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2012 Webinars

Building a Talent Pipeline: How to Stop Planning for Succession and Start Managing It, December 19, 2012,

Presented by Claire St. Louis '93. Faced with combined challenges of an aging and multigenerational workforce, complex business demands, and increasing competition, businesses are finding it more critical than ever to ensure business continuity through succession management. Join Claire St. Louis '93, SPHR, as she outlines 4 key points to managing succession in your organization. View »

Performance Coaching: How to Improve Retention, Teamwork and Productivity, November 20, 2012,
Presented by Dr. Paul Maloney. Performance Coaching is a proven tool to boost goal setting, work relationships, retention, teamwork, commitment, communications, leadership, quality, and productivity! Join Dr. Paul Maloney, Assistant Professor at Fairfield University as he provides techniques for providing performance feedback, developing employees, and dealing with difficult employees. View »

The Road to and Beyond: The Entrepreneurial Career of John Tedesco '92, Thursday, October 18, 2012
Presented by John Tedesco '92 and Dr. Mukesh Sud, Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Fairfield University.
Learn 6 key lessons about:
• Who should become an entrepreneur
• When to pursue that next big idea
• The number one role of the early stage CEO
• The co-founder dynamic and assembling the early team
• Raising capital from angel, venture, and strategic investors
• How to handle failure and success
View »

Career Strategies: Insight from an Executive Recruiter, Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Presented by Clem Johnson '94. Join Clem Johnson '94, Partner, Crist/Kolder Associates as he shares insights on how to create a career strategy that will advance you in your current position or help you find the next best position. Clem recruits CEO's, CFO's, Board Members and succession executives for Fortune 1000 clients and private equity sponsors. View »

LinkedIn: Advanced Techniques for Job Search, Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Presented by Linda Van Valkenburgh, certified social media career strategist. Linda will provide 8 great reasons and ways to use LinkedIn in your job search. View »

Social Media: How to Use Twitter in Your Job Search, Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Presented by Linda M. Van Valkenburgh, MS, CCMC, CJSS. Linda is a career coach and founder of My Executive Career Coach, LLC. She is a Certified Career Management Coach, Certified Job Search Strategist and Twitter Certified Career Strategist.

Social networking is a quick and efficient way to connect with people, and enlarge and maintain your network. Recruiters, companies and other groups tweet thousands of jobs on a daily basis on Twitter. Learn why Twitter must be embraced as a part of your multi-tiered approach to career transition. View »

Trends in Leadership Education: How Can We Best Develop New Leaders?, Tuesday, April 24, 2012
Presented by Dr. Don Gibson, the Dean of the Dolan School of Business and Dr. Tom Conine, Professor of Finance at Fairfield University. The traditional ways of leadership training was adequate for yesterday's organizations but looking forward in complex, volatile and ambiguous environments, new kinds of curriculum featuring experiential learning, deep analytical tools, critical thinking, and 360-degree self assessment will be essential to developing effective leaders. Aspects of Fairfield's innovative leadership program will be highlighted. PDF Presentation | View »

Presenting YOURSELF Strategically, Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Presented by Dr. Paul Maloney, Assistant Professor of the Practice in the applied Psychology Program in the Graduate School of Education & allied Professions at Fairfield University. In this webinar, you will learn how to: Eliminate the 5 most common mistakes of presenters, Develop a rationale for presenting strategically, Identify the 4 essential skills for effective presentations, planning an delivering the presentation, and more. View »

Caution: Stags on the Beltway. It's not all politics working in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Presented by John Boylan '81, Alumni Career Development Chairperson in Washington, D.C. Alumni Chapter. John is also the Executive Vice President at Cassidy & Associates, a premier government relations firm. View »

Don't Network - Build Lasting Relationships Instead!, Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Presented by Sean McDonald '97, This webinar will discuss the top 5 Mistakes, how to avoid making them and steps to take to truly go beyond simple networking to build lasting and meaningful relationships.View »