Fairfield University Student Phonathon

Each semester, Fairfield University students reach out to alumni and parents as part of the Student Phonathon Program. Taking the time to talk with a student caller is a great way to reconnect with the Fairfield community, hear updates about the University, and also have the opportunity to ask questions and offer your support to The Fairfield Fund.

Meet the dedicated student callers!

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Phonathon callers are current students who are employed by Fairfield University. They enjoy speaking with alumni and parents, sharing college news, swapping funny stories, and verifying or updating contact information. The Student Phonathon not only presents an opportunity for you to find out what's new at Fairfield, but it also gives current students the opportunity to develop their networking skills and gain valuable work experience.

Please answer the call!

Too busy to chat? Take a moment now to make your donation online to Fairfield University by clicking on the Give Now button below. This will remove your name from our calling list for the rest of this fiscal year.


To continue to keep you updated on all that is going on at Fairfield and connect you with Fairfield alumni and parents like yourself, we need to be able to reach you.

Alumni, please take a moment to confirm and update your contact information for the University records by signing up for Fairfield University's Online Community - it's just three easy steps!

Parents, please send any updated contact information to phonathon@fairfield.edu

Thank you in advance for taking the time to speak with us and for showing your support for Fairfield University with a gift to the Annual Fund!

Send us your comments or feedback at phonathon@fairfield.edu

Are you a student? Do you want to be a student caller for a Phonathon? email phonathon@fairfield.edu