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Our Goals


Our Goal:
115 donors

Our Progress:
88 donors to date


Our Goal:

Our Progress:
$35,000 to Date

Class of 1975

Your Reunion Committee

Madeline Butler

Mary Beth Carmody

Keith Garvey

Ray Kelly

Tony Mixcus

Diane Oakley

Ralph Rehn

Bill Reveille

Mike Robinson

John Sakson

Barbara Doll Salop

John Walker

Class Gift Goals

Fairfield Fund Goal: $75,000
Donor Goal: 115

Year In Review


President of the United States
Gerald Ford


United States Population
  216 million   


Price of a Gallon of Gas


World Series Champion
Cincinnati Reds


Super Bowl Champion
Pittsburgh Steelers


NCAA Basketball Champion


Best Picture Academy Award
The Godfather Part II


Song of the Year
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - Elton John

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