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Creating Your Personal Signature

Every day, many of us send upwards of 100 e-mails, if not more. Our e-mails should work as a marketing tool for Fairfield, to promote our brand and encourage interaction with our social channels. A consistent e-mail signature signifies brand maturity to the external world. Please modify your signature by following the below instructions for your laptop/desktop or view additional instructions for mobile signatures.

  1. Copy and paste the following signature into yours. To get to signatures in Outlook, go to: File – Options – Mail – Signatures – Edit Signatures – OK).

    Note: prior to copying the signature you will need to update the e-mail hyperlink in Word by right clicking the e-mail address, hover over hyperlink and then click edit hyperlink.
  2. When you paste the signature into Outlook, you can then edit accordingly with your personal information. The font is 'Calibri' and the font-size is '12' point.
  3. Please be sure to copy/paste the social icons.
  4. This is a common way to increase the following of our main University channels. For assistance, please e-mail us at

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