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Area Hotels

Lodging in and around the Fairfield University area? Check out these local hotels.

Area Restaurants

Going out to eat? Fairfield Country is known for its diverse and vibrant restaurant scene.

Fairfield Chamber of Commerce

The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce, and association of business and professional people, promotes a climate for business that enhances the economic vitality and quality of life in fairfield.

Town of Fairfield

Fairfield is a charming, thriving town featuring five miles of shoreline on the Long Island Sound. Fairfield has more than 59,000 residents but maintains a small-town feeling—diverse neighborhoods with their own character and flair, top-notch neighborhood-based schools, and many active civic associations. Beaches, marinas, parks, open space, and plenty of shopping and fine dining, all within 50 miles of New York City, make Fairfield a top community in the Northeast.

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