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FAIRFIELD FOREVER is a loyalty program that celebrates students and alumni who maintain and strengthen their connection to the University by completing four simple steps.

How can you stay connected with FAIRFIELDFOREVER?

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Pay it Forward.

Play an active role in the Fairfield community. Do what fits you best. As long as you’re donating your time to support our University, you’re ensuring that you remain connected to FAIRFIELDFOREVER.

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Go Red. Give Green.

Whenever you donate to Fairfield, even just $5, you help increase the University’s national reputation and help it grow to new heights. Better yet, your gift directly helps current students.

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Keep in Touch.

Make sure we have your most recent contact information. If you change your home address, work information, phone number, or e-mail, let us know. When you update us, we can update you with all the exciting news from Stag Country.

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Show your Stag Pride.

Snap a picture of yourself wearing your Stag swag, put a Fairfield decal on your car, or hang a banner in your office. Anything you do to spread the word demonstrates your dedication to FAIRFIELDFOREVER.

To learn more about how you can remain a part of FAIRFIELDFOREVER, e-mail us at youngalumni@fairfield.edu.

Current Member List

The names of the Fairfield alumni who completed the four steps to be a part of the Fairfield Forever program are on the current member list.

Current list includes members that completed the steps between July 1, 2019 to January 11, 2020.

Photos of Fairfield Young Alumni

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