Meet the Young Alumni Class Agents

The Fairfield University Young Alumni Class Agents Committee is made of up alumni from the 10 most recently graduated classes, including two Reunion committees from the 5th and 10th Reunion years. The goal of this committee, with the support of The Fairfield Fund Office, is to promote programs for young alumni and encourage them to stay connected and give back to the University

Interested in becoming a Class Agent? Please contact for more information .

Michael Brown
Jessica Colligan
Christopher Dill
Karen Donoghue
Matthew Giugliano
Sean Hayes
David Hirx
Michael Rupp
Alexander Warr
Trisha McCullagh
Courtney Pomrink
Tom Pomrink

Kaylin Cavanaugh
Courtney Cleary
Kim LoPiano

Paul A. Duffy
Mark Anthony Mutuc
Steven J. Stafstrom, Jr

Anthony Monelli
Anne Kahl
Jacalyn Dziados
Ashley Linington
Amy Gregorius
Jessica DiBuono
John Mullen

Brenna Jordan
Christopher Orth
Sarah Nelson
Molly Forbes
Marty O'Sullivan
Kathryn Sprovieri
Brittany Kozlenko
Sarah Masterson
Kara Winsch
Kate Gillespie
Marco Ambrosio
Megan Keifer
Catherine Peirano

Hutchinson Williams
Peter Otoki
Sarah Dent
Mike Brooks
Robert Morton
Kara Dooley
Megan McConville
Timothy Dee
Fausto de la Rosa Manon
Claire Carter
Logan Carr
Jes Taylor
Jennifer Ioli
Meghan Shea
Katherine Neugebauer

Jessica Vigliotti
Nicole Barone
Scott Grady
Samuel Sica
Elizabeth Masterson

Darryl Brackeen Jr.
Kelly Young
David Axelrod
Jeffrey Seiser
Spender Thibodeau
Kristen van Vleck

Sasha Campbell
Chris Tecchio
Laura Galasso
Jack Burridge
Kristen Edwards
John Tiene
Claire Tully

Michele Noviello
Marie Claire Najjar
Barbara Kaplan
Caleigh Tansey
Cheril Perez
Joseph Perkowski