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For all requests specific to the below channels, please contact your IMM directly.

Internal Communications

Digital Boards



The Today@ website is an additional channel where all general news and event information can be promoted. Items posted to this site should be targeted to faculty & staff. The Today@ email is an automated process, please reveiw entries carefully before submitting. Submissions are sent out via email the following business day. For larger events and news a 'call out box' can be utilized, please contact your IMM to begin the process.


Life@Fairfield should be used to promote news and events targeted at students. Messages can be sent out via news posts or emails, please contact your IMM to start the process. For daily news entry please submit your announcement via the web form.


Updated weekly, features University news, including news about faculty scholarship, student activities, athletics, the arts, alumni features, and more. The site offers an overview of calendars, timely articles posted by several different news sources as well as a the official University blog, Thinkspace.


University Announcements

Official messages come from university executive administration, to be sent to the entire community; faculty, staff and students. As such, mass email that has been authorized as an "official communication" should be received and read as any other official communication, since such communication may affect day-to-day activities and responsibilities.

This channel is reserved for executive and pre-approved stand-alone email announcements sent through the email account. Messages must be reviewed and approved by the Vice President for Marketing and Communications. Please contact your IMM to begin the process.

External Communications


Email is a strategic tool for carrying out the mission of the University. It can be used to easily, quickly, and effectively to communicate with large groups of people. This channel is the most frequently used form of digital communication, therefore strict email policies have been put in place to ensure the relationship we have with our constiuents remains strong, and we continue to see long term success.


The CAN-SPAM Act doesn’t apply just to bulk email. It covers all commercial messages, which the law defines as “any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a product or service

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