2015 NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade

Join Fairfield University alumni, parents, and friends
on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 as we march in the
2015 NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade!

Part Irish All Stag


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Did you know? 

  1. Fairfield University was founded on St. Patrick’s Day.
  2. All eight of Fairfield University's presidents have been of Irish descent.
  3. One of our current students is a nationally ranked Irish step dancer.
  4. Fairfield has a dedicated Irish studies program with over a dozen courses specific to Irish history, life, and culture.
  5. The Rev. John M. Conlisk Irish Scholarship at Fairfield was founded over 23 years ago. The scholarship awards an M.B.A. or M.S. in finance candidate from Ireland full tuition, room, and board to complete their degree. The scholarship is named for Mr. Conlisk's late brother, a 1954 Fairfield Prep graduate who served the Diocese of Bridgeport. Many of the founding scholarship committee members are first or second generation Irish Americans.
  6. Fairfield University has 25 students in Galway, Ireland this semester as part of the Study Abroad program.
  7. Fr. Charles Allen and Janet Canepa ‘82 are leading an alumni trip to Ireland this Fall.

Meet us before we march for breakfast at
Vanderbilt Suites*
MetLife Building, NYC

200 Park Avenue
(44th & Vanderbilt)

10:00 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

Marchers will be required to abide by all official Rules & Regulations of the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade. Please see below for details. 

*To get to the Vanderbilt Suites, enter the MetLife Building on Vanderbilt Avenue at the intersection of 44th Street (opposite the Yale Club). Upon entering the MetLife Building, take the escalator up one flight to the Lobby Level. The Vanderbilt Suites will be just ahead of you when you step off the elevator.

New York City St. Patrick's Day Rules & Regulations

  1. Dress code is comfortable business attire.
  2. Funny and or green hats, wigs, face paint, sneakers and green-dyed hair are not permitted.
  3. Drinking, smoking and eating are prohibited.
  4. Wagons are not permitted on the parade route.
  5. Units need to be in proper formation before approaching Fifth Avenue.
  6. All marchers are expected to maintain the same pace during the parade; strolling or falling back in the line is not permitted.
  7. Straight, organized lines are to be maintained at all times, with 10 marchers per row.
  8. After the group has stepped off, no one may enter or exit the parade route.
  9. Strollers need to maintain the same pace as the marchers, and falling back in line is not permitted.
  10. Animals and mascots are prohibited.
  11. Displays of any kind are prohibited.
  12. Shirts with advertisements are not permitted.
  13. One identifying banner for each unit.

For more information www.nycstpatricksparade.org