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Mission Statement (PDF)‌ Fact Book

Institutional Diversity (PDF)

Institution (PDF)

The University Seal
The University Logo
Alma Matter
Web & Social Media Official Channels
Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the United States
Institutional Memberships
Fairfield University Board of Trustees, 2014-15
University Presidents
University Administration
Fairfield University Organizational Chart
Honorary Degrees Awarded-Commencement 

Students (PDF)

University Fall Enrollment by School, 5 Year Trend
Fall Enrollment, Full-Time/Part-Time Head Count
Fall Enrollment, Student Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)
Undergraduate Enrollment Division, Fall 2014
Graduate Enrollment, Fall 2014
Majors of Students Enrolled in Full-Time Undergraduate Programs, Fall 2014
Full-Time Undergraduate Resident Status & Resident Enrollment by Level
Undergraduate Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity
International Students
First-Year Student Admission Trend & Cohort SAT Quartiles
First-Year Student Profile, Class of 2018 & First-Year Students by Race/Ethnicity and Pell Recipients
First-Year Student Geographic Distribution
University Geographic Distribution
Retention and Graduation Rates
Freshman-to-Sophomore Retention, Original Cohort, AHANA, General Studies Undergraduate Transfer Admissions
Visiting/Transfer Student Profile, Fall 2014
Baccalaureate Degrees Awarded
Master’s/Doctorate Degrees Awarded
Degrees Awarded by School, Cumulative
Financial Aid Data & Tuition History 

Faculty and Staff (PDF)

University Personnel, Faculty, Faculty FTE, and Student:Faculty Ratio
Full-Time Faculty by Program, Rank, and Gender
Full-Time Faculty by Highest Degree, School, and Tenure Status, Fall 2014
Full-Time Avg. Salary and Comp. by Rank and AAUP IIA Comparison 2013-14

DiMenna-Nyselius Library (PDF)

Collection & Circulation Holdings, and Acquisitions Expenditures & Changes
Special Library Collections & Services 

Alumni (PDF)

University Alumni and Undergraduate Alumni by State & Country

Endowment and Development (PDF)

University Endowment Market Value & Development

Facilities (PDF) 

University Map
University Buildings 

History (PDF)

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