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What Is A Class Ambassador?

Class Ambassadors help shape the learning experience for students by raising critical funds for everything from scholarships and financial aid to innovative research programs and world class faculty.

Each class ambassador is responsible for providing leadership for the fundraising efforts of his or her class each year. Class Ambassadors play a vital role in keeping their classmates connected with the University and encouraging their annual support of Fairfield students through their personal dedication, enthusiasm, and gift contribution.

How Class Ambassadors Make a Difference

Make a Gift

Or pledge payment to any area of the University.

Contact 10 Classmates

of your choosing, asking them to consider giving to an area of the University that is meaningful to them.

Participate in our three annual outreach periods

During these time frames, we will ask you to use phone, email, social media, and/or mail to reach out to your classmates.

See Social Media Kit

Your contributions help spread awareness of opportunities for alumni involvement, and make a tangible impact on the future of the University.

Sign Up to be an Ambassador

As a class ambassador, you are the face of Fairfield University to your classmates and peers.

Read the Class Ambassador Handbook (PDF)

Play a part in Fairfield’s continued success!

Why I Give...

Unsure about why giving back is so important? Read “5 Reasons Why I Give Back to Fairfield Universityby Class Ambassador Christina Esmiol ’16 for some insight.

Brendan '10

"I believe that the Fairfield experience does not end when you graduate on Bellarmine Lawn, but in fact is just beginning. The long-term viability and success of Fairfield is critically important to me, and I give because I want to do my part to ensure that Fairfield students have the same tremendous experience that I did."

Erin '16

"I give to allow current and future students to have the same academic and extracurricular experiences as I did at Fairfield. That helped to shape the person I am today... Go Stags!"

Luigi '14

"A co-worker asked me why I'm still involved and give back to my university. My answer was simple: Fairfield deserves it."

Katherine '15

"I give because Fairfield gave me more than an education. Fairfield taught me to break boundaries, get involved, and continues to give me the resources that have helped me grow in my professional career."

Meghan '10

"I give back because on my world youth day experience I learned that the Jesuit value of magis means doing more for others, more for our world. What better way to give than to give back to the place that shaped me into who I am."

Daniel '13

"I give back because I wouldn't trade my time at Fairfield for anything! It's been 5 years since I graduated, and my closest group of friends to this day are friends I met at during freshman year Orientation — it's amazing."

Jamie '13

"I give because I want future stags to receive the same great opportunities that I did while at Fairfield University."

Cristina '16

"I give back to Fairfield because of the unforgettable four years I had. I want future Stags to continue to benefit from the many exciting and unique opportunities — academically, professionally, and socially — and memorable experiences as I did. By supporting the Fairfield Fund, I know my contribution directly supports all Fairfield students in so many aspects of the Fairfield experience!"

Kayla '17

"I give because I am grateful for my Fairfield experience and I want to make sure that other Stags have the same opportunities that I did while at Fairfield.

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