Meet the Parents' Committee Members

Parents, you have a wealth of resources to share with Fairfield that can directly benefit students. The Parents' Committee can be your link to the Fairfield family. E-mail us for more information!

Chairs: Michael and Terri Gilroy P'14

Senior Class of 2014

Anthony and Elisanne Albanese P'14
Charles and Catherine DeMaso P'14
Michael and Terri Gilroy P'14
Tracy McHugh P'14
Thomas and Patty Sanders P'14
Jeffrey and Teresa Temple P'17,'14

Junior Class of 2015

Ralph and Diane Grasso P'15
Joseph and Kathleen Martorano P'17,'15
Geoffrey and Angelica Mott P'15
Christopher O'Connor P'15
Donald and Ann Spears P'15
Gary and Jacquelyn Tencer P'15
Kenneth and Grace Zemsky P'15

Sophomore Class of 2016

Michelle Alberico P'16
Richard and Laura Diver P'16
Deborah Kar P'16
Patrick '80 and Carol '81 McCabe P'16
James and Elizabeth Raia P'16
Mark and Renee Strohoefer P'16
Michael and Rosana Szabatura P'16
Michael and Jacque Weaver P'16
Robert and Mary Zampetti P'16

Freshman Class of 2017

John and Karen Brosnan P'17
William and Polly Danielewski P'17
Alan and Elizabeth Gaynor P'17
Paul and Meg Hovsepian P'17
William and Suzanne Mills P'17
Colleen O'Brien P'17
Jay and Tara Willerup P'17

Former Parents

Tom and Laura Bona P'12,'10
James and Mary Campbell P'11
Joe and Mary Carlucci P'10,'09
Joe Onstott and Pat Campbell P'09
Gary and Mary Beth Sippin P'13