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Egan Chapel Of St. Ignatius Loyola

Egan Chapel is one of the University’s larger gathering spaces, located in the center of campus. There are 12 rows of chairs attached together as pews, with a total capacity of about 200 for any sort of presentation or religious gatherings, such as weddings or communions. A piano and drum set are also available.


Set-up Options

  • Pews in Chapel
  • Conference style – dining commons
  • Plush chairs and couches -- McGrath commons, community room

Audio/Visual Capabilities

  • Sound system
  • Wired and wireless microphones

Occupancy & Seating


  • As is - 400

McGrath Commons

  • As is - 70
  • Conference style - 20
  • Lecture style - 50

Dining Room

  • Banquet style - 14

Community Room

  • As is - 18

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