Donoghue
Thomas J. Donohue
Elizabeth A. Lawton Donovan '96 and Shawn R. Donovan P'23
John M. Donovan '02
Kelly P. O'Mealia Donovan '10 and William Donovan
Kenneth Donovan '80 and Kristine Kingree Donovan '81
Kevin G. Donovan '79, MA'96 and Maryann Bonomo Donovan '82
Leo P. Donovan Jr. '64
Stephen J. Donovan '86 and Theresa Allen Donovan
Ellen M. Dooley Beyer '85 and Christopher Beyer P'23
Helene Murtha Dooley '85 and Joseph Dooley
Jeffrey A. Dooley '85 and Miranda Dooley
David J. Doran '59 and Linda Doran
Jean Bartolucci Doran MA'79 and James E. Doran
Mark C. Dorigan '78 and Amy Fredenburg Dorigan
Eugene P. Doris
Kevin Dorsey '64 and Linda F. Dorsey
Charles and Charleen Dortenzio P'23, '21
Andre D. Dorval '73 and Maria Salamone Dorval P'07
Edmond and Pamela Dougherty P'19
Joshua B. Dougherty '19
Kevin and Daria Dougherty P'22
Mary Dougherty P'92
Michael V. Dougherty and Judy S. Barros P'21, '19
Charles J. Douglas '70 and Paulette Fontaine Douglas P'06
Daniel and Michele Dovan P'20
Joan Davoren Dowd '77 and Bernard Dowd
Christine Wheeler Dowling MA'92 and Edward J. Dowling
John and Marianne Dowling P'22
David L. Downie
John and Anna Doyle P'21, '19, '15
Lawrence M. Doyle C'79
Richard S. Drab '70 and Nancy Drab
Alexander G. Draffan Jr. '67 and Merry R. Apstein Draffan
Shelby Drake '19
Joseph T. Draper '87
Russell and Sally Dreyer P'22
Mitchell and Shelley Driesman
Donna M. Duncan Driscoll '89
James and Margaret Driscoll P'14
John C. Driscoll Jr. '07 and Meghan E. Kelly Driscoll '07
John F. Driscoll '89
Matthew F. Drury '95 and Nicole E. Fortin Drury '94
George R. Dubay '72 and Lynne I. Dubay
Jeffrey and Colleen Duchemin P'23, '20
Moira A. Duclos '91
John E. Duetsch Jr. '63 and Joanne A. Duetsch
Elizabeth C. Duffy '17
Julia A. Peeney Duffy '82 and James W. Duffy
Kathleen J. Duffy '83
Paul A. Duffy '05 and Jeannine Naranjo
Susanne Duffy C'75
Thomas and Ellen Duffy P'17
Craig G. Dugan '77 and Arlene Dugan
James J. Dugan '85
Thomas and Anne Duggan P'11
Elizabeth J. Dumas '21
Robert and Helene Dumas P'21
Robert F. Dunaj '74 and Lisa Sherman Dunaj P'02
James B. Dunbar '99 and Elyse Mueller Dunbar '99
Gregory and Meredith Duncan P'19
Kevin G. Duncan '19
Brian P. Dunleavy '91 and Eileen Dunleavy
David J. Dunn '91, MA'06 and Sharon E. Hughes Dunn
Lawrence J. Dunn III '00 and Melissa A. Backes-Dunn
Louise M. Dunn
Olivia H. Dunn
Robert and Paula Dunne P'13
Ann L. Dunphy
Sean P. Dunphy '14 and Hannah K. Tanguay Dunphy '14
Kathleen Duong '22
David and Deborah Durgin P'14
Jonathan M. Durgin '14
Ronald J. Durie '68 and Linda Durie
Donald and Teresita Durkin
James and Theresa Durkin P'21
Donna Perillo Durvasula '87 and Tesh Durvasula
Jo Dutcher
Michael and Paula Dutka P'15
Kathleen O'Hare Dwyer '79 and Patrick J. Dwyer
Patrick J. Dwyer '90 and Jeannie M. Tedeschi Dwyer P'24
Ian T. Dybick '05 and Jennifer Brown Dybick
Michael T. Dylag '78 and Tricia Owens
David M. Dziewulski '75 and Dorothy A. Dziewulski
Michael and Stephanie Dziuba P'21, '21
Thomas M. Eagan '79 and Mary McParland Eagan '79 P'11
Christine Ross Earls '79 and Richard T. Earls P'15, '11
William G. Earls '11
John A. Early Jr. '58 and Josephine Early
Kathleen A. Early '15, MA'19
Robert and Carol Eck
Jane Milnarik Eckert '91 and Stephen J. Eckert P'22
Bradley A. Edgar '01 and Lauren Edgar
George and Gail Edwards
Joan A. Edwards C'00 P'00
Lewis Edwards '20
Mary J. Edwards C'75
Douglas L. Egan '70 and Linda S. Bohn Egan P'05
George G. Egan '65
James T. Egan '01 and Kristin Kiely Elliott '01
Patricia McLoughlin Egan '97 and Sean Egan
William P. Egan '67 and Jacalyn A. Conklin Egan P'99
Xavier Egurbide '97 and Melissa A. Eng Egurbide
Robert Ehlers '79 and Laurie A. Pollio Ehlers '79 P'23
Richard E. Ehrenkaufer '66 and Louise Ehrenkaufer
Paul C. Ehrismann '82
Andrew K. Eidenshink '17
Richard and Carole Eisner
Erik A. Ekberg '19
Steven and Janet Ekstract
Pasquale A. Elia MA'70
Philip and Yael Eliasoph
Mary Eliseo '19
Jeffrey P. Elkin and Jean M. Lasser P'21
Stephen K. Elliott Jr. '62 and Audrey Elliott P'95, '92
Elizabeth Murray Ellis '83 and Robert A. Ellis
Kathleen M. Ellis '79
Joel and Kristie Elmquist P'21
Barbaranne Elwood '99
Donald and Rosemary Emeigh P'04
Anne C. Emerson CAS'04
Michael C. Endico '89
Deborah A. Englert '92 and Christopher J. Mlodynia Englert P'21
Jacqueline A. English '12
Thomas and Peggy English P'11
Brian and Kathryn Enright P'20
James G. Ercolani '56 +
Martin B. Erdheim
Lars N. Erickson '20
Matthew S. Ernst '11
Cristina Esmiol '16
Richard B. Esperon '72 and Theresa Esperon
Lois A. Espeso MA'70 and Joseph Espeso
Christa P. Esposito DNP'18
Michael F. Esposito '68
Nicholas F. Esposito '20
Scott D. Esposito '82 and Mercedes Esposito
Timothy and Brenda Esposito P'20, '17
Brian T. Estaphan '97 and Laura Virzi Estaphan
Pablo and Christina Esteve P'19
Santiago T. Esteve '19
Emily A. Etchegary '19
Debra A. Etrio '94
Marie Evanko
Janet L. Evans
Sharon K. Evans-Benard MSN'05 and Colin Benard
Peter and Susan Evensen
Kelly MacMahon Ewing '95 and Paul Ewing
Lauren M. Doyle Exnicios '01 and Andrew S. Exnicios
Eugene J. Fabbri '75 and Christine Kelly Fabbri '76
Linda Teraila Fabri '82 and Kevin Fabri
Brian A. Fagan MA'75 and Pamela Fagan
John J. Fagan '72 and Rebecca L. Fagan
Lawrence J. Fagan '53 and Mary Ann Fagan
William A. Fagan '63 and Maureen Fagan
Jose E. Fajardo Jr. '91 and Nancy P. Barrett-Fajardo '91 P'23, '20
Eric R. Falcone '08 and Kelly L. Young Falcone '10
Jacqueline A. Falino '19
Andrea C. Bazos Fallon '04
Francis X. Fallon
Grace K. Fallon '22
John D. Fallon '90 and Jennifer L. Stephens Fallon
John F. Fallon '71 and Jane Cook Fallon
Stephen F. Fallon '78 and Joan Fallon
Frank Fanella Jr. '89 and Noreen A. McPartland Fanella '89
Angela M. Fanelli '12
Matthew and Sharon Fanelli P'12
Michael A. Fanelli '74
Thomas J. Fanning Sr. '78 and Michele J. Markowski Fanning P'10, '06
William S. Faraci '81 and Theresa A. Faraci
Andrew F. Farella '85 and Jane Tschiderer Farella '86
Lorraine Farrell '75
Randy R. Farrell '85 and Diane Maloney Farrell '78 P'14
Thomas R. Farrell '58
Kelsi E. Farren '20
Robert Farrington '58 and Anne V. Farrington
Brittany R. Fasanelli '19
John T. Fassl '75 and Theresa Spencer '75
Jean-Guillaume M. Fauchet '11
Patricia C. Fay P'92, '88, '86
Peter T. Fay '87 and Lisa N. Fay
Thomas and Colette Fay P'22, '12
Karen M. Furze Fecteau '98, '01 and Bryan Fecteau
Nicole A. Fede '16
David and Paula Federici P'21
Francesca E. Federico '10
John A. Fee '22
Brian and Julia Feeley P'22
Shannon R. Feeley '22
David L. Feeney '70 and Kathleen A. Bauman Feeney P'00, '97
Ellen P. Feeney '06
Kevin and Kelly Feeney P'22, '22
Megan K. Feeney '13
Stephen and Carol Feeney P'10, '03
William E. Feher '73
Robert L. Feigenson
Michael P. Feighan '71
Joseph A. Felice '88 and Patricia A. Sclafani
Michael J. Felicetti '65 and Trudy Felicetti P'94
Laurence and Eileen Fell P'22
Robert A. Femia '81 and Patricia T. Vocino Femia '82
Kathryn M. Fenton '75 and William E. Kovacic
Lily B. Fenton '22
Maurice J. Fenton '52, MA'56 and Eleanor R. Fenton P'87
Francis and Joann Ference P'15, '15, '08
John P. Ferencz Jr. '73
Richard E. Fernandez '75 and Faith Molzon Fernandez '77
Michael J. Ferrante '90 and Claudine Gibbons Ferrante '90
Michelle L. Ferrara '14
Peter M. Ferrara '73 and Christine Feeney Ferrara '76 P'08
Ronald and Susan Ferrari
Alexia B. Ferreira '18, MA'20
David A. Ferreira MS'15
Vincent I. Ferrer '12
Salvatore C. Ferreri MA'67, C'71
Richard A. Ferrieri '75 and Marylou Peterson Ferrieri '75, MA'78
Matthew J. Ferriero '21
Michael and Michelle Ferriero P'21
William and Bonnie Ferris P'03
Kevin G. Fiallos '19
Barbara Ficalora
Annabelle Field
Harrison Field
Laura J. Field
Searle and Lauralee Field
Eileen M. Fields '81
Jorge L. Figueredo '82 and Carrie Rooney Figueredo
Carlos A. Figueroa '70 and Amelia Jordan Figueroa
Carl and Nancy Figur P'08
Cosmo V. Filiberto '70 and Mary Anne Ferraro Filiberto
Kristen E. Filicia '14
Alexandra M. Filipkowski '22
Marc S. Filipkowski and Diana Zapata P'24, '22
Francis L. Filipowski '66 and Sheila Smith Filipowski
Janet Francis Filling MA'76
Benjamin Fine MFA'13
Christopher R. Finelli '15, MS'16 and Lindsey M. Hanley '15
John J. Fink '93 and Erin Kent Fink '93
Daniel R. Finn Jr. '66 and Phyllis Redgate Finn
Brendan M. Finnegan '20
Daniel and Bridget Finnegan P'21
Susan A. Klausman Finnegan MA'71
William T. Finnegan '77 and Jo-Ann Visconti Finnegan '77
Catherine G. Finneran '90 and Thomas Bejgrowicz
Amanda L. Goldstein Finnerty '10 and Timothy Finnerty
Frank A. Fiore Jr. '63 and Maureen J. Fiore P'90, '88
Sebastian L. Fiore '67
Thomas and Kathleen Fioretti P'21
Cailyn Fiori '22
Diane J. Fischer '85
Robert L. Fishback MA'65
Claire Skelly Fisher MA'68
Richard J. Fitol '74 and Mark Prisloe
Hillary C. Fitts '14, MBA'19
Brian E. Fitzgerald '69 and Maria L. Serino Fitzgerald
Brian J. Fitzgerald Jr. '10
Daniel B. Fitzgerald '99 and Kristen M. Pienkowski Fitzgerald '03
Marissa K. Fitzgerald '20
Mark R. Fitzgerald '79 and Carol Stanton Fitzgerald '79
Mark W. Fitzgerald MBA'03 and Christine Fitzgerald
Michael P. Fitzgerald '89 and Kara Geissler Fitzgerald P'24
Paul F. Fitzgerald '66 and Anne C. Fitzgerald
Sarah J. Fitzgerald '92
Thomas S. Fitzgerald '92 and Jill A. Demaio
William E. Fitzmaurice '59, MA'63 and Carol Fitzmaurice
Kevin Fitzpatrick '66 and Eileen A. McDermott Fitzpatrick
James D. Fitzpatrick '70, MA'72 and Phyllis A. Fitzpatrick P'08
James and Evelyn Fitzpatrick P'91
Maria Pappano Fitzpatrick '85 and Fenton J. Fitzpatrick Jr. P'18
Michael B. FitzPatrick '01
Robert H. Fitzpatrick '51 and Jane C. Fitzpatrick
Orest J. Fiume '64 and Claire deLesseps-Fiume
Anne Fiyalka
Brian J. Flaherty '87 and Melanie Megathlin Flaherty
Edward D. Flaherty '65, MA'66 and RuthAnn Flaherty
Thomas A. Flaherty '51
John A. Flahive '92 and Kerry Ann Flahive
Steven R. Flanagan '84
John L. Flannery Jr. '83 and Tracy E. Benjamin Flannery
Patricia Flattery CND MA'69
Erin M. Fraulo Fleming '00 and Kevin A. Fleming
Conor L. Fletcher '21
Edward J. Fletcher '93 and Deirdre R. Pollack Fletcher '93 P'23
Gregg and Margot Flionis P'24, '22
Joseph E. Florczak '98
Veronica O. Florentino '10
Maria D. F. P. Flores P'21
Greg J. Florio '82 and Rose Florio
James G. Floyd '62 and Charlotte B. Floyd
Denise Comeau Flynn '81 and O. Kevin Flynn P'18
Joseph P. Flynn '62 and Marilyn C. Flynn
Margaret J. O'Flynn Flynn MA'88 and Thomas F. Flynn
Paul F. Flynn Jr. '86 and Anne Brown Flynn '88
Richard F. Flynn '80 and Andrea Buckley Flynn P'11
Sean F. Flynn '05 and Marjorie A. Powers '05
Christopher Fogarty '88 and Kelly Reynolds Fogarty '88
James and Frances Fogarty
Thomas M. Fogarty '78 and Nancy A. Donahue '78
Casey E. Foley '19
Christen M. Foley '19
Jack and Susan Foley P'21
Matthew L. Foley '94
Maura P. Foley '90
Molly K. McDonald Foley '96 and George P. Foley
Patrick and Megan Foley P'20
Thomas and Jacqueline Foley P'19
Suzanne E. Folger '99
Amy E. Folkman
Lina Foncello '19
Megan A. Forbes '14
Allison D. Ford '13
Kristin Kane Ford '04 and Michael Ford
Alexandra K. Foreman '12
Thomas and Michele Foristel P'13, '06
Philip O. Forker '78 and Mary L. Rioux-Forker
Albert F. Forlano
Thomas T. Forman '79
Tatiana M. Foroud '87 and Eric R. Boes
Shannon Forrester '19
Michael E. Fort '93 P'23
Vincent J. Forte '78 and Sherry Kaiser Forte
Larry and Pamela Forti P'21
Marie Fortilus P'11
Keith Fortmiller '04
Veronica Marco Foster MA'82 and Gary D. Foster
Diane M. Foster-Poschmann '88 and Thomas Poschmann
John N. Fountain Jr. '70
Brian Fox '81 and Cynthia A. Fox MS'93
Mark F. Fox II '83 and Eileen O'Connell Fox '84 P'16
Michael Fox '86 and Theresa Rupp Fox '86 P'19
Tess R. Fox '19
William C. Foxx '18
Wioletta Fraczkiewicz MBA'14
Kathleen A. Prokop Fragola '84
Mario F. Francalangia '83 and Kathleen Kane-Francalangia '86
Stephen Francis '63 and Meg Francis
Michael J. Francis '90 and Helen Lovely Francis '89 P'22, '21
Ellen K. McGloin Franck '98 and Carlos R. Franck
Lisa Mateos Francomano '91 and Joseph Francomano
Bart Franey '67 and Eleanor S. Franey
Diane Schuch Frank '82 and William J. Frank
Terri Frank
Thomas A. Franko '69 and Bethany M. Franko
William L. Franko '72 and Louise Milko Franko
James J. Franzetti '97
Robert D. Fraraccio '69 and Arlene Fraraccio
Denise M. Fraser '77 and Richard Crisona
Sarah E. Frassetto '14, MA'17
Massimo and Lisa Fratarcangeli P'20, '18
Victor G. Fraulo '73 and Jeanette Condon Fraulo P'00, '99
Wendy E. Fraulo '99
Brian and Lisa Frawley P'22
Jane Frawley '22
Thomas J. Freda '13
Janice M. Freddino '85, MS'96 and Edward Nicolas Jr. P'23
Scott W. Fredrickson '82 and Susan Martin Fredrickson '82
Douglas F. Freeman '12
Sharon Bezinover Freeman MA'75 and Stanley P. Freeman
James and Claudia Frees P'20
Karen N. Freitag '01 and Ronald Freitag
Peter J. Friel '81 and Ester Friel
Marc and Kristen Friezo P'21
Carolyn E. Frock '12
Joseph N. Froehlich '93 and Lisa Froehlich
Donald and Mary Kay Frost
Christopher Frulla
Mary Ellen Smircich Frustaci '93 and Gary Frustaci
Ethan L. Fry '04
Casey C. Fuller '18
Wendy A. Fuller MA'03, CAS'05 and Arthur B. Fuller Jr. P'18
Elizabeth A. Monari Fullerton '10 and Steve Fullerton
Leah E. Furey '12
Albert Fusari
Hannah E. Futo '20
John A. Gaberino
Robert W. Gabler Jr. '63 and Jean M. Gabler P'90, '87
Donald F. Gabriel '57, MA'59, C'66 and Anne Gabriel
Stephen C. Gadze '16
Robert and Soraya Gage
Joseph and Roberta Gagne
Ralph F. Gaiss Jr. '03 and Brooke Mifflin Gaiss
Ernest and Suzanne Galante P'18
Peter and Martha Galasinao P'22
Vincent M. Galgano '92 and Tracey S. Galgano
Alison Black Gallagher '08 and Bernard Gallagher
Andrew P. Gallagher '15
Cairann Gallagher '79 and Mark K. Mathews
Dennis W. Gallagher '72 and Constance Gallagher
Elizabeth Gallagher '87 and Timothy Clark
Philip Gallagher '60, MA'65 and Catherine Gallagher
John P. Gallagher '92 and Tricia Bares Gallagher '93
Michael F. Gallagher '72
Paul and Elisabeth Gallagher P'18
Raymond and Kathleen Gallagher P'23
Bertha L. Gallant '74
Peter H. Gallary '67 and Patricia A. Kattman Gallary
Thomas R. Gallese '72 and Carol Gallese
Donna Rutz Galli '81 and Robert Galli
Frank and Ameenie Gallinelli
Caroline R. Gallo '19
Robert J. Gallo II '95 and Claire E. Wills Gallo '96
Robert J. Gallois '88 and Jennifer Vaccaro Gallois '88
Eugene Gallucci
Kristen A. Galuardi '19, MBA'20
Christopher Galvin '72 and Mary Jane Dorrian Galvin '75
John M. Galvin '78 and Elaine D'Arcangelo Galvin '78
Stephen and Linda Galyas P'18
Vincent J. Gamba '61 and Connie Gourley Gamba
Tyler Gambardella '19
Emma R. Gamble '20
Arthur Gang
David and Loretta Gangi P'20, '20
Christopher Ganio '22
Nick and Susan Ganio P'22
Nancy Ganley P'14, '10
Corrine N. Carlson Gann '01
Paul and Susan Gannon P'21
Megan Cochran Ganton '92 and Mark E. Ganton
Joseph A. Garcia '10
Mario and Mireya Garcia P'20
Mayda A. Garcia '20
Neil B. Gardiner '88 and Diane Froehlich Gardiner P'21
John Gargana III '87 and Lori A. Leccese Gargana P'19
John and Carolyn Garibaldi P'23
Glenn and Diane Garland P'18
Heather A. Lee Garofalo '97 and Jon A. Garofalo
Patricia A. Garry '81
Peter J. Garry '64
Paul R. Garstka '67 and Joan Garstka
Tracy A. Garthwaite
Eleanor A. Owens Garvey MA'93 and Richard J. Garvey
Keith V. Garvey '75 and Marcela Garvey
Francis W. Garvin '56 and Nance Garvin
Christopher F. Gately '05
Peter J. Gavey '89 and Carla Sendra Gavey '88
Maribeth Page Gaynor '77 and Howard F. Gaynor
Timothy J. Gazzini '07 and Lara K. Hannigan Gazzini '08
Melanie Spilka Gedraitis '76 and Benedict F. Gedraitis
Erin Zeno Gehan '86 and Don J. Gehan
Richard R. Geier '62
Robert and Sheila Geiger P'20
Kathleen A. O'Connell Geiling '82 and J. Douglass Geiling
William B. Geiss '85 and Mary Ann Turino Geiss
Richard D. Geloso '81
Frank and Deborah Genna
Danielle M. Abramczyk Genovese '12 and Paul Genovese
James and Kathleen Genovese P'21
Raymond and Cynthia George P'23, '23, '19
William J. George '52 and Sandy Senderak George P'77
Robert F. Gerace CAS'75, MA'75 and Marilyn Gerace
Gerard V. Geraghty '71 and Susan Geraghty P'02
Victor T. Geraldi Jr. '88 and Beth-Ann Scholpino Geraldi
William and Sally Gerard P'16
Philip C. Gerety '80
David A. Gerics '79
Joseph P. Germain Jr. '56 and Lillian Adley Germain MA'60 P'88
Kevin B. Gerold '77
Vincent M. Gerosa '94
Debra A. Hancock Gerstenfeld '89 and Steven Gerstenfeld
Arline Gertzoff
John K. Gethings '19
Paul and Lauren Ghaffari
Angelo R. Giacchi '87 and Mary A. Galante Giacchi '87 P'16
Julia F. Giampietro '19
Henry F. Giannini '56
Jack D. Giannini '14
Salvatore Gianone '97 and Stefanie Grinchunas Gianone
Joan M. Giardina C'70
Cara M. Gibbons '18
Sean M. Gibbons '91 and Carolyn Duff Gibbons '91, MA'94
Kristen E. Gibney '19
Colleen M. Gibson '09
Craig and Nancy Gibson P'13
Madalyn I. Gibson '22
Edward T. Giegengack MA'67 and Teresa Flynn Giegengack MA'79
Dorothy McIver Gifford '87 and Ken Gifford
Cynthia M. Giglio MS'11
Kelsey N. Gilbert '21
Justin G. Gilbertson '19
William J. Gilhuly '59 and Samantha Gilhuly
Allison M. Hauser Gill '01 and Robert C. Gill
Theresa Larkin Gillan '84 and Thomas S. Gillan
Beth A. Terreri Gillespie '90 and James P. Gillespie
Marybeth Bettencourt Gillespie '81 and David L. Gillespie P'09, '07
Katherine E. Gillette '15
Caitlin Gilligan '19
Daniel P. Gilligan '94 and Susan B. Taylor Gilligan
Frank and Marjorie Gillis
Caitlin Russell Gilmore '02 and Phil Gilmore
John Gilpin
John F. Gilsenan '68 and Roberta N. Gilsenan
Henry J. Gioiella Jr. '70 and Joan Cioffoletti Gioiella '81
Samantha Giordano '19
Robert Girandola '87 and Christine Voytek Girandola '88 P'21
James P. Girolamo II '06 and Megan C. McConville Girolamo '08
Elizabeth A. Giugliano '89
Angela Piccione Gizinski '86 and Gerard H. Gizinski
David M. Glass
Bonnie B. Gleason
Mary Rena Gleason CAS'88
Thomas L. Gleason '69 +
Justin and Donna Glenn P'22, '20
Edward J. Glennon '83 and Melanie Glennon
John E. Glennon '61
Edward J. Gniadek '61 and Karla Gniadek
Susan A. Gnida '91 and Robert Gnida
Colleen Goble A'05, '06, C'06
Erin M. Godfrey '19
James and Tonya Godwin P'24
John W. Godwin '24
Valy T. Goepfrich '84
Barbara J. Goger '17, MS'18
Ricci E. Gold '19
Sarah E. Goldberg '19, MS'20
Joel D. Goldfield and Iris Bork-Goldfield
James W. Goldhammer '76
Richard and Cynthia Goldrick
Celeste Goldstein P'10
Gary G. Gombar '69, MA'73, C'76
Christian G. Gonser '16
Brian and Melinda Good P'21, '20, '14
William H. Good Jr. '72
Francis J. Goodman '73 and Patricia Goodman
Joseph and Mary Goodman
Richard F. Gordon '68 and Susan Gordon P'97
Barbara Goerts Gorham MA'82, CAS'90 and Howard W. Gorham P'82
Peter Gori '22
Peter and Joanne Gori P'22
Mikayla R. Goria '20
Daniel J. Gorman '09
Dennis H. Gorsuch '67 and Patricia Jo Meenaghan Gorsuch
Joseph J. Gorszwick '57 and Marie-Therese Gorszwick
Peter L. Goss '64 and Inge-Lise Goss
Kim L. Schimenti Gotti '88 and Jim Gotti
Julie K. Gottlieb
Arthur W. Goudey MA'55 and Janet Goudey
Myron V. Gould '63 and Rita Ann D'Apice Gould
Chelsea M. Gover '11
James and Sandra Gover P'11
Brian and Amy Grabek P'21
Nicholas J. Grabek '21
Timothy J. Grace '73 and Joan Grace
Scott and Michelle Graczyk
Christopher J. Gradel '06
Brian and Catherine Grady
David F. Grady '60 and Elizabeth Heale Grady
Laura E. Graf '15
Richard A. Graf '87 and Jeannine Carolan Graf '87
James and Joann Graham P'20
Philip and Deborah Graham P'09
Robert and Bonnie Graham P'98
Robert W. Graham
Anthony W. Grande '63 and Dolores Grande P'90
Andrew S. Grandin '11
John F. Grandinetti '68 and Emily V. Grandinetti
Mary M. Graney Suite '85 and William P. Suite
Eileen Quirk Grant '85 and Wayne Grant
William H. Grant '60 and Ingrio Grant
Morgan R. Grantham '13
Matthew T. Grasberger '72 and Christine Grasberger
Leslie L. Grattan
Christopher M. Grauert '68 and Debra Grauert
Louis G. Greco '15
Paul V. Greco '86
Elaine Marfiak Green '73
James and Anne Greener P'14
Todd S. Greenhalgh '84
Richard and Debra Greenwald
Edward J. Greenwood '85, MBA'97
Ardith M. Greeny
Edward and Megan Grefenstette P'22
Carol Gregory
George E. Greller '64 and Lucille Greller
Jill M. Grenier '94
Mary Luddy Grenier MA'84 and Roger Grenier
Matthew M. Greninger '10 and Jennifer Wasser
Thomas P. Griffen MA'87 and Dorothy Griffen
Alexander R. Griffin '19
David W. Griffin '73 and Gail M. Gubala Griffin P'11, '08
John W. Griffin '04
Kelly A. Griffin '11, MS'12
Tess K. Griffin '20
Traci Tropasso Griffin '88 and Brendan Griffin P'20
George F. Grillo Jr. C'76, MA'76 and Maureen F. Grillo
Stephen Grillo '18
Olga Grimalt '87 P'22
Michael F. Grindlay '94
Christopher R. Grindle '98 and Margaret Dowling Grindle
Jerome J. Groen '74 and Karen Groen
Jeffrey J. Gromos '87 and Tsugumi Gromos
Kevin P. Grondin '12
Samuel J. Groom '61
Roger S. Gross C'76, MA'76
Alberta Neuler Grossman MA'73
Orin L. Grossman and Jane L. Sutherland
Robert F. Grosso '97 and Lauren N. Snayd Grosso
Ronald P. Grosso '58 and Mary Hoffer Grosso
Anne B. Grote P'04
Daniel S. Grubb '85
John Grygier '19
Peter G. Grzybala and Diane W. Korntheuer P'09
Michael S. Guarnieri '84
Karen M. Guckert-Kaiser '88 and William Kaiser
John V. Guerin '64 and Nilsa Guerin
Philip J. Guerin '59 and Katherine Buckley Guerin MA'64 P'95, '91, '88, '86
Justin W. Guerrera '22
Noelle E. Guerrera '21
James Guertin '68 and Maureen Guertin
Thomas A. Gugliotti '71 and Joan M. Thompson Gugliotti
Christine G. Guidera '89
Marc A. Guillet '89 and Dana L. Guillet
Kevin J. Guinan '95 and Stacey Guinan
Frank J. Gulia Jr. '60, MA'65, C'72
Kristen Haggis Gunn '92 and Brian M. Gunn
Michael J. Gurge and Anita Andrews P'20
Donald B. Gustavson '98 and Ann Crothers Gustavson
Arthur and Lisa Gutch P'21
Gregory R. Guydish '75 and Anne Guydish
Meghan G. Guzewicz '19
Shamel Guzman '16
Roland J. Guzzi Jr.
Erik and Kim Haas P'20
Erin Loughney Haas '91 and T. J. Haas
Craig M. Haba '91 and LeAnne Myers Haba P'21
Nancy A. Maye Habetz MA'84, C'03 P'94, '87, '87, '86
Marshall L. Haddad C'73 and Anna Haddad P'93
Evangelos and Olympia Hadjimichael
James and Kristin Hagan P'22
Leigh A. Hagan '96
Daniel H. Hage '19
Dorothy E. Haggerty MA'61
James and Amy Hahn P'21
Katelyn Hahn '20
Daniel and Jody Hakes P'21
Rachel J. Hakes '21
Walter and Patrice Halas
Emily L. Halderson '20
Kate Haley Webb '92 and Gavin R. Webb
Patrick and Cheryl Hall P'12
Thomas J. Hall '83 and Julia Brenna Hall '83
Karen McCormick Hallberg '91 and Christopher J. Hallberg
Robert J. Haller '76 and Vickie J. Haas Haller P'09
Brian J. Halligan '77 and Kathleen G. Halligan P'11
Megan E. Hallissy '10
Ian R. Halpin '20
Peter and Susan Halpin P'20
Rosemary Halstead
John K. Hamel '68 and Martha L. Blouin Hamel P'00
Patricia M. Hammalian MA'86 and Donald S. Hammalian
John and Nancy Hammerer P'05
Douglas W. Hammond '86 and Patricia McShea Hammond
John L. Hammond III '01 and Maggie Hammond
Mark V. Hance MA'90 and Adrienne Hance
Michael P. Handal '22
Paul and Debora Handal P'22
Francis G. Hanley '58 and Mary Jane Hanley
Patrick D. Hanley '66 and Susan C. Hanley
Richard and Keri Hanley P'21
Joseph D. Hanlon '87 and Christine Tiernan Hanlon '89 P'23
Sean D. Hanlon '94
Robert and Rita Hannafin
Melissa A. Hannequin '13
Ann Marie Hannon CAS'76
Joseph M. Hannon '96 and Colleen F. Walsh Hannon
Michael J. Hanophy '82 and Patricia Nesbitt
Craig W. Hanrahan '89 and Mary Brini Hanrahan '90
Cole W. Hansen '21
Michael and Nancy Hansen P'04
Edward P. Hardiman '92 and Karalyn M. Hardiman
John L. Hardiman '79 and Donna Landau Hardiman
Michael J. Harding '89
Quinn R. Harker '19
Brendan J. Harkin '19
John and Maureen Harkin P'19
Paulette Pavluchuk Harkins MA'70
Stephen and Lynn Harlow P'20
Brooke V. Harney '19
Timothy J. Harper '03 and Caitlin E. Sowa Harper '03
Christine M. Harrington '02
Lynne M. Harrington '85
Michaela Harrington '22
Ryan G. Harrington '19
Olivia T. Harriott
Anne Harris P'18
Edmond J. Harrison '74 P'11
James M. Harriss '75
Donna Hart MS'90
Paul M. Hart '04 and Katherine Hart
John and Maribeth Hartman P'18
Scott and Phyllis Hartzell P'20
Brian M. Harvey '94 and Kristen B. Keating Harvey '99
Edith Harvey
Gabrielle A. Harvey '19
Richard and Margaret Haskell P'11
Adam A. Hastings '18, MS'20
John P. Hatala '21
Robert and Joanna Hatala P'21
Jon and Stephanie Hauge P'03
Billy and Mary Haugh P'22
Joanne Wu Havemeyer MA'15
Michael J. Haviland Sr. '82 and Susan C. Koppel Haviland P'15, '13
Marie Hawes
Eleanor Hawthorne '85, MA'88 P'91
John J. Hayes MA'57
Christopher M. Haynes '87 and Janine Haynes
Jennifer B. Haynos
Kathleen C. Healy '88
Margaret M. Healy '87
John J. Heaney '77 and Kathleen W. Heaney
Jesse J. Heap '72 and Barbara Heap
Jason L. Hebner '21
Scott and Laura Hebner P'21
Daniel P. Heffernan '80 and Mary Ellen Kintner Heffernan
Mona G. Hefzallah MA'76 and Ibrahim M. Hefzallah
Mark E. Heidelberger '88 and Laura Beerheide Heidelberger
Kimberly Carini Heim '92 and Thomas G. Heim Jr. P'22
Christopher R. Heintz '90 and Tina Christiano Heintz '91
Wendy M. Held '89 and Gary S. Held P'23, '21
Joel R. Heller '90 and Billie Joe Reppard Heller
Charles G. Hemenway Jr. '65 and Carol Hemenway
Thomas and Jacqueline Henaghan P'13
Joseph S. Henderson '93
William T. Henderson '80 and Elizabeth Parker Henderson
John F. Hendricksen '77 and Nancy Tallmadge Hendricksen
Deirdre J. Heneghan '18
William J. Hennessey Jr. '77 and Jevera Kaye Hennessey
Christina A. Hennessy '92
Brian A. Henry '88 and Suzanne Stewart Henry P'22
Catherine A. Henry '02
Walter J. Henry '91 and Ilze Henry
Christopher Henschel '10 and Jacqueline E. Ciaccia Henschel '10
John and Donna Herdje P'20
Joyce Hergenhan
Ryan M. Herlihy '01 and Erin Herlihy
Kristin Kelley Herman '96 and Gary C. Herman
Felix Hernandez '76 and Eileen M. Zottoli Hernandez
Andrea Hernangomez '22
Brooke N. Hernon '22
Matthew and Theresa Hernon P'22
Robert and Paula Herzlinger
Teresa M. Saboe Hesley '76 and Robert Hesley III
James W. Heslin Jr. '66 and Mary R. Serksnas Heslin
James J. Hessel '70 and Patricia A. Ryan Hessel
Raymond and Catherine Hessel
Theresa Hetzler '83
Elisa Loprete Hibbs '81 and Christopher A. Hibbs
Mary Besegai Hickey '89 and John Hickey
Barbara Pawlowski Higgins C'72, MA'72
Carrick J. Higgins '15
Keith E. Higgins '92 and Robyn M. Brogna Higgins P'24
Thomas A. Hildebrandt '72, MA'75 and Eileen Mullen Hildebrandt '74
Alison K. Hildenbrand '05
Christina M. Hill '11
Donald J. Hill Jr. ’94
Donna J. Hill C'96 and David Hill
Leo and Irene Hill P'06
Stephanie Hill
Stephanie A. Hill '13
Kevin P. Hilliard '69 and Catherine Hilliard
Steven F. Hinchey '73 and Deborah Hinchey
Joseph T. Hines '60 and Monika Hines
John F. Hingher
John and Suzanne Hingher P'20
Melanie A. Hingher '20
Ravina Hingorani '17, MS'19
Mary Hirsch-Woolley P'12
David M. Hirx '03 and Sarah Stansel Hirx '06, MSN'16
Kenneth J. Hitchcock MA'74 and C. Louise Hitchcock
Joseph C. Hliboki '84 and Catherine Pizzurro Hliboki '86 P'22, '16
Gregory H. Hoag
Gerald F. Hoban '68 and Susan J. Hoban
Deborah A. O'Donovan Hobbs '91 and Allen H. Hobbs
Fiona Hodgson
James J. Hoefner '79 and Christine L. Newhall '79 P'19
Sarah L. Hoefner '19
Katherine Voight Hoey '06 and Patrick Hoey
Robert T. Hoey '05
Ernest and Susan Hoffman
John C. Hoffman '68 and Paula J. Yocum Hoffman P'96
Kailtin Hoffman '22
Michael J. Hoffman '92 and Michelle Bove Hoffman '93 P'23, '21
Susan E. Daly Hoffman '93 and Brent L. Hoffman
Juliana R. Hoffmann '18, MS'20
Richard J. Hofmann and Gail Grosso Hofmann P'17
Alyssa M. Hogan '19
Erinn Hogan '14, '20
John and Virginia Hogan
Richard and Carrie Hogan P'04
Elizabeth Hohl
James and Eileen Hohorst P'21
Michael A. Holbrook '70, MA'75 and Linda Q. Holbrook
Lynn M. Holforty
James F. Holian '58, MA'63 and Judith Sathary Holian
James C. Holihan '74 and Alice Holihan
Brian T. Holland '02 and Kerri Holland
Peter M. Holland '88 and Kristine A. Potensky Holland '88 P'19
Raymond W. Holland '84 and Elizabeth Augustine Holland
Stephanie A. Holland '02
Charles and Debra Holloway P'22
Emily J. Holman '20
Elizabeth A. Holmes '19
William and Mary Catherine Holmes P'21, '19
John C. Holsey '71 and Margaret M. Kenah Holsey
Douglas D. Holub
David and Patricia Holveck
Kurt P. Holweger '82 and Nancy Holweger
Michael T. Hone '87 and Clair P. Flynn Hone '88 P'23
Paige M. Honeycomb '19, MS'20
Kristen L. Ryan Hoover '09 and John Hoover
Jason M. Hopkins '09
Marie K. Hopkins C'85 and Michael Hopkins
Daniel and Gretchen Horan P'20
Etal and Elizabeth Horan
Joseph V. Horgan Jr. '74 and Patricia M. Hill Horgan
Peter S. Horn '19, MS'20
Blair and Jeannine Horne P'22
Charles and Marybeth Horning P'21, '18
Christopher J. Horning '11
James Horning
Michael D. Horrigan '87 and Linda Murphy Horrigan '85
Geoffrey and Dolores Horton
Paul J. Horton '90 and Joy E. Grossman '89
Amy L. Hosking '09
Bethany Houle '19
Bryan J. Houlihan '11 and Sasha Campbell Houlihan '11
Diane E. Howarth-Forrest '78 P'23
Catherine Casabonne Howe '83 and Jeffrey C. Howe
David C. Howe MA'83
Philip S. Howe '69 and Kirsten Reeder Howe P'07
Daniel R. Howland P'22
Jennifer B. Chernock Howland '97 P'22
Walter J. Hrycenko '77 and Loretto Smith Hrycenko '77
Christine A. Kohlmeyer Huber '01
Alfred J. Hubert
Susan Flannery Huffman '89 and Minor S. Huffman III
Cassandra J. Hughes '19
Elaine Hughes
Michael W. Hughes '86
Raymond J. Hughes '78 and Suzanne Hughes
Siebe Huisman and Suzanne Veraa P'22
Ymke Huisman '22
Julianne R. Hulin '19
Brian P. Hull '80 and Laura Romeo Hull P'13
Thomas J. Hulseman '87 and Esteban Diaz
Stephen J. Humes '86 and Linda M. Federici Humes '86
John R. Hunt '66 and Pattie Richter Hunt MA'88
Robert N. Hunziker II '83 and Jenne Foo
Ursula L. Hurley '04
Karen Hutchinson P'10, '08
Huy D. Huynh '04, MBA'05
Lucille Hyland MA'08
William T. Hyland '74
David M. Iaccarino '74 and Christine J. Iaccarino
John P. Iannarone '77 and Elaine Quinn Iannarone P'11
Louis M. Iannazzi A'51 and Sylvia Iannazzi
Melissa A. Iannucci '17, MS'18
Shelby L. Iapoce '16 and Caleb Lintz
Linda A. Patavino Iassogna '81 and Michael Iassogna
Joanne M. DeSanto Iennaco '83 and John Iennaco
David A. Ifkovic MA'74
Hernan Iglesias P'22
Malen Iglesias '22
Erik M. Ilisije '11
John S. Imor '19
Donald J. Incerto '53 and Janet Incerto
Laura A. Incerto '81
Beata J. Leniart Ingrassia '01, MBA'02 and Matthew Ingrassia
Gregory S. Inman '82 and Tracy Inman
Marc and Lisa Ioli
Louis and Denise Iorio P'17
Jennifer Pinto Irwin '92 and Mark Irwin
Dinamarie R. Grasso Isola '87 and Anthony T. Isola
Kathleen Whelan Ivey '93 and Fred Ivey III
Robert and Kathleen Ix
Lauren Jachimczyk '18
Anne Robbins Jackson MS'89
Domonique S. Jackson '18
James R. Jackson '65
Robert and Judith Jacobson
Milton H. Jacoby '62
Patrick J. Jacquot '05, A'05 and Tisha A. Jacquot C'05, A'13
Brian and DawnMarie Jadul P'22
Shahid A. Jafri '17
John W. Jahne '89 and Catherine A. McCabe Jahne '89
Stephen P. Jakab '62, MA'74 and Carol Rozum Jakab
Mark and Susan Jamieson P'22
Lynn Janco
Mary Janeczek CAS'88
Emily K. Janis '09
Edward O. Janosko '70 and Sherryl Janosko
Patricia J. Jantzen P'24, '22
Robert and Claude January
Shirley M. Jarvella CAS'87 and Ronald Jarvella
Emily S. Jedinak '12
Timothy and Susan Jensen P'18
Andrew J. Johnian '16
Adrienne A. Johnson '91 and Lee Dowling
Arlene F. Johnson
Jerry Johnson Jr. '84
Laura C. Johnson '14, MA'16
Lucy Johnson
Stephen M. Johnson '85 and Christine Sullivan Johnson
Stephen P. Johnson P'07
William and Jenny Johnson
Mary Yursha Johnston '84 and Todd Johnston
Richard M. Johnston '86 and Judith McCahill Johnston '87 P'19, '18
Timothy C. Johnston '18
Joyce Cirillo Jolly MA'79, C'83 and James P. Jolly Sr.
Anita L. Jones '77 and Joseph Cloherty
Colleen M. Jones '78
Frank A. Jones and Donna C. Glyn-Williams P'23
John Jones MA'01, MA'20 and Donna K. Jones
Mary Ellen DeAngelis Jones '85, MS'93
Paul C. Jones P'13
David G. Jordan '96 and Beatrice Jordan
Michael and Nancy Jordan P'22
Robert A. Jorlett '62 and Sylvia Del Valle Jorlett
Daniel B. Joseph '17
Geraldine Y. Joseph '94
Blythe Josovitz
Brendan J. Joyce '18
Christopher S. Joyce '15
Mark and Trish Joyce P'18, '15
Patricia M. Joyce '75
James and Margaret Jubb P'20
Thomas and Jean Jung
Meghan M. Flanagan Jupiter '05 and Adam Jupiter
Brian F. Jurgens '03 and Jenette R. Conte Jurgens '03
John D. Jurkowski '79 and Donna M. Jurkowski
Daniel K. Kagdis '10, MBA'14
Anne P. Kahl '06
John and Jane Kahl P'06
Cynthia Farhart Kahn '73 and Anthony F. Kahn
Gerard and Charlene Kaiser P'16
Allyson C. Kalamaras '01 and Leonedas Kalamaras
Robert J. Kalchthaler '88 and Christine L. Kalchthaler
Showky M. Kaldawy '94 and Nicole Kaldawy
Julia Kallen '22
Ross and Wendy Kallen P'22
James R. Kallio '90 and Stephanie Dixon Kallio
Gregory A. Kalscheur S.J.
Kevin O. Kammerer '69 and Jodi Kammerer
Robin Bennett Kanarek '96 and Joseph Kanarek
Edward J. Kane '61, MA'67
Jacqueline S. Kane '87
John H. Kane '89
Julie A. Kane '20
Susan M. Kania '85
Alexandra L. Kar '16
Brianne M. Kar '16
Deborah-Ann Kar P'16, '16
Jenene Geerdes Karamon MA'75 and John Karamon
Christopher P. Karch '04
Joseph J. Karcsinski III '74
Joseph M. Karczewski '12 and Jessica M. Karanian '12
George B. Karfiol
Albert V. Karg '60 and Mary J. Karg
Leo E. Karl Jr. '51 and Katherine Horan Karl
Douglas and Sharon Karp
Nicole S. Karwashan '16, MA'19
Rosemary Federico Kasper '86 and Jeff Kasper
Levon and Aline Kassabian P'22
Allan E. Kaulbach '70 and Linda E. Kaulbach
Keith R. Kaulback '97 and Cheryl Bender Kaulback
John J. Kavanagh '58 and Nancy Kavanagh P'86
Marc and Rachel Kavanagh
Andrew J. Kavulich and Christine A. Papa P'22
Rosalie Kaye
Joan M. Kayser MA'02
Caitlin T. Keane '07
Micaela O. Keane '10
Joseph J. Kearns '64 and MaryLouise Kearns
Cathleen V. Keating '13
Benjamin J. Kebbell '21
Michael and Toni Keech P'20
James B. Keefe '83 and Clare Hannaway Keefe '83
Timothy P. Keefe '85
Caron J. Keenan '61, C'69 and Lynn Keenan P'88
Eileen M. Keenan '19, MS'20
James P. Keenan '11 and Sarah A. Piccolomini Keenan '11
Kaitlyn M. Keenan '13
Kerianne Keenan '18
Timothy J. Keenan '81 and Valerie Gradel Keenan '80 P'23, '18, '12, '11, '06
Elizabeth A. Washington Keenoy '82 and Peter C. Keenoy
Charles E. Keinath '07 and Christine A. Porcello Keinath '07
Lauren E. Keith '08
Alyssa M. Kelleher '19
Audrey C. Kelleher '19
Kevin J. Kelleher '76 and Mary Pat Hicks Kelleher '77 P'05, '02
Lane E. Kelleher '15
William J. Kelleher III '92 and Margaret Mary Cassidy Kelleher '92 P'24
Amanda L. Keller '13
Thomas and Adrienne Keller P'88
Traugott and Constance Keller
David and Patricia Kelley P'15
Edward and Dorothy Kelley P'96
Maureen Kelley '99
Michael T. Kelley '65 and Susan Johnson Kelley
Patricia McNamara Kelley '79 and Brien E. Kelley
Christopher O. Kelly '18
Daniel J. Kelly '94 and Cristina E. Buonocore Kelly '95
Jack L. Kelly '67 and Jo-Ann Ryan Kelly P'96
James and Terry Kelly P'93
Jeffrey and Corinne Kelly P'22
Kevin and Laura Kelly P'22
Mary K. Kelly '02
Michael and Jennifer Kelly P'22
Michael E. Kelly '61
Pamela M. Kelly '07, MA'19 P'07
Paul J. Kelly and Claire MacDonnell Kelly P'07, '00, '94, '94, '89, '87, '86
Raymond J. Kelly '75 and Maureen Kelly
Robert C. Kelly '74 and Elaine Kelly
Robert E. Kelly Jr. '94 and Leslie Curran Kelly
Charles J. Kemp '03 and Loren Williams Kemp
Theresa M. Kemper '82 and Michael J. Quinn
Robin Kencel
John P. Kennedy '91 and Rosemary M. Kennedy
Joseph T. Kennedy '89 and Nicole Dammen Kennedy '89, MA'93
Thomas and Dana Kennedy P'09
Darian J. Kenneway '20
Adam J. Kenney '15
Charles D. Kenny '67 and Mary G. Pinola P'10
Allan H. Kensel '69 and Jennifer Coleman Kensel '75
John and Kathryn Kenyon P'20
Robert and Kathleen Kenyon P'03
Bryan Keogh MBA'02
Andrew C. Kerfut MA'66 and Georgianna Kerfut
Meaghan S. Kerins '19
Noreen Kern '80
Marilyn Piel Keyser '87 and Michael S. Keyser
Eli Kharaz '95, MS'10 and Katherina D. Kharaz
Edmond F. Kiely '53 P'78
Edward F. Kiernan III '92 and Elizabeth Ramirez Kiernan
Ellen D. Sarosy Kiernan '03
Gregory and Vera Kiernan P'12, '09
Aryam A. Kifle '17
Barbara Patton Kiggins '85 and John D. Kiggins
Annie Kilday '19
Colin B. Kiley '71 and Elizabeth Kiley
Paul and Linda Killian P'97, '95, '93
Richard J. Killian '15
Conor T. Kim '17
Joan Swanson Kimball '79 and Robert Kimball
Jean Marfizo King '91 and Gregory P. King
Mary Nardozza King '76, MA'81 and John E. King
Samuel R. King '70 and Regina M. King
Susan Robinson King MA'73 and Michael C. King
Edward D. Kingsley '82 and Jeanne M. Kingsley
Brian A. Kinney '94 and Amanda H. Peters Kinney
Steven and Danielle Kinney P'22
Adrienne Teschemacher Kirby '81 and S. Dillard Kirby
Katrina J. Kirchgaesser '19
Abigail M. Kirchner '20
Thomas M. Kirchner '84 and Robin M. Nelson Kirchner
Mark D. Kirsch '93 and Gretchen M. Kirsch
Lawrence and Julie Kirshner P'22
Frank J. Klecha '64
Daniel Klecker P'10, '09
Leonard M. Kleczkowski
John J. Klein '92 and Marianne Teresa Hillerman Klein
Michael D. Klein '99
Herman Kleine
Brianna R. Klenkel '18
Ronald and Denise Klima P'20
Donald P. Kline '64
Elizabeth A. Masterson Knapp '09 and Andrew Knapp
William and Tara Knapp
John and Kathleen Knecht P'22
Elizabeth Pagano Kneebone '89 and John Kneebone
Charles D. Knight '86
Michela Scotto Knight MA'83 and Peter R. Knight
Robert G. Knight Jr. P'22
Sean R. Knightly '13
Charles H. Knights III '12
Jeffrey and Diane Knuth P'21
Courtney Kobus '22
Mark M. Kochanowicz '07
Erka Kodra '20
Mary Sedensky Koehm MA'51 P'80
Edward D. Koenig '77
Judith B. Koffsky
Sarah E. Kohaut '19
Robert W. Kohler '69 and Marie Lomangino Kohler
Carole M. Kokoszka '86
Julia M. Kolano '19
Anna K. Komer '21
Louis and Vida Komer P'21
Estate of Jordan A. Konov
Kathryn King Kopacz '86 and Richard Kopacz
Shaileen Sullivan Kopec MA'71 and Anthony F. Kopec
John M. Kopko '14
Robert W. Kovacs Jr. '04
Joseph and Maureen Koval P'22
John S. Kovaleski '63 and Virginia Kovaleski
Glen J. Kowalchuk '78 and Marilyn Kowalchuk
Robert J. Kownacki '78 and Drucilla Buonaiuto Kownacki '77
Karin B. Kracht
Joseph R. Krajci Jr. '70 and Roberta Daniello Krajci MA'78
Camille Azzolino Kramer MA'07 and Alan W. Kramer
James and Celeste Kramer P'10, '03
Kyle Kramer '19
Matthew C. Kramer '96 and Emily M. Powell Kramer '95
Samantha E. Kramer '20
Tara Kramer P'24, '20
Melissa A. Kramps '97
Laura Laudonio Kraus '87 and William R. Kraus
Thomas J. Krause '72, MA'81 and Patricia Ryan-Krause
Edward C. Krawiecki Jr. '74 and Sharon McGuire Krawiecki P'09
Glenn and Therese Krebs P'13
Ryan C. Krebs '13 and Margaret K. Osmulski '14
Michael and Shelley Kreiger
Mark R. Kremheller '11, MS'12 and Kimberly B. Czarnecki Kremheller '06, MBA'16
Todd J. Kress
Robert and Clare Kretzman
Sarah D. Krikorian '14, MA'16
Stephen A. Kriso III '98
Kelly A. Kristiansen '19
Samantha R. Krivensky '14
Mark and Kimberly Krivitsky P'21
Joseph F. Kroll '65
Barbara A. Hanrahan Krucher '86 and Chris S. Krucher P'22
Eric R. Kruger '88 and Maureen Quinlan Kruger '88
Curt and Susan Krushinsky P'21
David and Jodi Kryzanski P'18
Katherine Kudlacik '22
Jennifer D. Kuebler P'24, '22
Bernard and Ellen Kueny P'15
Timothy S. Kueny OD '91 and Janet Clark Kueny '91 P'23
Diane L. Wood Kuhla '96 and David Kuhla
Peter Kuhn
William J. Kuhn '75 and Mary J. Cleaveland Kuhn
William J. Kuhne '94 and Ellen Kuhne
Karlie D. Kuligowski '18
Kevin Kuligowski and Miryam Kugligowski P'18
Robert M. Kulikowski '77 and Marie A. Kulikowski
Kevin M. Kumke '84
Mary Delorimier Kunkel '76
John F. Kuntz '77 and Megan McGowan Kuntz '77
Michael and Rosamaria Kurata P'14
Gerald E. Kuroghlian MA'83 and Ellen Kuroghlian
Shane A. Kurtz '11
Kevin O. Kuryla '88 and Jennifer J. Kehoe Kuryla
Thomas N. Kushner '86 and Stephanie Friedman Kushner
Peter D. Kwauk '19
Rosemary P. Kwauk P'19
Paula J. Kweder P'15
Euk Kwon and Esther Ro P'21
Anna F. Labrosciano '95
Louis A. Laccavole Jr. '71 and Joyce Keaton Laccavole
Jeanne Lacey '94
Anthony and Linda Lacke P'20
Steven M. Lackner '93 and Kelly Fitzgerald Lackner '97
James T. LaCroix '70 and Margaret R. Felluca LaCroix P'06, '00
Norman and Celeste LaCroix
Kara E. LaFleur '06
Kelly A. Doran Lafnitzegger '89 and Peter T. Lafnitzegger P'23
Aileen McQuillan LaGanza '82 and Dennis C. LaGanza P'22
Dorothea M. LaGinestra P'00, '95, '93
Marcelo C. Laiz '82 and Cynthia Pallon-Laiz P'21
Mark P. LaManna '89
Luan F. Lamas
Christopher D. Lamberti '20
Donald Lamberty and Elsa J. Cantor
Emily K. LaMonte MBA'14
Brian A. Lamoureux '93 and Christine Thomas Lamoureux
Rita A. Landino C'71
Rachel I. Landry '21
Kendra R. Landy '19
Kenneth C. Landy and Teresa J. Opalacz P'19
Jean M. Reusch Lane MA'86 and Philip J. Lane P'10
Timothy E. Lane '85 and Rosaleen Mulvey Lane '85 P'24, '16
Eugene and Kimberly Langan P'20
John J. Langan Jr. '69 and Anne McDonald Langan '74
Kelly A. Langan '20
Michael T. Langan '79
Simon and Robin Langdon P'22
Brian T. Lange '06 and Kathleen E. Burlew Lange
Scott L. Langlais '84 and Jennifer Sullivan Langlais '86 P'16
Patrice A. Lannon
Louis and Kim Lanzillotta P'22, '22
Robert J. Lapierre '62 and Noella Lapierre
Craig N. LaPlante '79 and Holly Thaldorf LaPlante
John and Suellen LaPosta P'21, '19
Zachary J. LaPosta '19
Mary Lappe
Jose A. Lara '15
Sergio D. Lara '12
Jacqueline Plouffe Larkin '84 and David K. Larkin
Kaitlyn A. Larkin '19
Lester J. Larsen
Dorothy B. Larson
Robert A. Larson '62 and Christina Baker Larson
Jason T. LaRue '99 and Christine M. Hopper LaRue '97
Robert H. Laska '69 and Marianne Euser Laska
Sara LaTerza
Zane P. Latham MS'12 and Stephanie Smeriglio Latham
Maresa L. LaTorraca '99
Craig T. Lauder '91 and Kathleen Killion Lauder
Romeo A. Laurente Jr. '91
Brian and Isabella Lauro P'07
Richard E. Lautenbach '80 and Susan Lynch Lautenbach
Karen Lavallee-Kelly '85 and William Kelly
Claire R. Lavelle '20
James and Robin Lavelle P'22
Linda Lavin-Muldoon '83 and Joseph B. Muldoon
James A. Laviolette '17
Giovanni and Sally Lavista P'22
Nicollette Lavista '22
Robert and Suzanne Lawler P'16
Kevin P. Lawlor '79 and Marianne Russell Lawlor P'21, '19, '17
Suzanne E. Lawlor '14
George T. Lawrence Jr. '69, MA'71 and Maureen Thompson Lawrence P'06
Chloe F. Lazar '19
Gary J. Lazarus CAS'92 and Carol Lazarus MA'78, CAS'91
Christopher J. LaZazzera '19
Kathy J. Lazear '78
Loan D. Le '14, MFA'17
Alana G. Leahy '19
Courtney L. Leahy '04
Katelyn Leahy '19
Kevin P. Leahy and Diane Barbieri P'19
Scott K. Leahy '97 and Patricia A. Devine Leahy '97
Thomas and Colleen Leahy P'21
Thomas W. Leahy '62 and Kathleen Leahy P'88
Colleen M. Leavitt '92
Russell F. Leavitt Jr. '71 P'12
Bryan L. LeClerc '84 and Mary E. Suriano LeClerc '84
Francis J. Lee '61 and Mary Foley Lee
Joan L. Lee P'19
John and Mary Lee P'18, '12, '03
John J. Lee III MS'08 and Barbara M. Lee
Patrick M. Leeber '86 and Lorinda Leeber MA'02
Alexa C. Lehan '22
John and Michele Lehan P'22
Maryann Lehmann
Susan M. Vartinen Lehmann '88 and Tony Lehmann
Robert N. Leitch '68 and Nancy B. Leitch
Eric F. Lemieux '83 and Suzanne Burke Lemieux '83 P'22, '18
Joseph and Grace Lenahan P'20
Peter J. Lenart '61 and Gladys Krupa Lenart
Russell B. Lennon III '90 and Megan McGovern Lennon '90 P'23
Salvatore and Janice Leo P'04, '97, '96
Marielle Leonard
Andrew S. Leone '17
Seth and Judith Lerner
Joseph and Lisa Lerz P'22
Michael T. Lesnick '74 and Martha McCann Lesnick
David and Sandra Lessing P'22
Lawrence A. Lessing III '59 and Peggy Lessing P'05
Stephen M. Lessing '76 and Sandra Melton Lessing
John F. Letizia and Kristin Krase P'20
Jack and Janet Lett P'05
Arnold L. Lettieri Jr. '68
Kristin M. Levandoski '10
Louise Sniederman Levin MA'00
Paul and Emmanuelle Levin P'22
Doris J. Levinson
David S. Levitman and Peggy Freedman-Levitman
Alexander D. Levy '19
Robert D. Levy '85, MA'87
Joanne C. Lewers '91
David and Elizabeth Lewis P'20
Denise W. Lewis
Eugene and Myra Lewis
Mark and Mary Lewis P'22
Samantha L. Lewis '20
Thomas J. Lewis '69 and Louise M. Lewis
Renee N. L'Heureux '10, MS'11
Gary L'Hommedieu '67
Trey S. Liburd '19
Morton and Linda Lichtman
Robert and Laura-Mae Liddy P'22
David and Kimberly Lien P'21
Savero and Josephine Ligato P'15
Andrew C. Liggio '91 and Kerrie M. Shaheen Liggio
Robert L. Ligi '83 and Catherine E. Combs Ligi P'18
Margaret A. Liguori '16
Stephen and Susan Liguori
Steven R. Liguori '78 and Elizabeth M. Bermel Liguori P'16, '11, '09
Steven R. Liguori II '09
Steven and Nina Lilley P'18
Jane Rehanek Limperopulos '77 and William Limperopulos P'13
Mary Alice Limperopulos '13
Louise M. Linck '84
Megan L. Stauffer Lindley '06 and Matthew Lindley
Richard and Suzanne Lindquist P'17
John H. Lindsay '62 and Janice Lindsay
Janet Strasser Link '79 and Joseph Link
Joseph A. Linnehan '75 and Linda Stewart Linnehan
Bruce A. Linsky '64
Joan Levin Lipin MA'89
Michelle M. Wentzel Lipko '88 and James M. Lipko P'20
Marissa Lischinsky '12
Kenneth R. Lisi '60 and Patricia Lisi P'90
Richard J. Lisi '57 and Carol M. Lisi
Walter M. Liska '19
Barbara L. Lisman MA'91
Jeanne Clark Liu '97 and Todd J. Liu
Kathleen C. LiVolsi '86
Charles B. Livoti '68 and Kathleen E. Livoti
Rita G. Lloyd
Ellen Mulhall Lobel '76 and Brian Lobel
Alanna Lobianco '19
Virginia Charnosky Loch MA'64, CAS'67
John and Frances Locher P'95, '92
Michael Loeb and Adria Belport
Robert M. Loesch '86 and Maureen M. Hoch Loesch
William and Susan Logan P'22
Martin and Joanne Logue P'12
James B. Lohrs '84 and Anita Lohrs
Nancy I. Loiselle '76
Joseph J. Lombard
Emily K. Lombardi '20
Robert and Kimberly Lombardi P'20
Anthony M. Lombardino '96 and Denise M. Oliver Lombardino
Susan Maransky Lomker '99 and Jim Lomker
Dominick M. Lonardo '52, MA'54, C'58 and Marie M. Lonardo P'82
Alexander J. Long '14
Maurice and Ceil Long P'02
Patrick K. Long '71 and Elizabeth Long
Charles and Susan Longfield P'22
Raphael and Laura Longobardi P'19
Christine M. Looby '92
Sean M. Looney '90 and Debra Looney
Daniel J. Loparco '73 and Debra A. Loparco
Lou Lopez Senechal '22
Robert J. LoPinto '14 and Kelly A. Romano LoPinto '11
Susanne A. Loquet P'22
William R. Lordi '79 and Marianne L. Kenney Lordi '80 P'13
Marie Lorenz '86 and James O. Mateos Lorenz P'21
Donna Piatek Lorenzo '79
Mark J. LoStocco '81 and Lynn A. LoStocco
Andrew W. Louko '11 and Krislin M. P. Yosuico '11, C'11
Virginia Holloway Lovas MA'77 and Joseph Lovas
Gregg W. Loveland '78
Edward C. Lovely MA'60, C'70 and Nancy Michalka Lovely MA'58
Kristina Lovenberg '20
John G. Loverro '93
Carla M. D. Angelone Lown '86 and William D. Lown
Angela Paolantonino Lowy '01
Thomas and Cheryl Lozowski P'23, '20
Christopher J. Lubrano '12 and Kimberley F. Holiver Lubrano '12
Jacinto and Lydia Lucas P'10
Janet Rozumalski Lucas MA'74
Kirk S. Lucas '80 and Diane Lucas
Virginia Cheasty Lucey MA'81 and Neil Lucey
Sarah E. Lucin '19
Marybeth Y. Luczak '96
Margaret N. Luddy C'82
Thomas A. Luglio '86 P'18
Lance Lundberg and Terry McGuinness
Anthony J. Luongo '96, MBA'03 and Linda Scerrato Luongo '96, MA'11 P'24
Richard and Christine Lupi P'19
Robert H. Lutz '68 and Virginia A. Lutz
Allison N. Maguire Lyman '12 and Matthew Lyman
Lewis and Trudy Lynch P'20
Liam D. Lynch '19
Michelle Lynch P'22
Roger M. Lynch '63 and Nancy Winkel Lynch P'95
Thomas P. Lynch '70 and Linda R. Lynch
Timothy J. Lynes '81 and Joan C. Morningstar
Michael and Suzanne Lyngaas
Edward J. Lyons '62 and Diane Godburn Lyons
Michael W. Lyons '77 and Elizabeth Avery Lyons
Peter S. Lyons '13
Rebecca Wilson Lyons '83 and Thomas J. Lyons
Steven and Alexandria Lytle P'21
Joseph P. Macaluso '73
Walter MacBain '67
Grace MacCallum '22
Todd and Heather Maccallum P'22
Charles F. MacCormack
Gregory and Kathy MacCune P'15
Alan D. MacDonald '61 and Jill Nickerson MacDonald
Gregory and Patricia MacDonald P'04, '02
John J. MacDonald Jr. '89 and Jennifer Doland MacDonald '89
Kaleigh MacDonald '22
Matthew W. MacDonald '96 and Marissa Melia MacDonald
Robert G. MacDonald '91 and Margaret Deneen MacDonald '91
Martin P. MacDonnell '89
Leigh MacDougall MA'84 and R. Donald MacDougall
Lisa M. Tracy MacDougall '96 and James E. MacDougall
Dominic J. Macedo '87 and Cristina R. Marcoccia Macedo P'24
Marelyn J. Maces '19
Gregory J. Macina '76 and Lucy Olszewski Macina P'09
James and Mary Mackenzie P'21
Paul and Laura Mackin P'13
Carol Alcarez Mackno MA'74 and Glenn Mackno
Frank S. Maco '68 and Nancy Lou Maco
Gregory S. Madar '84 and Andrea McSwiney Madar '84
Christina A. Madden '19
Emily N. Madden '19, MS'20
David Madej '68 and Nancy Madej
Paul Madore '66 and Dace Madore
Alice E. Madwed
Ruth M. Madwed
Elizabeth M. Madzula '95
John S. Madzula II '99
Kathleen Gleason Madzula MA'71 and John S. Madzula P'99, '95
Vincent and Debra Maffeo P'11
Katherine H. Magee MA'18
Frank C. Maggiorotto '83 and Wendy Gill Maggiorotto '84
Allan E. Magid '21
Gregory J. Magner '81
Julie A. Maguire P'21
Mark G. Maguire P'21
Meghann K. Maguire '21
Caroline P. Mahar '19
Edward J. Maher III '69 and Virginia C. Greene Maher
Peter F. X. Maher '68 and Katherine Maher
John and Cinthia Mahon P'20
Brian P. Mahoney '78 and Constance Carrigan Mahoney '79
Meghan L. Mahoney '89 and Christopher Finneral
Shelagh E. Mahoney-McNamee '87 and Joseph E. McNamee P'22, '18
Lindsay M. Maida '14
Thomas H. Maikowski '77 and Wanda Maikowski
Robert and Jill Mainiero P'11
Kenneth J. Maiocco '63 and Maxine Gormley Maiocco
Joan Bender Makara '74 and Michael Makara
Usama and Diana Makhlouf P'21
Michael and Maryclare Malady P'22
Marcelle Malagon Baez '17
Augie and Maria Malandruccolo P'22
Timothy M. Malay '94 and Megan Malay
Jay F. Malcynsky '76 and Joni L. Malcynsky
Ann M. O'Sullivan Maleady '92 and Thomas P. Maleady
Richard J. Malek '80 and Catherine Malek
Diane Martin Malichio '87 and Joseph Malichio
Marianne Femc Malliet '76 and William H. Malliet
William H. Malloy III '75
Elesa M. Pluff Malo '01
Matthew M. Malok '70, MA'76 and William J. Whittaker III
Charles J. Malone Jr. '92 and Kelly Farrell Malone P'23
Kieran and Mary Frances Malone
Craig M. Maloney '88 and Patricia S. Molineaux Maloney P'23
Jason J. Maloney '11 and Michelle L. Anderson '11, DNP'17
Richard F. Maloney '67
Amy L. Markowitz Mancini '97 and Joshua Mancini
David J. Mancini '01
Guy and Liz Manfredo P'15
Timothy and Tonia Mangan P'22
John J. Manganiello '97 and Kristina M. Theiss Manganiello
Theresa Mangines
Stephen A. Mango '64 and Sandra Rascati Mango
Lucia Mannello MA'72
Mary-Jeanne O'Connor Manning '85 and Mark W. Manning
Thomas F. Mannino '86 and Melinda M. Bruno Mannino P'22
Arthur J. Mannion Jr. '61
Erin McNulty Mannion '92 and Robert O. Mannion
Rolf and Dora Manser P'17
William A. Manthey '71
Herbert W. Marache IV '17
Mark D. Maragni '89 and Lynne Lesho
Aina March Razakamanantsoa '22
Veronica A. Gilmartin March '85 and Edward K. March
John P. Marchak MBA'98 and Lucy Ambrosino
Aimee Agresta Marchetti MA'94 and Paul E. Marchetti P'22
John J. Marcinek '93 and Joanne M. Marcinek
Joseph M. Marcino Jr. '73 and Robbi Marcino
Robert K. Marconi '54, MA'57, CAS'61 and Rita Marconi
Deb A. Marcou P’20
Frank F. Marcucio Jr. '61 and Annette R. Marcucio
Pearl Marcus
Peter A. Maresco MA'84 and Margaret Kelly Maresco
Albert J. Mariani '70 and Aurora Cunanan Mariani
Jerry Moises and Maria Victoria Mariano P'21
Ian J. Mariner '79 and Grace Nguyen Mariner
Tana L. Markel P'23
Edwart and Michelle Markert P'22
Brandon M. Marlowe '07 and Chrystie A. Cruz '07, MA'09, MA'14
Richard A. Marone '78 and Sandra J. White Marone '78
Michael J. Marotto Jr. C'81, MA'81 and Carole Marotto
Brian and Lynn Marquis P'21
Andrew J. Marrero '18
Catherine Marrero-Grabowski P'19, '18
Jane M. Marrone MA'08 and Samuel R. Marrone
Shirley J. Marry-Allgood MA'61
Aileen Marshall P'22
Donald J. Marshall '71 and Allison White Marshall '74, MA'76
Eileen P. Casey Marshall '90 and Jeffrey F. Marshall
Gregory H. Marshall MA'84, CAS'90 and Amy J. Marshall MA'87, CAS'92 P'12
Matthew A. Marshall '19
William A. Marshall Jr. '76
Theodore F. Martens '72 and Marianne Kelly Martens '73
Brittany M. Martin '11
Carol J. Martin
John T. Martin '86 and Robyn L. Martin
Rachel A. Martin '22
William H. Martineau '65 and Elizabeth Snyder Martineau
Nicholas A. Martinelli '69, MA'74
Raymond A. Martinelli '86 and Catherine Gorski Martinelli
Alyssa A. Martinez '20
Julio A. Martinez '07 and Brandy Davis-James Martinez
Rafael F. Martinez '69 and Ana Garcia Martinez
Thomas H. Martocci '70 +
Nancy Marx
Michael A. Marziani '89 and Rula S. Marziani
Gregory K. Marzuk '97
Joseph and Donna Mascia P'22
James V. Masi Jr. '60 and Patricia Begley Masi
Vincent F. Masi A'54 +
Frederick P. Masnato '73 and Maria R. Masnato
Alexis Mason '22
Emily A. Mason '19
Hugh and Carolyn Mason P'20
Laura J. Mason '20
Anthony J. Masone '08
Eugene A. Massey '64 and Mary Ellen Mowry Massey
Matthew T. Mastrianni '13 and Emeline Anania Mastrianni '14
Tavia P. Mastrianni '16
Frank and Judy Mastrocola P'23
Carmella A. Mastrogiovanni C'79
Diane M. Ligouri Mastrone A'05 P'03
Christian A. Matarese '02 and Kimberly Dolan Matarese
Susan B. Matheson
Patrick S. Mathews '92 and Kathleen Coyle Mathews '92
Rose C. Mathis '11
William R. Matits '88 and Lauren Ahearn Matits P'24
Emma M. Matlach '21
Richard J. Matt '69 and Maureen Matt
Paige E. Matteo '12
Dominique S. Matteson
Charles E. Matthews '73 and Laura M. Barr Matthews
Joseph J. Matthews Jr. '88 and Deborah A. Potok Matthews P'19, '19, '16
Robert T. Matthews '73 and Kathleen A. Comiskey
Joseph M. Maturo '64 and Ilona Maturo
Franklin C. Mauri '58 and Concetta A. Tamburrino Mauri
Michael J. Maxwell '84 and Catherine Maxwell
Suzanne Serianni Mayes '88 and Gregory L. Mayes
Christopher J. Maynard '95 and Kristin E. Lundeen Maynard
Michael J. Mazurczak P'22
Raymond H. Mazza MA'98
David J. Mazzarelli '92 and Maria Chiodo Mazzarelli '94 P'23
Katherine A. Mazzarese MA'06
Joan C. Alvarez Mazzella '89 and Robert Mazzella
Robert Mazzeo Jr. MBA'06 and Holly Mazzeo
Samantha A. Mazzeo '14
Anthony and Patricia Mazzone P'02
Charles E. Mazzucco '82 and Donna Caruso Mazzucco '83 P'18
John J. Mazzucco '84 and Carol E. Adamack Mazzucco P'16
Thomas J. McAdam '78 and Jill Schwartz McAdam
David C. McAleer '89 and Christina A. McAleer
Eugene E. McAuliffe '82 and Diana McAuliffe
James J. McAuliffe '88 and Donna McAuliffe P'19
William H. McBain Jr. '75 P'07, '04
Ricky V. McBride '77, MA'05
Christopher P. McCabe '92 and Deana McGlasson McCabe '93
Edward D. McCabe and Monica A. Petraglia-McCabe P'21
Jerome McCabe '76 and Maggie Freeman McCabe
Jessica C. McCabe '19
Katherine Donohue McCabe '81 and William J. McCabe
Patrick E. McCabe '80 and Carol Chamberlin McCabe '81 P'16
John A. McCall '62
Jeannine L. McCann P'92
Kathleen A. McCann '86
Robert D. McCann '68 and Connie McCann
David J. McCarthy Jr. '57 and Mary E. McGlynn McCarthy
James P. McCarthy '73 and Mary Ellen Mangan McCarthy '75
John and Laura McCarthy P'20
John and Cathleen McCarthy P'06
Kathleen Callahan McCarthy '84 and Patrick E. McCarthy
Mary Jill Quinlan McCarthy '93 and Brendan T. McCarthy
Meaghan E. McCarthy '14
Michael J. McCarthy '06 and Kerry McCarthy
Michael P. McCarthy '02 and Lynn Marie Farrell McCarthy
Rory I. McCarthy '04 and Jennifer H. Clough McCarthy '04
William J. McCarthy '92 and Margaret A. Sweeney McCarthy '92
Terri McCarthy-Scully '83
John K. McCarty '57 and Joanne Silva McCarty
Richard M. McCarty '86, MBA'00 and Anne Marier McCarty '86
Brianna C. McCleary '19
Madison L. McClenathan '23
Michael and Stacey McClenathan P'23
Kelly Gaffney McClure '81 and Wade L. McClure
Kenneth V. McCluskey Jr. '63 and Kay Donyce McCluskey
Kevin J. McColgan '81 and Nancy Whelan McColgan '82
Caroline E. McConnell '17
Robert J. McConnell and Donna Benoit P'17
Timothy M. McConnell '92 and Merritt C. Villone McConnell
Patrick J. McCormack Jr. '69 and Patricia J. McCormack
Eileen Devenny McCormick '88 and J Matthew McCormick
Jeffrey and Inez McCormick P'22
William and Anna McCormick P'95, '91, '87
Connor A. McCourt '19, MS'20
Daniel J. McCoy Jr. '63
David and Victoria McCrink P'22
Thomas and Susan McCrossan P'09
James J. McCullagh '03 and Trisha M. Tolerico McCullagh '03
Patricia Collins McCullagh '94 and Neil E. McCullagh
Anne Devine McCullough '79 and James L. McCullough
Julie C. Pasquariello McCullough '05, MSN'13 and Charles McCullough III
Mary I. McCullough
Matthew J. McCullough '99 and Eileen McCullough
Shannon M. McDade '20
Thomas M. McDade '73 and Carol S. McDade
Charles and Janet McDermott P'08
John and Jean McDermott P'20
Anif I. McDonald '16
Elizabeth Mazur McDonald MA'89
James E. McDonald '66 and Susan Kelleher McDonald
Robert O. McDonald '69
Thomas and Katherine McDonald
Brenna J. McDonnell '21
Danielle L. McDonnell MBA'04
Robert J. McDonnell '08
Ana F. McDonough '22
John H. McDonough Jr. '68 and Linda B. McDonough
Patricia A. McDonough
Patrick and Carrie McDonough P'22
Thomas and Lisa McDonough P'20
Thomas J. McElrath '73 and Jean Chmielewski McElrath '74, MA'78
Tracy L. McEvoy
Edward and Leigh McFalls P'22
Francis R. McGann '82 and Mary Ann McGann
Marie D. McGann '19
David McGarry '74
George J. McGauley Jr. '59 and Joan W. McGauley
Gregory M. McGauley '93 and Patricia Morales McGauley '94
Margaret A. McGetrick '19
Susan E. Rueter McGinley '95 and Patrick McGinley
Colleen M. McGinn
Finnley B. McGinnis '21
Ryan K. McGirr '03 and Meghan Coughlin McGirr '03
Matthew McGlinchey '21
Matthew R. McGoldrick '01 and Caroline McGoldrick
Thomas A. McGoldrick '65
Gary E. McGovern '85 and Jane E. Murphy McGovern '85 P'10
Harold and Lesley McGovern P'20
Harrison C. McGovern '20
James D. McGovern '69 and Bernadette McGovern
Kenneth M. McGovern '87 and Maureen B. Kelly McGovern '87 P'22
Patrick J. McGowan '74 and Joan M. Coonan McGowan
Sean M. McGowan '02 and Kate McGowan
Jennifer McGevna McGrady '89 and Michael McGrady
Frederick and Rosalind McGrail P'09
Thomas and Patricia McGrath P'08
Christian McGreevy '97
George K. McGregor '89 and Susan Roth McGregor
John G. McGroarty '74 and Melanie Soper McGroarty
Stuart M. McGuigan '82 and Pamela B. McGuigan
Michael E. McGuinness '82 and Mary Kelly McGuinness '83 P'09
Danielle J. McGuire P'21, '16
James and Maureen McGuire P'17
James W. McGuire '74 and Joanne McGuire
Joan A. McGuire
Julia R. McGuire '20
Matthew and Vivian McGuire P'20
Maximiliano McGuire '21
Marybeth McGurk '82
Elizabeth C. McGurn '18
Patrick J. McHale '86 and Sharon Kristofak McHale '86 P'18
Kevin and Doris McHenry P'22
William A. McIntosh P'92, '86
Glenn M. McIntyre '88 and Jennifer Kappy McIntyre '89
Mary Paston McIntyre MA'65 and John McIntyre
Margaret M. McKelvey '86
Amanda C. McKenna '17
Christopher McKenna '86 and Jill McKenna
Danielle M. McKenna '17
Myles and Phyllis McKenna P'02
Christopher M. McKeon '88 and Jacqueline Jamie McKeon
Peter and Beth McKeon P'20
Michael F. McKernan '80 and Tracy Maus '90
Ana-Maria Mackey McKessy '89 and Sean X. McKessy
Dennis and Teresa McLaughlin P'21
Eric S. McLaughlin '88 and Kimberly Sullivan McLaughlin
James D. McLaughlin '64 and Jane F. Hargroves McLaughlin
Matthew C. McLaughlin '89 and Amy Andariese McLauglin
Rosemarie McLaughlin '89
Tara M. McLaughlin '14
Thomas McLaughlin
John J. McLean '55, MA'62 and Angela T. McLean
Colin M. McLinden '15
Stephen T. McLoughlin '21
Alexander G. McMahon '19
Andrew C. McMahon '13
Andrew J. McMahon '89 and Jennifer Janczewski McMahon '89 P'19, '13
Katherine R. McMahon '17
Kevin D. McMahon '91 and Mary Ellen Hummel McMahon '86
Robert M. McMahon '87 and Kristin Dodge McMahon '87 P'21, '20
William F. McMahon III '93 and Katie McMahon
Tracy A. McManimon '86
Clare R. McManus '12
Monica A. M. Hart McMorran MA'82 and Philip M. McMorran
Peter A. McMullin '92 and Patricia B. Curran McMullin '91
Alyssa L. McNally '20
Brendan N. McNamara '17
Holly M. Sorensen McNamara '90 and Richard R. McNamara
Joseph J. McNamara '60 and Eleanore Bossert McNamara
Michael J. McNamara '89 and Ashley Sartor McNamara P'23
Molly M. McNamee '18, MBA'20
Matthew S. McNeill '13, MA'15 and Nicole E. Battaglia '14, MA'14
Daniel T. McNichol '86 and Roseann McNichol
Grace E. McNulty '18
Lynn V. Roberts McNulty '81 and James M. McNulty
Timothy McPartlin and Eva-Marie Cusack P'22
Jennifer M. McPherson '19, MS'20
Francis J. McQuade '62 and Alice McQuade P'93
John and Gun-Britt McQuade P'22
Noelle M. Cooney McRae '94 and Eddie McRae
Madison McSherry '22
Paul P. McSherry '98
Brendan J. McTague '11
Gregory J. McVeigh '89 and Jennifer Smith McVeigh '89, MA'89
Gererd Meacham '74 and Carol Meacham
Paula Piccione Meachen MA'87
Diane E. Mead
Robert and Catherine Mead
Andrew L. Mecca '84 and Tracy Ungaro Mecca
William F. Mecca Sr. '53 +
John C. Meditz '70
Claire M. Meehan '06 and Brett Cyrgalis
Kenneth R. Meehan '81 and Frieda Bass Meehan
Mary P. Meehan
Sean D. Meehan '19
Thomas J. Meehan '66 and Bonita Meehan
David Megaw '66
Carl J. Meiser III '89 and Maura Cenci-Meiser '89, MA'93 P'22
Mia Melao '22
Deanna A. Mele '01
Mirella Mele MA'82
Kelly Melia '19
Joyce A. Melito '76
Bradford C. Melius '84 and Elizabeth Mellitt Melius '84
Patrice Tracy Melley '74 and William J. Melley III
Derek T. Mello '97
Alec M. Melotto '19, MS'20
Melvin and Joan Melsheimer
James J. Mencel '79
Rita F. Dlugas Mencel '94 and Robert A. Mencel P'91, '86
Ronald M. Meneo '75 and Jacqueline Jackie Meneo
Lindsay M. Carothers Menking '05 and Bradley J. Menking
Albert Mento Jr. '71
Salvatore J. Menzo '61 and Judith Menzo P'88
Samantha A. Merino '21
Anthony W. Merola '74 and Wendy Merola
Gordon and Denise Merten
Marina L. Metcalf '20
Shpetim and Meleke Mete P'21
Richard R. Metz '73 and Kathleen Acocella Metz P'04
Carol Kates Meyer '79, MA'85 and Edward K. Meyer
James and Christine Meyer P'20
Pamela R. Davis Meyer '92 and Gary J. Meyer P'23
Paola A. Miceli P'21
Gary J. Michaud '92 and Heidi Martin Michaud
Robert and Susan Michaud P'20
Brian and Roxanne Middlebrook P'22
Sara Middlebrook '22
Craig and Teresse Middleton P'88
John R. Miecznikowski
Joel and Eileen Miele
Thomas A. Migliano MA'79 and Leanora C. Migliano
Christine Mignone P'18
Robert F. Mihalcik Jr. '79
George S. Mihalik '62
Keith and Christine Mikule P'22
Suzanne L. Milauskas P'21
Bridget H. Miles '18
John C. Milewski '69
Robert C. Millard III '90 and Darlene Lacey Millard '92
Ryan J. Millen '19
Frederick E. Miller Jr. '60 and Louise E. Wood Miller '95
James L. Miller '86 and Anne Marie Miller
Keith J. Miller '88 and Diana M. Miller
Michael S. Miller '87
Robert M. Miller '06 and Jennifer S. Fow Miller '06
Samuel Miller
Thomas M. Miller '70 and Nancy Miller
William L. Miller '99
James S. Mills '76 and Laura L. Mills
William P. Mills IV '17
Stephen A. Mindnich '80 and Ellen Mindnich
James and Madeline Minerly P'08
Martin and JoAnn Minnicino P'15
Steven H. Minnick '94
Angela Giardina Miranda '96 and George Miranda
Gail Miranda-Schmidt '83 and Robert A. Schmidt P'12
Martin P. Misiaszek '14
Brian E. Mitchell '96 and Kelly Mitchell
Kevin J. Mitchell '73 and Laura Kiely Mitchell P'12
Samuel A. Mitchell '11 and Olivia A. Landergan Mitchell '11
Taylor M. Mitchell '19
Anthony G. Mixcus '75 and Mary C. Ziess Mixcus P'16, '07
Eugene F. Mockler '87 and Rita E. Mockler MA'07
Michael Modena '92 and Katherine Modena
Alan D. Moger P'21
Edward M. Molloy Sr. '62 and Bonnie Testa Molloy P'93
Aileen M. Monahan '14
Brendan J. Monahan '10
Brian P. Monahan '82 and Mary McLeskey Monahan P'20, '18, '14
John M. Monahan '71 and Agatha V. Monahan
Matthew S. Monahan '90 and Veronica Monahan
Anthony E. Monelli '06
Michael F. Money '82
Mark and Jill Mongelluzzo P'22
Joseph P. Monks '94 and Megan C. Monks
John W. Monroe '90 and Mary A. Cavanaugh
Ronald W. Monroe MA'83
Richard Montalbano Jr. '80
Catherine E. Montalto '19
Megan K. Montante '19
Anthony and Denise Montaruli P'07
Megan I. Montemarano '14
Daniel J. Montgomery '19
Heather C. Mooney '16
Elizabeth A. Moore
Jean Thomas Moore MA'78
Patrice Wallace Moore '85 and Lowes L. Moore Jr. P'09
Thomas F. Moore '75 and Patricia Hoar Moore '74
Thomas P. Moore '85 and Sofia Taylor
Gonzalo Moraga P'22
Bryan P. Moran '96 and Christine Laygo Moran
Michael J. Moran '59 and Reine B. Velez Moran P'88
Michael and Denise Moran P'14
Paul P. Moran '71 and Jean Sullivan Moran
Terence P. Moran '89 and Elizabeth Jenkins Moran '90
Armand and Bonnie Morassini P'05
Anthony and Donna Moreno P'12
Lauren M. Moretto '19
Brendan H. Morgan '94
Cindy Stewart Morgan '84 and Dan Morgan
Hugh J. Morgan '69 and Emily P. Morgan P'94
Madison and Barbara Morgan P'23
Eileen Kelley Moriarty MA'58
William J. Moriarty '70
Elner L. Morrell '81, MFA'19 and Randy E. Morrell P'03
Patricia M. Morrell P'20
Abigail D. Morrill '22
Francis E. Morris '76 and Barbara Wintrode Morris '76, MA'90, MA'96 P'22
Peggy M. Morris '81
Suzanne N. Morris MA'78 and Grinnell Morris Jr.
Brett Morrison '20
James C. Morrison '93 and Jennifer Lipari Morrison '97
Katherine Morrison '90
Cassandra M. Morrow MA'74
James K. Morrow Sr. '72 and Kathleen Smith Morrow P'04
James W. Morrow '80
Elizabeth Wickstrom Morse '81 and Charles Morse
Tara E. Brady Morstatt '84 and Christopher J. Morstatt P'14
Robert and Roberta Morton P'08
Robert T. Morton Jr. '08, MS'09 and Shelby F. Mayor Morton '09, MS'10
Julie L. Moser '19
Susan L. Kolcun Moskowitz '95 and Ross A. Moskowitz
Kathryn A. Moss '07
Stephen F. Motta '79 and Helen Motta
Pedro A. Moura '00
Thomas M. Moylan '69 and Eileen R. Moylan
Ryan M. Moynihan '17, MA'20
Douglas C. Mueller '91 and Aimee McLaughlin Mueller '93, '98 P'22
Bernard T. Muldoon '58, MA'60 and Beverly Muldoon
Lindsay E. Martin Muldoon '04 and Brian Muldoon
Steven and Debra Mule P'15
Dorothy T. Mulford CAS'80
Brenna M. Mulhall '18
Mary Lynn Mulholland P'96, '92, '86, '85, '83
Alexa Antonetz Mullady '79 and Jim C. Mullady P'13
Wendy L. Mullally P'21
John H. Mullen '06
Matthew T. Mullen '86 and Nicki Mullen
Nancy Protomastro Mullen '83 and Leonard C. Mullen
Sandra D. Mullen
Werner Muller '71 and Barbara Helmes Muller P'20
James F. Mulligan III '14
Mark G. Mulligan '89 and Nancy Kenny Mulligan '89
Thomas A. Mulligan '67 and Lorraine Mulligan
James L. Mullins '76 and Mary C. Monahan Mullins
Erin E. Mulloy '02 and Eyal Seinfeld
Richard E. Mulroy '67 and Patricia Mulroy
Denise M. Mulry '74
Ann M. Munnelly '79
Juan and Lily Munoz P'05
Thomas G. Muoio '85 and Courtney A. McCorkle Muoio
Peter M. Muriana '76 and Kathleen Muriana
Adam P. Murphy '19
Christopher M. Murphy '19
Daniel and Jane Murphy
Erica L. Murphy '19
Joseph P. Murphy '88 and Kathleen Frazer Murphy P'24
Kelly Anne Conlisk Murphy '91 and Daniel Murphy
Martin and Cathleen Murphy P'23, '17
Michael E. Murphy '06
Paul V. Murphy '79 and Marcia A. Leous Murphy
Peter J. Murphy '97 and Becki Murphy
Richard D. Murphy '66, MA'74 and Suzanne Murphy MA'74
Richard J. Murphy '73 and Mary E. Murphy P'96
Robert J. Murphy Jr. '71
Sheila E. Murphy '94
Thomas P. Murphy '84 and Laurie A. Murphy P'21, '15
Shannon F. Murphy-Reilly '92 and Patrick H. Reilly
Andrew P. Murray '18
Estate of Elizabeth Murray P'85
James and Maureen Murray P'22, '20
Mary Ann S. Murray '20
Emmet Murray '51, MA'53 P'76, '76
Deborah Murtaugh
Daniella N. Musacchio '19
Barbara A. Musante
Aytana Muschajew '22
Dordschi and Eugenia Muschajew P'22
Paul A. Musico '74 and Joanmarie Musico
Sabrina N. Musto '19
Renato J. Muzii and Barbara A. Lerman P'21
Timothy M. Nace '74 and Janice Nace
Richard J. Nagle '68 and Pat Nagle
Richard J. Nagle P'20
Joseph L. Nagy '71 and Hur Myung Hee
Louis M. Nagy '59 and Sherrie Nagy
Donald J. Naiman
Sankar R. Nair P'14
Raymond F. Nalewajk '61, C'64
Jeremy J. Nappi '00 and Christina C. Rice Nappi '00
Claudette J. Narcisco '77
Joyce C. Narden CAS'88 and Girin Munshi
Katya Z. Nash '16
Richard J. Nastasi '72 and Nancy Beauregard Nastasi
Melissa A. Natale '95
Sean M. Naughton '95 and Christine M. Williams '95
Robert Nazarian
Thomas and Elda Neagle P'00
Robert W. Nedswick '74 and Anita Nedswick
Ian M. Nelson '20
Jeffrey and Anne Nelson P'18
Kaitlyn E. Nelson '19, MS'20
Mark E. Nelson '93 and Diane Cicchetti Nelson '91
Michael J. Nelson '04
Shannon Fullen Nelson '91 
Travis R. Nelson '08 and Lauren C. Williams Nelson '11
Sally O'Neill Nemchek '89 and Christopher Nemchek
Mark and Suzanne Nemec
Dino and Lynn Nerney P'20
Anthony J. Nespole Jr. '58 and Olga Y. Nespole
Mark G. Nessing '84
Demi M. Nestopoulos '22
Alexander R. Nestor '70 and Sally A. Nestor '91
Kevin M. Neubauer '05 and Andrea M. Vanacore Neubauer '05
Ryan I. Neubauer '07, MS'08 and Sarah B. Nelson Neubauer '07
Anna H. Neufeld '19
Katherine A. Neugebauer '08
Phillip J. Neugebauer '91 and Elizabeth Koch Neugebauer '91
John and Eileen Newcomb P'19
Brian C. Newhall '74 and Phyllis Newhall
Timothy E. Newton '76 and Susan H. Newton
Nancy Reed Nichols-Goldstein '81
Manuela Nicolini '20
Peter and Claudia Nielsen
Donald and Janet Nieradka
Alison B. Nieto '02 and Miguel Nieto
Robert J. Nighan '88 and Karen Boornazian Nighan '87
William J. Nimke '76 and Melissa Nimke
Kenneth B. Nippes III '94 and Christine M. Rizza Nippes '94
Karen A. Nisbet '94
Maria E. Nitti '21
Michael and Kara Nitti P'21
Katherine Niznansky MA'81, C'04
Julia R. Nojeim '19
Dianne M. Nolan MS'89 and Mark E. Breslin
Margaret J. Nolan '93 and Donald Pinkowsky
Sean T. Nolan '10, MBA'13
Ronald W. Nolting MS'96 and Terry A. Cullen Nolting P'17
David and Marcia Noonan
Doris Dwyer Noonan '84 and Michael Noonan
John E. Nori '54 and Nancy Nori
John G. Norko '69 and Teri O'Neil Norko
Harry P. Norman Jr. '88 and Joan M. Gallagher Norman '88 P'22
Cathleen M. Norton '89
Collin J. Norton '14, MS'15
David A. Norton '63 and Elsie Norton
Dermod F. Norton '65 and Christine Norton
Marianne Norton '92
Edmund and Sheila Novak P'21
Anthony and Carrie Noviello P'22
Jake A. Noviello '22
Amanda Nowak '22
Henry P. Nowak Jr. '89 and Teresa Fish Nowak P'22
Alexander T. Nowicki '17
Carole Ann Maxwell and Richard Nuzzo P'02
Jeffrey and Betsy Oakes P'18
Diane Oakley '75
Paul and Maria Oberlander P'21
Brendan S. O'Brien '13
Conor J. O'Brien '19
Devyn N. O'Brien '21
Edward T. O'Brien '74 and Bernice O'Brien
Erin E. O'Brien '19
James and Karen O'Brien P'20
Jimmie P. O'Brien '75 and Suanne O'Brien
John F. O'Brien '88 and Sandra Metzler O'Brien
Joseph E. O'Brien and Janetmary Lenahan P'19
Kerry Kristiansen O'Brien '84 and Sean F. O'Brien P'17, '13
Megan K. O'Brien '15
Michelle O'Brien P'21
Seamus P. O'Brien III '20
Thomas R. O'Brien '60 and Midge Margaret Conlan O'Brien P'96, '95, '90
Mikayla A. Obrist
John and Diane Occidentale P'12
John F. O'Connell '55 P'89, '84
John J. O'Connell Sr. '64 and Sheila O'Connell P'97, '93
Julianne C. O'Connell '18
Kevin T. O'Connell '82
Sean C. O'Connell '19
Janet O'Connor Cornell '80 P'11
Caleigh A. O'Connor '17
Charles and Rose O'Connor P'12
David W. O'Connor '72 and Alice K. O'Connor P'11
Francis D. O'Connor Jr. '83 and Teresa M. O'Connor
Francis D. O'Connor Sr. '52 P'83
Gavin G. O'Connor '88 and Marybeth Calianese O'Connor '88
John L. O'Connor '85 and Geraldine Swift O'Connor '86 P'24
Kelley K. O'Connor '12
Margaret T. O'Connor P'83
Mark C. O'Connor '15
Martin P. O'Connor '73 and Elaine B. O'Connor
Matthew J. O'Connor '92 and Suzette R. O'Connor
Robert and Beth O'Connor P'04
Rory P. O'Connor '12
Thomas B. O'Connor '75 and Mary Lou Zilliox O'Connor '83 P'09, '01
William and Joan O'Connor
Donald and Kathleen Ocwieja P'20
Lisa Henley O'Dell '86 and Steven E. O'Dell
Thomas and Lucretia Odinak
Joseph M. Odoardi '70, MA'75, C'85
John P. O'Donnell '75, MA'80 and Catherine Sullivan O'Donnell '79, MA'84
John and Catherine O'Donnell P'22, '21
Lynda O'Brien O'Donnell MA'73 and Richard K. O'Donnell
James and Margaret O'Donoghue
Michael F. O'Donovan '02
Barry J. O'Driscoll '00
Erin C. O'Gallagher '19
Elliott and Santhea Ogden P'16
John L. O'Halloran '65
Mark P. Ohanesian '85 and Gina Zarlengo Ohanesian '86
Grace C. O'Hara '19
James J. O'Hara '78 and Lisa Faulkner O'Hara
Kara L. Dooley O'Hare '08 and Brian O'Hare
Kathleen McInerney O'Hare '77 and Bernard F. O'Hare
Brian C. O'Keefe '14
Kenneth J. O'Keefe '88
Kevin P. O'Keefe '95 and Jenna L. Cardone '97
Patrick F. O'Keefe '84 and Karen Occhipinti O'Keefe '84 P'15
Lacey J. Olaff '20
Peter A. Olander '62
David and Suzanne Olczak P'22
Lauren G. Olczak '22
James and Ann O'Leary P'22, '22, '20
Katherine O'Leary '92
Patrick J. O'Leary Jr. '73
Sean C. O'Leary Sr. '91 and Kathleen L. Brennan O'Leary '91
Shaun T. O'Leary '86 and Patricia Hann O'Leary
Elias Oliphant '20
Raymond J. Oliver '59
Jonathan C. Ollwerther '10 and Erica Smith Ollwerther
Robert D. Ollwerther '78 and Elizabeth Murphy Ollwerther '79 P'10
Lisa Raymond Olsen '89 and Dean Olsen P'23
Ken and Patricia Olshan
Jacob M. Olson '07
Joshua D. Olson '01 and Caitlin A. Perry Olson '02
Thomas Olson
Kathryn O'Mahony
Lauren R. O'Malley '19
Savannah L. O'Malley '11
Maxwell O'Meara '52 and Dorothy Dodd O'Meara
Conor P. O'Meara '15
John J. O'Meara '15
Dan C. Omohundro
Mariclare Foster O'Neal '83 and Robert D. O'Neal
John R. O'Neill '71 and Kathleen Greber O'Neill P'08
Joseph S. O'Neill '77
Peter M. O'Neill '99 and Susan E. Kelly O'Neill '00
Robert T. O'Neill '75 and Kathy Morgan O'Neill P'14
Monica P. Orban MA'91
John T. Ordway '14
Margaret O'Reilly Smith '74 and Stephen M. Smith P'06
Biff J. O'Reilly '80 and Jeanne Arrigoni O'Reilly '82 P'11
Michael and Rhonda O'Reilly P'13
Christopher G. Orth '07 and Alexandra Dziuma Orth '07
Randel S. Orzano '82 and Gretchen L. Hachmeister
Devlin R. O'Shea '06
Richard M. O'Shea Jr. '98 and Jeanette M. Janczak O'Shea '99
Mary Beth Wirtz Osiecki MA'87 and Joseph Osiecki
Margaret M. Osora '84 and Daniel Pentek
Megan E. Ostenby '18
Paul and Lucille Ostensen P'24, '21
Sara T. Ostensen '21
Christine A. Ostrowski MBA'99
Doreen M. Boutote O'Sullivan '93 and Timothy O'Sullivan
Michael J. O'Sullivan '94
Sarah T. O'Toole '17
Charles and Kathleen Ott P'10
Maureen E. Kelly Otten '84 and Ronald Otten
Charles E. Otto MA'01 and Wendy Halsey Otto
Connie Lucking Owen MA'81
Richard and Kendra Owen P'20
Ann Owens
Christopher D. Owens '77 and Carol Farabee Owens
Adrienne Williamson Oziemblewski '99 and Eric Oziemblewski
Jaclyn Ozyjowski '17
Richard R. Pacelli Jr. MA'88 and Barbara Kohout Pacelli '81
John F. Packhem and Donna Lafontaine P'18
William J. Paffido '55, MA'69
David J. Page '54
Michael P. Pagliaro '22
Philip and Sabrina Pagliarulo P'24, '22
Dorothy R. Johnson Pahner '81 and Wayne A. Pahner
Edward P. Paige
Joseph M. Pajor '69 and Kathy Pajor
Richard Pajor '76
Mary Ann Palazzi MA'88
Francis Palestrini Jr. '75 and Maureen Palestrini
Gloria J. Palmer MA'71
Arianna N. Palmeri '20
John A. Palmieri '56 and Marilyn Cherowitz Fitzgerald Palmieri
Nancy J. Palmisano '78
Joseph A. Palsa '71 and Vivian Carrafielo Palsa P'05
Anna Marie Palumbo
George and Marlene Palyca P'03
Steven G. Panagiotes '19
David M. Panico '83 and Barbara Wegman Panico '83 P'13
Jeffrey Panzo '93 and Kersten B. Stannard
Joseph Paoletta
Thomas J. Paoletta '86 and Linda M. Corso Paoletta
Dominic J. Paolino '14
Patricia Dunn Paolucci '76 and J Dean Paolucci
Andreas G. Papadatos '91 and Brenda C. Thickett
John F. Papandrea Jr.
Christine R. Fryer Paprocky '96 and Raymond F. Paprocky
Michael D. Paradise '94 and Sonja Tietjen Paradise '95
Martina A. Parauda '81
Louis F. Parent Jr. '61 and Sandra Parent
Anthony M. Parente '70 and Judith Gouldin
Christian and Eleanor Pariseault P'21
Jan Parizek '22
Courtney M. Parker '07
Kevin and Jean Parker
Stephen V. Parkosewich '72, CAS'86 and Jill J. Parkosewich
Cecilia R. Parla '19
Terri-Anne Parlemon '19
Craig A. Parrow '89 and Kimberly D. Parrow P'24
John K. Parsons Jr. '60 P'88
Michael and Jocelyn Pascucci
Lawrence A. Pasini Jr. '13
Maria-Jose Pastor P'16
Lisa M. Donato Pastore '80 and Joseph Pastore
Thomas R. Paterno C'01, MS'01, MS'08
Deepa Patne MS'13
Lisa A. Berk Patten '00 and Thomas Patten
Christie L. Patterson P'19
David J. Patterson
Norman W. Patterson '74
Rebecca A. Patti '22
Erin P. Patton '94 P'23
Kathleen E. Paul MA'76
Stephen and Lorraine Paulino P'13, '09
Debra Pavlik '84
Arthur J. Pavluvcik '57 and Marcia Pavluvcik
Kenneth J. Pavolonis '67 and Gail A. Pavolonis
Lindsay M. Dewan Pazdan '06 and Max Pazdan
John M. Pearson '84 and Chandra Pearson
Marguerite Downing Peck '83 and Ernest J. Peck P'15, '10
Eric W. Peel '97 and Melissa Mantore Peel
Gary W. Peloquin '73 and Jean L. Peloquin
Diana Y. Peng '01
Paul J. Pennelli '01
Lee M. Penyak '84
Salvatore and Dianna Pepe P'22
Frank and Patricia Perazzini
David S. Pereira '87 and Nancy Fuhrmann Pereira
Amanda J. Perfetti '14, MA'16
Glenn D. Perigaut '90 and Michele Perigaut
Kathryn E. Perkins '86
Joseph and Ann Perkowski P'12
Joseph M. Perkowski '12
Joel D. Perlotto '90
Craig and Colleen Pernerewski P'22
Elizabeth M. Kline Perrier '84 and Richard Perrier
Francis T. Perrone '64 and Carol A. Chrapowitzky Perrone
Joseph R. Perrotta '72
Jan G. Perruccio P'15
Geoffrey A. Perry MBA'12
Maureen E. Perry '19
Scott Perry '92 and Karen E. Hedlund Perry
Michael Persaud '08, MBA'10, MS'11 and Emily S. Martucci Persaud '08
Scott and Jacqueline Persechino P'22
Corinne E. Persichetti '19
John-Moritz and Antje Persiehl P'22
Carla M. Perugini-Erickson '90 and Lawrence E. Perugini Erickson Jr. P'17
Karl and Cynthia Pessinis P'20
Barry and Linda Peters P'18
Kurt and Mahafarin Peters P'07
Nancy Castellucci Peters '89 and Jonathan Peters
Riley F. Peters '18
Leonard C. Peterson A'40 and Caroline S. Peterson
William J. Peterson '91 and Melissa Peterson
Emily C. Petrie '18, MA'20
Connie M. Petrillo CAS'67
Thomas A. Petrone '76 and Linda J. Slotnick Petrone
Elaine M. Petronella P'14
Gary and Judy Petrosino P'05
Leonard J. Petrucelli '69, MA'75 and Christine M. Petrucelli
Robert R. Petrucelli '54
Joseph L. Petze and Donna-Marie E. Golia P'22
Frank Pezzlo '60
James P. Pezzullo '64
Francis Pfeiffer '66, MA'77 and Christine Pfeiffer
Susan M. Pfeil MA'06
Christopher K. Pfirrman '81 and Barbara Wegener Pfirrman
Gerald R. Pfund '85 and Rebecca Fountain Pfund
Thang D. Pham and Ngoc Sang T. Duong P'20
Christopher Phelan
John G. Phelan Sr. P'89
John G. Phelan Jr. '89
Alfred and Christine Phillips P'22
Glenn L. Phillips '73, MS'83 and Joyce M. Tabory Phillips '74
Pham V. Phuong MA'76
Robert A. Piazza '71 P'04
John and Deborah Picarazzi P'13, '10, '10
Julius and Marie Picardi P'20
Nicholas M. Piccirillo '13
Richard A. Piccirillo Jr. '10 and Jaclyn Quinn
Elena M. Pienkowski '97
Lewis E. Pierce Jr. '53
Brian Pierne MS'95 and Deborah A. Jamroz Pierne
Cormac Pike
Hannah G. Pike MPA'18
Sharon Pike P'18
Apollo and Lynette Pil P'20
Jessica Pil '20
Stephen J. Pilch '83 and Hope Mortimer Pilch
Linda Leonard Piliero '78 and Joseph A. Piliero
Park and Joan Pilikian
Pamela S. Pilla '78
Ronald and Lisa Pilla P'21
Martin J. Pino '65
Maureen Pino
Rudolph V. Pino Jr. '73 and Mary Ann Inzinga Pino P'05, '01
Rudolph V. Pino III '05 and Karalee C. Rovelli Pino '05, MSN'13
Troy J. Pinto '94
Robert T. Piper
Thomas and Christina Pirolo P'21
Julia A. Pisani '19
Gerard J. Pisano P'22, '22
Michael A. Pisseri '97, MA'00 and Terri A. Valadao Pisseri '97, MSN'01
Laura S. Pitaniello '89, MA'19 and Stephen Pitaniello
Barbara A. Murphy Piwinski '76 and John J. Piwinski
Nicholas Pizzichillo '19
Samantha D. Pizzichillo '19
Kelly C. Pizzirani '19
Edward J. Planeta Jr. '86
Joel J. Plaskon '64 and Karol J. Plaskon
Kevin D. Pleines '09 and Kathryn B. Asarnow Pleines '09
Alexandra R. Plithides '16
Dean and Virginia Plithides P'16
Diane M. Plowman P'19
Karen Bernard Plummer '88 and Alan S. Plummer
Antonio and Franca Poccia P'21
Paul W. Poeltl '54, MA'61, C'67
Frank C. Poerio '00
Donald A. Pogoda '73 and Jane Bujanauskas Pogoda '74
George M. Poillon Jr. '53 and Constance Buckhout Poillon
Jay D. Polansky '13
Amy E. Polewaczyk '19
Saul and Anne Pollack
Christopher Polletta '21
Vincent Polletta and Debra A. Cassidy P'21
John Pollicino '82 P'22
Joseph and Margaret Pollicino P'88, '82
Patrick L. Pollicino '19
Carole A. Pomarico MA'01
Michael and Margaret Poppo P'20
Sal and Patricia Porio
Giovanni and Theresa Portale P'20
Nicole S. Porter '19
Phyllis E. Porter
Michele Portera P'22
Mariano Portocarrero '15
Margaret Porzenheim
Giana E. Postiglione '16
Karen M. Rupar Potok MA'75 and Charles M. Potok
John and Maureen Potter P'13
Kimberly A. Conboy Poulopoulos '02 and Christopher Poulopoulos
Sheridan A. Povemba P'22
David and Nancy Powell P'17
Edward W. Powers III '63
Marlene H. Powers MA'76
Robert and Jane Powers P'20
Hugo and Rocio Prado P'22, '20
John P. Praskac III '69 and Joanne M. Helgren Praskac
Douglas M. Pratt '93, MBA'04 and Sharon M. Tinari Pratt '93
Sallianne Ontko Prebensen '02
James P. Prendergast '77 and Peggy Prendergast
Philip and Patricia Prespare P'88
Therese Keenen Pressley '74 and Steven Pressley
Patricia E. Comey Preston '80 and John T. Preston
Mackenzie L. Bruno Pretty '00 and Thomas S. Pretty
Alexander J. Pricenor '63 and Harriet Pricenor
Felicia M. Prignano '18, MS'19
Nicola and Joy Prignano P'18
Diana R. Prinos '20
Peter and Mary Ann Prinos P'22, '20
Sophia Prinos '22
Debra A. Prior
Janice Woods Prior-Crofoot MA'74
Danielle L. Profita '21
Nicole Profita
Robert J. Profita
Russell and Michelle Profita P'21
Michael A. Prokop '80 and Kathryn A. Zutell Prokop '80
Megan A. Protas '12
Andrew and Stacey Pskowski P'20
Chad W. Puclowski '02
Lauren Haskell Pulie MA'88 and James M. Pulie Sr. P'18, '17
Betty J. Pulsinelli
Christopher J. Pultz '97 and Nicole Pultz
John P. Pumphrey Jr. '95
Thomas F. Purcell '71
Kerri Klepper Purdy '85
Carol A. Meany Purmort '83
Anthony P. Pusateri '68 and Theresa Pusateri
Maureen Miller Putnam '87 and Christopher A. Putnam
Ash Puttaswamy MBA'05
Christine Pollock Puzo '74 and Michael J. Puzo
Robert J. Quackenbush Jr. '66 and Merry L. Kennedy Quackenbush
Sarah A. Qualman MA'89 and Gene Qualman
Melissa M. Reardon Quan MA'05 and Michael Quan
William J. Quentin '18
Christopher C. Quick '79 and Ann Bosso Quick
Eileen Manning Quick '77 and Leslie C. Quick III
Mary E. Quick '82 and Jim Daras P'18
Peter A. Quigley and Meghan Heffernan P'22
Thomas J. Quigley '79 and Norma Filippi Quigley '81
Robert W. Quinlan '75 and Judee Quinlan
Susanne M. Quinlivan
Brian and Gail Quinn
Caitlin M. Quinn '07
Colleen McAndrew Quinn '93 and Brendan Quinn
Nora O. Quinn '19
Veronica F. Quinn MA'04
Virginia M. LaHiff Quinn '93 and Matthew S. Quinn
Kathleen Hughes Quintana '86 and Manuel F. Quintana
Christine Lengel Quistberg '85 and Paul T. Quistberg
Cheryl A. Raab MSN'15
Frank B. Rabadam '95 and Elizabeth A. Shepard-Rabadam
Ali R. Rad '12
Sonja Radulovic '20
Michele M. Rae '74 and Daniel Swinehart
Stefano C. Raffa '14
Samuel G. Raffalli '22
Nora Nasif Rahaim '90 and Joseph W. Rahaim
Brendon and Debbie Rahurahu P'20
Jonathan A. Raj '13, MPA'19
Julio J. Ramirez '77 and Anne Porges
Jessica DeLaura Ramy '02 and Brian Ramy
Gary J. Raniolo II '09, MS'11
Joseph A. Rapier '66 and Joanna Sanzo-Rapier P'90
James and Susan Rapoport P'07
Morgan S. Rappe '19
Kurt R. Raschi '73 and Catherine Riordan
Stanley K. Rashid '62 and Mai Gebara Rashid P'95
Sarah A. Ratchford
Kathleen E. Raymond '86, MA'07
Iony Razakamanantsoa and Misserra March P'22
Jacquelyn Reardon '20
Michael B. Reardon '97 and Margaret E. Reardon
Thomas M. Reardon III '86
Daniel M. Record '01 and Jennifer M. LaCroix Record '02
Samuel P. Rector '08 and Kelly A. Wise Rector '08
Meghan K. Reda '15
Michael F. Redden '75 and Irene Pavels Redden
Erin O'Gara Reddy '81 and Robert A. Reddy Jr.
Barbara A. Redmond '81 and Mark Kochevar
Charlie D. Reed '18
Mark C. Reed Ed.D. '96, MBA'03 and Katherine Johnston Reed
Wendy A. Mortensen Reed '92 and Scott D. Reed
Carl T. Rees
James J. Rees '89 and Kallie P. Rees
Eileen Kiely Regan '78 and Marty Regan
Joseph P. Regan '86 and Elizabeth A. Guertin Regan '92
Nelson and Susan Rego P'23
Winfield and Cynthia Reichard P'21
Alan and Catherine Reicheg P'24, '22
Pamela Reichheld '76 and Charles M. Trippe
Dorleen Galardi Reidy MA'87 and James M. Reidy Jr.
Gerald and Mary Reidy
Gerald and Rosemary Reidy
Adeline M. Reilly '14
Brian R. Reilly '66 and Jaclyn L. Reilly
James and Cathy Reilly P'22
Joyce Bushnell Reilly MA'87 P'84
Katherine L. Reilly '15
Katherine W. Reilly '19
Kathryn A. Reilly '11
Kenneth M. Reilly '91 and Teresa Rotiroti Reilly '93
Kevin E. Reilly '76
Peter Reilly '63 and Arlene Kostren Reilly
Philip P. Reilly Jr. '84
William B. Reilly '92 and Keri M. Reilly
William G. Reilly Jr. '74 and Susan A. Perry Reilly P'02
Joseph Reis Jr. '78 and Kathleen Zak Reis '78
Julie Reit
Bryan C. Renehan '70 and Alexa Renehan
David P. Renehan '65 and Elizabeth Renehan
Maryellen Renz-McMillan '86 and Robert K. McMillan
David M. Repetto '79 and Michele McGuire Repetto P'15
John M. Repicky MA'73, C'75
Stephen Rescsanski '67, '68 and Peggy Mcgill Rescsanski
Mark J. Resnick '94 and Coleen P. Campbell Resnick '94
Louis V. Restivo II '19
William C. Reveille '75 and Claire A. Reveille
Dylan G. Reynolds '20
George Reynolds MS'14
Marianne W. Reynolds
Thomas and Chris Reynolds P'21
Clint and Sandy Rhinehart P'21
Lauryn N. Rhinehart '21
Rosemarie Malyszka Rhodes '91 and David H. Rhodes P'88
Stanley W. Rhodes C'77 and Hilda Wright Rhodes MA'84
Timothy G. Rhone '15
Teresa Russo Ricci MA'81 and John Ricci
Alice K. Rice MA'73 and James E. Rice
Danielle E. Rice '19
Alexis Rich '22
Barry and Suzannah Rich P'22
Kevin J. Richards '85
Laurie G. Richardson MS'02 and John P. Richardson Jr.
Mary E. Richardson '84 P'23, '22, '18
Markus and Juliette Richter P'22
Paul Richter
Gary and Mary Ricker P'22
Lawrence G. Ricketts '98 and Neilly M. Ricketts
Donald and Loraine Ridall P'20
John N. Riddle '63 and Carolyn J. Riddle
David and Paula Ridge
Ronald A. Riescher Sr. '63 and Kathleen Sprague Riescher
Andrew R. Riina '15
Michael J. Riley '83 and Martha R. Cullum Riley
Amadeo Rinaldi MA'73, C'82 and Lise D. Rinaldi
Donald J. Rinaldi '60 and Diana Mazaika Rinaldi P'89
Lois A. Valley Rinaldi MA'72
Justin M. Rindos '05 and Nicole A. Panza
Diana Ringelheim
Francis J. Rio Jr. '63 and Mary Ann Wilson Rio P'02
Charles H. Riordan '20
James F. Riordan '55 and Junona F. Moroianu
Parker A. Riordan '19
Kathryn M. Ripp '12
Peter and Barbara Ripp
Nancy J. Risch '85
Frank and Cheryl Rispoli P'21
Harry A. Rissetto '65 and Grace R. Rissetto P'00
Christopher W. Ritchie '88 and Jean Cerasuolo Ritchie MA'90
Daniel L. Ritz '85 and Dana E. Coonan Ritz
Lawrence and Marion Ritz P'85
Alison Rivard
Paola M. Rivera-Lloréns '19
Miguel A. Rivera-Villamil and Maria C. Llorens P'19
Jonathan R. Rivers '12
Amy Kruger Rivotto '82 and Brian Rivotto P'20
John and Carole Rizzo P'17
James P. Roach '54 and Joan A. Neverdousky Roach P'02, '85, '82
Thomas J. Roach '59, MA'68, C'74 and Agnes S. Roach P'13
Richard and Gwendolyn Roarke
Daniel C. Roarty '93 and Patricia Sweeney Roarty '93
Mary Dannaher Robb '88
Clinton J. Roberts '73 and Nancy Moriarty Roberts
Kyle D. Roberts '19, MS'20
Martial P. Robichaud '67 and Amy Robichaud
Madison Robicheau '22
Michael and Marie Robicheau P'22
Gregory G. Robins '71 and Linda Robins
Benjamin D. Robinson '04
Catherine Robinson MA'76
John P. Robinson '18
Michael T. Robinson '75 and Nancy Nead Robinson
Robert and Linda Robinson
Daniel and Joanne Roche P'22
James M. Roche '88 and Wendy Cooper Roche
Kathleen A. Perry Roche '92 and Robert G. Roche
Michael E. Roche '19
John and Regina Rodak
Paige Roderick '19
Jeffrey Rodgers '19
Timothy P. Rodgers MA'03, CAS'08
Aires and Isabel Rodrigues P'22
Joseph G. Rodrigues '18
Nuno G. Rodrigues '13, MBA'16
Thomas J. Rodth '66 and Nancy C. Rodth
Stephen J. Rogan '77 and Laurie Rogan
Alexandra C. Rogers '15
Paul and Helena Rogers P'23, '20
Renee M. Rogers '98, MA'15
Taylor J. Rogers '20
William J. Rogers '72 and Mary K. Neff Rogers
Charles J. Roland '62 and Loretta A. Roland P'97
Eric S. Roland '97 and Colleen A. Griffin-Roland '98
Robert R. Rollauer '67, MA'73 and Mary Rollauer
Jodi L. Romanello '09
Frank J. Romano '84 and Virginia Drew Romano '85, C'03
David C. Romans '91 and Kristyn E. Romans
Richard J. Romanski '63
Deirdre J. Kelly Ronan '93, C'04 and Garrett K. Ronan
John J. Ronan '54 P'87
Andrew and Margie Rooke P'10
Mary Anne Rooke P'20
Taylor A. Rooke '10 and Allison Scalpato Rooke
John H. Rooney '62 and Joan M. Rooney
Robert M. Rooney '65 and Mary D. Rooney
Thomas M. Rooney '88 and Carrie B. Cuomo Rooney P'19, '16
Anne Meyer Rosa MA'03 and Flavio Rosa
John J. Rose '63 and Patricia M. Rose
Thomas A. Rose '62 and Bette Rose
Virginia Distefano Rose MA'82
John Rosen
Marc and Marisa Rosen P'21
Zoe Rosen '21
Gerald B. Rosenberg and Cheryl Wiesenfeld
Sandra Rosenberg
Vivian Rosenberg
Soraya I. Rosenfield MSN'14
Jeffrey S. Rosenthal
Donald J. Ross '75, MA'81 and Arlene T. Richter Ross '74, MA'79 P'14, '08, '06
Edmund C. Ross '86, MA'89
Madeline E. Ross '19
Robert F. Ross '77 and Mary Morrissey Ross '78
Betty L. Rossi MA'76 and Herman Jandrisevits
Joseph P. Rossi '89
Roberta Rossi P'21
Caroline Quinn Roszkowski '05
Heather Rotnofsky '00
James J. Rotnofsky '96 and Barbara Rotnofsky
Roy and Diane Rotnofsky P'00, '96
Michelle R. Rotondo '19
Maureen Garvey Roussel '86, DNP'12
Wesley Roussel '89 +
Kevin and Joan Rowe P'23
Jeff F. Rower MA'89
Gabrielle E. Roy '21
Steven P. Roy '87 and Margaret M. Roy
Timothy and Amy Roy P'21, '20
William M. Roy '84 and Elizabeth Roy
David M. Royston '61 and Eunice Morganroth Royston
James J. Ruane '71 and Patricia O'Neill Ruane
Joseph A. Rube '66 and Nancy Bohne Rube
Matthew V. Rubertone '13 and Caitlin E. Townsend Rubertone '13, MS'14
Michael and Jennifer Rubin P'21
Mikayla C. Rubin '21
James M. Rubino '78 and Lori Rubino
Joel M. Rubino '12, MS'13
Marianne T. Rucco P'20
Norman and Nancy Rucker P'98
John and Nina Ruckes P'20
Robert R. Ruddock '69 and Jane McCarey Ruddock
Susan L. Rudolph '89
Suzanne B. Ruffee P'16
Cynthia Ruggerio '84 and John S. Anooshian
Karl G. Ruling and Martha S. LoMonaco
Bruce and Marian Rupp P'03
Carolyn M. Rusiackas
Kyle M. Russell '98
Olivia Russell '18
Anthony and Margaret Russo P'24, '22
Danielle S. Russo '13
Joseph A. Russo Jr. '69 and Helen M. Russo
Mary L. Russo
Vera Russo
Joseph P. Russoniello '63 and Moira Ward Russoniello
Christopher and Elizabeth Ruta P'15
Joseph R. Rutigliano '98 and Tara A. Rutigliano '98
Leonard J. Rutkosky MA'65
Charles and JoAnne Ryan P'12
Christine M. Ryan '86
Conor P. Ryan MS'07
Daniel P. Ryan '20
P. Ryan '07
Lindsay M. Ryan '09 and Tara E. Flaherty '10
Mark T. Ryan '85 and Kathryn Dolyak Ryan '86 P'22
Mark and Karen Ryan P'21
Martin P. Ryan '72
Michael and Bonnie Ryan P'22
Patrick J. Ryan '22
Ronan G. Ryan '96 and Kara M. D'Ambrosio Ryan '97
Shannon P. Ryan '21
Sharissa C. Ryan '14
Steven M. Ryan '60 and Adriana Ryan
Thomas H. Ryan '19
Thomas J. Ryan '92 and Janice A. Ryan
Geraldine Pannozzo Ryba '89
Mary Ellen Ryer MA'74
Deborah O'Neil Rzucidlo '90 and Matthew L. Rzucidlo P'23, '21, '18
Peter J. Sabat '87 and Elizabeth D. Giuffre-Sabat
Anthony D. Sabatelli '79
Leonard and Lisa Sabia P'24, '21
Christopher F. Sacchi '77 and Virginia W. Sacchi
John J. Sacco '51
Joseph and Patricia Sacco P'13
Madonna A. Sacco '77 and Brian W. Smith
Cynthia M. Patavino Sacramone '83 and Paul Sacramone
Yogesh C. Sadarangani MBA'00 and Christal L. T. Rodenhiser
Hiradean Sadik '15 and Anna Cedrowski-Sadik '15, MS'16
Edward T. Safer and Edna L. Nichols
John A. Sakson '75 and Catherine Fitzpatrick Sakson
Marianne Walsh Saladino '88 and Jerome J. Saladino Jr.
Daniel and Carol Salameno P'22
Jason Salameno '22
Samantha M. Salamon '19
Marcie Varesio Salamone '86 and Salvatore F. Salamone
Charles Salem and Sarah P. Dahl P'22
Olivia G. Salem '22
Karen A. McManus Salerno '92 P'23
Marc E. Salerno '94 and Kathleen Salerno
Domenick A. Saliola '97
Jennifer M. Salit '15
Edward J. Salkoski Jr. '71
Donald F. Salomone '72 and Kathleen Salomone
Barbara Doll Salop '75 and Evan Salop
Jacob A. Salpietro '16
Ronald M. Salvatore '64 and Joanne Rubino Salvatore
Neal J. Salvey '72 and Janine Lichacz Salvey '76, MA'80
Christopher J. Samele '72, MA'74
Adam D. Samuelian '97 and Christine Papenbrock Samuelian '97
Andrew San Marco
Kathleen Holohan Sanchez '77 and Matthew E. Sanchez
Kenneth J. Sandacata '70
Joseph Sande '63 and Maryann Sande
Daniel T. Sanders '95 and Amy Campbell Sanders
Phillip H. Sandine '64 and Marianne Sandine P'93
Christopher A. Sandvik '13, MS'14
James and Gerry Sangiacomo P'19, '13
John P. Sansone '54 and Shirley A. Sansone
Michael J. Sansone '22
John and Grace Sansonetti P'18
Salvatore M. Santella '53 and Flo Courtright
Laura Poling Santoriello '91 and Paul A. Santoriello P'24
Elyse M. Santucci
Paul and Antoinette Santucci P'11
Edmund Sapeta '72
John R. Saracino '54 and Rae R. Saracino P'88
Lisa M. Babaian Sargavakian '89 and Edward Sargavakian
Gerald T. Sargent III '82 and Patricia Tobin Sargent '83 P'18
Janet M. Sargent
Joseph P. Sargent '89 and Meghana Sargent
Matthew P. Sargent '18
William B. Sarr III '75 and Alyssa R. Shapiro Sarr
Hailey S. Sauerhoff '14
Eleanor W. Sauers
Donna Merriam Saul '83 and David F. Saul
Joseph E. Sauvageau Ph.D '79 and Zulma A. Pereira
Elizabeth A. Sauvigne '14
Gerald J. Sauvigne '09 and Elizabeth A. Molino Sauvigne
Kristen D. Sauvigne '10 and Paul Schindler
Lillian C. Savage '16
Arianna J. Savant '14
Jennifer A. Savery '19
Maureen Lavin Sawyer '91 and Scott D. Sawyer
Sarah Danner Sawyer MA'78 and Horace Sawyer
Jordyn P. Saxe '21
Thomas and Robin Saxe P'21
William J. Sayles Sr. '64 and Janet E. McGrath Sayles
Thomas B. Scallon '07 and Heidi Scallon
Robert E. Scalzo MA'70, CAS'79 and Cynthia Watts Scalzo
Andrew G. Scandalios '90 and Catherine A. O'Neill Scandalios '91
Chris G. Scandalios '92 and Kathryn Appel Scandalios
Monica E. Scanlon '93
Santo and Annette Scarfone P'24, '22
Remo Scarpulla '57
Jane E. Schadl '92
John Schaefer
Brian J. Schappert '07 and Cate Schappert
Stephen Scharetg
John H. Scharfenberg P'17
Richard L. Schauster '68 and Marie A. Schauster
Claudia Schechter
John M. Schellpfeffer '87 and Angela Schellpfeffer
Meghan C. Schelzi '10
Michael J. Schelzi P'13, '10
Rebecca Scheps
Chloe L. Scherpa '17
Alexander Schillaci Jr. '80 and Susan Walker Schillaci '81
Andy and Amy Schillinger P'22
Emily Schillinger '22
Clare Carney Schimpf '76 and William P. Schimpf Jr. P'07
Linda A. Lazarus Schlapfer MA'00 and Ronald M. Schlapfer
Jerald C. Schlichting '00 and Kathleen McCarthy Schlichting '00
Kurt C. Schlichting '70 and Mary Schlichting
Paul and Kristin Schlickmann
Paul C. Schlickmann '62 and Ann Schlickmann
Kristin K. Bokus Schmeelk '95 and George Schmeelk
Donna L. Schmidt MA'83
Nina L. Schmidt '77 and John Waller
Harold V. Schmitz Ph.D
Stephen M. Schmitz '78 and Jayne Schmitz
Peter Schneider Jr. '63
Megan E. Noonan Schneider '03 and Kevin Schneider
Randolph Schneider
Martin and Isabelle Schnider P'20, '17, '12
Robert C. Schnurr '74 and Rosellen Walsh Schnurr '74
Paul K. Schofield and Sheila M. Corcoran P'21
James J. Scholl '07
Stephanie Schott '04 and Kenneth Kohanski
Rachel S. Schrank
Robert J. Schreck '56, MA'58, C'60 and Eileen Canning Schreck P'81
Michael F. Schuchmann Sr. '89 and Sandra E. Monopoli Schuchmann P'16
Peter G. Schuebler '90
Shawn J. Schuerlein '04, MS'07 and Malula Gonzalez-Schuerlein '04
Herman R. Schuessler MA'75 and Roz Schuessler
Kathryn Schulze '97 and Gerald H. Schulze
Doug and Sharon Schumacher P'22
William Schumann '62 and Jeanne Schumann
Robert J. Schumm '80 and Gigi B. Schumm '80
Walter C. Schuster Jr. '62 and Sheri Dolezal Schuster
Diane Schwartz
Edward and Nancy Schwartz P'20
Gregory J. Schwartz Jr. '86 and Christa Schwartz
Joseph and Mary Schwartz P'21
Peter F. Schwartz '97 and Stephanie Logue Schwartz
Walter G. Schwartz '87 and Chris Meloro Schwartz '88 P'17
Thomas J. Sciametta '96 and Laura M. Brattesani Sciametta
Christine Sciarrino '83
Troy J. Scocca '17
Mario A. Scolaro Jr. P'78, '77
Mary E. Halas Scott '72, MA'78, C'82 and Tucker M. Scott, III
Matthew M. Scott '02 and Sara D'Arcy Scott
Natale J. Scotto '19
David R. Scrivines
Claire Sampieri Scully '89 and Doug Scully
Jason and Megan Scully
John F. Scully '79 and Carol Fitzgerald Scully '78
Maive F. Scully '76, C'13
Susan Truss Seabrooks '85 and Norman Seabrooks
Edward F. Seavers Jr. '75 and Patricia Pilek Seavers P'05, '03
Richard P. Sebastian '71 and Julia M. Sebastian
Stephen and Christine Secora P'23, '21
Audrey A. Sedensky '22
Stephen and Nancy Sedensky P'22
John C. Seeberg '83 and Kathleen Doherty Griffin '83, MS'14
Laura Seeger '22
Richard and Catherine Seeger P'22
Robert J. Seery Jr. '87 and Kathleen Seery
Kristen M. Seeto '15
Nikki T. Seiler '19
Jeffrey L. Seiser '10
Elizabeth Morrow Selfridge '89 and Barrett Selfridge
Beth Ann Semeraro '02
Sofia Sena '19
Justin and Tanja Sendak P'21
George A. Sender '61, MA'69, C'73 and Mary Ann Cichocki Sender MA'93
Yuri A. Sendzimir '14
Paul and Lauren Seplowitz
Melody M. Serafino '05 and Jason Perlroth
Mercedes Serna '75
Charles A. Setaro MA'59, C'67
Alicia R. Setzer '19
Alison Sexton
Cameron M. Shalkowski '15
Amy R. Shanle '97
Jodie A. Kuczarski Shannon '99, MA'05 and John Shannon
Sandra Jacopian Sharp '87 and Scott Sharp
Patrick and Kristine Shashaty P'21
Christopher M. Shaw '03
John J. Shaw '65 and Mary Carr Shaw
Michael E. Shay MA'81 and Marilyn Shay
Diana R. Shayon
Daniel and Colleen Shea P'22
Danielle M. Shea '19
Eric K. Shea '93 and Alexa B. Adams
Joyce M. Oliphant Shea '79 and Joseph Shea P'14, '11, '09
William and Meg Shea P'12
Kathryn M. Sheck '76
Bartholomew A. Sheehan Jr. '64 and Mary Kathryn Dempsey Sheehan P'94
Melissa Egbert Sheehan '97 and William B. Sheehan
Michael and Mary Sheehan P'21, '17
John J. Sheehy Jr. MA'59, C'64 and Joan A. Sheehy
Paul A. Sheehy '85 and Nicole E. Sheehy
John J. Sheerin '82 and Anne Sheerin P'15
Robert P. Sheils Jr. '67 and M. Constance Daily Sheils MA'72 P'00
Robert P. Sheils III '00
Matthew and Jacqueline Shelhorse P'22
Jake D. Shemtob '15
Virginia M. Shepard
Amber E. Shephard '20
Larisa V. Sheremet MS'07
Allison E. Sheridan '14
Paul E. Sheridan '87 and Ann Sullivan Sheridan '87
Thomas K. Sheridan '87 and Elizabeth Sheridan
Timothy P. Sheridan '83 and Brenda Digmann Sheridan
John P. Sherman '78 and Mary Alice Roohan Sherman '78
Robert T. Sherwin '61 and Aixa Sherwin
Tyler Shibles '20
George I. Shields '68 and Leigh Ann Shields
Patricia A. Ciolek Shields '82 and Richard Shields Jr.
Edward J. Shine '65, MA'67, C'71 and Madeline H. Shine P'08
Lugenia Aldrich Shipp MA'78 and Nathaniel Shipp
James Shukie '72, MA'78 and Margaret E. Conlisk Shukie '74
Rachel Shur
Michelle A. Shusdock '15
Nestor W. Shust '58 and Anisa Weresiuk Shust
John J. Sibley
Samuel M. Sica III '09
Thomas M. Siddall '15
Nancy E. Sidnam '08
John C. Sidote '72
Kyle F. Siebert '08 and Kristen L. Daly Siebert '08
Said and Joyce Signor P'12
Jonathan P. Signore '19
Stephen R. Signore A'02, '08 and Teresa Demonico Signore P'19
Susan Tufo Silberger '97 and Jeremy Silberger
Brook L. Sillart '21
Alexandria Hein Sillo '11 and Anthony Sillo
Jeri Silverman
Molly K. Silvestri '22
Robert Silvestri '76 and Debra Summa Silvestri
Thomas and Kristin Silvestri P'22
Karen Ann Simmons '95
Keith and Cheryl Simmons P'24, '22
Jose C. Simoes '98 and Branca C. Simoes
Ann M. Welch Simpson '76 and Thomas D. Simpson
James L. Simpson '15
William and Tracy Sims
Robert and Marilyn Sindall P'04
Philip M. Sinisgalli '67 and Katherine Consoli Sinisgalli
Anthony Sirianni '66, MA'68 and Mary Ann Sirianni P'91
Denise Courcy Sisk '88 and Geoffrey D. Sisk P'20
Hannah E. Sisk '20
Valerie A. Sisko '94, MA'96 and Anthony Spatarella Jr.
Patricia A. McGevna Sisney '84 and Steven L. Sisney
Steven J. Siwinski '92 and Shannon Barry Siwinski '92 P'16
Joseph J. Sizensky '61 and Carolyn Sizensky
Edward S. Skane P'12
Paul J. Skibniewski '93 and Julie Skibniewski
Joseph R. Skibo Jr. '64 and Jane T. Skibo
Stephane M. Skibo '77
Donna Harley Skinner '84 and Paul M. Skinner
Janet A. Leber Skinner '86 and John P. Skinner P'22
Andrew and Frances Skrapits
Daniel D. Skuret III '92 and Nicole Corrente Skuret P'17
Patrick D. Skuret '01 and Megan Skuret
John C. Slattery '81 and Bernadette Dembowski Slattery '81 P'15
James M. Slevin '94 and Corinne McCarthy Slevin
Thomas W. Slevin '88
Allison K. Sloan '19
Patrick J. Slocum '00 and Jaime E. Cree Slocum '01, MBA'02
Richard and Eugenia Slone
Steven and Lynda Ann Slovik
Jenna C. Slowey '14
Matthew P. Slowey '08 and Kathryn Sequino Slowey
Helen Smaldone P'20, '17
Jack and Ann Small
Alana M. Smalley '13
Caroline M. Smalley '15
Michael T. Smerznak '62, MA'64
Marni A. Smith Katz
Benjamin P. Smith '92 and Sandra Smith
Brendan T. Smith '21
Brianna L. Smith '14
Casey A. Smith '17
Charles F. Smith '88
Christopher and Karen Smith P'13, '08
David S. Smith III '00
Edward and Christine Smith P'22
Frances Millar Smith '01 and Shawn Smith
Harold and Rita Smith P'20, '18
James P. Smith '67 and Melitta Cutright
James and Karen Smith P'17
James U. Smith III '69
John D. Smith '85 and Julia McIntosh Smith '86 P'14, '12
John and Bonnie Smith P'14
Joseph S. Smith Jr. '78 and Meredith A. Mitchell Smith
Margaret R. Smith '12
Megan L. Smith '21
Megan P. Giese Smith '98 and Billy Smith Jr.
Meredith A. Smith
Michael and Mary Ann Smith P'22
Michael J. Smith '79 and Marie A. Imondo Smith '79
Nell B. Smith MA'79 and Roger C. Smith
Riley B. Smith '17
Robert J. Smith '68 and M. Kelly Mary Ann Kelly Smith P'04
Susannah L. Smith '82 and Matthew Sobek
Theresa M. Smith P'18, '15
Timothy J. Smith '13
Victoria E. Smith '08
Gerard A. Smyth '67 and Janice Anderson Smyth
Mary Smyth '18
Raymond B. Smyth '68 and Carol Miller Smyth
Kristene A. Snajder '86
Amy J. Zenkert Snider '94 and George Snider
Thomas J. Sobocinski '14 and Laura Buerkle Sobocinski
Robert Sobolewski '70 and Kathleen Sobolewski CAS'87
Haley M. Snedeker Sofiane '00 and Abdelghani Sofiane
John B. Sogliuzzo '77 and Gaye Torrance Sogliuzzo
Dana Sokareh '19
Lauren M. Solari '10
Joseph C. Solimine '89 and Anne C. Shepherd Solimine
Joseph and Joan Solimine P'89
Luigi Solla Jr. '00
Tere Somoza P'21
Gene J. Sorcinelli '64 and Mary Sorcinelli P'95, '93
Louis M. Spadaro '06
James A. Spano '66, MA'68
Gabriel J. Sparks '19
Paul V. Spatz '73
Faith Spaziano '22
Michael and Laurie Spaziano P'22
Michael and Lois Spaziano
Scott and Robie Spector
Joseph and Allison Spencer P'22
Marion Pionelli Sperry MA'78
Tristan O. Sperry '15
Michael J. Spicer '75 and Kathleen Spicer
Todd L. Spillane '81 and Maureen A. O'Donnell Spillane '82
Robert D. Spina Jr. '14
Susan L. Spivack
John and Mary Spollen P'96
Madeleine R. Sposito '14
John M. Sprano '84
Keith and Martha St. Denis P'08
Colbey J. Stabell '16
Craig and Claudia Stack
Cynthia L. Stack '80 and Bernard Haan
Richard M. Stack MA'84 and Karen Welch Stack '80
Mariel A. Staffier '21
Steven J. Stafstrom Jr. '05 and Christine E. Dinardi Stafstrom '05, MBA'10
Michael S. Stamer
Joseph L. Staneck '68 and Linda M. Staneck
Kevin W. Stange '93 and Olivia Stange
Richard and Megan Stanton P'22
Matthew C. Stanwood '81 and Leslie Bowdring Stanwood
Deborah A. Stapleton
James F. Stapleton Sr. '54 P'91, '85, '80
Christina M. Starsinic '14
Marie Starsinic P'14
Donald R. Starski '73 and Marie-Louise Starski
Timotheos W. K. Stavrou-Wilson '09
Michael J. Steed '87 and Jacqueline Mead Steed '88
Andrew Stefanick '87 and Cathy A. Gabor Stefanick
Jeffrey Stefanowicz S.J. '94 and Laurie Stefanowicz
Darlene M. Stefanski P'22
Christopher D. Steger '92 and Lauren B. Schlameuss Steger
Israel and Roslyn Stein
Nancy O. Leonard Stephanak MA'80
Christopher and Irelsa Stephens
Christopher and Tamara Stergion P'23
Judith Edelson Stern MA'72 and Bruce Stern
Marilyn Stern
Teale A. Stevens '83 and Chris Rode
Robert C. Stewart '68 and Judith C. Stewart
Robert L. Stewart III '19, MS'20
William H. Stewart '64 and Patricia Stewart
Thomas W. Stickley
Tim and Patti Stickley
Margaret A. Stika-Walsh '80 and Joseph Walsh
Robert and Suzanne Stilson
Janice A. Garrison Stine '98
Keith and Claudia Stinton P'22
Ellen J. Stipo '91, MA'06
Lee Johnson Stockwell MA'81 and Frank Stockwell
Daniel Stoddard '15
John S. Stoddard MA'71 and Leontine Corley
Kenneth and Katherine Stone
Robert and Susan Stone
Stephen and Linda Stone P'19
Josephina DiBiasi Stoner '91 and David O. Stoner Jr.
Stephanie L. Storms
Jeanine M. Peterson Storrs MA'77
Uros Stosic '04 and Melissa Sue Stosic
Patricia Carr Straine-MacGregor '90 and Stuart J. MacGregor
Matthew B. Straw '19
Michael P. Strazzeri '98 and Maureen Strazzeri
Lauren Easman Strickland MA'02 and Joseph Strickland Jr.
Kelsey K. Strohoefer '16
Steven K. Strom '91 and Susan Kennedy Strom '91
Erin P. Strong '09
Maria T. Sirianni Strong '91 and Benjamin Strong
Scott and Marlo Strough P'24, '21
Kathleen Kelly Strunk '80 and Gregg Strunk
John and Ann Stryjek P'21
Nicole A. Stryjek '21
Gerard Stuhlman
Paul and Laurie Sturz P'09
Joseph P. Suarez '91 and Denise Henry Suarez '91 P'24
George Suchyak Jr. '67
Lauren N. Sugantino '19
Carla Supersano Sullivan '88 and Sean Sullivan P'19
Daniel J. Sullivan Jr. '73 and Kathleen M. Sullivan
Dermot J. Sullivan '93 and Jennifer M. Formica Sullivan '94
James and Rita Sullivan P'96
Jeanie Glunz Sullivan '86 and James P. Sullivan
Kelsey A. Sullivan '17
Maggie A. Sullivan '19
Meghan E. Sullivan '13
Michael J. Sullivan '99 and Samantha Sullivan
Michael and Kerry Sullivan P'19
Michael M. Sullivan '65 and Tina Petro Sullivan
Patrick and Pamela Sullivan P'20
Paul E. Sullivan Jr. '77 and Jeannette Sullivan
Paul J. Sullivan '94 and Kelly A. McGrath Sullivan '96, MSN'00
Riley Sullivan '22
Victoria Ecks Sullivan '93
Walter Sullivan '73 and Patricia Ann Sullivan
William V. Sullivan Jr. '66 and Eileen Mark Sullivan
James A. Sulzer '95 and Eileen Sulzer
Warren and Maureen Sumner P'22
Kim M. Sutherland-Spillett '88 and Daniel T. Spillett
Harry W. Sutman
Heston and Elizabeth Sutman P'22
Walker J. Sutman '22
Carl and Lori Sutter P'20
Matthew C. Sutter '20
Brian P. Sutton '86 and Cheryl Santagate Sutton
Donald E. Svoboda Jr. '89 and Catherine P. Svoboda
Robert J. Swansiger '68 and Patricia J. Swansiger
Caroline L. Swanson '14, MA'15
Donald A. Swanson '51
Philip K. Swanson '59 and Joan E. Swanson P'91
Curtis E. Swartzlander
Dale M. Esposito Sweeney '74
John M. Sweeney '94 and Kristina M. Conroy Sweeney '96
Patrick and Rose Sweeney P'22
Patrick A. Sweeny '83 and Michele Black Sweeny
Leah E. Swick '22
Edmund J. Sybertz Jr. '72 and Sharon I. Purdie
Stephen G. Sykes '95
David E. Symmonds and Mayra Vinals P'09
Mitchel M. Syp '72 and Joan Barber Syp '72 P'01
Renee Edelsohn Szabo '84 and Ted Szabo
John C. Szantyr MA'75 and Linda M. Szantyr P'00
Kacper Szarek '14
David and Margaretha Szelest P'20
Robert Szewczyk '73 and Jo Ann Cusano Szewczyk
George and Ginny Szondy
Heather J. Thompson Taggert '96 and John B. Taggert P'23
Mario and Sladjana Taglic P'22
Bridget R. Takacs '07 and Michael Pikiel
William and Marianne Takacs P'10, '07, '05
Kathryn M. Talamelli '17, MS'18
Richard H. Talamelli '82 and Jean L. Carlucci Talamelli P'17
Bryce H. Talbot-Dion '20
Ann T. Talevi
Nessa M. Innocenti Tallo '94 and Richard Tallo
Brianna L. Tancredi '17, MS'18
Terrence F. Tangney '87 and Patricia Doran Tangney '86
Andrew and Cheryl Tansey P'16
Robert J. Tarantino II '00
Ronald M. Tarantino '63 and Leigh Anne Stark Tarantino
Kimberly A. Simon Tarascio '94 and Paul Tarascio
Benjamin and Davi Tash
Kathleen King Tatulli '91 and Vito Tatulli
Nicholas E. Taylor '13, MS'14
Martha Teeman '75
Catherine E. Lacobelle Teitell '73
Maria Telle '22
Kevin J. Tellie '12
Lauren ten Hoopen '19
Judith Gibson TenEyck '84 and Kirk TenEyck
Ellen McHugh Terebesi '88 and Jason M. Terebesi
Gerard Terio '97
John and Christine Terry P'09
Mara P. Terry MA'74 and James L. Terry
Christopher A. Terzian '83 and Cindy Amaral Terzian '84
Lynette Accardo Testa '88 and David A. Testa P'23
Peter M. Testagrossa MA'75 and Eileen Testagrossa
Anne Marie Teti '14
Stephen J. Teti '07 and Amanda LeClair Teti '07
Owen G. Tharrington '96 and Kristen A. Polcari Tharrington
Megan A. Theiller '18
John E. Thiel '73 and Dorothea Cook Thiel P'05
Sean J. Thomann '83 and Kelly Harris Thomann '85
Ann Marie Perec Thomas '86 and William O. Thomas
Janet M. Ferry Thomas MBA'00
Victoria C. Thomas MS'13
Bruce and Stacey Thompson P'21
Drew R. Thompson '21
Gregory P. Thompson '14 and Giulia T. Wakim Thompson '14
Lissa Thompson
Adam Thorne '90 and Jessica Whitacre Thorne
Mary E. Tichey-Staack MA'91 and Charles Staack
Lynn Bossidy Tidgwell '79
Erin Tiernan '00
Thomas J. Tiernan '62 and Rose Tiernan
Sean P. Tierney '11
Thomas A. Tierney '62 and Jeanette Ventimiglia Tierney
Thomas and Patricia Tiezzi P'13
Michael G. Timoney '79
John R. Tinker '70 and Elizabeth A. Tinker
Helen C. Titus
John K. Toal '80 and Christine M. Walsh '82
Francis P. Tobin '84 and Janet Minervini Tobin '89
Gregory G. Tole '88 and Tosia Tole
Maria T. Tomasetti '81
James and Dara Tomeo
Jacqueline Tomsheck MA'65, C'68
John F. Toner '68
Celia Y. Tong '93
Patrick and Lynn Toole
John J. Topping '89 and Genevieve Topping
Colin W. Torrance '04 and Monica E. Coords Torrance MA'08
Ismael O. Torres MA'85
Patricia A. Torres MA'80, C'84 and Enrique Torres
Tania M. Torres '04
Michael G. Tortora '01, MBA'07
Gina M. Soviero Tortorella '97 and Brian Tortorella
William Townsend '21
William A. Townsend and Carmen I. Font P'21
Steve and Moira Tozier
Richard E. Trabert '61 and Sheila Trabert
Andrew G. Trackenberg '84 and Lynn D. Trackenberg
Sarah F. Tracy '09
William and Laurette Tracy P'09, '06
Joseph J. Tracz '11
Michael F. Trafecante MBA'01 and Mary Beth Reh Trafecante P'22, '21, '19
Philip and Ina Trager
Michael J. Trainor '87 and Mary Hogan Trainor
Salvatore J. Tralongo '78
Nicole M. Tramontano '01
Paul J. Travers '91 and Mary Ann Travers
Frank J. Travisano '71 and Marie Travisano
Douglas P. Traynor '87 and Deirdre O'Brien Traynor '88
Emily R. Treano '05 and Eric J. Morrison
Vincent F. Tremaglio '60 and Cynthia A. Stowell Tremaglio
Allison P. Tremblay '22
Gregory and Amy Tremoglie P'22
Jason and Felecia Tremont
Taylor A. Trenchard '14
Ian Tresser '15
Nello R. Trevisan '69 and Holly Lippmann Trevisan
Raymond R. Trismen '80 and Karol L. Trismen
Denice M. Errico Trocolar '97 and Stephen N. Trocolar
Christopher J. Trombino '11 and Lucy Trombino
Wilson J. Trombley '66 and Annette G. Trombley
Michael J. Troy Jr. '07 and Leigh Troy
Ronald J. Troyer
Maximilian A. Trunz '11 and Annelise Trunz
George and Jody Tsangaris P'22
Stephanie L. Tsangaris '22
John and Clare Tsigas P'21
Douglas J. Tufaro MA'08
Claire M. Tully '11, MA'13
Grace Tully
Meaghan M. Tully '18
Sean and Patricia Tully P'18
John M. Tuohy '88
Ally R. Tuozzoli '16
Emma J. Tuozzoli '19
Todd D. Tuozzoli '85 and Julie M. Hoffman Tuozzoli '85, MPA'18 P'19, '16, '15
Jennifer Lehane Turieo '93 and Louis J. Turieo Jr.
Dana R. Turnbull '00
Elizabeth G. Cahill Turner '98 and Craig C. Turner
Greg G. Turner '05 and Stephanie L. Wallace Turner '05
Stanley E. Turski '52, MA'58
Paul T. Tusch '82 and Carol Wilson Tusch '83
John and Lois Tyburski P'06
Colleen E. McGuire Tycz '04, MBA'11 and Timothy Tycz
James E. Tyer '22
Steven and Colleen Tyer P'22
Patricia A. Cabana Tyler MA'79
Donald and Stacey Tynion P'22
Fiona Tynion '22
Lawrence J. Tytla Jr. '74 and Kathleen Coleman Tytla
Michael and Aimee Uccellini P'21
Roger H. Uhlich '67, MA'72 and Myrna Martorana-Uhlich
Lucette A. Ukoha '98
Alejandro D. Ulloa '14
Amanda C. Ulzheimer '20
Gary and Michelle Ulzheimer P'20
Ellen M. Umansky
Keith S. Updegraff P'23
Daniel J. Urbanovich '10
Carmine and Mary Frances Urciuoli P'19
Thomas C. Urciuoli '19
Jonathan T. Uy '18, MS'20
Kimberly Vaccaro '91
Timothy R. Valente '17
Anita M. Valenti C'76
Anna K. Valentine '21
Barbara Valentine '86 and Kenneth Capuder
Brian Valentine and Lisa Millette-Valentine P'20
Brian K. Valentine and Kirstin K. Schoonover P'21
Mona Lisa Valentino '76
William F. Valieant '63
Gail English Valigorsky '89 and Steve Valigorsky
Charlene M. Franko Vallandingham '80 and Daniel P. Vallandingham
Charles and Susan Vallone P'21
Henri and Irma Van Dam
William A. Van Decker '79 and Generosa Grana
Aaron R. Van Dyke
Elizabeth M. Van Flandern '18
Geoffrey and Linette Van Flandern P'18
Kristen D. Van Vleck '10
Alison P. Vanderbilt '86
Gregory and Tara Varga P'21
Betsy Varian MA'01
Kristine E. Reidway Vassak '98 and Greg Vassak
Mark and Brenda Vaughan P'23, '22
Danielle Vazzano '20
Jose Vega '88 and Elizabeth J. Vega
Carmen J. Vegliante '55, MA'60, C'64 and Angela R. Vegliante P'87, '85, '83
David J. Vegliante '83 and Kim Vegliante
Paul C. Vegliante '87 and Carolyn Barba Vegliante '88
Dennis and Andrea Veilleux P'22
William R. Velez Jr. '86
Kristin A. Veltry '20
Robert and Tracey Venero P'24, '21
Ciro Veneruso '51 and Mary Veneruso
Gerah M. Ventresca '96
Maggie R. Vergati '19
Jonas Simon Vergin '21
Maria A. Vero '19
Grace Zoltowski Vetter '77
Wendy Vickery
Jennifer A. Meditz Vieth '98 and Brian C. Vieth
Edward M. Vigliano Jr. '84 and Carmela R. Vigliano MA'98 P'18
Ronald T. Vigliotta '95 and Maryann Vigliotta
Alex M. Villalba '22
Miguel and Tania Villalba P'22
John S. Villanova '77 and Evelyn J. Villanova
Joseph P. Vincenzi MA'82
Marcelene Vingo C'83
Robert D. Viola '04 and Marisa Sikoscow Viola '04
Robert J. Viola '64 and Marilyn Kobie Viola
Olivia M. Vita '16
Eugene F. Vitelli '57, MA'61
Katheryn E. Sillo Vittoria '11 and Joseph Vittoria
Lawrence and Donna Vitulano P'09
Charles J. Viviano '70 and Catherine Novak Viviano P'02
Emily A. Vlass '19
Ronald Volonino
George and Lynn Vos P'15
Christopher L. Voytek '94, MBA'01 and Christine Botarelli Voytek '94
Michael T. Voytek '87
Michael Vu '19, MS'20
Brian Wacha
Gary S. Wade '75 and Delores M. Wade
Kevin and Erin Wade
Margaret M. Joyce Wade '86 and James F. Wade
Thomas and Ann Wade
David and Christine Wagner
Donald M. Wagner
Patrick J. Waide Jr. '59
Steven S. Waite '09
Adam and Diane Waitkevich P'21
David I. Wakefield '98 and Suzanne E. Persson Wakefield '96
Kevin and Harriette Waldron P'11
Kristine L. Walentik '04
Barbara Unger Wales '90
Susan Meyer Wales '84 and Donald B. Wales Jr.
Daniel C. Walker '74 and Catherine H. Walker CAS'88
Kevin and Karen Walker P'22
John J. Walker '75 and Susan Tomasulo Walker '74
Edward and Maggie Wall P'20
Eileen P. Wall C'77
Rocco A. Wall '11, MBA'13 and Lori Fuchs
Gavin R. Wallace '20
Marianne Monti Wallace '94 and Darren M. Wallace
Michael O. Wallace '18
Cara R. Walsh '20
Delaney E. Walsh '21
Denis A. Walsh '09
Edward and Helen Walsh P'09
Emily L. Antosh Walsh '99 and Michael J. Walsh
James P. Walsh '62 and Mary B. Walsh
John R. Walsh P'23
Kathleen E. Walsh '07
Kevin Walsh '77
Kevin C. Walsh '69 and Casey Walsh
Kevin J. Walsh '19
Kevin P. Walsh '82 and Sandra R. Walsh
Margaret A. Walsh '19
Maryellen Walsh '77
Matthew J. Walsh '19
Paul M. Walsh '73 and Cynthia A. Woll Walsh '75 P'09, '03
Thomas C. Walsh Jr. '84 and Nancy H. Ulreich Walsh P'24
Thomas J. Walsh III '78 and Mary Walsh
Timothy Walters '82 and Wendy Walters
James and Regina Walton P'19, '17
Joseph F. Walton '75
Katherine M. Walton '82 P'14
Linda Palazzolo Walton '81 and Michael Walton
Marla M. Walton '19
Maura N. Wandling '18, MS'19
Marlene L. Waradzin '84
Alison Ward Zsunkan MA'13
David and Ann Ward
Eileen A. Ward '80, MA'88
Joseph J. Ward '80 and Deirdre A. Flanagan Ward P'18
William W. Ward '78 and Nancy Risher Ward
Dawne E. Murray Ware '89 and Paul W. Ware
Martin T. Warten '85 and Catherine Hunt Warten '85
Susanne Washburn
Mary E. Conlin Wasky '83 and Theodore R. Wasky
Melody Waterhouse
Griffin Watson '22
Scott G. Watson P'24, '22
John P. Wauters
John and Carol Waxman
Annemarie Micale Webb '87 and David W. Webb
William J. Webb '88 and Jenny Webb
Ernest J. Webby Jr. '62 and Roberta Webby
Heather A. Weber '19, MBA'20
Joseph Weber '17
Karen Wedekind
Margaret A. Weeks MS'85, C'99
Patricia Wegrzyn '84 and Robert J. McGreen
James D. Wehr '79 and Teresa M. Wehr
Kimberly A. Weigle '83
Eli and Audrey Weinberg
Drew R. Weinlandt MA'75 and Nancy Weinlandt
John M. Weiss '58 and Sarah Rudis Weiss
Marshall and Joan Weiss
Morris and Terry Weiss
Rita Weisskoff
Charles and Mary Welch P'01
John P. Welch '87 and Monica Welch
Kevin G. Welch '93 and Frances Tranchese Welch '93
Mark F. Welcome '89 and Rose T. Place '89 P'23, '20
Jamison M. Wellman '18
Carleen Greatorex Wells '91 and Rand A. Wells
Robert J. Wels '69
Timothy J. Welsh '98 and Jessica Dionne Welsh '98
Elizabeth L. Wenger '02
George and Maureen Werner P'09
Tisha A. Caruso Werner '95 and Matthew Werner
Catherine Novinski Weselcouch '79 and James D. Weselcouch
Linda Warner Westervelt '81 and David Westervelt
Drew C. Westford '21
Terry Wettergreen '90, MS'90
John R. Wetzel MA'63, C'70 and Alice W. Wetzel
Nicholas E. Weyant '21
Clara H. Whaley '20
Dana M. Whealn '88 P'21
Monica K. Wheeler MSN'06 and Fredric C. Wheeler
Caitlin M. Whelan '95
David J. Whelan '81
Ann Whelehan Smego '78 and Michael J. Smego
Charles and Victoria Whipple P'22
Eugene P. White '96 and Aimee B. Cronin White '96
Garrett A. White '20
Glenn M. White and Tracy J. Jarmon P'20
John and Judith White P'20
Patricia L. McCreery White MA'78
Thomas E. White '84 and Ann White
Jeff and Joan Whitehead
Kevin and Marcelle Whitney P'12
Donald Whittaker Jr. MA'74 and Carol H. Whittaker
Donald J. Whittam Jr. '84 and Elizabeth Hannigan Whittam
Tina M. Cerbone Whyte '98 and Brian Whyte
Joseph and Cindy Wickwire P'19
Robert J. Widmer '62 and Arlene Widmer
Denise Sanelli Wiegel '89 and Chris Wiegel
Paul J. Wiehn '68 and June Wiehn
Michael C. Wielk MS'01
Katrina A. Wiesler '19
Joseph M. Wik '15
Matthew D. Wilcox '00 and Sarah Smith Wilcox
Randall M. Wilhelm '07
Taylor R. Wilkes '13, MBA'19
William T. Wilkes P'13
Joseph A. Wilkinson '75 and Eileen Mommsen Wilkinson '76 P'10
Daniel and Joyce Williams P'09
Jacqueline M. Williams '11
Lee C. Williams '61 and Jean Williams P'99
Richard C. Williams and Patti E. Greaney P'07
Robert B. Williams '61, MA'66 and Diane Williams
Shari L. Francis Williams '93, MBA'00 and Brian Williams
Stanley Williford
Brad L. Wilson '00
James R. Wilson III '93 and Catherine Sorbara Wilson
Kaylie Wilson
Michelle P. Wilson '18
William T. Wilson '79 and Malissa Wilson
Kaitlin M. Wilusz '09 and Christopher Long
Valerie Vicedomini Wimley '82 and Carl Wimley
Erin G. Wind '22
John and Joella Wind P'22
Michael J. Windels '10 and Kerri C. Horgan '10
Eugene A. Winkler '76 and Carolyn Winkler
Susan P. Scandale Winkler '85 and Ronald Winkler
Alan and Ruth Winnick
Kara M. Winsch '07 and James Pagliaro
Kevin J. Winsch '75 and Michele L. Vion Winsch P'10, '07
Christine Kassab Winters '96 and Mark Bogel
Richard and Jeanie Winwood P'21
Cailin M. Withers '19, MS'20
Brian G. Woglom '08
Thomas Wojtkun '91
Hinda M. Wolf C'75, MA'75 and Martin F. Wolf
Richard L. A. Wolf '12
Patrick T. Wolff '87 and Marita C. Failla Wolff
Kenneth H. Wolk MA'67
Charles D. Wolleben '74 and Noreen Dickinson Wolleben '75
Christina L. Wood '94
Robert W. Wood '90 and Elizabeth Biedenbach Wood
Nicholas and Michelle Wormley
Claudia T. E. Worotikan '21
Robert and Fay Wozniak
Wiktor Wozniak '12
Patricia Melone Wright '75 and Rick Wright
George L. Wrobel '69 and Kathryn E. Wrobel P'96
Erica L. Wuchiski MSN'19
Jennifer L. Wuensch '04
Ryan J. Wuestman '12 and Kristen C. Golen Wuestman '12
Thomas J. Wynn III '91 and Patricia Hanley Wynn '90
Kathleen A. Wynne '99
Kathleen D. Wynne
Thomas and Kitty Wynne
Jennifer Picard Yakupcin '93 and Mark A. Yakupcin
John and Robyn Yannone P'20
William Yarish MA'72
Edgar J. Yergeau '69 and Gloria Yergeau
Roger R. Yergeau Jr. '73
Christopher F. Young '16
Freddie R. Young MA'76
John Young
Marybeth Warde Young '89 and David Young
Roger and Amy Young P'16
Mary E. Zackrison
John K. Zadnik '68 and Sharon E. Zadnik
Edward J. Zadravec '59 and Nancy A. Reisel Zadravec P'87
Elizabeth T. Zaharek MA'56
Bernard P. Zailskas '69 and Margaret Zailskas P'98
Francis J. Zaino '66 and Dale-Beth Fahey Zaino P'11, '96
Timothy V. Zaino '96 and Noreen Connaughton Zaino
Stephen J. Zales '81 and Grace Carter Zales
Mary Tribit Zampino MA'72 and John P. Zampino
Donna M. Anson Zapata '03 and Antonio A. Zapata
Norman and Carey Zapusek P'23
Jacob M. Zaranek '21
Michael A. Zaranek P'21
Richard Zaranek
Andrew and Janet Zastko P'20
David A. Zboray '03
Lorenzo A. Zeugner Jr. MA'66
David and Deborah Zieff
Anne-Marie Ziegler
Ronald J. Zielinski '09 and Elizabeth Grimm Zielinski '09
Maureen A. McGrath Ziemba '85 and James J. Ziemba
Joseph J. Zimakas '08
Robert B. Zimmerman '76
John and Lisa Zinno P'21
James Zisa '19
Siobhan Flannery Zito '95 and Joseph A. Zito
William M. Zolga Jr. '15
Catherine A. Zonsky '96
Daniel E. Zsebik '74 and Susan Hahn Zsebik
Ryan D. Zsebik '17, MS'19
Judith Zucker
Jo-Anne Zullo P'22
Rony Zuniga and Nohelia Lemus P'21
Grace Zwyner MA'70
Phillip Zyskowski '20

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