2014 Stags Give Back Committee

Stags Give Back Executive Board

Sarah Birney '15 Co-President
James Law '15 Co-President
Mariano Portocarrero '15 Co-President
Christine Russell '16 Vice President
Taylor Pawson '16 Marketing Coordinator
Elizabeth Szabo '17 Social Media Coordinator
Kasey McNamara '17 Marketing Chair
Kayla Valente '17 Marketing Chair
Brianna Korn '17 Events Chair

Stags Give Back Committee Members

Jessica Caputo '15
Alexandra Rogers '15
Brian Lussier '15
Jennifer Patten '15
Marie Atwill '15
John Perotti '15
Matthew Castellano '16.
Deana Nowakowski '16
Mary Calabro '17
Vicki Law '17
Emma Jutrowski '17
Jacqueline Schofield '17
Emma Christensen '17
Katie Harrison '18
Julia St. Germain '18
Marie Magliocco '18
Dominique Sepe '18
Emily Bitner '18
Grace McNutty '18
Christy Parmenter '18
Sarah Pak '18

The Student Philanthropy Committee

The Student Philanthropy Committee is a student-run giving campaign that works alongside the Stags Give Back Committee to build a culture of philanthropy at Fairfield University. Without private support from Fairfield alumni, parents, and friends, many of the scholarships, clubs, student activities, and so much more of what makes Fairfield great would not be available. This program allows you, as students, to spread this important message about giving back.

Together, you can truly make a difference. Get involved today!

Students from all classes are invited to join! Contact Chelsea Geremia