Media Center Services

Media Center Services

The Media Center provides video and audio production services, event and presentation support, and A/V technology design and instruction.  Email us or give us a call 203-254-4000 x2697.

A.    Video, Audio and Web Production Services

  1. Video production (Commercials, Web Videos, TV Shows, Sports Broadcasts)
  2. Web design and production
  3. Photography
  4. Digital Graphic Design
  5. Media Duplication and Digitization
  6. Live Shot Delivery to News Networks (LTN)

B. Event and Presentation Services

  1. Event and Presentation Design, Production and Capture
  2. Event web streaming
  3. Lecture capture

C. A/V Technology Design, Installation and Instruction

  1. A/V systems design and installation
  2. A/V equipment rental
  3. RCADE - Resource Center for Advanced Digital Exploration Provides training to faculty, staff, and students in media   design, technology, and software

D. Cable System Management and Maintenance 

  1. Cable television installation and service
  2. CTN Campus Television Network Channel Management

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